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Kayla Lackey

a year ago

A little back story on Butter Ball- she was hit by a car which left her paralyzed and we have had a lot of urinary tract complications as a result. In December, she got really sick and Dr. Diaz had her come in, x-rays showed that she had 3 large bladder stones and a stone in each kidney. Dr. Diaz added her to the surgery schedule and although it was her first time performing a surgery of this kind, she nailed it and literally saved her life. When Butter Ball returned for her recheck appointment, a urinalysis and urine culture were done to see if the underlying infection was still present. While waiting for the results, Butter Ball got sick again and ended up in the ER with a high fever (of course this happened on a Sunday). Once stable enough, Dr. Diaz took over the case which turned out the be rather complex. The urine culture showed that Butter Ball has multiple bacterias present, one being very difficult to treat and resistant to most medications. She closely monitored Butter Ball to make sure she remained stable and made arrangements to get the medication that is needed to treat the infection. Although Dr. Diaz is a “new veterinarian”, she is extremely knowledgeable and has a huge heart. Butter Balls previous owner may have failed her, but she is my world and having a veterinarian who has so much love and care for each of her patients is more than I could ever ask for. We are so grateful to have Dr. Diaz as her veterinarian!

Gareth Starkey

a year ago

I love this place. Very professional, very polite, very knowledgeable and spotlessly clean. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Highly recommended

Laura Suarez

a year ago

I took my beloved Schnoodle to see Dr Montero because she had been limping for 2 months. He is a retired military vet and he quickly diagnosed a left CCL injury and gave me a plan. He was so down to earth and kind.

Stephania Rengifo

a year ago

Always had really good experiences at Henderson Pass the staff is always friendly and professional they truly make it easy. I have a very high energy dog that can be difficult to handle but Claudia and Dr. Diaz were patient and kind throughout the whole process. I really appreciate the care given to my Pancho thank you all for everything we will be back ????

Biker Larry

a year ago

Taken my new Great Dane puppies here. They offer a package deal for 1st year. Includes all shots and visits, neutering/spaying, microchipping for a single price. Veterinarians are great and love animals. Great staff and great service. A little pricy, but aren’t they all. Recommend.

Amanda A.

a year ago

I had to bring my fur baby here on an emergency situation, and they took really good care of him. I can’t remember her name, but the vet technician was AWESOME!! She explained the treatment plan that was going to take place and would come out periodically to give us updates on my pets progress. I would highly recommend you go here for your pets needs.

syed Muneeruddin

2 years ago

Beyond disappointed on how over priced it was to get my sick cat help, it’s like a sales pitch! They add on random charges and push certain products with no guarantee it will be beneficial. It’s a money trap! This is the last time I will bring any of my pets here again.

David Cruzan

2 years ago

If you are looking for a new Veterinarian, for the love of god do yourself a favor and GO HERE! Without a doubt, they offer amazing care for your babies. Unfortunately, I don't remember everyone's names, but through and through all of the staff there are very caring and patient. 10/10. I will say, I've been with them in the past and have always had a great experience with them but I'm still in shock of the great quality care that they give. For today's appointment, I referred my girlfriend to them for our fur baby and she absolutely loved the staff and care they gave. We went in because our cat was having issues with his ear, and although she did like her past vet, she wanted a second opinion on some problems he's been having with his ear for quite a while. I don't like to slander and still think the other vet is good so I won't name names, but they unfortunately kept dropping the ball with our cat's care. VCA blew us both away with their care. They showed us the image from the microscope and explained to us what everything in the image is and made a diagnosis and gave him medicine. They were extremely patient with our 10,000 questions and showed us how to properly care for his ear issue. They went above and beyond with thoroughness, clarity, and kindness. Before anything was done, they layed out what they would do and what it would cost and we got the option to pick from the list what we wanted and what we couldn't afford at the time. I can't thank you enough VCA, you are a godsend with animal care.

delma rivera

2 years ago

This is by far the best veterinary hospital I have ever been to. The passion and care they gave my baby words can't describe. The team answerd all my question and concerns which made me feel that my Roxy is in great hands. I highly recommend if you want a vetienarian that puts your love one first there is no need to look any further. I can assure you they are the best at what they do!

Becky Jones

2 years ago

There is a tech there named Roberta who was so kind, thorough and great with my Dog Leia. The veterinarians are also very caring and professional. I’ve been bringing all my animals to them for decades.????

Karen Pena

2 years ago

10/10 through and through. I called to make a very last-minute appointment with Angela, but they were booked. She mentioned that they might have room for walk-ins if I wanted to try, so I did. Considering that I do not live in SA, had never been to VCA before, and had a very unexpected 3-day visit to SA, turn into a VERY unexpected month-long stay, I was stressed and eager to get my dog her meds. Somehow, it was still a low-stress experience at VCA. Everyone I interacted with was so kind and professional. They were so understanding of my situation & went above and beyond to help me and my old lady dog. HUGE thanks to that entire team & MAJOR shoutout to Angela, who showed such compassion and truly left a lasting impression on me.

Jake Martinez

2 years ago

Just got back from VCA on Henderson Pass. I took my Boxer Laila for her first visit at VCA. Jo-Jo, the vet tech, was great, sincere, and made our curbside visit as smooth as possible. The Veterinarian, came outside and introduced himself. Prior Army Lt Colonel. Hooah!

Matt Beard

2 years ago

Love everyone at this animal hospital!

Evan Hughes

2 years ago

What an amazing experience!! Our vet was unable to see our dog so I was able to get in to this clinic as a walk in. Our beloved dog is a 116 pounds- he does not walk well on the leash and does not do well with other animals. We arrived at 3:05 as a walk in, by 3:22 a vet tech was already at my window. I had our 8 week old baby with us and my hands full. Not only did the staff go above and beyond for us they had someone come bring Pork in so I wasn't trying to handle both him and the baby. They took extra precautions to make sure no other animal was in the walk from the car to the exam room. They honestly treated us as if we were a long time client. We were seen very quickly, but the staff took their time with us did not make us feel rushed at all. I have never had such an amazing experience at a vet's office. We will be leaving our current vet to become new clients of VCA Henderson Pass.

Kevin Femmel

2 years ago

VCA has good doctors, and overall it is a decent experience with pet care. My problem with them is that despite us getting prescriptions for our pets, they told me directly they do not help online pharmacies verify your prescription at all due to issues where they’ve had difficulty communicating info between online vendor, pet owner, etc. I get it but it is 2021 and we are coming out of a global pandemic (hopefully) where the market clearly shifted even more toward online shopping. I bought a 6 month supply of meds for my dog from Chewy, and they told me the vet required me to go back to the clinic, get a copy of prescription and mail it to chewy. What’s the point of online shopping then? Especially when you can get better deals there. Again, the animal care is good but this practice is simply archaic and would be out of place in the 2000s, let alone 2021. If your pet needs prescriptions and you don’t want to pay VCA prices for the meds, you’re only choices are them or H-E-B in person. If you want to shop online for meds using the prescription they gave you than you are out of luck as VCA will not do anything to help you here.

miranda miller

2 years ago

So incredibly happy with my experience! Dog started coughing and couldn't find any vets available any time soon but this VCA went above and beyond to help my dog with his kennel cough. (I'm spacing on her name!!) the lady answering phones was super sweet and understanding with our situation. Dr. Montero and Elisha were so friendly, attentive, and loving to our pup. All around amazing experience from start to finish! New into town and hadn't set up with any vets yet (until now!), and even though we live in Schertz, we'll gladly take the 20 minute drive to this facility when we need expert care again! Thank you!

Miranda Ann

2 years ago

VCA is bit overpriced which would be totally worth it if they were in the business of giving exceptional care. unfortunately they are not. I have MANY complaints, but first I'd like to start with the only good thing about this place. They do offer walk ins. so, if your pet needs to be seen now or today, you can most likely be squeezed in at some point. does that equal even less attentive care than they offer those with appointments? I would assume so. regardless, I did appreciate that. My most concerning complaint is that a girl named Laura lost my puppy's records. Before even entering them in the computer. so i also got a call about getting shots my puppy already has and doesn't need. It took about 2 weeks of me calling daily with no information until i finally got the news that the records had been lost. there was no apology or even understanding that this was wrong of her or what about unprofessional, irresponsible, disrespectful and truly unacceptable. i have more complaints but I'm not here to write a novel. after shopping about a bit we've found a vet with staff that actually cares about your pet, not just your money. and its also a bit cheaper per visit! find your fur baby a better vet!!

Rose Cox

2 years ago

We had nothing short of an amazing experience thanks to Ricky Gonzalez and the staff at VCA. I am going on a last minute flight and had not gotten my puppy her Rabies vaccine because she did not weight enough to safely recieve it at her appointment a couple weeks ago. I was concerned of the cost having just brought her in and this cost of travel. This was no problem for Ricky, he told me to come right away and they will make sure she is healthy and has the vaccines needed to fly. They were more than fair on the price understaning hat she was seen so recently. I was also unaware of the paperwork that would be needed and he provided all of it making sure I would have no issues at the airport. VCA went above and beyond providing excellent care to my fur baby.

shuran “ShuShu” strong

2 years ago

The staff absolutely adored my dog Blu & they gave him such great treatment & attention. He loved it there.

Iz Sifuentes

2 years ago

Don't go after 530 pm, the doctors leave early. We had an emergency and found out that there was NO doctor. Aren't their hours 0700 - 1900?? So disappointed!!

Zuhra Kiya

2 years ago

Absolutely the best most caring vet office I've been to in a very long time. They have been amazing to all 5 of our fur/furless babies. Would highly recommend.

Dorothy Hagan

3 years ago

None of the staff were knowledgeable they didn't even have the correct date for my pet's appointment. The vet had excuses and limited knowledge about my my pets procedure and said he would watch a YouTube video to learn how. The nurse gave us the excuse that the receptionist only knows how to set appointments and has limited knowledge on explaining what to expect as a new patient. Would not recommend at all. . I drove off and none of the staff even called me back to ask if we had questions or concerns.

Anita Bunner

3 years ago

Friendly, attentive, and very kind with my pet. The check in process due to Covid was simple and the flow of the visit was comfortable for my pet and I; no extensive waiting. Check out the website for useful information.

Ayanna Owens

3 years ago

I took my cat in for x rays on her broken foot and the doctor told me the only options were surgery or amputation. I took my cat to Alamo Dog & Cat hospital they put her in a cat and she made a full recovery. Henderson pass is NOT reliable!

Brn Lv

3 years ago

1. Overcharged Again (5th time) because the Female technician listed $50+ charge (heartworm test) for a declined, test NOT provided. 2. Same tech did NOT take my pet’s temperature during check up. 3. The newly assigned Veterinarian failed to check my pets ears (previously treated for ear infections there) while determining a current throat problem is “Allergy” related. 4. No clear communication (Online, otherwise) on new/current Check in process (pandemic time) but front desk scolded me for coming in on time, masked with leashed pets, distancing. 5. Zero info on a new prescription Treatment (I inquired about side effects, got nearly nothing then instructed by front desk to go online somewhere that has “”); 6. Clueless—on arrival—(after getting scolded for showing) front desk not a people or animal whisperer check in lady had no idea why we were there despite my communication we were on time/Dr name/my & pet name. 7. Mishandling Scare Care —scared my small pet while taking its weight, 8. overstated the weight in paperwork. 9. Thus, incorrect heavier weight was used by Vet to for Prescription dosage (smaller weight animal) 10. I had to look up correct dosage, side effects somewhere online, delay treatment pending my call request VCA to confirm dosage safety at correct weight (smaller animal). 11. Over vaccinating?—tech argued then said Vet would not honor a current documented (provided) Rabies vaccination (from another Vet) 12. Tech insisted on heartworm testing twice a year then once a year (yes, previous is overdue but my pet is on continuing prescription heartworm med purchased from our other Veterinarian office since rescue, no breaks, is not high risk!) This/her 6 month expensive over testing is inconsistent with their VCA website policy too. 13. Passing the buck—2 calls asking for a manager (but getting shifted/Shafted to someone else both times)—Days later, the real Manager refunded me on overcharge. At least the location was convenient & Thank you, Manager for doing your best. Treatment didn’t work either. Expensive, Ineffective, Disappointing & Frustrating.

C. M.

3 years ago

Great pet hospital. We came here when my dog was ill and our regular vet didn't have any appointments available. They came to the our car and took our dog in for evaluation and came back to the car with treatment plans. They sent x-rays over text and explained everything. It was fantastic, super friendly and helpful staff and great veterinarian.

Cherie Emick

3 years ago

I took my cat and he had a pretty bad cold and they took care of everything he's doing very well now plus I got a little Christmas bag of laser light and some revolution and a cat care book if they weren't the best I wouldn't be going there

Amy Castro

3 years ago

this place was very understanding and helpful with the passing of my grandmother's dog they helped me so much throughout everything

elizabeth Reyes

3 years ago

Didn't even make it in but you can usually get a good judgment on how staff treats you when you call to make an appointment. Called today because my dog has been throwing up a lot lately and Mary answered. When we asked if I could get my dog seen and preferably today she laughed at me. Not in a nice way but in a rude "yeah right" way. Just not professional or kind way to speak to someone trying to get help for their animal. Should have known when she said their sister hospital was Becker. Can't say much for the Veterinarians though so take your own risk I guess.

Elena Yang

3 years ago

Not sure why people still coming to this overpriced and rude animal hospital?

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