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Jason Birdwell

a year ago

Many animals in very poor living condition with no proper lighting or housing. Also person at the counter was very unpleasant and not helpful at all. I have been here before and it wasn't like that it is unfortunate that this place has gone down like this.

Alyssa Rayne

a year ago

I get my snake food here and everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly

Joe Sibley

a year ago

Ordered twice so far with excellent customer service. Healthy animals, I will continue to be a customer.

Lauren Ashelin

a year ago

Only place in town that I trust to get my feeder rats and the things I need to be able to take care of my babies. The crew is so friendly and honestly this place is the highlight of my week.

Lance Schiegg

a year ago

Super knowledgeable staff, inside is closed due to size and Covid, but he was super helpful and answered any questions we had about being new snake caregivers

Aron Heathcock

2 years ago

You guys might want to change your google listing. It clearly says in store shopping. Wasted a half hour drive. Thanks a lot

Gypsy Wanderer

2 years ago

The wait for service is very long. They got my order wrong and after waiting around 15 minutes for them to bring a rat out I had to wait another 15 minutes for my order because instead of just bringing mine back out they went and pulled all the new orders for ppl showing up and made me wait again. Then the rat that they gave me died on the 25 minute drive across town. When I called about it they said that my drive was too long ???? It was literally from Northeast to Southwest San Antonio on 410.Won't be doing business with them again.

kristina poehler

2 years ago

Great people work here and I always get my feeder mice right away

Erin Taylor

2 years ago

Love this place and the people! 100% the only place I’ll shop reptiles! We have purchased three snakes from them so far (Egyptian false cobra and two ball pythons) and have a fourth snake (ball python) on the way right now. All of them are healthy, giving full sheds and eating with no problems. The staff here is packed full of knowledge and they’re all so nice. We also get all of our feeders here for our snakes and our geckos! Because they’re building is small and they have soo many animals there isn’t room to go inside so they are curbside right now but don’t let that stop you! They’re 100% willing to help and will bring out ANY animal you want to see to make sure you make the right purchase. When we got our ball they brought out about 5 other ones so we could chose between all of them. Love how personal they can make the experience

Gabby E

2 years ago

The staff was really nice and answered all of my questions. I love my chameleon that i got from this store about 2 months and the woman that helped me was really sweet. The outside is unassuming and there was only one lady who was running back and forth, but she was very helpful. The only thing i wish was different was that I wish I would have been able to go inside. I get that the reason is because of Covid but it would’ve been nice to select which one I wanted. Besides that, this was a great experience and I would definitely recommend trying this place out.

Paul Bell

2 years ago

We received a Schneider skink on August 11 from the company. It arrived in a Chinese Takeout box and the poor think of course got out and had clawed and chewed her way out of the Styrofoam container. By August 19th she was dead. I am assuming eating styrofoam killed her or she was unhealthy in the first place. I emailed them letting them know and never received a response. The lack of concern and even acknowledgment of the email is unacceptable. I am very disappointed in this company. If I could give zero stars I would.

oscar gonzalez

2 years ago

Great service! They really know their stuff. Hands down the best in South Texas.

Tammy Encina

2 years ago

Love this place friendly and most of the time they have fruit flies and all size crickets to feed our pets.

Ashley Baker

2 years ago

Always wonderful customer service! Bella is so helpful and friendly. Support small businesses!!

George Moore

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable workers. Very helpful

Joe Salinas

2 years ago

Just called for for feeder worms and crickets. Out of crickets. Only 50 count cups. Before I could inquire about anything else, she hangs up. Service has never been great, but I'm never going to stop by again.

Joshlynn Hackett

2 years ago

Disappointed that online it says we can shop in the store but when I went it was curbside only. Last time I was able to shop in store it was great. I just felt like I wasted my time driving there because of an inaccurate Google listing.

Dutter Bog

2 years ago

it has great people and has nice employes and thats where i got my eyelash geko flame I personly reccomed to people that are new to own a reptile they ask if your new or not if you say no they will ask for picture of the cage and see if you have the right stuff for the reptile and if your are new they will slupply you with a cage and the lights and the food and the food and you have to buy it but over all i love this place and petsmart will always be bad -andrew

Breanna Wathen

2 years ago

Super friendly staff, way better than river city exotics and way cheaper. Offer frozen and live. Corona- they are NOT open on the inside but do curbside. Will be coming back again

Kiyano Oben

2 years ago

Bella helped us out when buying our bearded dragon. Extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Only putting 4 stars for the long wait for curbside assistance. Will be returning for more beardie supplies!

Matt Moreno

2 years ago

Always have the best prices on food for my beardies. A lot better quality as well compared to these bigger corporate owned pet stores.

Preston Crim

2 years ago

I got a 2 month old ghost snake from this place and he is very healthy and happy so far. Service here was also amazing the staff was very helpful on picking the right snake for me and was even able to tell me the gender. All in all great store and will highly recommend

Wayne King

2 years ago

I am so terrible with names, but I'm fairly certain it was Bella who helped us find our new snake friend, an Emerald Tree Boa we've name Fawkes. Even with the craziness of having to do everything curbside and being the only person there, she took the time to bring out a couple of snakes that we were interested in. She answered all of our questions, while very tactfully and efficiently helping other customers. It was very much worth the two hour drive. We'll be back for sure.

Brian Hill

2 years ago

Best experience I have had with reptiles and knowledge from a store. Really blown away at the service and communication. Answered any questions I had right away. Love my Culver dwarf caiman I got from them and would order again without hesitation.

Lauren Singer

2 years ago

Called to inquire about an animal listed on their morphmarket and the woman who answered was very short and rude. That quick conversation definitely saved us the effort of spending a couple thousand dollars at this store.

M Calderon

2 years ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Positive experience.


3 years ago

Got a adult female Solomon island ground boa from them, super quick and easy. Lady came right when scheduled and seems perfectly healthy. Only concern I have is that box wasn't marked as live reptile and delivery person didn't ask for a signature, not sure if that is on them or the delivery person but it was a little concerning had I by chance not been home and she got left in the cold. Other than that though it was easy and straight forward.


3 years ago

Got my leopard gecko a week ago and not only were the staff very helpful and knowledgeable, they keep their reptiles in great conditions. This is how my gecko is doing: In short, he is doing extremely well. He’s warmed up to me and is getting used to his surroundings. He’s maintained a healthy weight and is happily eating his recommended amount. He was healthy when I got him and is healthy now. I heavily recommend this store. They work very hard to keep everything in check compared to your average chain pet store. Please consider buying from them when purchasing reptiles or reptile supplies!

Russell Haygood

3 years ago

Great place to go for all your reptile needs. They have a huge selection of wonderful reptiles and are very knowledgeable.

Shala Burkholder

3 years ago

Lauren was so knowledgeable about evening thing bearded dragon that I needed! The level of service and prices were great!! I’m defiantly taking my business to this shop from now on for all my reptile needs.

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