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V Gonzales

2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE!! They over charger and than kill your fur baby! They killed my puppy and than acted like they did nothing wrong. Should be ashamed of themselves, your suppose to help animals NOT hurt them jerks!

Debra Doherty

2 years ago

My son is an semi tractor trailer driver. His dog Louie has a red and swollen paw. We went to have it diagnosed before Christmas. Scheduled the surgery for today as they only do surgeries on Thursdays. The lab work was over $300. Brian was given the treatment plan and told he could pay via telephone link when I go to get Louie after surgery. We were told to bring him in between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM. I was there at 6:30 AM. The woman at the front said, "You need to pay $1,827 before they will do the surgery." Of course could reach my son at that time. I had to ask to purchase a cone to keep Louie from licking the paw. Had they explained the full amounnt would have to be paid up front my son would have done so before he returned to the road. Another veterinarian service will be evaluating Louie on Monnday. They are able to do surgeries any day Monday thru Friday. They also explained they require 75% of the fees upp front.

Taylor Chinowith

2 years ago

Dr. Davis & the vet tech who assisted her were amazing during our visit today. We were so worried about our baby & were very happy to get some answers for her unusual behavior as well as a treatment plan. Thank you VCA!

Roxanna Rodriguez

2 years ago

I cannot even put into words the disappointment I had coming here. I knew my fur baby was not well and rushed her to them in hopes that something could be done. They were more concerned about the money than checking to see what all could be done for my baby. $600 paid for the vet to be unsure of anything and to refer us to someone out of town. My poor baby passed away tonight and when I called to see if there was anything we could do to make it easier they just wanted more money in order to help. Very disappointing to know they were more worried about payment than the well being of my baby

Paul Poulton

2 years ago

I’m an out of towner and my dog cut himself severely on a barbed wire fence. We were not able to stop the bleeding. We took him in to the Victoria animal hospital. They worked very quickly and took care of my dog right away. I expected an all day visit there and an expensive bill. To my surprise, it was a quick visit and a lot less than I expected to pay. The staff were friendly and professional. Very thankful to them.

Jarah Benavides

2 years ago

Love the doctors and staff so friendly, answered all my questions and concerns, was quick in and out! Gave me answer and a treatment plan for my puppy I am so happy I found a vet that cares about my dog and didn’t just want my money!????


3 years ago

The Staff are awesome! Friendly, Professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

Jayme Kortokrax

3 years ago

Dr Davis and her staff were amazing in an emergency situation after our Luna lacerated her head open to the skull... All levels of care, surgery, pre- and post-, have been above and beyond. All while adhering to COVID restrictions and protocols. And at a cost which we considered fair and reasonable. VCA is now our Animal Hospital of choice.

josh b

3 years ago

My cats alive! Another vet wanted me to pay him to KILL MY CAT. It's been a month, cat is fine. Thanks VCA!!

Franklin Shropshire

3 years ago

Man these people went beyond just to to to save a stray thank you guys

Gretchen Haynes

3 years ago

I have been using VCA for quite a few years now and have never been disappointed in service or care of my pet. Great service, great staff (both Veternarians, assistants, and office staff. My pups (german shepherds) seem to like it also. Keep up the good work.

Melissa Porche

3 years ago

Got me in on short notice on a Friday to see if they could help a really sick kitty I found. The price was really reasonable and although the outcome for the cat wasn't what I had hoped, you could tell they cared. Service was also very quick and although you are not allowed to go inside atm, they made the visit work seamlessly through the phone.

Michael Porter

3 years ago

Great staff. Friendly and very caring to my pets. They explain what they will be doing and the results after treatment. They listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. This is my 2nd GSD I've taken to them and will be taking my mini Chi soon. Both my GSDs were very relaxed and had no problem with staff while I waited in my car (covid policy). Highly recommend them for your pets.

Millie Newshan

3 years ago

Victoria Animal Hospital has wonderful staff. We are on the road and they were able to squeeze us in on short notice. Friendly, welcoming attitude. Dr. Schomburg and his tech quickly assessed our kitty's health and provided guidance.

Monique Smith

3 years ago

They took excellent care of our Great Dane Winston when his stomach twisted. So thankful for his return home ????

p eab

3 years ago

I went there because my dog was in a lot pain. It ended being cancer metastasis and we had to make that horrible decision no pet owner wants to make. We decided the kindest thing we could is not the pain and seizures continue. The vet him self was very good and was supportive. My complaint is actually with the office staff which what is the opposite of empathic and supportive. One of the office or assistant came out to have us sign the euthanasia paperwork. She broke down the list of what our choices four were and what memorabilia we could purchase in regards to the cremation. When we indicated that we did not need a private cremation she imparted a lot of guilt and judgment. This was a horrible day I had to make a decision no pet owner wants to make- to make things easier for hiking buddy, cuddle buddy, companion, and friend for 10 years. The guilt trip by the office personnel was inappropriate to say the least; they have no idea how I honor my pets memory. The fact I did not spend 600 dollars to buy the dog print in no way indicates my grief tans heartbreak. That was just the beginning of the incompetence by office personnel. I had already paid over $2000 for the proposed treatment of wound care before the X-ray was taken and the cancer was discovered. However the same office personnel to attempted to make me feel guilty and how I honored my pet then told me that I owed an additional $600 for the euthanasia and cremation. When I asked how that was possible since they didn’t do a proposed surgery she got defensive and judgmental again. The veterinarian quickly straightened things out quickly and let the staff know how much they owed me back for services not rendered. However, the staff never apologized or even told me that the error had been resolved.

Patrice Nuells

3 years ago

Love the doctor and nurses. Very nice and let's you know everything that is going on

marcus egger

3 years ago

DOG LOVERS BEWARE! I do not know how to put into words the disappointment that I have in VCA Victoria and in their staff. We took our beloved black lab Sadie into them for emergency surgery. When we were there we were in panic, my wife being in the medical field knew her prognosis was not good. She told the vet that if he felt like she was unable to be saved to let her go in peace, as hard as that choice would have been because we didn’t want our sweet baby in any pain. The vet gave false reassurance and was eager for us to sign up for their credit card and accept payment for the major surgery they were going to perform on her. The vet did not take the time to explain options, which we thought was because he knew what he was doing after telling us “I can save her”. We were told we were going to have to leave her overnight and she would be under constant supervision. Keep in mind her trachea was repaired, but she was still an UNSTABLE patient. They wouldn’t let us see her because in their words, it “would increase her anxiety.” Instead these heartless, careless, incompetent vet staff left our baby girl there only checking on her at different intervals. When we would reach out to check on her, we got nasty replies from the staff saying that they are not a 24-hour hospital. So, they left her there alone, unstable, in pain with no medication, and because of their negligence she passed away early that next morning. During that time, she was left in pain with no medication given, and wondering where her family is, more specifically where my wife was because Sadie was her world. Unfortunately, we weren’t there, not because we did not want to be, but because they wouldn’t let us be. They wouldn’t even let us see her and just tell her we love her one last time before keeping her there. What makes matters worse is how we found out of her passing, it was through a heartless and emotionless text. How could someone be so heartless? Sadie was our family, our world, and our lives have not been complete since. After this horrific occurrence with VCA Victoria we wanted to get our sweet baby girl home as soon as possible that day. We no longer wanted her in the heartless, money hungry, reckless, and careless hands of VCA Victoria. They wouldn’t let us get her, thankfully for Gracious Paws they went and picked her up that day, and we were able to hold her in our arms and mourn her. After over 24 hours, she was finally in loving hands. She is now finally home with us, but not in the way that we want her. We feel a terrible amount of guilt for entrusting VCA Victoria with our sweet baby. We were not going to let this horrific incident go unnoticed. This is our peace for our beloved Sadie Faith, and we wouldn’t want anyone else to go through the heartbreak that we did. If you want to give your four-legged family member to a place that only cares about profit, go to VCA Victoria. If you want four-legged family member to have surgery by a place that cares about them, drive the extra mile it may save their lives!

Daniel Snider

3 years ago

We made an appointment, we showed up on time and they were ready for us. Dogs had their nails trimmed, no issues at all.

Colton Hornstein

3 years ago

I brought my dog to VCA after he was hit by a car. Even though it was a Sunday and they had several animals arrive in critical condition, they gave him the care he needed and did an excellent job of getting him out of shock. They also set us up with a clinic in Houston where we could take him for more specialty care later that day. It looks like our pup is going to pull through and I want to thank the staff at VCA for giving him the attention he needed and for being so helpful to us throughout this unfortunate event.

Christi Tupa

3 years ago

The Veterinarian's and staff at VCA were wonderful! They saved my Buddy's life. He had to be hospitalized for a time, but they kept me informed and updated several times a day and night. They made sure I understood his condition and how to manage it at home and spent time going over everything with me. They have always been there for me in an emergency, and that is important! I would recommend them to anyone!

Bart Strauss

3 years ago

Great staff. Never had any problems with the care of our dog

Ashok Pruthi

3 years ago

They are professional and considerate of your capacity to pay and your pet's need. This is our Buster!

Ann Riggs

3 years ago

Expensive as hell but worth it

Alyssa Tatro

3 years ago

Tonight has been the hardest night of my life. My mother and I had to put our beloved Rocky to sleep. I am so thankful for Dr. Larson, her genuine sincerity and kind heart helped us through our decision and process. There aren't enough words for how thankful I am for her comfort in this hard time. I've already been a fan of VCA, But she is the reason we will continue to go. Big thanks Dr. Larson for everything!

Albert Maddox

3 years ago

Really awesome they take really good care for my pets

Samantha Jackson

3 years ago

Very nice staff. This was the first time my dog has seen the vet and I loved how the ladies showed care and called every step of the way. I will keep this vet office from now on.

Steven Keith

3 years ago

The staff are courteous, friendly and very helpful.. but most important to me is caring... I always recommend them with high regard...

sure real

3 years ago

Awesome care and great staff

Eva Garcia

3 years ago

It's still too emotional to tell my Chica's story, and it's been months now. Money ???? was their objective. And, my baby suffered and died. How I wish they would have given me other options and it's my fault too... but during an emergency all I cared about was my baby. Never did they say that she would suffer so much. She was sent home to die.

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