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Aimee Kaduscwicz

2 years ago

Dr. Biggs and Harrell themselves are very nice, and provide quality pet care. However her staff is rude, unprofessional and NOT happy to work there. While I would love to bring my dogs back here, I won’t do it because her staff is so bad. I have shared this with her by email. No reply and no change. NO BUSINESS! Sad.

C Scher

2 years ago

Be careful with this place. I took my dog there for blood work and was told she had a high phosphorus level. After getting her test results I realized she was never tested for phosphorus. I was also overcharged for medicine injections which they did refund. They were supposed to do an abdominal scan. I was told they had a chance "to do a little bit during lunch". My dog was sick and they could only refer her to another place. I never realized until the other place received her records that Bay Breeze diagnosed her with Stage 4 renal failure and never told me. Be careful.

Thomas Kennedy

3 years ago

And extremely insulting staff said there is other vets that are probably more in your price range well I guess they must be astronomical seeing how I drive a brand new truck live in a brand new trailer have an excellent career. Will not be taking any of my animals to these people simply because they are extremely insulting uncoordinated and now that I have called around to other vets I have found that they are extremely overpriced more than four times the price it should be and whenever you get a hold of the person at the reception desk any and everything they tell you is completely untrue because when you get there and you talk to the vet they will contradict every single bit of it even though their receptionist is the one that told you the information

ciji Moody

3 years ago

In a time of hardship both financially and emotionally Dr. Hareld and her amazing team of professionals came to our aid and did what they could for our Baby Girl Pinky ????. They were honest and walked us through everything going on with her, then help us through the decision to put her down. As always they were very gentle and loving when caring for her.

Andrew Anderson

4 years ago

We love Dr. Biggs and all the staff!! Very friendly and professional. The clinic was very capable of taking care of our furchild's needs

Sandra Barnett

4 years ago

Dr. Biggs is the greatest!!My cat was on his deathbed and she did tests and gave him the proper diagnosis and now he ‘s better than he’s been in years! The whole crew is very kind and caring.

Jolby Springer

4 years ago

Over priced for people out of town not very helpful.


5 years ago

This clinic was fantastic. The staff was professional. They handled our cat, as well as her very worried owners, with kindness and compassion. Also, it is conveniently located in old downtown Rockport off Austin Street and is adorably decorated.

Debbie Wiseman (Debo)

5 years ago

The staff at Bay Breeze are a wonderful people. THEY truly saved my dog Sadie's life. She got into rat poison some where & she was hemorrhaging,we called a emergency vet & they would not see Sadie unless we had about 1000$. We are just average people,we pay our bills before anything else. We were prepared to pay whatever it cost to save our baby girl.At Bay Breeze, they treated Sadie is if she were their baby girl.We told the vet. We can make payments,but we can't pay the bill off all at one time. She was wonderful & said we will talk about the bill in a couple days.Her concern was to get Sadie the meds,she needed to live. She is home now,almost normal,we truly almost lost her. It was God & the staff at Bay Breeze who kept her Alive. Hands down the best animal clinic in Rockport & surrounding cities. They love what they do!!! I can never thank the staff enough. You guy's are a blessing. I'll never forget the love & care you gave Sadie Mae. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤????❤ I wont trust any one else with my Sadie,a customer for life. YA'LL ROCK!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Craig Hack

6 years ago

They would not fix my cat that's in pain just because I don't got 800 dollars up front I taken 3cat their iv got a good job to pay them sorry their in the wrong

Cresta Starnes

6 years ago

I've moved around plenty and as a result, been to several veterinary clinics. Dr Harrell is hands down the best vet we've ever had. Amazing staff at this clinic also. I love everything about this clinic.


6 years ago

For those who don’t want to read the whole story below…. Dr. Harrell is a decent vet but she will try to get you to do every unneeded, risky and costly things just to get more $$$ from you. PLEASE do your research before committing to anything big. Getting a 2nd opinion saved us from putting our dog through hell for no reason. We took our pup (10 yr old Lab) to Dr Harrell this past week because he looked like he was in severe pain. The day of the appointment he was lethargic and walking very weakly with a stagger almost like he was drunk. When we arrived at the office they got us in very quickly, the staff themselves were wonderful, respectful, and kind. They truly make the office a great place and if this review was just on them it would absolutely be 5 stars. Where it all went down hill…. Dr Harrell decided to do an x-ray on our dog to see what was causing the pain and when she brought the x-ray back in she pointed out a few concerning things. A part of his spine looked like it was degenerating and his prostate was enlarged. Dr Harrell named off every cancer or deathly serious issue they could be and basically had us believing our pup was dieing. She wanted to send the X-ray out to a specialist to be looked at and had us leave our pup with her to start antibiotics in case the prostate issue was prostatitis and not prostate cancer. Dr. Harrell had us come back later that day… 3 agonizing hours where we were literally in tears thinking our baby was dying. She wanted us to leave him with her over the weekend and then on monday or tuesday he would have surgery to be neutered (according to her this was the cure for prostatitis along with the antibiotics) and she would do a biopsy on the prostate to test for cancer. She knows our dog has a heart condition we are treating him for and that he would be high risk for this surgery. None of this made sense to us and when she was asked to explain it she did a piss poor job of explaining WHY we would put him through a surgery (neuter/biopsy) when he is high risk and we are not even sure what the problem is. If he is dying from prostate cancer and there was nothing we could do for him why would we risk him dying in an unnecessary surgery!? We just wanted the ultrasound done (easiest way on him) to confirm if he needed a biopsy. While we discussed this and asked for better explanation she became very condescending because we did not agree with her and she got so upset she refused service. We were in no way mean to her, just asked her to explain WHY better and then things did become heated after she became very condescending towards us. At least she gave us THREE antibiotic pills to hold us over the weekend till we could get in him into another vet. We took him to a vet office in Corpus Christi where the doctor took a look at his x-ray and immediately ruled out bone cancer. She did an ultrasound on him and he had prostatitis, like we thought, and spondylolisthesis/arthritis in his back. He is responding very well to the antibiotics and we now have a pain treatment regimen for his back. He is already back to being our normal big pup. The vet in corpus christi told us she never would have recommended the surgery as a first line treatment. Only reason our dog should ever have that surgery (due to his heart) is if the prostatitis becomes a chronic serious issue. Dr. Harrell would have had us doing many unneeded, risky and costly things just to have had him diagnosed with the same prostatitis. Please, please, do your research if you go to her and don't commit to any big procedures until you are sure it is the best thing for your dog.

Donna Milton

7 years ago

Dr. Harrell treats my dogs like they are part of my family and when they hurt, she almost understands what they try to tell her. When my lab had to be put down because of cancer, she understood my pain and his pain too. One of my dogs has had to stay over the weekend for care, and she came home like a new puppy from the care and attention she was given. Sure, she was glad to go home, but she loves everyone there. The entire staff is compassionate and my dogs can feel that when visiting. I'm so very glad I was referred to Bay Breeze and my dogs, now matter how big they get, know they have a loving vet to take care of them.

Alicia Ross

9 years ago

We took our cat there after a terrible experience elsewhere, with a wrong diagnosis. The staff at Bay Breeze LISTENED to us and CARED for our cat like it was their own. The entire staff has gone (and continues to go) above and beyond!! to make us feel like they are doing all they can to help our family member. Dr. Harrell is SHARP, ARTICULATE and up-to-date on current treatment methods. I highly recommend Bay Breeze to anyone who cares for their pets like they're family.

Luis Camacho

9 years ago

I just started take my sons new puppy to this clinic and have nice personnel working there.

Chel Oliver

10 years ago

I have taken 2 of my dogs to Doc Harrell - I found her to be very compassionate, patient and kind. When we had to make the difficult decision ultimately to put them both down (different times) she was so kind and caring. She was practically in tears with us for the decision. When the time came she allowed us to have time alone with them and then allowed us to hold and cuddle them as she gently administered the medication; even afterward she let us have time again with them to say goodbye. Recently our boy became violently ill at 9pm, I called her after hours number and she returned my call within 10 minutes and met us up at the clinic to take care of him right away. Doc Harrell is few bucks more expensive than other vets but I feel that my pets are in capable hands and not treated like "just another mutt", she's even seen me in the store and asked me how my four legged friends were, even remembered their names. The staff that she employes is top notch as well, I couldn't ask for a nicer staff who answers my endless questions and lets us know what exactly is going on with our "furbabies".

Franz Franz

12 years ago

My sister's 2 cats (Persian and Siamese) became very ill at 13 & 15 years old and over a 3 year period she decided to euthanize both: a very, very difficult decision for her. This Vet seemed competent though "odd" in demeanor and attitude (superior attitude). Both cats were cremented. When both "crementations" came back very, very different my sister call this Vet; still depressed and upset asking why the smaller cat had twice as much "ash" as the larger cat. This Vet refused to answer my questions, became rude and defensive. My sister could not reason with this Vet and was in tears. Her husband told this Vet NOT to ever contact us again. She was left with "ashes" that do not make sense in weight or texture or color. This Vet is NOT sympathic to dying animals or euthanisation or RESPECT to dying animals. We all discussed this with our Pastor and our Christian Women's Help Group. I encouraged my sister to file a complaint with TX Vet Board in Austin. Any Vet should learn COMPASSION first and learn COMMUNICATION to heart broken pet lovers. We all go to a Vet in Corpus that understands when a pet is in pain or difficult decisions must be made the PET OWNER need a little compassion and patience. Thank you for reading my post. RATING "0" stars.

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