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Pleasance Silicki

a year ago

Thank you Solace for being extraordinary care for our beloved pet and our family. Highly recommend.

Lizzie Gilmore

a year ago

Found this place from a general google search since our usual vet clinic said they couldn’t take our dog. The vet arrived right in time & made small talk with our family. She seemed to know what she was doing which was comforting. The whole visit took around 45 mins & we believe our sweet Lucy passed easily.

Valerie Fleming

2 years ago

Very compassionate, wonderful vet came to our house and gave our sweet, 15yo dog a peaceful ending (they came the same day we called). Everything about the service was great. Dr Meyer was very patient and helpful at such a horrible time. She balanced being informative and being quiet, giving us the chance to say goodbye to our kind, gentle, loyal, and once in a lifetime love of a pup. We are lucky to have found this service.

Laura D'Antonio

2 years ago

Nothing but great things to say about Solace. Empathetic and professional without being overbearingly sentimental. Very helpful at a difficult time.

Opal Beauty

2 years ago

So we had a doctor come to our house so we could say goodbye to our pet. The doctor was nice and made conversation. I let my spouse do most of the talking as her being in my home was not for the most pleasant reason. I guess what I'm mildly upset about is there was no notification from her to our vet. I don't know why and I'm too upset to call and ask and at this point it would do no good to ask anyway. She apparently never asked for the info before she left our home. She said on the phone that she would do this for us. So after not hearing from my vet I had to call and hear they were not notified. Choosing in home was still the right course but I don't appreciate this lack of care after the fact. Makes things that much harder.

Alyssa king

2 years ago

We had to say goodbye to our sweet cat yesterday, and Dr. King from Solace made the experience comforting and calming. Her professionalism and compassion and her own love of cats helped us through a very difficult time, and we’re grateful she could be there to help us in the end.

Viki Johnson

2 years ago

So grateful for the compassionate staff at Solace and for the in-home end-of-life care they provided our dog. Thank you.

Ingrid Saez

3 years ago

We give our deepest thanks for all the excellent help we had with our beloved pet Colossal ... the human quality that all its staff has is beyond any need in such sad moments in our life ... infinite thanks

Helen Davies

3 years ago

Solace and Dr. Randall are caring professionals who know how hard it is to navigate the tough decisions that have to be made for an ailing furry companion. I met Dr. Randall when she helped treat my sister's cat and when my little friend, Sabrina who was 18.5 years old, became gravely ill I called Solace. It was a Saturday morning and they responded right away and offered time for the doctor to visit that afternoon. The doctor and her staff clearly conveyed their concern and understanding about how tough it is to say goodbye to a beloved family member. My kitty did not suffer and for that I am forever grateful to Solace Veterinary Services.


3 years ago

Our dog had been sick for a while and when we knew it was time for her to go, we wanted to seek help as soon as possible. Solace had an appointment available that same morning. Dr. Meyers came to our house and was so understanding and empathetic to our situation. She gave us time to say our goodbyes and made our girl as comfortable as possible. I didn't even know at-home euthanasia was an option and am so glad we found Solace. We highly recommend this service for anyone going through this tough time.

Debi Vans Evers

3 years ago

I've had cats my whole life. I've said goodbye to more than I can count. Saying goodbye when the time came was always a hard, but an easy decision. That's what you do when you are chosen by an animal. You promise to make the hard decisions in exchange for their love and trust. Three little yappy, annoying dogs entered my life and saying goodbye to the first almost ended me. I don't know what I'd have done without Dr. Randall guiding me. When she told me that I was holding on for just one more day for me and not Lily, I took it to heart. I couldn't have taken Lily anywhere to say goodbye. I just couldn't have. Saying goodbye to her was harder than any person I've ever lost. And Dr. Randall made it just a little easier.

Beth Terry

3 years ago

They made such a difficult time in our lives easier.

Beth Ruedi

3 years ago

Caring, kind, reasonable. The best experience for my old lady cat. Palliative care at home gave her a few incredibly good months and then when it was time for her to leave us, it was beautiful and calm and at home.

Ben Deutsch

3 years ago

Dr. Randall was extremely gracious and patient during our visit. She greeted us with warmth and took the time to get to know us and our sweet Jack before beginning. When she started explaining the procedure, she was clear about how the process would go and never rushed us through any piece of it. She is exactly who one would hope for during a difficult time.

Jay Schoen

3 years ago

Dr. Randall made a very hard day a little easier - she helped my cat be as comfortable as was possible, and treated us all (especially my cat) with empathy and kindness. Afterwards, she sat and talked with us for a little while, which was unexpected but very much appreciated. I hope to not need her services again for a very long time, but I would definitely recommend Dr. Randall to anyone who cares about their fur children.

Ashley Grimes

3 years ago

Dr. Meyer was absolutely wonderful as she helped out sweet dog with aggressive cancer end her life. She was kind and compassionate and we did not feel rushed at all in the process. Dr. Meyer took covid precautions very seriously, which I valued highly, as I am six months pregnant. The process was very peaceful and our girl fell asleep and had a very easy transition. I am so grateful for Solace and the kindness Dr. Meyer showed us at one of the most difficult times. She was so great to us and our dog.

Nora B

3 years ago

While I've had to say goodbye to pets before, the recent passing of my dog Sadie proved particularly difficult for me to do. Over the span of 3 months, I made the decision to go forward with it---only to then change my mind---time and time again. With each call to Solace, I found an incredibly empathetic person on the other end of the line who understood the gravity and difficulty of the decision I was so clearly struggling to make. When the fateful day finally arrived two weeks ago, it fell in the midst of the pandemic and understandably necessitated additional precautions that could have detracted from the somberness of the occasion. Dr. Randall did everything she could to work within COVID safety parameters to make sure that Sadie's passing still retained the intimacy and dignity it deserved. I said goodbye to my beautiful, faithful girl on the most beautiful day yet of the year. My family was able to watch and my 3 year old son lovingly covered Sadie's face in the blanket Dr. Randall had wrapped Sadie in prior to their departure. That my son experienced and participated in his first death in a way that was full of love and not fear also meant the world to me. I've never done at home euthanasia before but it is certainly the route I would take again and with Solace.

Tatiana Stolbovaia

4 years ago

For us, time to let our dog go came unexpectedly on early Sunday morning. I called many vets, but no one was returning my calls. Dr. Randall did. She came right away. Now I feel like we were sent an angel for our Boo. She gave us plenty of time to say goodbye, explained us what he is going to feel. She kissed him on his forehead. It so touched me. It was like telling him that everything will be perfectly fine, and it was. I think Boo didn't feet anything at all, he simply fell asleep. It's awfully hard to let them go, but it couldn't be done any better. I'm so grateful to Dr. Randall for being our Boo's angel :)

Sarah Miers

4 years ago

Compassionate care at the end of life.

mark morgan

4 years ago

Doctor karen Randall was one of the kindest professional vets we have met . she calmed our family at the heavy time of losing our 12year old dog.and helped her pass quiet and painless. we can not thank her enough. this couldnt be a better service or person . thank you mark morgan

Marilyn Hoon

4 years ago

They helped me provide my pet an easy passing.

Mariana Vicens

4 years ago

Words cannot describe hour fortunate we were on finding Solace Veterinary Services. From beginning to end, Dr. Karen Randall went above and beyond to ensure that we were making the right decision. After 14 years, we said good bye to our beloved dog and we were able to make the right call based on her advice, consultation, and support. She explained to us the process, performed it at the comfort of our home, and supported us while we were grieving. It was a tough moment as we lost a family member, but Solace Veterinary Services was there for us. On a personal note, she went above and beyond (later on) getting my two year old daughter and future baby a little gift, and wrote us a very thoughtful note. She new it was a tough time for us, that the dog meant the world to my daughter, and that pregnancy was a new transition for us as a family! We could tell, she cares and understands what people go through. I would recommend her 1000000%!


4 years ago

Dr. Randall’s personal touch and genuine caring made a tough situation so much more peaceful for me and my cat, Taz. You really want the last decision you make for your pet to be the right one and after checking with other businesses I knew …

Erin Brandt

4 years ago

Solace, in particular Dr. Karen Randall, were absolutely incredible. It was time for my dear sweet dog. Dr. Randall came to my house, and was so compassionate, and made what could have been a terrible experience (taking the dog to an emergency vet where she would be stressed) into a really beautiful on. What a generous service to help dog owners through a difficult time. They have my highest recommendation. Thank you Solace!

Artemis Mourat

4 years ago

Any time you have to euthanize an animal, it is a heartbreaking act of love. When our precious, terminally ill kitty was finally done with being sick, it was a sudden plummet. We desperately started calling a list we had prepared of vets who did house calls. But it was a Sunday of a holiday weekend and nobody could come. Two of the vets who could not come, told us about Solace Veterinary Services. We called and Dr Karen Randall came that afternoon. She took the time to get acquainted with our kitty and me. She explained everything clearly and she guided us both through the last hours of our 18 year journey together. Dr Randall was extremely competent and understanding. She let me hold and pet our little one as long as I needed, throughout the entire experience. She was kind and gentle and I never felt rushed. Everything she said, she must have said hundreds of times before and yet, I felt that she was sincere and genuine. Her confidence freed me up to be fully in the moment with our kitty. Dr Randall brought a basket with baby blankets in it and she tenderly wrapped our baby up so I could kiss her goodbye before she took her away. This could have been so devastating but it was the best that it could have possibly been. Things have changed so much since the last time we had to do this. The sensitivity and expertise Dr Randall showed was on a different level from the other times we had to do this. I did not know that there were veterinarians who did only hospice work, pain management and euthanasia services. It takes a special kind of person to do any kind of hospice work as it is an art and I believe that people must be called to it. Bless those who have chosen this complex and noble path. I am so thankful we found Dr Randall.

Amanda F.

4 years ago

We called Solace on Sunday morning, and Dr. Randall came to our house that afternoon to euthanize our dog. I had never met Dr. Randall, but she was very compassionate and kind. We had made the decision that morning and brought our dog …

Janelle Ryan

5 years ago

Dr. Randall recently visited our home to put our 21-year old cat to sleep. Our cat was very easily spooked, especially at the vet, and I wanted to do everything possible to make his last moments peaceful and stress free. I couldn't have been more pleased with how things went. Dr. Randall talked us through the entire process and everything went as well as it possibly could have under the circumstances. Our dear cat spent his last moments with the entire family snuggling him in his favorite spot on the sofa, completely relaxed and stress free. Before leaving our home with our pet, Dr. Randall wrapped him in a heart-patterned blanket and placed him in a beautiful basket, which also eased our sadness. She just knew exactly what to do to make our last memories of him peaceful and pleasant ones. Dr. Randall is providing a valuable service to pets and their families. I doubt that I would ever euthanize a pet in a veterinary office again.

Chrissy Fennell

5 years ago

I wish I wasn’t writing this review because I just didn’t have enough time with my cat Billy Goat, but since our pets can’t live forever, I am so grateful for services like Solace. Dr. Randall was so kind and compassionate when she came to our home, and Maggie who answered the phone (I think Maggie was her name? I was pretty emotional so I might be wrong on that one) has such a kind voice and was so helpful and accommodating.

Kim Thompson

6 years ago

Even though it was a very difficult time for us, she walked us through everything and made us feel better about the whole process. It was greatly appreciated because we were in Maryland to assist with other family matters when our beautiful …

Karen Levine

6 years ago

Dr. Karen Randall approached an incredibly difficult time with tenderness, empathy and warmth. She was recommended to us by our veterinarian to help us put Baci, our beloved 14 year old standard poodle to sleep at our home. We wanted Baci to be in the comfort of her home surrounded by her loving family and Adam, our 1 1/2 year old standard poodle. I was dreading the hour when we had scheduled Dr. Randall's arrival however, the moment she stepped into our home, I was comforted by her thoughtfulness, interest in Baci and her love of dogs. She immediately went over to Baci, sat next to her and began petting her. Though saying goodbye to Baci was incredibly painful, Dr. Randall has a gift of compassion and, an ability to create peace and solace through a very trying time. We are so grateful to have found her.

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