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Charity Belton

2 years ago

Friendly staff and takes good care of my dog every visit.

dan smith

2 years ago

The Vet techs at Stonebridge are the best I have ever met at knowing how to handle my pet, giving immediate attention and explaining in a professional easy to understand, cordial manner what I need to do as a pet parent. My 16-year-old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease. She needed to have fluids injected underneath her skin every other day. One of the Vet Techs showed me how and gave me all the necessary supplies. At home, my cat let me inject the fluids, but the second time she cried and ran. I called Stonebridge and a Vet tech told me to come in with my cat. She coached me on the procedure and gave me some tips that even YouTube videos hadn't disclosed. She said if I still have trouble, to come in and they would help me anytime. I wasn't charged for her time. Even though, I would have been happy to pay for her help.

wesley cunningham

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

lynn Hallows

2 years ago

My dogs will.see Dr. Pam as long as we are within 50 miles of her. She is the most compassionate vet. My goofy nervous female Dobie actually LOVES Dr. Pam, she settles DOWN and gets happy for the vet! How many dogs like the vet??

Keisha LaCour

2 years ago

One of the Love's of my life was near death, due to a dog study he was doing for a neighboring Vet. I was scared to death he would not pull through the night, because his primary Vet was out or town. I got on the horn and began calling around to any and all vetinarian offices that I could get on the phone. The clinic doing the study offered to do the study but, due to me taking him into their clinic that morning and returning with him in agenizing pain, I did not trust the clinic that did the study to no long care for Ace. I made one call to this clinic, explained the issue, they offered me an appointment same day and on the spot without hesitation. When I took him in, they treated me like family, and took care of my doggy like he had been going their since birth. He was in so much pain, the Vet cam right out and asked could she administer some pain meds to make him comfortable, I said absolutely. Dr. Pam who was GGOD sent, did X-Rays, ran a panel of test, blood work, urine, and so on. I was so amazed because she was able to return him to me without being in the amount of pain that he was in and he was restful throughout the night, we returned within 24 hours for a few more test and i am happy to report that, Ace was back to himself within 24 hours of seeing her. I have a total of 5 babies, and i am happy to report that, I have relocated all 5 of them to Dr. Pams she overly earned my business and she even has a MILITARY DISCOUNT. After serving the country for 23 years, every little bit of appreciate helps when your caring for 5 little ones.

Allison Bowker

2 years ago

I've been bringing my two dogs to Stonebridge for over a year now. The staff is always very pleasant and every visit has been great. I was extremely impressed when they took extra time to understand one of my dog's previous reactions to anesthesia and adjust her medication levels accordingly before her teeth cleaning. I'd recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a good vet.

Amber Earhart

2 years ago

Please note that their website states one person can go in with the animals, however, on the morning I went they were not allowing anyone inside.

Brock Werchan

2 years ago

The doctors and staff are always friendly and they take such great care of our Cooper!

susan smith

2 years ago

I have three dachshunds. We currently moved into the area from Alabama. We wanted a really good Vet for our crew. A friend recommended Stonebridge. I’m so glad she did. They have been wonderful. Very attentive. So kind to my doxies.

Tammy Fudge

2 years ago

They take great care of all of our pets. Everyone is very nice, knowledgeable and very helpful. I cannot imagine taking our pets anywhere else.

Krystal Allen

2 years ago

I can’t say enough about Stonebridge. From the moment I call to schedule an appointment to when they bring my fur baby back to me is amazing! I have a range of babies, from a 6lb chihuahua to an 80lbs German Shepard/Malinois Mix. Thank you all!

Teresa Henshaw

2 years ago

Stonebridge got my new puppy in right away when she stopped eating. Took great care of her. she was back to her active self in a few short days! Definitely recommend!

Paola Gomez Agudelo

2 years ago

All the staff at Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital is awesome!! Very professional and reliable. I wouldn't trust my pets to anyone else.

Lori Cummings

2 years ago

The vets and assistants at Stonebridge have always been very kind and helpful when dealing with our cats. They are thorough and go the extra mile if something seems not quite right.

Anthony Reid

2 years ago

Thank you for excellent services.

Joette Hanna

2 years ago

The bath and clipping of nails. for our special dog was great. We told her she looked so pretty. Thank you for a job well done.

Ann Granack

2 years ago

This review is for all the sugar glider owners out there – BEWARE! If you don't want their teeth filed without your consent, please don't take them here. I am obviously not a vet but have been an owner of sugar gliders for 17 years now. I have enjoyed and learned so much from them over the decade and won't stop learning about them. If you understand one thing, it should be that they are not rodents. If you file, clip, trim or pull their teeth, they will never grow back. The 40 teeth they are born with are the only ones they'll have for the rest of their life. I have never heard (yet) of a situation where it was medically necessarily to file their teeth. Teeth cleaning - yes. Pulling - in severe cases, yes. Filing - no. If you need a credible source, look it up on the Merck Vet Manual website - diseases and syndromes of sugar gliders - dental disease. Better yet, just google it and there's your proof too on each link. Please stop this practice. It isn't necessary and only causes them pain for nothing. Considering how uncommon these loving little guys are, they still deserve better from the vets we’ve been to. I also needed to mention that some sugar gliders are known for not dealing with stress and pain very well. This can cause them to self-mutilate and if not caught in time, death can occur. Out of the 5 gliders I have raised so far as pets, 2 of my males self mutilated after neutering that wasn't automatically prescribed pain medication/antibiotics. It is a terrible feeling having to put them in their e-jackets which makes them miserable and not at least being able to relieve their pain until the next morning. These are exotic animals and need special attention. For their safety, don't skimp on the pain medication. If it would hurt us, it would hurt them too. My appointment was for Leon (my oldest glider at the moment, 10 years) that had to have about ½” of his tail amputated. (Apparently, the teeth filing was thrown in there too.) So once again, there is your stress and pain but no pain medication. I figured I would ask my local exotic vet again for some. She will admit she doesn't know much about them but she helps me out when she feels comfortable and is curious to learn more. It would also give me an excuse for her to look at his teeth too. I did insist on antibiotics from the Rockwall vet (mainly for the teeth because that could have started a separate problem, especially in an older glider... thanks). The vet said she didn’t see a reason for it and I told her I would feel better having something just in case. She said okay and would add it to my bill, giving me the impression that that’s what I was bringing home. Come to find out, checking the medication prescribed might be a good idea before you give it to your pet. I asked for antibiotics but what I got was a broad spectrum vitamin called LiquiTinic. Really? I felt like they probably didn't know what to prescribe and just sent me home with something. I would have respected them more for just telling me no antibiotics, rather than setting me up with a false expectation. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because his tail was taken care of. If you are looking for a vet that knows more about gliders than an experienced owner does, this isn't the place. More importantly, if you value the safety and well-being of your little one, I beg you to reconsider.

Shannon S.

2 years ago

Do NOT take your pets there! All the negative reviews are exactly what I had to endured with my puppy. They overcharged on procedures that are unnecessary and shaved my dog without authorization while racking up a 60 dollars bill to shave one paw, the shave was done so vigorously that my puppy’s wound got even worst. Doctor prescribed medications that are half of the strengths than other vets and after two weeks of care, my puppy remains ill. Called and ask for refill...wait for it...of course they ask you to bring in the dog again to charge extra on top of the useless shots and pills he was given. Took him to another doctor in Dallas and he was immediately diagnosed without all the sales pitch and prescribed with correct pills . Don’t be fooled by the shots and spray/shampoo vets trying to sell you for $30+ when it cost $1 at cvs! Do not let your pet suffer by going to doctors who has nothing to give but everything to take from you. They have no morales. Make no mistakes there are a lot of vets like this out in this world, be careful and share your experiences. We as pet owners should help each other for the sake of our pets lives and well-being. Hope this helps.

Penny Daus

2 years ago

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff at Stonebridge. The young lady that manages the kennel Angela is absolutely wonderful. My dog, Cole, oh he seems very relaxed and comfortable when he is boarded here. He gets out of the car wagging his tail. I feel extremely comfortable if and when I have to board my poodle princess or sweet pea due to their age and underlying health condition. I know they will be in wonderful kind caring hands. I have had only positive experiences here at Stonebridge.

Amy Mooney

2 years ago

Everytime I take a pet to them they are so friendly and take care of the need of my pet. They treat them as if it's their own pet.

Stacie Griffin

2 years ago

I can’t say enough about the vets and staff at Stonebridge. They took wonderful care of my senior dogs and now my puppy. They are quick, affordable and knowledgable! Highly recommend!

Casey Schwab

2 years ago

I have been to this place for about 7 years. My first experience was when my 8month old Great Dane was hit by a car, on the weekend, at 11 at night. I called the emergency number and the vet met me there to look at my big baby. I have used them ever since for all of my dogs. Today my Great Dane, the same one, was whining when he would walk so I called and they saw him within an hour. Everyone that works there are very nice and professional. You can tell they really do care about what is best for the animals. I never leave reviews, but this establishment deserves it!

Crystal Ratcliff

2 years ago

They took such great care of my chameleon and were very professional, they knew what they were doing and how to help me and gave me information on other things I could do to keep him humidity up and to make sure he is healthy, they also told me where else I could go to get expert advice and helped me feel better about how I do doing on taking care of him. They are definitely who I will be going to from here on.

Jerry Perez-Roach

2 years ago

Great service and people that truly care for your pets!

Richard Chancellor

2 years ago

My dogs and I love this place. We have been customers for 8 years, and we've never had a bad experience.

Taylor Ready

2 years ago

They are always so great with my Bart & also so nice! I would recommend to anyone.

Garland Kirts

3 years ago

We highly recommend Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital, they took such great care of our baby and went above and beyond with her! Even after I brought her home they called twice to check on her. I was very pleased with the level care and compassion from all their employees.

Debra Hernandez

3 years ago

Dr Pam takes amazing care of my furbabies!

Jeffery Harrison

3 years ago

I've been going to Stonebridge since my dog was a puppy almost 9 years ago. Even after moving to Dallas, I still bring Maggie back to Stonebridge. They have great facilities and staff. The prices may be a little more than other vets, but I'm willing to pay a little more to keep my pup healthy and happy. I live across the street from a vet now but I'll still drive back to Rockwall for all her health visits.

George Boudreaux

3 years ago

We've been taking our dog to Stonebridge for about 7 years. We have her veterinarian needs checked, and also use the boarding and grooming services. We've been mostly satisfied with all the services. The grooming is always done very well.

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