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K'Azia Allen

2 years ago

My go to place for dog grooming.

Lauren Bingham

2 years ago

Used to love taking my pup here -- the staff was friendly and sweet with my dog, prices were reasonable, liked supporting a local business. But last few experiences have not been great. They used to be great at trimming/filing nails but left them way too long the last couple times. And they've changed their hours (not reflected on Google). They're only open Tues-Sat from 8 am to 4 pm. I tried to go by today but they had closed up early without any notice. Really frustrating to lose a good groomer!

Hyler Cooper

2 years ago

Great staff. Took great care of my two 100 pound dogs. They were all clean an shiny, lol, after their bath.

Michelle Humann

2 years ago

My pups always love coming here! They come to stay in their kennels when we go out of town and always get groomed before we pick them up. Pricing is very reasonable for both the kennel stay or for the grooming. We moved away from the area 3 years ago and still make the 45 (now) minute drive to bring them here because the pups love it so much.

Linda Rice

2 years ago

They really listen to what you want for your baby. They do a great job ,& I have been very pleased in the way my baby girl looks♥️

Kennedy Jones

2 years ago

The quality of the grooming is great, however the the customer service is trash. My mother called and was quoted $25 for service. Apparently there was a misunderstanding because that was the price for a wash and nail trim (no hair cut included). When I came to pick up my mom's dog, I was told it would be $55 instead. I was pretty understanding about that because I've never heard of a full service groom being $25 dollars,  that's too good to be true. Plus $55 is a decent price. My issue is, there should have been more clarification on the price of service. Had I known, I would have simply went to my old groomer who charges $40.  When I explained my concerns to Jade she caught an attitude and basically told me in so many words that I should have known . She seemed annoyed that I was asking so many questions and expressing my confusion with the misquote.  In any case, it's my money and I have the right to question what I'm spending it on. I also have the right to be confused about why I'm paying more than what I was quoted for. The proper thing to do would have been to say, "I apologize for the miscommunication on our behalf, but full service is $55." Not tell me that I should have known. Between Jade's attitude,  body language, condescending remarks, and talking over me, I lost my cool and told her "I don't give af, you should have told me before hand". Foul language and aggression isn't reflective of who I am. I find it to be unnecessary and distasteful but her attitude was so repulsive I had an outer body experience and lost myself lol. In summary,  you can expect to have your dog groomed decently,  but Lord forbid you question Jade or have a misunderstanding...  you will receive an attitude and lecture as to why it's your fault.

Amy Rehmeyer

2 years ago

Dogs come home clean and not stressed. Highly recommend!

Susan Ed

2 years ago

This is a fantastic groomer that cares about the dogs. Very gentle and does a great job.

Stella Ann

2 years ago

The folks at Hot Diggity Dog are the best!! Every time we take our dog in for nails or grooming, she calms down as soon as soon as they take her. She loves them and so do I! They treat the pets great and that's something I always want when I take my baby in!

Carolyn Romero

2 years ago

They was so kind with Milo it was his first time to ever go to the groomers and I cannot thank them enough for taking care of my little baby

Marilyn Pittman

3 years ago

I like the idea of getting my pet in a little later than the 7:00 am as per several others places. They do a good job.

cynthia naylor

3 years ago

Always friendly,does a great job

Diane Rawls

3 years ago

I have used these groomers for several years. Previously I was very pleased. However the last 2 times not so much. The quality of grooming has drastically declined. I am now in search of new grooming service.

Diane Hosking

3 years ago

They always do a great job and take good care of our dog. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Abi Abi

3 years ago

Horrible horrible customer service. It’s almost comical how aggressive and upset the guy on the phone got because we got our appointment time mixed up. Like relax Mr. Calm down it’s not the end of the world. Lol

Brenda Priddy

3 years ago

Been gone from Rowlett for a little over 2yrs. Took my 2 Maltese babies back and once again....the came home pretty girls like we told them they would!!!

chad osborn

3 years ago

Scheduled appointment 3 weeks ago for our dog. Since then she closed due to employees testing positive for COVID. Never bothered calling to notify those with appointments as we showed up and seen notice on the door.

Darice Guerra

3 years ago

The actual groomer whom took care of my dog was great. THE PERson at the front desk was extremely rude. No one told me they closed at 4 n when I picked up my dog he did not tell me how much wAsh was or trim but because I arrived at 4:03 There was a $10 late fee. When I booked it no one said 4 when they called to say he is ready no one said 4 I arrived and apologized that I was not aware of this and he replied it is on the website. My pup looked great but bad service!

Devon Hodge

3 years ago

Absolutely horrible customer service. First of all, in the middle of a pandemic and all business require masks, including this one per the sign on their door, so I show up in a mask and the front desk guy does not have a mask on (during drop off or pick up) and was barefoot the whole time. Secondly, we tried to get a better understanding of the $10 fee being charged for “handling” of one of our dogs and while trying to discuss it they “red flagged” us. Over a conversation?! We had our payment method out and were willing to pay but we absolutely have every right to discuss why it is being charged and express our concerns over how they operated and treated our dog. Reading the previous reviews of this places shows that this is not a one off experience. The front desk guy just “red flags” anyone who has a disagreement or is anything but pleased with them. We weren’t going to come back here anyway, but this just really gave us another good reason not to. Regarding one of my dogs haircut - it is choppy, and uneven. My other dog had his quip cut on two paws. It is Incredible that a “professional” dog groomer can cut two quips on a dog with clear claws. Based on the quality of the cut alone we would never bring our dogs back.

Sharla Polyniak

3 years ago

I love this place! Great employees very personable and they love your fur babies!

Gary Babbitt

3 years ago

Levi is always excited when we pull up. When we have him boarded there he never has a problem when we leave. Rebecca is his favorite staff member. He was never this way when we used another groomer which speaks volumes for the way he's treated and taken care of. I highly recommend them.

Jennifer Luna

3 years ago

Amazing groomers!! I haven't gone to them in a long time but I always loved their work.

Katie Baker

3 years ago

We love boarding our dogs here! One of our dogs is very anxious and they always put the dogs a crate together. They are so kind to our dogs, I know they are very well taken care of.

Lauren Lewis

3 years ago

Great service and very nice people.

Mike Reynolds

3 years ago

I took my 6 month old labradoodle and he started to matte and before I messed up his hair anymore from trimming him myself I called hot digging dog for help. They were able to get all his mattes out and trimmed him up just as I asked. On pickup it looked like he had an amazing time there and enjoyed his trim Thank you for saving the day!

Natalie S

3 years ago

This was actually my first time to ever board my dogs while away because I usually just get a sitter, but they made my first experience for myself as well as my fur babies a wonderful one! Greg was my go to man for getting my babies through their first couple of days!! They were a little sad to be away from us considering it was our first time, but the staff went out of their way to accommodate me with my concerns and my sweet doggies!! Also just throwing it out there that your puppies get a complimentary bath along with any board over 4 days!! Great rates with a great staff!! Would recommend to anyone!! We will be back for sure!!

Paula Miller

3 years ago

I have been taking my girl here for 2 years and they have been great! Having said that....the people that were running it got sick. COVID? I don’t know for sure. Our last appoint there was someone else there that claimed to be the owner from Colorado because the others were sick and she said not coming back. The service I got the last time was horrible. They didn’t bathe my dog they used a dry shampoo on her and they didn’t clip her nails. She is old and trusted the groomers she had. I really hope Greg and his wife comes back because the owner sucks. They won’t even answer the phone.

Rhonda Carroll

3 years ago

A male called at 1130am to say we had missed our appointment, which was at 11am. And we would be charged $20 per dog. I said "oh I thought today was Wednesday". He said they could reschedule but we would still be charged the fee. I asked if they normally send out reminders and he said yes, but that they were currently to busy to do that. I said we were never advised of any fees (this was the first grooming we ever scheduled). He then got very aggressive and said I am red-flagging your account, you are no longer welcome here and hung up the phone. So unprofessional, acting like a immature juvenile. No we weren't regulars. Thank God because he was very a rude, angry person. He really does need professional business training.

Sandra Alanis

3 years ago

Will give you wrong appointment date and charge you no show fee. They did it twice, come on. Supposed manager GREG, tells you you need to talk to owner and when your ask to talk to her, she is never there. How convenient!!

Liz Russell

4 years ago

Called to make my dog an appointment, then called twice to verify drop off times, and rearranged an entire day's worth of errands to bring our dog in, and no one said anything about needing updated rabies records until we actually brought her in.When asked why nothing was said in any of the three phone calls, the staff was incredibly rude

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