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Kerri Martinez

a year ago

Quin is the trainer we worked with. He was very friendly, informative, patient and knowledgeable. My dog can have high energy. Quin showed me some techniques that can help. We have some homework to keep working with her until the next session. The training is worth the time to help the dogs. Thank yiu LOMA!

Elizabeth Owen

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Loma. From the start, Christine was so kind and helping in setting everything up and answering my many questions. After my dog bit my child, I had a phone call visit with Dr. Martinez. After talking with her, I felt empowered to keep everyone safe. Then, a couple years later when we added a new baby to the family, we did in person training (5 sessions) with Catherine. She was so so kind and incredibly helpful. Now, my dog is not nearly as reactive with other dogs, and I can even walk him in the neighborhood without him yapping his head off at other dogs! Thank you so much!!!! My dog also LOVED the training sessions. This method of training works and is completely positive for the dog and owner. It's the same method used to train dolphins to jump and such. You can't beat or starve a dolphin to jump in the air! The training works. I encourage all dog owners to give it a try!

Linda Oneal

2 years ago

Catherine is first class My dog and I have learned so much She is skilled, competent and kind In addition she communicates frequently with clear directions and is always on time This experience was first class

Gina Cramer

2 years ago

I HIGHLY recommend LOMA for all your pet behavior and training needs. From my very first conversation with Christine, it was clear that the LOMA staff is knowledgable, patient and extremely caring when it comes to pets. Our trainer, Sarah, is the absolute best! She takes the time to listen to our concerns and has helped us make major strides with our fear aggressive dog. If you are searching for the best trainer for your pet, look no further than LOMA!

Pearl Gutierrez

2 years ago

LOMA has been a great resource for our pups training. Catherine, specifically, has been fantastic! She has provided us with the best positive training experience we have seen. We have had training for previous pups, but not like this, and especially not like Catherine. She is a great resource for questions beyond the training. When things occur that we are not sure about, she is very responsive and provides ideas to try. She always includes positive ways to train without stress to our pups. We continued our training with LOMA because of Catherine.

Frances G.

2 years ago

Sarah Spencer was the trainer that worked with my dog. I have a Doberman Pinscher. When she came for the consultation she had me convinced within the first 5 mins that I was definitely going to go with LOMA for my dogs behavioral issues, because my dog was so responsive towards her, I knew that she was definitely doing something right. I love how she explained why she was doing the things she was doing and explaining why it works. It was all positive based training, no e-colIars or prong collars, which was important to me. I don’t regret it, she was truly amazing. She answered all my questions every time right away whether in person during our sessions or through text. They go above and beyond the very basics. I was sad when our sessions were done but if ever I feel the need for more training in the future I will for sure be requesting Sarah again.

Lowell Unruh

2 years ago

Earlier today I had a phone conversation with Christine. It was absolutely refreshing to speak with someone who a) obviously cares about doing the right thing - setting expectations that were honest and realistic even if it meant possibly pushing away a perspective client, b) listened to me with an open mind without judging circumstances and c) answered my questions with understanding, compassion, professionally as well as being open and candid. Thanks for the great guidance, advise, straightforward approach and for making it easy to do business with you.

Anastasio Guerra

2 years ago

Sarah Spencer is amazing! My 3 dogs love her and she always has positive suggestions for making home life with 3 dogs smooth.

Arely Cruz

2 years ago

IF YOURE THINKING ABOUT CHOSING THIS BEHAVIORAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR YOUR PET ... DO IT !!! The training is well worth the price ! my dog is 5 years old and has had anxiety and fear problems that come off as very aggressive behavior issues . My dog made a lot of progress during the six session pack , he went from tolerating a stranger from about 6 feet away to being able to tolerate them being closer than such ... although his problems have not completely disappeared he is much more comfortable now around people . We also chose to work on muzzle training and came a long way as well , when before he didn't find it exciting or payed interest or even got frustrated when working with the muzzle to now enjoying practicing commands with it on and being comfortable wearing it for long periods at a time. Whatever the problem there might be you want to help fix with your pet , choose loma :) They help every step of the way in such an organized and easy way you and your pet will enjoy the journey to becoming an even better friend and pet in no time .

Haley Hogue

2 years ago

Sara has been extremely helpful in assisting us with training our English Mastiff. She is always on time, always responsive when we have questions throughout the week, and she is both knowledgeable and great at explaining concepts. Furthermore, she is always willing and quick to tweak the training plan to suit the needs of our dogs when he is struggling with a specific training activity in order to help him learn.

Amy Stovell

3 years ago

All of the staff at LOMA are very helpful and genuinely care about raising a healthy puppy. Trainer Sarah Spencer has helped us train and manage our puppy for several months. We couldn’t have done it without her. She is extremely knowledgeable and is wonderful with hands-on experience. Our 7 month old Shepherd mix has a lot of energy, and thanks to Sarah, we can manage it.

Alexi Bernard

3 years ago

I am forever grateful to have found Lorraine and her assistants with LOMA. both mine and my pups quality of life has improved 10 fold because of her training sessions with us. there's still more work to do as we settle into a new city with new challenges but I would be lost without the tools she gave me.

Amanda Culver

3 years ago

LOMA Training, specifically Dr. Hoffman, have been amazing to work with. They are incredibly knowledgable in what they do and care more for your pet than any profit. Dr. Hoffman has helped my dog with his overall anxiety, aggression and fear. She has recommended a vet to prescribe behavioral medication and has helped me understand which method of training to use in my dog's various struggles. My dogs overall day-to-day is much more relaxed and happier. In only 5 sessions, with a little homework in between, Jax is showing so much progress and we plan to continue working with this amazing company! They are very easy to get in touch with responding either through Facebook messages, text, phone call, or their online training tool. They have been very accommodating during this time and have held successful and effective training sessions at a distance.

Vera Smith

3 years ago

We had three goals for our training and LOMA helped us meet all of them. We wanted our young dog, Annie (Yellow Lab with Pit Bull), to get along with our cats, to get into our car for a ride and stop biting people. She bit only when she was overexcited and playing with people. She was very carsick on rides and when we contacted LOMA she refused to get close to the car much less to get into it. Annie succeeded in meeting our goals and we are very satisfied with all the progress she and we made.

Jacquelyn Vasquez

3 years ago

Love the staff and service we received from LOMA! Sarah Spencer and Catherine were absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and helpful with our resource guarding, anxious/ separation anxiety, high energy husky pup. They gave us great guidance and training tools needed to get her confident and happy! We are so thankful and highly recommend LOMA !!!!

Jessica Bijonowski

3 years ago

Dr. Hoffman and LOMA Behavior and Training has truly been a critical part of our life over the past few months and we couldn’t be more thankful to have found them. Our household has three dogs, two being rescues, each with their own concerns we needed to work on. Specifically, we had a very high anxiety and fear reactive dog that was making life in our household very unpredictable and we have had to keep our dogs separated because of it. Dr. Hoffman has been a true advocate for changing emotions with positive reinforcement. She has helped us work with our veterinarian in order to put our rescue, Nori, on anxiety medication that has helped tremendously. Before she didn’t want to leave her bed, play with her toys, or go outside. Her life was ruled by fear. With each training lesson, in combination with medication, she is acting more and more like the sweet and playful girl we know and building up her confidence. We are slowly working on reintegrating all of our dogs and I feel certain that we are doing it the RIGHT way under Dr. Hoffman’s instruction. I urge any pet parent, who is struggling with issues that may seem insurmountable, to contact LOMA Behavior and Training and request Dr. Hoffman. This is your opportunity to invest in the health and well being of your pets and receive professional and high-quality training. I can’t recommend LOMA and Dr. Hoffman enough!!

Kyle Braaten

3 years ago

Easy to work with and extremely informative.

Miranda McInteer

3 years ago

I worked with Dr. Hoffman virtually due to Covid-19 and it was a great learning experience! My dog has fear when meeting new strangers and although we weren’t able to fully work on that due to Covid, I learned new ways to help him to relax and feel more confident! We will continue working on all the great things we have learned so far. I recommend as I know they help work on many different issues!

Stephanie McNabb

3 years ago

My husband and I purchased the Puppy Package with LOMA Behavior and Training and we seriously believe it has been the best thing we have done for our family! Our puppy is very outgoing and lacked impulse control, and we lacked the knowledge of properly helping our puppy learning manners and positive behaviors. The team at LOMA has been extremely helpful to us, answering all our questions, helping transition our life of two to a family of three with our wonderful puppy. Now, to the star of the show and our pup's favorite person in the world (lol) Sarah! Sarah is hands down the best - she loves on your dog just like its her own, and supports you every step of the way! Sarah goes above and beyond to help, and we seriously could not have done this without her. Also, the puppy socials are so great, they helped our little ball of energy exercise and socialize! We have already decided we will 100% be purchasing the next package from LOMA. Also, we tell EVERYONE to contact LOMA...seriously best decision ever!

Tanya Eustace

3 years ago

We have greatly appreciated Lorraine and the team at Loma. They take tremendous care to ensure our family has all we need to encourage a safe and loving environment for our fur baby and toddler. We began working with Lorraine when our son was a newborn. The progress has been tremendous. We are grateful for Lorraine’s expertise, guidance, and care.

Terri Hailey

3 years ago

Lorraine and Sarah are really impressive. They only use positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend LOMA if you want successful dog training.

Terry Vasquez

3 years ago

I have owned numerous huskies, but have never had a husky who has anxiety and resource guarding. I was referred to LOMA after trying just a regular pet store training session. What a gift that turned out to be!! The staff was so responsive and amazing! Especially Sarah Spencer and Catherine B. They are so knowledgeable in my pup's body language and positive reinforcement! We really learned so much!! Now, we have trust and learned to work with keeping all experiences positive! Our pup has walked away with confidence and ready to make friends with other people and canines alike! My family is grateful for the experience and knowledge that the LOMA team so readily shared!

Sara Masoud

4 years ago

I have absolutely paid more for less in the past. The trainers for LoMa's "Get Control!" class at Pets Barn were incredibly helpful and I received very high-quality and thorough advice that was tailored to my dogs unique behavioral issues, lifestyle, and personality. I highly recommend registering for a class - I plan on returning as often as I am able.

Porter Loring Mortuaries

4 years ago

I have used a few trainers now, but Robyn has by far been the best for us. She knows her stuff, knows how to demonstrate it and is always there for advice. Thank you!


4 years ago

I am really enjoying working with Robyn and Emaleigh to better understand and address my dog’s car anxiety and greeting behavior. They are very good problem solvers and are helping me enact a plan tailored to my specific dog and situation. I also appreciate that I can easily communicate with my trainers through email and text.

Roxanne Gomez

4 years ago

I'm a foster for a rescue and have worked with Loma on several different occasions. They are very knowledgeable in all breeds of dogs and go far and beyond to help me in any situation I find myself in. They work with my schedule and are always on time.

Saad Al-Aziz

4 years ago

Highly recommend training with Dr. Martinez and her staff at LOMA Behavior and Training. My two dogs Panda and Baylor had started fighting each other after living together for two years and we needed professional help to keep our dogs together. Dr. Martinez and her team visited my home several times and worked with my beloved dogs. She patiently trained Panda, Baylor and me on techniques that would work to improve their relationship as well as making them more obedient to my commands. I am very happy to report that my dogs are now getting along and back to being friends. In addition, they listen to my commands and look to me for directions. Dr. Martinez accomplished all this with pain free and ethical training techniques. If you are having discipline or aggression problems with your dogs I highly recommend Dr. Martinez and her staff at LOMA.

Sarah Frye

4 years ago

LOMA is professional and extremely qualified to train dogs of any breed.

Sonya DeRocher

4 years ago

I highly recommend this company for in home dog training. I learned how important using the right Leash and harness is to walk my dog correctly. A trainer from another place wanted me to use an e-collar and I felt guilty. I just didn’t think a true dog trainer would need to threaten my dog to get him to behave. I’m so happy LOMA only uses positive reinforcement. Thank you so much again ????

Laura S

4 years ago

LOMA worked with my two aggressive dogs. My dogs always lunge and bark on walks. I went to one trainer before LOMA and he had me walking my dogs on prong collars and I felt really bad, so I reached out to LOMA. I learned how bad these tools …

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