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Sidney Saucedo

2 years ago

Unfortunately this was not the right vets office for my dogs, they were very anxious and uncomfortable with the way the vet and tech were handling them. They have never had issues before but it was bad enough that the vet wanted them to take anti anxiety meds for when they return. Thrive is also very difficult to reschedule with.

Sophia Downing

2 years ago

Super cool and easy appt process. Love the membership option. Reasonably priced. Can't wait for our visit for Jazmine ???? and Callie ???? ????

Melody Dunlap

2 years ago

Staff is extremely friendly and accommodating for my dog who can be difficult to say the least at vet visits. They do their best to make it as quick and painless as possible and give lots of treats after. They make it easy to get all the preventative medications I need in one place.

Julie Duffield

2 years ago

Caring staff. Give you options. Reasonable prices

Brandon Harris

2 years ago

Great vets. Expensive if your pet has allergies but worth it

Mackenzie Riley

2 years ago

Love love love this place!!! Excellent customer service and really appreciated how they took care of my kitten.

Tonisha Alexander

2 years ago

Beware, they will do what they see fit for YOUR pet! Also prescribed a medication that could possibly cause deafness and I was not told any of this at the time it was prescribed. The vet I saw was very unprofessional!

Mg Gm

2 years ago


Bijon Panda

2 years ago

Service is good but can’t do a sick visit unless we have to wait for 15 days or so. Otherwise, love the doc and facilities.

Mike Keels

2 years ago

Showed up on time, checked into my appointment 10 minutes early but because they changed their policies and I was waiting outside and didn’t let me know that they allow people inside I was technically late (7 minutes). Then they wouldn’t see me, so basically I wasted 2 hours of my day cause I had to take my dog all the way home. Customer service is probably the worst, they are flat out rude.

Maggie Hanus

2 years ago

Pretty happy with the care my little dog receives here, but I was a bit disappointed when they recommended another 3 year rabies shot considering he just got one there last year (and I had forgotten). Oh well, I guess he's uber protected now! ;)

William Folker

2 years ago

My girlfriend and I have honestly had some pretty bad experiences with Thrive. Our cat can be on the difficult side of things when he's put in unfamiliar circumstances, such as being at the vet. When we've visited we've tried to advise the vets not to cover his head, and if possible to allow us to be in the room to assist and comfort our 14 year old cat. In the past we've been mostly shrugged off which has lead to our cat being treated like a wild animal because, lets face it, cats can be dangerous. Upon going this particular time we worked with Dr. Madeline Song who listened to and worked with us. She and the assisting tech were phenomenal in allowing us to assist and keep our cat as calm as possible through some tests that were surely aggravating to him. This really allowed us to get accurate information to try to make informed decisions about his health and what our next steps for treatment are. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Song and Tech.

Sarah Williams

2 years ago

We were going to change and take our dog there, but they are not designed to handle minor emergencies on a timely basis. They ended up doing us a favor as we found a great vet.

dylan ling

2 years ago

Great people who cre about pets and their people

Cindylou Smith

2 years ago

I just moved from Hawaii in June and my Shih Tzu Kailana arrived in July and about three weeks of being here she started chewing on her back legs nonstop, then her left front leg. Scratching and chewing herself to the point of no hair, bald patches and it's driving me bonkers. Turned out we were greeted with welcome to Texas the capital of allergies in the world. Being a shih tzu, double coated with silky long hair is not the way of life in texas. Not only did she have a skin allergy she also had an ear infection and her eyes had barely no tears in one eye and none in her other eye. Omg ???? my poor baby.. The vet, Dr. Fox put her on three type's of pills ????, ear drop's for the infection, eye cream to help with producing tears and a medicated shampoo to help with the itching. Wow! But I must say that it's been a week now and giving Kailana all her medicine's along with a bath twice a week like the doctor said, I am very happy with the outcome. It is working, Kailana has not chewed herself and the constant scratching has stopped. Her skin is actually coming back to a natural pink color. Overall she's going to be okay.

Siana Cervantes

2 years ago

I 100% recommend this clinic, the staff were very friendly and kind. They answered all of my questions and explained my pets’ treatment plan with great detail.

Donald Harkema

2 years ago

My dog actually likes going to this vet even though I could not accompany her because of covid protocols. Great staff who truly care about your fur baby.

Monica DeLeon

2 years ago

You get what you pay for. For a few extra bucks, you'll get far better services at an actual vet hospital.

Michael O'Neil

2 years ago

I can only speak about this Thrive location. They are awesome. Kat helped me today and was so kind. I saw another review about “you get what you pay for”. I don’t feel like I’m at a discount vet location. Other than having to make appointments in advance, they are amazing.


2 years ago

Whoever they have doing the scheduling of appointments at this place is horrible and doesn’t understand what medical issues are of urgency! Funny that I had to call a different location and they told me my pet’s concern was of urgency and they needed to get her in ASAP not 3/4 weeks later. You all need to review this person she apparently doesn’t know what is a health concern is with pets. I wouldn’t want her scheduling for any pets because some may end up sicker or dying because of her!!

Niesha Holston

2 years ago

My dog loves the ladies that work there. I was a first time pet owner, so they made sure I was ready and my dog was ready. ????????????

Lizzy Koenning

2 years ago

Dr. Stansell was great! Very kind and answered all of our questions. Everyone here was very friendly

Jeanine Ramirez

2 years ago

I took my baby there yesterday for his checkup and shots and it was a great experience! Super affordable, definitely will continue to use them as a vet for Bevo!

Dayana Mayorga

2 years ago

I do not recommend this place at all, in the month of February I arrived at this place because my kitten started to get sick, stopping eating and losing weight very fast and having respiratory problems, when the doctor checked my kitten she told me that the tests The blood came out very well and that what my cat had was stress and she prescribed several products that I could get online without a prescription, I left that place so disappointed because I knew that that was not what my kitten had, look for another place where Could you help me and I found a hospital where they discovered that my kitten has (HITOSPLASMOSIS (Fungus in a lung) is now under treatment, in this clinic I only lost my time and money

Susan Gitre

2 years ago

Great service and wonderful experience for me and Babycakes.


2 years ago

Very professional and caring place

Hillary Hogle

2 years ago

Really enjoyed the vet techs who were very friendly and knowledgeable. Took my dog there twice and the Vet I got both times was very condescending and rude. I left both times feeling really awful. Paid for heartworm medication they didn’t have. Ended up asking for a refund and my pets medical records to go to a new place. I will say the other Thrive I went to at Great Hills in Austin was great.

Dave Roberts

3 years ago

My dog had to be taken to an emergency hospital and have stitches put around her eye. We have used Thrive over the years so we made an appointment to have the stitches removed with Thrive. We took the dog into thrive on 2/12 and they wanted to leave the stitches in another week. We mad an appointment to have them removed on 2/19. The snow and ice struck that week. We received a confirmation text from Thrive on Thursday 2/18 confirming the appointment on 2/19. We said yes and it was confirmed. We were shocked that the appointment was still going to occur but we wanted to get the stitches out of the pup. We live an hour from Thrive, but we braved the weather anyway. It took us about 1 hr and 45 mins to get to Thrive in the ice. We pulled up at 7:45am for an 8am appointment to find out that they were closed due to weather. We called the company and they said they could not reschedule the appointment until mid March. After a while of complaining they set an appointment for 2/24. We called today 2/22 to see if we could pull in the date and they told us they could not even keep the 2/24 appt. we did everything to meet our commitment to Thrive and they did nothing to meet the commitment to our pet or us. This place is the most unprofessional and unreliable place I have ever dealt with. We risked ourselves, pet, and vehicle to keep an appt that they confirmed. They have no care or regrets. Thrive has really gone down hill over the last couple of years. They don’t care about a person’s welfare nor the animals you bring to them. Now we will find another reliable Vet to handle our pets.

Chris Andreassen

3 years ago

Tried to explain over the phone my puppy has some worms back in her stool. Also should have been due for another round of dewormer but they were so busy apparently that taking 5 minutes to talk on the phone is too much. They don't have to meet you anymore they just do it over the phone and ignore you. Needless to say I have to find another vet that will actually talk with me and find out what I need to do for these worms.

Rosie Seaborn

3 years ago

The staff is great with our anxious puppy, very friendly, and knowledgeable. I like that we get quality, affordable care.

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