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Crystal Anderson

a year ago

This place is very nice staff very friendly. Took very good care of my puppy her surgery was a success. The prices are very fair best I seen. Hight recommended

M Kim

a year ago

We're looking for cat adopting, and they denied to adopt cat without reason. We sent online application on Wednesday and they even didn't reply until Satureday. So I call them and they said we need to apply through online first if we want to see available cats even though we already apply. After we told them we already apply to adopt cat, they sent denial e-mail to us 1hr later since we called. They didn't explain why they denied and we had no chance to show and talk to them about our home environments for cat and how much we love and want to adopt cat.

Havva Bilgin

a year ago

I left this review on their other page because they have more than one location SO PLEASE BE AWARE.The supervisor and staff are absolutely terrible. They won’t approve an adoption if there are younger kids involved in the family even if you have a history w taking care of animals. I tried getting in touch numerous times only to never receive a call back or pick up to the phone. I only had one chance to speak to the supervisor and that was when and I had to drive out and they wouldn’t let me in the staff was completely lost and didn’t know what to do until one of them let me in and got the supervisor which you can’t even call her that because she lacked professionalism in every aspect possible couldn’t even keep eye contact w me like an actual adult she had no idea of what was going on and couldn’t explain anything literally was so disrespectful and felt uncomfortable there also when I mentioned kids under the age of 4 she said I can’t adopt very disappointed.


a year ago

Okay, here's just a question. Why have these cats, Monroe, and Ace been at y'alls shelter for more then 2 years? Please tell me. I'm interested in adopting one but I don''t know if they have behavioral problems.

Chris C

a year ago

Was looking to adopt a cat or possibly 2 so they have a companion. I have a stable job, a nice clean apartment, and I genuinely care about animals. Whichever cats I adopted would have been spoiled and extremely well cared for but for some reason my application was rejected without them even speaking to me in person. I have never owned a pet in my adult life and part of the application requires information about previous ownership and a number for the vet. So I'm supposed to own a pet before I can own a pet I guess. They didn't give a reason for why they rejected the application or any advice so I have no idea what the issue is. I don't take their decision personal but it seems counterproductive to their whole purpose of providing the animals with a proper home. Now I guess they will have to spend more time in a cage before finding a loving owner with a "worthy" application.

zack young

a year ago

Staff was amazing very nice people! They help you in any which way possible! They want all of there animals to be adopted to good homes there forever home!

TM McKinlay

2 years ago

Unwilling to help and not every nice

Arden Llewellyn

2 years ago

We had an amazing experience getting our new puppy Loki! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We came to see some of the puppies we saw online. We were able to meet each of the puppies and walk them outside to get a feel for their personalities. Once we decided on Loki, we filled out the paperwork, were given a bunch of goodies, like food, a dog bed, and a leash, and headed home the same day with our new puppy! Yay!!

rodney frye

2 years ago

Great Staff, Very Caring and Experienced..

Tuan Phan

2 years ago

Dropped off cat and dog food and snacks from my Dogecoin gains. The staff was very nice to help me unload the supplies. No complaints ... they are doing something very good for society. If Doge runs again I will repeat for the gains!

Cindi Sweeney

2 years ago

Got my sweet boy from here 3 months ago. It was a great experience. The facility is well cared for and the staff was very nice. Michael was great in all of our communications and setting up our meeting with our new pup. Adding a picture of our slightly crazy but incredibly loving rescue dog. He makes us laugh every day and is never without his ball!

Vikki Taggart

2 years ago

The staff at the shelter were wonderful. They practiced social distancing, but still helped us find the perfect pet for the family. They answered all of our questions and got us set up with everything.

a.l. rodenberg

2 years ago

Fairfax Co. did us the favor of housing our rotten rescue mutt back in February of 2017... Charlie needed an interim shelter between his first family and us being ready for him to pick us. They are professional, they run a clean shelter, and we're so grateful for the work they do. Mind you, Charlie has no desire to go back, but that is no reflection on the care he received there. If his first people are ever curious, he got to the right place and we're glad you gave us the chance to love him. Also, totally understand why he might not have been the right doggo for your situation.

Phyllis Alexander

2 years ago

This was my 3rd adoptin in 20 years and each o e was a rewarding experience. The staff has always been kind, patient, and professional. My call and correspondence were answered promptly. Great organiztion.

Carolee Schreiner

3 years ago

They were open for appointments only. Tried calling during open hours no one answered and answering machine wasn't working.

Tinamarie Whiteside

3 years ago

Very helpful to spay my dog

Pam Jones

3 years ago

We had a stray dog come to our home. I called Fairfield Humane Society & they were here in just a few minutes. I was impressed with how the 2 ladies handled the dog! Very Gentle with her & the pit bull had a woundef leg. We have a great staff & volunteers helping at The Humane Society.

Nati Lopez

3 years ago

Because I Love Dogs verry much.and I work with.and I walk Dogs .

Nader Shaar

3 years ago

The group of people running this location do not seem serious about finding a home for their animals. no sense of urgency or motivation to get the adoption process completed in timely manner. We waited weeks to hear back from them and we just ended up adopting for a different place. Fairfax animal shelter you can get application done within an hour, and they don't pressure you into adopting two cats instead of one for younger kittens.

jack “Ava the Eco gamer” Mathis

3 years ago

This place warms my heart it helps animals and I am getting my veterinarian degrees and this place is a amazing if your looking for a dog or cat this is the place to come help an animal in need


3 years ago

This location has cats and rabbits. I LOVED volunteering here, especially with the bunnies.

Enchanted Mom

3 years ago

Holly hung up on me when I inquired why we were still waiting for notice about the adoption of a kitten since May 17th. I thought the object was to place kittens in good homes? Not according to Holly Schraeber.

Alexandra Paganelli

3 years ago

So glad I adopted my cat from this shelter!

Richard Mackenzie

4 years ago

A great little thrift shop with terrific bargains -- and a very nice person behind the counter. Recommend it.

Mandy Walters

4 years ago

Clean and friendly staff ready to help you find a pet to take home!

MaryBeth Jewell

4 years ago

This shelter has very friendly, helpful volunteers and the dogs, cats, rabbits seem to be well cared for. There are no pet smells and we left wishing we could adopt more of their residents!

Maya Papaya

4 years ago

My husband and I recently visited this shelter in the hopes of adopting a cat. After browsing the website, there were a few cats we were interested in and ultimately fell in love with one in person. We were told that a veterinary and personal reference was required which we provided. We were also told that we'd need to do a feline AIDS and leukemia test on our two existing cats before they'd allow a cat to come home with us. I made an appointment with our vet to have the tests performed the very next day. The test for both cats cost us $170. I called the Humane Society to let them know, and they said they'd call our vet to confirm the results. They didn't. They also never called our personal reference. At first I appreciated their rigorous screening practice, after all they want their animals to find good homes. But either we didn't meet their criteria for adoption, or they are just very slow when it comes to adoption. At the time we applied for one of the cats, there were no other applicants. Plus, we were told that phone calls would be made on certain days but they never were. I never received updates or any communication from them. I was the one that called every time to follow up. I honestly don't know what their criteria are. My husband and I own our own home, take our cats regularly to the vet, we keep our cats indoors, we don't believe in declawing, feed them high quality food, and allow our cats to just be cats. We love our animals, and are ready to love one more. The fact that we were willing to pay more than 3x the cost to adopt a cat from them vs the animal shelter (adoption fee + required HIV/leukemia test) should have indicated our serious commitment to adoption, but apparently not. We have since withdrawn our application and will be looking to Fairfax County Animal Shelter for our next adoption.

Naomi Coronado

4 years ago

HORRIBLE PLACE!!! EXTREMELY DISHONEST!!! We went to this place to adopt a cat. We went a total of 2 times and called a max of 6 time in a matter of 3 weeks. We were interested in 6 cats and they told us all 6 were already adopted. We went in to the place again the next Day to look at other cats since we were told that the others were adopted. Come to find out....3 of the cats we wanted were not adopted yet....the Director has lied to us.....the lady then told us that they weren’t even on the market yet since they weren’t spayed. They told us that once they were spayed that we would be first on call for their adoption. We went home and the next day we called and they told us that the cats we saw the day before were adopted already!!!! Even though they told us that they aren’t even out yet!! We knew she was lying because of that and because she told us they were adopted that morning.....yet the other time she told us they were adopted 2 days ago. We told her she was lying. She clearly knew she had been found out. She then told us that we had said on the adoption forum that they would be outside cats even though we didn’t put that.This place is unbelievable. I definitely do not recommend at all. Very disappointed. ????. I do not want anyone else to fall in their trap. That is why I am taking the time to write this review and posting it on all my social media as well as sending it to my friend and asking them to do the same.

Virginia Hernandez

4 years ago

We wanted to adopt a cat since last week. We saw the one we wanted and did all the paperwork for him...personal reference, vet check, etc....this was a like adopting a child ! These people are way too much...the protocol of this adoption is the worst ever! You have to wait too much for them and it was horrible. I was wondering if they also wanted this cat to have his own bedroom and toilet...thank goodness I read ALL the reviews and decided not to adopt from them. I feel that I was treated like a criminal trying to do some kind of background check...totally ridiculous! If anyone wants to adopt go somewhere else SPCA, local county shelters, anything but here!


4 years ago

Terrific people doing great things for large animals and dogs at the farm, located near Manassas.

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