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Oswaldo Marroquin

3 years ago

I highly recommend this place everyone is really professional since Jennifer answer the phone the guys helping you load up or unload and especially Dr Leea Arnold she really know her job

Katie Fox

3 years ago

We have had nothing but positive experiences working with Arnold Reproduction the past few years. They have been very successful flushing embryos and have the best recipient mares of any place we have used in the past. All mares are easy to handle, great mothers, and give birth without complications. By far our favorite place to use for reproduction!

Lindsey Pritchard

7 years ago

Excellent. Compassionate, honest, animal lover. Haters gonna hate because they are stupid and actually have no idea what they are talking about.

Tricia Anderson Mathis

7 years ago

People who love themselves don't hurt other people. Bullying is never the answer.

Tanja Winkler

7 years ago

A wonderful caring veterinarian who has invested countless hours, dollars, sweat, and tears into the care and well being of animals.

Shelby Outlaw

7 years ago

A very knowledgeable and trustworthy veterinarian. You can count on Dr.Arnold!

Shannon Sutherland

7 years ago

Dr. Arnold is a wonderful reproductive specialist. She has helped numerous horses through her work evaluating breeding horses. Her love and her passion is equine breeding and embryo transfer. The cyberbullies are out attacking her for something that was for the most part beyond her control. She is a caring and wonderful veterinarian that deserves HONEST reviews.

Sara Sprowls

7 years ago

What a wonderful, caring and compassionate vet! Thank you for everything you do to help animals.

Rebecca Hancock

7 years ago

Caring and knowledgeable veterinarian. Don't let the bastards wear you down Dr. Arnold.

Rachel Goodman

7 years ago

Amazing vet. The people currently giving one stars right now are just a bunch of cyberbullies who arent even clients.

Rachael kuhn-Siegel

7 years ago

She is a fabulous vet who is being cyberbullied. Unfortunately most people who have given reviews are trolls and have had no personal or professional relationship with this facility. I would recommend her to anyone.

Melissa Fiske

7 years ago

As long as the Internet exists there will be people that hide behind it to shout their ignorance from the rooftops. If these people bashing Dr. Arnold even put half that energy into actually getting up from in front of their computers to donate their time to help animals, the world might actually be a slightly better place.

Megan Davis

7 years ago

I am horrified by some of the reviews on here. Dr Arnold is a well respected veterinarian. She certainly should not be cyberbullied for sending mares to auction. Yes some of those mares were purchased for slaughter but that is not her fault. How many of the people commenting are vegans? We may not eat horse meat in the US but other cultures are sickened that we eat beef or pork. Dr Arnold is innocent of any wrong doing, she is a great vet who continues to be supported by her clients and colleagues

Mary Smith

7 years ago

Everyone on here who is harassing Dr. are bullies and should be ashamed of yourself. Check your Dr. Google degree at the door and leave it to the professionals. Your ignorance and hate is showing. Thanks to people like you there is an epidemic of suicide and depression in the veterinary profession. You have never had to deal with these sorts of issues from your couch, so think about the consequences your selfish ignorant actions.

Marissa Rothenbaum

7 years ago

Being a veterinarian requires commitment and a level of compassion that few people outside the field can even begin to comprehend. Dr. Arnold is a valued member of the profession.

Marie Gagnon

7 years ago

I am saddened to see people who claim to be nice "people" do that kind of cyber bullying. Veterinarians are humans too, this negative pressure is horrible. In this case, I encourage everyone to do their own research and to try to realize that what they think is the truth is not. Let's be kind toward one another, together we can do so much more for horse rescue than by behaving like that!!

Bill Feeman III

7 years ago

Most if not all of these 1 star reviews are made by individuals that have never been to the Arnold Reproduction Center. This is blatant cyber bullying and should not be tolerated.

Lauren Bowling

7 years ago

Fabulous, caring equine reproductive vet. Hands down the best I've ever worked with.

Kelsey Shaw

7 years ago

The equine overpopulation problem cannot be slammed onto the shoulders of one DVM. Mayhaps each negative reviewer should adopt an unwanted horse themselves, and they would do a lot more good than they do by cyber bullying. Dr. Arnold, there are many people who know your true character, and who stand with you in solidarity.

Kate Ogawa

7 years ago

People who don't understand the industry should keep their ignorant comments to themselves. Rock on Dr Arnold! Keep your head up!

Josh M

7 years ago

There was no way she could have known the horses would be purchased by this man. The ignorance and hate needs to stop. DO your research people. She is a wonderful veterinarian and the veterinary community stands with her against cyber bullying.


7 years ago

Stay strong through this time. I don't know you, and I am not going to call you guilty or innocent. Just get through this moment.

Jill Mitchell

7 years ago

Cyber bullying should never be the answer. Dr. Arnold had no way of knowing those horses were sold to slaughter. Shame on people who do not know her personally to attack her this way. She's a great veterinarian.

Jessie Stanley

7 years ago

It is so disheartening to see all of these negative comments. Dr Arnold, you have a large group of people that support you. Ignorant bullying like this needs to stop and shouldn't be tolerated!

Jess Lyle

7 years ago

To all you disgusting cyber bullies - what are YOU doing personally to save the equine population? I thought so. You people are the reason why we have such a high suicide rate. Go take that to your conscience. We will stand by Dr. Arnold and make sure she doesn't have to see the wrath of you idiots anymore.

Jennifer Ulm

7 years ago

She had no way of knowing where they would end up after an auction. Do you know that your last car you traded in was well taken care of or destroyed?? Shame on you all for the cyber bullying!!!

Jennifer Fanders

7 years ago

Dr Arnold is a caring and compassionate vet.

Emilie Verstraete

7 years ago

This cyber bulling is sickening and heart breaking. People are intitled to their opinions but those opinions should be researched and founded. This is a case of pack mentality lets all rush to abuse someone so we feel a part of something. This abuse can push a person over the edge and its so sad in this day and age this still happens. To hide behind a key board and throw stones so pathetic

Don Woodman

7 years ago

A wonderful vet. Ignore the haters.

Carrie Jurney

7 years ago

There are much more effective ways to combat the problems of animal overpopulation and welfare than cyberbullying a veterinarian. Start a rescue! Adopt a horse! Donate to your local rescue! Veterinarians, people who devote their entire lives to the care and health of animals, have one of the highest suicide rates in the world due to the stresses of their jobs. Be a part of the solution, not a part of a problem.

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