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Liz Eaton

2 years ago

Affordable. Answered all my questions. Didn’t charge me extra for appointments that weren’t needed. Were honest and straight to the point. Loved it. Quality care.

Lenore Cortez

2 years ago

This was my first visit to Arden Road Animal Clinic and I was very impressed. I had a walk-in appointment for my dog. I was greeted promptly and professionally. The front desk staff were friendly and on top of things. Other people in the waiting room were all friendly. Nice clean office. The doctor was friendly and explained things, giving me time to ask questions. And, the cost was way less than I expected! I am definitely making this my permanent vet office for my fur family members.

Helen Crespin

2 years ago

The doctors here are AMAZING!! Dr. Ben Inman and Dr. Brian Stevens are so caring. They take the time to really explain whatever is going on with your pet. I will no longer have to hunt for a good Vet for my kitties. I found them!! They really do care about ALL animals. They don’t treat your pet like it’s just another animal. And for that , I will always be so thankful for them both. God bless you both!! Best veterans in town!

D Irvine

2 years ago

Wonderful people and quality service all around. Both my older pup and new pup are both regulars and they are always so sweet and patient with them. They are straight to the point and very professional. I highly recommend this animal clinic.

Adrian Gallegos

3 years ago

Great Service. Both my dogs had their vaccines done here and their teeth. We are happy with the service and recommendations they made for continued health of our pets.

Timothy Hoopingarner

3 years ago

When I scheduled my appt. well in advance, I distinctly stated rabies, dhpp, & bordetella. And given a Price. Today the vacs were administered. Except the bordetella. I ask what about the bordetella? As it is administered in the nostrils. She said ok, I will do that one. When I checked in, the recept. ask your here for the annuals? I said yes, thinking rabies, dhpp, & bordetella. Poor attn. to detail! Lived in many places with dogs, always bordetella Annually! San Angelo seems to have everyone convinced the bordetella $$$ must be administered every 6 months. Likewise I had ask another firm, do you offer a 3 year rabies, No. As does no one else in San Angelo. She stated it is because we are so close to the border. I didn't comment. I lived 45 miles north of the border in Arizona. Wow- I got the three yr. there, & cheaper! Scam in my book! Enjoy each day

Nita Dittmer

3 years ago

I have always went to them and they have been great and I love the staff...I have been taking my dog there for years and never been disappointed..????

Monica Manzanares

3 years ago

I've taken all 5 of my dogs here and I can afford their prices!!

Lizzy F

3 years ago

Saved my Maltipoo’s eye (without breaking the bank), and are always accommodating for emergencies!

Farrah Rogge

3 years ago

I haven’t been here I meant to put a negative review on Arden south and don’t know how to delete this lol here is 5 stars hopefully you are that good : )

Tanya Brown

4 years ago

Love bringing my pets here. They’ve been very helpful in answering all my questions about pricing and healthcare for my pets. Awesome Job!

Jessica Simpson

4 years ago

Dr. Inman is truly a caring person. He was helpful to me when I need it the most. He cares about dogs and wants what's best for them, and is knowledgeable and compassionate. Thank you for your kindness!!!

Jordan Rhoads

4 years ago

I have been taking my 2 dogs here for 3 years now. Awesome staff and very well priced.

Kailani Gallo

4 years ago

I have taken both My dogs to them. I took them today and Petey came out limping they said they dropped him because he tried to lick them and they got scared

Kristie Mason

4 years ago

I take all my cats here...and I have 13...they are wonderful and welcoming...they take the time to listen to you and your concerns and don't try to rush you out the dad has a feral colony of almost 47 and he takes them there...the entire staff is great!!!! I would highly recommend them to everyone and their prices are great!!????????????????

Marc Torres

4 years ago

Always have a great experience here with all of my pets! Awesome prices, incredible Doctors and Techs couldn’t ask for anything more they always show genuine concern and offer the best possible advice for my pets health. Definitely exceed my expectations each visit!


4 years ago

Dr. Inman is awesome. The veterinarians here use common sense along with their medical knowledge and they care about your pets. Another vet clinic gave us bad medical advice but luckily we followed our intuition and came here. Dr. Inman was able to treat her correctly and she is doing great.

Shea Sullivan

4 years ago

Incredibly compassionate staff, low wait times, and more-than-fair pricing.

Ash Will

5 years ago

I trust Arden Road with my two cats, any day. I move a lot for work and was tasked with the tedious job of preparing my cats for a move to Hawaii, a quarantined, rabies-free island. Dr. Inman was nothing but understanding, helpful, knowledgeable, and very very gentle with my babies. He took the time to explain the different processes for preping the cats for the flights and what comes after. I suggest this clinic to all who care greatly for how their animal is treated and handled. The girls at the counter were also very sweet and organized.

Carl Boeshore

5 years ago

Trusted these guys before they opened Arden Road Animal Clinic. Stitched up our dog when she cut herself, saved out pet goat from near death. Confirmed our horse was ok after she fell in our pool (house call at that). Cured our sick Chihuahua puppy because the breeder we bought her from had sick dogs and didn't know it. Whatr we needed they have taken care of. Only vets we will see.

Colts 138

5 years ago

By far the best veterinarian in Texas

Eli Lopez

5 years ago

Arden road aninmal clinic is a great place to take your pets. My dog who is now 14 had a stroke about a year ago. Dr. Stevens explained what had happened to her and put her on meds that helped her recover. He spent several minutes talking to me and explaining her chances of recovering. She is now in good shape for her age and still really active. The prices are affordable and all the staff are helpful, friendly, and caring to your pets. If you are looking for a vet, try arden road animal clinic. Oh.. i forgot to mention my cat too.. she loves ARAC.

Rick Fuentes

5 years ago

Had to take Barkley the day after Christmas the young ladies working the front were very kind respectful and helpful the Vet was very knowledgeable and took Time to explain the procedure I highly recommend this veterinary clinic

Jodi Saldivar

5 years ago

AMAZING staff & AMAZING Doctors!!!!

Krystal B

5 years ago

I get my dogs shots here. Great prices, easy going staff. They accommodate and work well with my dog who tends to be aggressive. The rooms are a little small for large breed dogs, but won't stop me from going.

Marin Chandler

5 years ago

Have to agree with Shawn Clark ???? Went there today to have my baby's teeth cleaned... was told to have him there between 7:30-8am. I get there, walk up to the counter and am not even acknowledged (more about that later). A lady comes in after me, lets her dog run nilly willy, the dog runs around the counter and into the back office. The receptionist/tech that totally ignored me, runs after the dog and is gone for quite some time. So much so that even the owner of the dog starts worrying out loud. The receptionist finally comes back, the owner asks "is everything ok?" tech says "yes, I went ahead and weighed her and put her in a kennel". So she and the customer proceed to discuss the reason for her visit and customer leaves. I'm still standing there with my dog waiting to be, not only helped but acknowledged. And yes, I was standing at the counter directly behind the computer screen and very much visible. I ask the receptionist, "did that lady have an appt?" about that time another tech walks up and answers "yes, she was told to be here between 7:30 and 8". I say "I was told to be here between 7:30 and 8, which I was and for some reason the lady that walked in after me has been helped and has come and gone". Receptionist pipes in "what am I supposed to do, let the dog run loose?!". I told her she should've corraled the dog and brought it back to her owner (so she could wait her turn to be helped). By that time our voices are raised ???? and tech #2 involves herself in the discussion, which I wish she hadn't because from past experience I've known this tech to be a sweet girl and great assistant, very accommodating and kind. My sincerest apologies to her. Needless to say I left that morning perturbed. The non-acknowledging receptionist, which incidently is always that way... never smiles, never greets, always looks unhappy. Well today it got under my skin. My husband rescues cats. At one time we had 17 total, all of which went to that office to be spayed or neutered. This is just our current batch, we've also had countless more in the past. Currently we also have 3 dogs that have gone there for treatment, one of which is my baby that I took there this morning when all the drama took place. My bill today was $344.00 plus. Point being, we've spent loads of money there (which shouldn't matter), we should all be treated with dignity and respect, like we matter. All customers should. Still giving them high marks because it really is a good vet office. Kind and caring Dr's. always communicate health issues and treatment plans, great staff (sans the receptionist), very knowledgeable and caring toward our babies.

Ky D.

6 years ago

Great service and not too pricy????

Shawn Clark

6 years ago

Dont know how these people get good ratings with 1 of the girls they have running their desk, very rude and dont care about your animal, my dog is very sick, and that WAS my dogs vet, untill i couldnt pay everything up front, because i could get payed for 3 days They would just rather let your animal die, after all its not there pet, didnt even offer any assistance or ideas, didnt even want to talk nice at all, just pretty much stopped cleaning the table and looked at me crazy when i told them i couldnt pay eveything up front. There are to many vets in this town to be putting up with that kind of customer service....This place was good untill it got sold to a different vet

Lacy Hankins

6 years ago

Love this place, I even when it was crowded I only have to wait maybe 5-6 minutes. The staff is always friendly and the vets are always nice and very knowledgeable.

Chelsie Schwartz

6 years ago

We were in town visting family. My dog chewed out the stitches she had from a surgery about 6 days earlier from a vet in another town. I tried several vets in the San Angelo area, and they wanted to put her under for another surgery. That meant no food for the rest of the day and an open and bleeding on and off wound till the next day, when they could sew it back up..... I took her here and they said they could block the area of the wound and close it back up without putting her under. 20 min later the wound was closed up and I had a happy dog. Not only was is quick and what was needed, it was 75% cheaper than what other vets had estimated the cost would be for another surgery. Highly Recommend this place.

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