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Beverly Spurgeon

2 years ago

My puppies like this place ❤️

Jessica Fleming

2 years ago

They were so great with my Orion. She got spayed and then her kittens were seen and the overall experience was wonderful. We will be using them for our dog Prince next. I have been using them for 7 years and no bad experiences.

Sally Irvin

2 years ago

Dr Johansen is by far one of the best vets I’ve used!! I have two female labs that see her regularly for all their updates. I didn’t realize how overweight my girls were and how it was effecting their health. Dr Johansen had me change their dog food and wanted them both to loose 20lbs. One of my labs have some joint issues and used to play ball nonstop but that all changed because of her weight. Not to mention we were giving our dogs a lot of treats with carbs in between feedings. Well everything has changed and both of my labs have lost 20lbs and not only do they look amazing but they both feel and move so much better!! Now we are playing ball nonstop literally from morning until night!! And both labs don’t get up like old dogs anymore. No more limping because their joints are hurting. We cut their dog food back and now we share carrot sticks, cucumbers, and celery sticks with them. I could not believe my eyes when I seen how much they loved the cucumbers especially!! I will always recommend Dr Johansen to anyone I know. I love her personality and she gets right to the point and I love that!! My dogs are on joint support and of course flea and tick and heart guard since they were very young. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for my special girls!! The staff is completely amazing, kind and will also help you with anything you need!! Cannot thank you guys enough.

Donna Dupre

2 years ago

I found a young cat on the side of the road, she had been run over, so I scooped her up, swaddled her in a sheet that we keep in the truck and rushed her to main street vet since it was closest. I was very emotional and the young lady behind the counter came up and when I explained what had happened, she led me into a room and went to get the vet, who came in immediately to take the baby into the back room. Unfortunately, when she came out it was with the very sad news that her injuries were too severe and needed to be euthanized, which due to it being a stray, they covered the cost. Very, very compassionate and kind. I plan to use them for all my fur babies...4 dogs and 4 cats ????

Julie Pucci

2 years ago

Dr. Johansen went above and beyond at a difficult time to examine my dog. She took her time and did a complete exam before deciding on a course of action. She is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. Her concern for our pet and our family are second to none!

Grace Martinez

2 years ago

I took my fur baby and they were so patient and friendly with her my baby is shy and her first time she was very uncomfortable and they took good care of her

Sule Cruz

2 years ago

Very nice people and kind.. I love that they answer all my concerns about my puppy and they explained all about the shots my puppy is getting...

Joseph Kielpinski

2 years ago

Extremely friendly. They were very busy but communicated well. The vet was very knowledgeable, and didn't try to sell me on or endorse any products other than what they personally used because they worked.

John F

2 years ago

I used to love Main Street, it was close to where I live and the staff was amazing. Recently, it's been under new management and I have had an unpleasant experience. Usually I would go in every 6-7 weeks for my dogs allergy shot until new management took over and need to re-evaluate my dogs. It was a inconvenience but I understood. Before new management took over my dogs were fine. After their re-evaluation they said my husky had arthritis and should be put on a new food, given daily joint and pain medicine. Bringing my start up treatment to well into the hundreds of dollars. I loved my dogs so I bought everything I needed for them but I felt I was being taken advantage of. I called and voiced my concern's and was told there was no pressure to buy anything they recommenced, although at the time of the visit it sure felt like I was being pressured. On top of that their hours of operations are inconsistent. I took my dogs walking and while playing his nail broke causing him to bleed. I was freaking out and immediately check to see if Main Street was open to get him seen. The hours on the google said they were open but no one answered. Being only about 5 minutes away, I decided to take my chances and just show up. When I pulled up it was closed. There was this huge banner outside with the hours of operation and I was within the timeframe but the placed was closed. I ended going to another vet that was willing to stay open a few minutes past closing to look at my dog since I was already on my way. A person from Main Street reach out to me about my bad experience offering to look over my husky and see what he really needs and doesn't as well as go into detail about what's best for him, but when I went our appointment I was met with just a tech person, not the actually vet, to again sell me something, flea and tick prevention. I got a second opinion for both my dogs and am much happier at my current vet. I was told from them that a lot of people had switched over because they weren't happy with the new management. I'm not staying this is a bad place, but I just wasn't right for me and my dog's. I felt like they care more about selling me stuff that I didn't need rather than what is best for my dog's.

Nelly DeLaCRUZ

2 years ago

Took my dog there for allergy shot and to buy a shampoo for her that the previous dr had given her and worked great, well told the dr what was going on and she didn’t even tear her for what we went in for did other thing I did not ask for and paid a 250 plus vet bill and my dog can’t even open her eyes .

Jarrod Casler

2 years ago

Amazing place that values the opinion of the animals owner!

Vickie Casarez

2 years ago

Love this place. Great place to take your pets too.

Kimberly Francis

3 years ago

Imagine being three years into a treatment to help your eldest dog with many health issues. I had already taken on a second job to pay for these monthly vet cost when I was informed that the north side location has been sold. I was facing my fourth vet in the last four years. I was ready to jump ship and head back to the south side office when I was asked to give the new vet a chance. Dr Johansen had no idea what a cluster she was getting ready to undertake, but we met in December 2020 about my money pit dog. She told me that she could help, but it is not going to happen over night and there were so many layers to address. I am so stoked to say my dog had the best check up in three years on March 6, 2021. Yes, three months and she washed away any idea if giving up and putting my dog out of his misery. If you looking for a vet that cares about more than how much money they can pull out of the customer then come over to Main Street Animal Clinic and give your animals the best treatment in town. Kimberly F

Ruben Robles

3 years ago

They were prompt and priced reasonably

Audrey Rhodes

3 years ago

They really took good care of my last boy thank yall so much

Helen Flippo

3 years ago

Excellent. The vet, the vet techs, & receptionist were very caring, took time to explain what & why they were proceeding with and all had a warm welcome

Dusti Allen

3 years ago

This guy loves everyone at Main Street Vet!!! Their care for him during a recent illness went above and beyond!! Best vet and staff hands down!

Tyler B

3 years ago

Great vet. They are very nice reasonably priced and never seem to be over crowded. We used to use a different vet closer to where we live but we now use Main Street vet because they have much better costumer service.

Anne Diplit

3 years ago

Very kind and loving staff will be using them from here on out.

Anthony Constancio

3 years ago

They help me out a sick stray pup and took great care of him

Bugout Adventures

3 years ago

They were great with Toolie, One out of one Toolies recommend Main Street Animal clinic. This was our first time to the vet and Toolie was excitedly friendly and even spoke to the orange cat.

Cindypoe Poe

3 years ago

They are wonderful. Always welcoming and professional.

Cody Burton

3 years ago

Amazing service, great helpers, glad I found this vet place

Cole Phillipus

3 years ago

Paid 192 dollars to have cat fixed. She still goes into heat. Vet tell me I must be talking about another cat because she doesnt make mistakes and she fixes her. And I was asked if I had even ever had a cat before. I take her back and pay 135 dollars for a test to check if she still has too much estrogen in her. My cat has no access to outside or other animals and I was told she had fleas jumping all over her and that I can buy their flea medicine. I get my cat back and of course she has fleas now. Definitely wont be back.

Cyndi Griffin

3 years ago

Truely cares about our fur babies !!!! Courteous & Friendly staff !!!! Yes you Jill !!!!

Jeannie Tonn

3 years ago

These people, each and everyone of them are the most caring and considerate people on the PLANET. I am ever so grateful to them for the AWESOMENESS they have shown me and my Toto.

Jennifer Garza

3 years ago

Love the professionalism and expertise. Always a pleasure!


3 years ago

Great place to take your fur babies

Michael Hodges

3 years ago

People are very kind and helpful!


3 years ago

I went here because my regular vet didn't have a dr in today. My dog had a cut across her foot needed attention. The staff was awesome very attentive to my girl. Will most definitely be my go to when my vets are away.

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