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Finding Beauty In the Little Things

2 years ago

Great place, great people who really care! I'm so happy to have an oncology vet clinic so close to home. My pup is well taken care of here!!!

Jeff Kreindler

2 years ago

They truly care about your pets, and listen and discuss everything. Highly recommended.

Ana Papazian

2 years ago

The staff is the sweetest and most caring had a wonderful experience here so caring and thoughtful and listened to everything I had questions about

Sue Stroud-Speyers (suess)

2 years ago

My dog had a hot spot which spread quickly, and I was concerned about a secondary infection. My vet (and all the vets in the area) were booked solid for a few days out, so my vet referred me to Peak. I'm so happy that they exist! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful. They made sure my dog was comfortable and took great care with her. We didn't feel rushed and both the vet tech and vet spent quite a bit of time talking with us. Highly recommend!

Cristian _

2 years ago

Poor experience. Had to fill a prescription for food and when I called this place said that they can only fill prescriptions for their clients. Did not offer me to come in and become a client. They basically just told me to take a hike.

Rebecca Maurer

2 years ago

Great doctors who work hard to get all pets care needed done.

Dove Burke

2 years ago

Was a great place to take my 16 yrs old pit bull great with her just wish that they we're a regular vet.

Penny Whitmarsh-Henderson

2 years ago

Excellent place,, thoughtful and knowledgeable people. I hope they are able to help Taki with his arthritis.

Sandy S

2 years ago

After spending over $1000 at my regular vet with no answers we were given a referral to PEAK. The vet had all the right answers and did not try to upsell surgery or procedures. I would definitely recommend this place for specialized vet care

Shannon Reilly

2 years ago

We are lucky to have this place! The only place in the area with specialists. We had an eye emergency and they were amazing!

Samantha Downing

2 years ago

My dog recently had a leg amputation with Dr. Ash. He was very kind, professional, and compassionate. He spent a long time talking me through options and assisting me in making the best choice for my dog, and our family. While she was in PEAKS care I called a few times for nursing updates and every time was met with sweet words about my dog and the knowledge that she was being well cared for and loved. I would be quick to come back here for future specialist needs.

Journey “Ranger” Zazzy

2 years ago

Dr Shultz was professional, informative, friendly, and kind. He was highly competent in the issues that plague dog's bones and tendons. I'd give him 5 stars easily. The front desk staff and office manger were/are condescending and rude. They lack people or animal skills. No stars for them.

Jill Missal

2 years ago

I've had a few experiences here over the last few years; notably with Dr. Schulz, Dr. Ash, and Dr. Goossens, each of whom saw one of my dogs for a particular and detailed problem that was beyond the scope of regular veterinarians. Each of the doctors did a great job on everything from immune mediated IBD to porcupine quills embedded in a knee joint to a lameness that had stumped multiple general practice vets for months (no criticism of the GPs though; it's been a tough one). In particular I really appreciated the doctors' and staff's willingness to listen to my preferences and concerns. Dr. Ash was willing to do an ultrasound in addition to a scope on my quilled dog, and as a result found more quills than he would otherwise have. Dr. Goossens is detailed and thorough in her management of my other dog's gastrointestinal problems, and she is generous in her time in coordinating with his GP and his neurologist as well. Today, Dr. Schulz's veterinary nurses did a great job with one of my very difficult young dogs and as a result we could not have had a better experience handling her throughout the appointment. They listened to me and helped make a management plan and it went flawlessly. In addition, the staff were willing and able to get my dog in for a CT the same day so I didn't have to wait even longer for a diagnosis. Veterinary medicine in my view is a team effort between the doctor, nurses/techs, staff, and animal owner and I'm thankful to have had good experiences at Peak.

Gayle Ellis

2 years ago

The place is great! Kurt Schulz DVM is a caring veterinarian who listen and gave us Good advice about hip dysplasia . We have a happy German shepherd (Remi). The staff is friendly, professional. Going Back in 6 months. The place is still great in my opinion. Kurt Schulz DVM is a great veterinarian. Just wanted to update Remi. She is doing really well, playing chuck it, running. We haven't heard her Yelp in awhile. She just started to go for car rides again, with help from a ramp for getting out, getting in is still a little challenging. Thank you!

Angel Vos

2 years ago

Very caring staff and doctors. Great experience

Bob Bever

2 years ago

Everyone there was super friendly and extremely helpful. We set up a same day appointment for our poorly boy Morris in at an urgent need and they were quick to see him and get him fixed up. I hope I don't need to go back ever but I'd be more than happy to use them again.

Terry Benner

2 years ago

Great staff and doctors. Our Finnegan had surgery and stayed overnight.

Sara Dell

2 years ago

They started an urgent care practice to fulfill their client's needs. I was up in VT and had a very sick kitty on my hands. They were the only practice who would see him and gave me a same day appt. They were thorough, caring with both my cat and me (we both had a rough night) and taught me how to pill my cat, not an easy task. They sent me a thorough report and lab results and provided them for my regular vet. Dr. Bayerle and Jennie were great.

Kara Heath

2 years ago

Dr. Ash and his staff have performed 2 TPLO surgeries on my fur baby. They are all very kind, professional, and obviously love the work they do. They offer 24/7 phone number for when your pet needs to spend the night, which allows you to call and check on them any time during the night. It's never easy when you have to leave your pet, but its a lot easier knowing they are in great hands and you can call any time for an update ❤ my girl isn't the easiest to trim her nails, and they were even kind enough to trim them for me when she was put under. Would highly recommend for anyone in need of their services

Bob Keeley

2 years ago

Clean, Professional, and available for urgent care on Sunday afternoon. Was very relieved we could take our dog here when she caught a frisbee in the eye.


2 years ago

From my initial consultation to my puppy’s post-op visit, Dr. Sarah Hoy & her team were wonderful to work with. They display true professionalism, are extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, I was confident entrusting them to take care of my pet. My dog had a successful cherry eye surgery and is recovering well all thanks to the team at Vermont Veterinary Eye Care!

Mary-Kate Greenberg

2 years ago

This review took over a year to write in order to give what I hope is a constructive review. Pre-pandemic, our dog was under the care of Dr. Zwhalen who monitored her for a pre-existing soft tissue sarcoma. After approximately 6 mos., Dr. Zwhalen felt we were not at the point of surgery (our last resort) but thought we should consult with the surgeon, Dr. Schulz, to make sure. After the consult, Dr. Schulz told us our dog would need amputation, the sooner the better. While we knew amputation might be a possibility from our trusted vet in another state, we were still shocked at the discrepancy of his and Dr. Zwhalen’s opinion. However, it was Dr. Schulz’ manner which was abrupt and lacked compassion that made an excruciating decision unnecessarily harder. We consulted with our previous vet since we no longer had confidence in Peak (despite initially choosing them based on extensive research of reviews) and went ahead with the surgery. We gave Peak 2 stars because the Dr. did an excellent job on the surgery and we believe in giving credit when it’s due. However, his curtness and dismissive attitude was extremely hurtful as we were entrusting our loved one with him during the height of Covid. (I later learned we were not the only clients who experienced this behavior.) If it were just our feelings and our pet was healthy that would be one thing; however, post-op our dog was in excruciating pain. We explained to Dr. Schulz both through email and at our 2 week post-op appointment that our sweet dog continued to hide in the closet, crying in pain. Not listening to our concerns, his answer was to take her off pain meds. While that may be helpful for some animals, we knew our dog and knew she needed further care. That was the last time we went to Peak. We’re glad we left. In addition to the above, we later learned through our dog’s current vet that her ALT levels were extremely high the day of the surgery. There was no communication from Peak about this at the time nor any follow-up. That it would be overlooked was worrisome on top of an already stressful situation and it took several months for us to lower her levels back to normal. However, the bright side to this story is we found Dr. Levin and her nurse Lyn at BEVS. Dr. Levin is a pain specialist and she and Lyn truly helped our pet to heal and thrive, all with such tremendous care. For that, they have our utmost respect and gratitude. While our story may be an anomaly to the other reviews, we hope it is still helpful to those having to face a difficult decision with their own pet.

John Barry

2 years ago

I have been to Peak a couple of times over the years and I can't say enough about the staff, techs, and doctors. Everyone we have ever dealt with has been fantastic.

Chris D

2 years ago

Peak has been amazing. The vets before them couldn't help us due to lack of knowledge or what have you, however Peak has been a true blessing and have proved to be the best of the best❤️ So helpful, so knowledgeable and simply amazing. A++

Christopher Bennett

2 years ago

We took our 211 lb Saint Bernard to Peak for surgery on a cyst, they were fantastic. There care for Otis was above and beyond what my wife and I had found at other vet practices. Our boy was there for 2 days, and we were given a number to call anytime day or night for an update, which we used often and they were always cheerful and happy to tell us how he was no matter what time of night. The entire staff was helpful and took time to talk as long as we wanted. If you love your pet as we do, I hope they never have to, but if they need a surgery, this is the place.

Flutter_ BYE

2 years ago

Wonderful staff. Great set up to help combat covid!! Thanks yall for doing the best and leading the way for all the others

Susan Heller

2 years ago

My cat saw Dr. Hoy, who was delightful and professional. She was very sensitive and reassuring about my cat's condition, and I feel so relieved as a newcomer to Vermont, that my cat will have a competent and caring specialist who will follow her care going forward.

Heather Begley

2 years ago

I had a great first visit back in March 2021. 5 star visit. My dog has something bizarre going on with her eyes, and although Dr. Hoy could not pinpoint what was going on she had some great ideas of what to test for. She said she would give me the notes by the next day (March 23rd) so I could bring them to my regular vet to continue our investigation. Well, it is almost two months later and I still have not gotten the notes from that visit and we have an appointment with our regular vet this week. I will have to cancel that appointment if we do not get the notes because we don’t know what to test for. I have called and emailed six times (no exaggeration there) asking for those notes, my vet has called and emailed at least twice, and she still has not written them. What is the point of having a referral there if I do not have the information to take back to my vet? I am so frustrated right now, and the longer we wait the potential for more permanent damage grows. If you are not planning on writing the notes, just let me know so I can stop wasting my time calling. Updated: Today (May 14) I had Tilly's follow up with our vet and still no word from Dr Hoy. After the visit I sent an email stating that I would be disputing the charge of our March visit since it was clear I would not be getting the notes. THAT is what it finally took to get a callback from Dr. Hoy, and she was less than understanding. She argued that my email was so incredibly horrible (it was direct, but in no way mean), that people in her profession are emotionally frail from the stress, and that I was like 'the person at the airline counter yelling at the clerk.' She also tried to make me out to be the person who thinks their pet deserves special privileges over all the other animals she sees. She even had the audacity to say I didn’t give her enough notice (*hitting my head against the wall*). But I finally got an apology out of her for dropping the ball. I have been so patient and kind the last two months of calling and gently reminding and pleading with her staff, who, by the way, agreed that I have every right to be frustrated. I will not be disputing the visit fee, as she finally called my vet and relayed the details of her findings today after my email. This whole thing seems so wildly unprofessional to me, especially with the baggage she tried to dump on my shoulders, and all it would have taken is one simple phone call within those 2 months saying, "sorry, we're busy". I truly am empathetic to her workload and the stresses that follow to her and her staff, that is why I was so gracious for two months. But everyone has their tipping point, and I reached mine today. I am so glad to close this saga.

Kathleen Shea

2 years ago

My Shih-Tzu needed to have emergency eye surgery to save his eye in upstate New York and I was so grateful to be able to transfer his post operative care here. He is almost 6 weeks post surgery and I've had three visits to Vermont Veterinary Eye Care and Dr. Brines and Dr. Hoy have been so wonderful to work with and the entire staff is very attentive to my dog's recovery.

Dayle Goad

3 years ago

A wonderfully support emergency pet care and follow up facility. Thank you for your care.

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