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Christine Savage

2 years ago

Dr. Phillip's is the best vet I have found for my Pomeranian, Sweety. He does not order tests for every little thing like so many vets I've encountered routinely do. His charges are reasonable and, as mentioned, he does not drive up the price with unnecessary tests. His staff are friendly, courteous people who seem to like doing what they do. Once there, the weight time to be seen is usually no longer than 10 minutes at most. He has treated Sweety for going on two years and I couldn't be happier that I have finally found a good, caring and highly competent vet for my Pom. I highly recommend Dr. Phillips at Four Paws Veterinarian!

Melissa Kibby

2 years ago

Always such friendly staff. You know they truly care about your pets. They take their time to answer any questions you may have and never rush to get you out.

Becky Kier

2 years ago

We had a puppy born with a very rare double cleft palate. Most of these pups don't last very long. We managed to keep her fed and alive until she was old enough for surgery. Dr. Phillip did a very specialized and creative surgery to save our pups life. She is thriving and we are forever grateful he was willing to take a chance on her and surgery!

Gaile Bryan

2 years ago

We love everyone at Four Paws. They are very loving with our little fur baby


2 years ago

Moved to a new area, got a new puppy. I found the clinic using online research and combining that with local community recommendations. I actually drove by and stopped one day and spoke to a client who was outside with her pet. It was a great first vet visit. The doctor thoroughly examined her and spoke to me about diet and vaccine recommendations. He was unhurried and took time to answer all my questions. The young lady at the front desk was very nice as was the vet tech.

Ruth Danny Ford Forevr Russian toys

2 years ago

Best vet ever!!! However, The front staff is totally incompetent and did not provide us service or an appointment when we had a girl with a problem having puppies. I've been with Dr Phillip since he was working for another vet and loyally came with him when he purchased this practice. When the office staff tells me I never left a message, then says, we have technical difficulties, then says, the vet is busy with an emergency, all in the same conversational and at 12:30 I still don't have a call back when I called originally at 8 am. I'd say that's not just poor customer skills, that's NO customer service. V ry sad. ????

Jacqueline Braunesreither

2 years ago

The care they give each one of my animals is exceptional. I am so glad I have them so close by.

Mike Matthews

2 years ago

Recently moved to the area me my wife and our fur baby so to sum it up, we to the lake Thursday luke love to play in the water so we played fetch the Friday morning I notice a sore on his neck so I cleaned it, then Saturday afternoon notice it was bigger cleaned it and then Sunday night noticed it spreading on the side of his neck of course its memorial weekend so nothing was open that I could afford, me and my wife searched online i found four paws is 12 minutes from my house so read the reviews and went to bed feeling good about getting help from them,so waited till Tues morning pulled up at four pawsaround 8:30, walked in I'm sure the lady up front could see the anxiety and stress i had asking if someone could maybe just take 5 minutes to walk out to my truck to assess the sores and give some guidance, all I got was I'm sorry we are booked till next week the manager wouldn't even come out of the little side room just hollered we are flat booked till next Thursday. I attempted to ask the girl if they would look at pictures at least and she was so worried about drinking here bang she just told me sorry there's nothing we can do. Feeling utterly defeated and totally disappointed with this place, just know even though the reviews speak so highly of this place expect let down cause they don't care like they claim otherwise I would of at least got a glance at a photo to give a idea of what I'm dealing with. I am not giving the doctors a review cause they never knew I was there just the desk girl and whoever the manager was hollering from the side room. I truly prayed this would be our new vet but ill drive 30 minutes to Bulverde animal hospital they got me in in less then an hour. These are the photos they wouldn't even take a second to glance at.

Vicky In Texas

2 years ago

My greyhounds have never had a vet who knows their veterinary needs like Dr. Phillip. He has always treated them (and us) with the utmost care. The best part is that his knowledge far surpasses other vets in our area AND he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for tests when common vet knowledge is all that’s needed.

Tim Gibbons

2 years ago

Fate brought me (and eventually my family) to Dr Phillip Schwarzlose many years ago. What stands out the most about Dr Phillip and his team at Four Paws Veterinary Hospital is how they genuinely care for the people who step into their office, just as much as they do their “four-pawed” clients. Dr Phillip and his team always listen intently to my concerns and needs. The advice and suggestions Dr Phillip offers are based on true first-hand experiences and competence. As a “people” emergency clinician myself- I’m most impressed with his ability to predict and plan ahead for possible complications and challenges with complex procedures and situations. I’ve taken a few serious cases to him over the years- most recently I brought one of our cats that injured an eye, causing the eye to quickly become very infected. Once Dr Phillip examined the cat, it was apparent that the eye itself was lacerated and split open, allowing the infection to spread into the eyeball. The amount of knowledge Dr Phillip had on this matter surprised me. Altho our cat had to have his eye removed, his infected eye orbit as well as the sutured face quickly healed and remained infection-free! The cat was back to himself within days! Before meeting Dr Phillip, I had good experiences with several other veterinarians. But, he has been the first and only to absolutely exceed my expectations. Whether your needs are routine or emergent, I give Dr Phillip and his Four Paws Veterinary Hospital team my highest recommendation.

Rob L

2 years ago

Everything is great about Four Paws and it’s certainly worth the hour drive from San Antonio to get the best care for our fur baby.

Jay Burke

2 years ago

Canceled my appointment when I showed up with my dog after having arranged my whole schedule around it and having driven to San Marcos from Austin. Will find a new vet.

Dale & Bonnie Lee

2 years ago

The Doctor is one of the most caring we have ever encountered! His help and empathy was much appreciated. His additional education in the veterinary field says so much about wanting to do all HE can do to help.

Steve Seiffert

2 years ago

dr phil seems to go that extra to solve the issues with our dogs. great place.

Brent Robison

2 years ago

We lived in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. We have a 12 year old female Beagle named Sissy. While in Mexico, Sissy was prescribed Prednisone for a lifelong allergy condition. After several days of treatment, her heart was still pounding, she was having issues breathing, we could tell she had fluid on her lungs, and she wouldn't leave the bed, not even to eat (which is something that strikes immediate fear into the heart of any human Beagle companion). We took her to the vet in PV who quickly X-rayed her and wrote a script for anti-biotics, advising there was a mass (possible cancerous or infected lymph node) pressing down on her heart. We were to return in several days for another X-ray. After the 2nd X-ray and confirmed mass, we drove 1039 miles, traversed two Mexican mountain ranges, the vast expanse of the Chihuahuan Desert, a closed international border, and a winter storm crippled Texas to reach Dr. Philip. He opened on a Sunday to see her. He saved her life. There was no mass, only a drug induced progression into heart failure, and thanks to his quick action, along with a few prescriptions, we have a Beagle who once again believes she's only 2, and that everything, including our fingers, is edible. Our Baby Girl is back, and it's all thanks to Dr. Philip.

Brenda Embody

3 years ago

Great Vet and very caring staff. Always very satisfied with their services. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!????????

don nagai

3 years ago

I took my rescue cat in for more then 4 visits including having her spayed, and they are not any different than any other vet but twice the cost. If you ned affordable care for your pet don't try them out. Frankly there is no reason for anyone to pay 2x the cost for the exact same thing...

Bettijean Ali

3 years ago

I have been taking my cat here for years and we love them and now my dog. The office ladies and vet techs are all super nice and the veterinarian is very knowledgeable, patient and genuine. I drive out of town now because I moved away just for them.

J W O'Bryant

3 years ago

I was recommended and I recommend others as well to use there services. Thank you for taking care of Bella. (Jw's plumbing solutions)

Stacie Retro Time Machine

3 years ago

I love this vet and how well all the staff take care of my pets! The prices are SUPER reasonable and the vets are used to seeing more rural pets and aren't quick to grab for unnecessary procedures! My poodle is such a whimp when it comes to shots and they are always so good about giving her pain medication before! I would 10/10 recommend this place

Bruce Snavely

3 years ago

They saw us right away without an appointment when our dog had a seizure. Our dog has since recoverd thanks to them.

Carol Frank

3 years ago

Friendly, caring, professional. Fixed my dog up and we were on our way. 2 other vet hospitals wanted me to leave her in the morning so they could anesthetize her for the quickie procedure that afternoon. Would have been unnecessary and expensive. I'm a 4 Paws convert!

Cathy Nevares

3 years ago

My dog Maxx had a gigantic mass on his shoulder. They removed it and did a great job. You can't even tell where the stitches were. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Lots of calls to make sure Maxx was doing ok. Also the price was great.

Dan Reidy

3 years ago

Great service, very caring...update- gary busey runnin around like it's Spring!

Gary Oaks

3 years ago

The best small animal Vet in Texas!!


3 years ago

Thank you for all your kindness ❤

Russell Scott

3 years ago

Great, caring and knowledgeable staff.

Ricardo Anzaldua

3 years ago

Great place..Great People.. My boyz always enjoy the visit...

priscilla russell

3 years ago

Just moved to the area, several people recommended this animal hospital. So glad to establish my pets with doctor Phil and his super sweet staff. They were so nice to my dog.

Kislyn Perez

3 years ago

They are just awesome and affordable

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