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Ed Rum

2 years ago

Very helpful but our lost dog was not there

Jackie Niles

2 years ago

Both my dogs are from the shelter. Great staff, great pets, great program.

Liz Masters with Liz Masters

2 years ago

This is an awesome place....donated food and blankets ...lots of people donating...great staff really nice place....they even have program for people to take in animals that have special needs until they can be adopted...fostering

Megan Russell-Erlich

2 years ago

These folks are superheroes. I found a puppy running in the street, and after having him checked for a chip at the local fire station (no chip), was able to bring him to the Shelter. I hope someone misses him and finds him there, and if not, that he finds a safe, loving home through their adoption services. The shelter staff were so kind, and I'm so grateful for all they do to keep our local animals in need safe!

Peggy Shreve

2 years ago

It was wonderfully. Lots of choices. I adopted a lab pit mix he is great

jason heaton

2 years ago

Just found two lost dogs did everything we could do to find the owner. Finally had to take them to the shelter it just cost me $100.00 Need to change your policy for people trying to do the right thing. That just ate through my son's Christmas this year. I'm glad I did the right thing for the dogs. But fees like that will not encourage other to do the right thing.


2 years ago

The lady who took us on the tour was so helpful, patient and kind. Our family went with the intention to take home a dog but another offer came through while we were touring that was hard to refuse. The facility looks clean and organized. Also, the workers seem pleasant and good with the animals.

Dillon Hubbard

2 years ago

The staff here genuinely cares about the animals that come through the facility.

Dean X

2 years ago

I call today (11/22/2021 around 4:30 pm) to inquire about a dog and the older woman on the phone says “one sec” then puts me on hold for 45 minutes. I decide to finally hang up and call back and I’m met with their office closure message. Is this how you get your animals adopted?

Abner Amador

2 years ago

This is a great place for volunteers to come and spend time with the dogs that are waiting to be adopted. Come to give them so love and care by walking them in the areas setup at the facilities

Isabella Marie

2 years ago

Need to update working hours or actually work business hours! I arrived 20 minutes before “closing” time and the doors were already locked. Both the sign at the door and website state they close at 6 but clearly not.

Lara Garcia

2 years ago

1st time i came here was in 2020 i didn't feel welcome, but today was my 2nd time here and i was greated by the staff and they were all sweet, came to find me a furbaby and found the perfect one. So glad i got me a sweetpea.

Paul B

2 years ago

We had two cats try and adopt us. They came up to us when we were sitting on our porch. We kept them a couple of days hoping someone would claim them, no one did. We took them to the shelter and before we could get to the counter, they were adopted by grand parents with two cute girls. I really think destiny happened today!

Steven Ware

2 years ago

Not at all positive, nor professional. If it's "the system," then the system needs to change. Was out to adopt a cat- who was "available" I was told repeatedly, but no, I could not see the cat due to him just having been neutered. He just "wouldn't be his true self." No way to secure the adoption of this "available" cat. I'd just have to come back the next day. I was told to call a particular employee and given a card. I called twice, having to leave messages; the third time someone answered stating the cat is still available, that no one has been by today to adopt it. I again attempted to secure the adoption before making the trip, but no chance of that. Wrapping up my obligations, we headed out the second time to the shelter, only to be told when we arrived that someone had just adopted the cat. They can defend this all they want, but this is just not acceptable. Period. We won't be back. And that is a shame, as so many many animals deserve better than this. We deserve better. At the very least someone should have done their job on the phone, answering and responding so as to save us a trip when it was obvious there was someone there adopting the cat. Complete waste of our time.

Yessi Michel

2 years ago

i don’t typically do this often but out of all places i didn’t expect to be treated so rudely! i had a question for the facility and spoke on the phone with a lady and she was very rude and kept interrupting me very abruptly. i don’t think people like that should be working for a place like this. they really need to work on guest services a whole lot better. i did not appreciate being treated that way.

nayi srz

2 years ago

I got my pup there. The workers were so sweet and very helpful. Recommend!

Lisa Ridings

2 years ago

On the 15 of August I get out on the 27th find out that my dog is gone they did a wonderful job they fixed during whatever they want to be wanted to be fixed but the people that had her did not do a very good job they let her go I got her back though can't come home today the only thing that I do not like is thank you not give her a bath he stinks very very badly rather than that it's wonderful

Ida Pearson-Bell (Spanky)

2 years ago

Great place great service ????????‍????

Foxy Mama

2 years ago

They DO NOT do holds or pre-adoptions. I had my heart set on a dog and when I called they told me I could come the next day. So I did, and I was the first one through the door and to sign in. Only to find out it was a day early for his strayhold release. Basically all they could tell me was comeback tomorrow. So I did, 30 minutes before opening and some lady pulled up beside me, walked through the doors, a second before I did and adopted the dog I planned to adopt. I know they have a lot of other dogs but I had my heart set on this one. I had a name, I bought a bed and bowls and a chew toy. Now I have to go return all those things simply because they don't do pre-adoptions. I'm sure many other people have had similar experiences. I really don't know if I'll be back, because I really don't want to be this disappointed again.

Doug Jackson

2 years ago

Very friendly and professional staff!

Jacob Gann

2 years ago

Awful experience trying to adopt a dog. I was told that my newly adopted dog would be ready for pick up, and out of surgery, at 1 PM. I drive to pick her up at 3PM only to find that she did not have the surgery and it would be weeks before I can pick her up again. There is 0 communication between the staff there. I will never do business here again and recommend all to go elsewhere.

Carrie Woodlock

2 years ago

Annie is doing a great job helping us in our continuous search for Luckie


2 years ago

Nice people and great dogs. Except to spend 1.5 - 2hr there though because wait times are long.


2 years ago

I’m not sure the purpose of this facility. We had a stray dog that we cared for for just over 10 days. My family put up signs around the neighborhood with the dog’s pic and a number, but got no response. After accessing our responsibilities, we had to make the difficult decision of taking to the shelter hoping the dog had a chip, but we were also trusting someone would adopt this sweet dog. The employee said we need to pay $50 to drop off the dog. Excuse me? You must have thought I said we wanted to adopt a dog. Are you for real? The scanned the dog 3 times and did not find a chip. They said if we had gone to the fire dept, they would do a scan and give a voucher to bring back stating it was scanned, Oh we just had the dog scanned by you, but you need me to take the dog somewhere else to get scanned to tell you that it has been checked..,I don’t know...maybe you could check your own results. We were then told that we should have posted on social media for 3 days. I told the shelter that we don’t do social media. I’m going to stop there and will leave you in suspense. I’m a calm person, but just wanted to inform the fine people of Waco what kind of place this is...hope it helps:). BTW. I would say -5 Stars if it would stand out and you would read my post

Rickey Galloway

2 years ago

Super friendly very helpful people was a pleasure to meet them

Justin Witherspoon

2 years ago

Got our dog and cat chipped for FREE


2 years ago

Usually pretty helpful with info on animals but kinda rude when calling about your pet. So avoid calling them if possible.

Brittney Sawyer

2 years ago

Super friendly staff that truly care for the animals they have. Adoption process was well organized and easy. Got my first adoption doggie and she is wonderful!

Damian May

2 years ago

Love this place apsolutly amazing everytime I go

Jason McGinnis

2 years ago

It's illegal to drop / abandon a dog onsight and they will not accept a surrender without an appointment that takes 2 months to schedule. Refusing to shelter animals isn't very humane.

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