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HHH HeidiHawk

2 years ago

Wonderful caring people who LOVE taking care of animals. It’s small and is a wonderful group to donate to. Whether monetary, daily supplies or food, please try to donate to this great group. They have saved so many sweet animals.

Adrian Stevens

2 years ago

This is a great group! ???? Saving lives every day with love ❤️ and through generous contributions. ????????

Blake Paschal

2 years ago

We got our sweet girl, Roxi (she went by Cinnamon at the shelter), from Second Chance in the summer of 2012. She was a skinny beagle mix who came into the shelter malnourished and possibly having had a litter of puppies recently. She was the best dog we could’ve ever asked for! Sadly she passed away recently from cancer and we miss her dearly. We are forever grateful to Second Chance for saving her and giving us the chance to give her a good life.

Deanna Haywood

2 years ago

The sign on the door asks that everyone call to make an appointment due to the pandemic. We called (seven times) as per the sign on the door to have no one answer the seven calls made. Once at the location, a young teen answered the door with did you make an appointment? I was a bit taken back by his words and replied that we’d called seven times and tried to make an appointment. Then a lady came to the door asking what did we need? I provided her with the same reply of called seven times to make an appointment to see the Labrador/ Windermere mix and was told that the dog wasn’t available. My kids and I left upset after having traveled over 40 minutes, called seven times to be told that we sometimes get so busy that no one can bother with answering phones. I would ask that maybe remove the sign and ask that everyone please be mindful and wear a mask and wash their hands before seeing any of the animals for adoption.

Kellie Ann Peterson

2 years ago

This animal shelter is very clean and had beautiful dogs and cats. The workers were all very courteous too. I will come again when I'm in need of a dog. The photo is of Petunia, super sweet and still available as of this post.

Sergio Mendez

2 years ago

I love this place. It's nice and clean. Very friendly staff. I bring something every time I can. Please HELP. Bring something. Food, toys, blankets or Money.

Melisa Darby Yoga

2 years ago

Very clean, well run business. The staff truly care for animals! I highly recommend adopting from Second Chance!

Allyson Lincoln

2 years ago

Went this morning with my mom and we found a new family member. He's a Basset mix, a lover, and just a Godsend as I lost my 16 year old shepherd to a stroke. After he gets his neutering finished he'll be coming to me! Thanks, highly recommend!

Gorf Vaughn

2 years ago

The perfect little place for adopting a pet. Nice ,small and personal and very clean. friendly volunteers and they know their stuff. The people complaining about the rescues rules are not thinking of the dog but themselves. If people follow the rules it makes for a better country. Its a true commitment owning a dog and more responsibility then people think. This rescue is fantastic!!!

Felicia Siepker

2 years ago

Absolutely trying to help but looked on line and have trying to help but no help yet …

Sammie Thomas

2 years ago

We loved it. We found the perfect dog for us. Great staff.

Manny Gonzalez

3 years ago

Do y’all currently have any Pitbull puppies?


3 years ago

Adopted two of the sweetest cats here. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable, they knew the animals well and were able to make recommendations and answer all my questions. Overall a great adoption experience and a great humane shelter.

Rochelle Gillespie

3 years ago

The staff where amazing I found a cutie puppy up their I knew when I saw her we had to take her home I told my friend about it she went up their an adopt a dog too

WireOf Encore

3 years ago

This shelter welcomed me in like one of their own. I got to adopt the sweetheart named Moira (she adopted me) and I’m just completely 100% thrilled and excited going forward with her. May even come back for one of her friends!!! This place is 5 stars to the maximum.

T-Bar Boggs

3 years ago

They have lots of Cats & Dogs the need a good Home.

Syed Hassan

3 years ago

There weren't many pets to adopt and the fee is really high

sierrra madra

3 years ago

They do god's work. I coundnt be happier with my adoption and my dog. Dont be disallusioned their pets are top-class, puppies, many breeds. these dogs are not inferior in anyway to what you get from a breeder or elsewhere.

Netreia McNulty

3 years ago

Our family serves as a Foster Family for 2nd Chance. We LOVE the experience and each opportunity we get to support this wonderful organization #AdoptDontShop #FurFosters

LaRayh 22Burroughs

3 years ago

They/ we take excellent care of all the animals we rescue...make sure they are all a good bill of health. They eat very well and we cater to any allergies or conditions they may have had before getting to us and let whomever adopts we make sure are an awesome fit! I even adopted a pup of my own from there and she is such a happy camper!

Jamie Fogel

3 years ago

These people LOVE all of the animals in their care! They are not stuck in cages all day, have a great yard area where they can play. Everything is kept very clean.


3 years ago

I love how this place is and how they jump into action and give every animal in their shelter another shot at a new healthy life

Ellen Box

3 years ago

I had my dog stole from my front yard. And, after the person who had stolen her decide they didn't want her, they surrendered her to Collin county animal shelter. And, even though I found her on the 5th day of the 5-day time period and left a message trying to get my dog back, they did not call me back until after Second Chance SPCA picked her on the 6th day. After doing a records search through Collin county and finding out the second Chance SPCA had my dog (because that was the only way I could find out who picked her up, because no one would tell me because she became their property on the 6th day). I called and that a detailed message, and email them doing the same, to see about getting my dog back. And, when I finally got a call back from them after the third time of me calling and I leaving a detailed message each time, the woman I spoke with claimed to be the supervisor, told me that she got my messages and still went ahead and adopted my dog out to someone else before she bothered to return my call. And told me because by state law my dog became their property when they picked her up from CCAS. And that she had the right to adopt her out to whoever she seen fit, even though she knew she was mine and was stolen from my home. And had the nerve to tell me that there was nothing I could do about it because she was their property.

Anita Sisler

3 years ago

I drop off donations from clients here every now and again, but 2 weeks ago I brought my hubby with me. We ended up adopting a 7 year old feline named Astrid. No matter when I've come, every single person, whether staff or volunteer has been helpful and kind ♥️ I would recommend this sweet shelter on many levels, adopting, donating and volunteering .

Amy Jo Paulson

3 years ago

Very caring and compassionate people, that love animals.

aj west

3 years ago

The people here were kinda rude to us but the animals were precious

Latonya Nicholson

4 years ago

We adopted our dog King from here. The people were pleasant and made the whole experience easy.

Mae Foran

4 years ago

Brought my little tripod dog, Roo (was named Oliver) home from here over the weekend. We already love him so much! Hes still very scared of people but we love seeing him make progress every day!! I 100% recommend recommend anyone looking for a new member of their family to check this place out. Lots of sweet and loveable animals who just need a little TLC .

Lisa Padierna

4 years ago

I went looking for an addition to our family. (We have one cat) I was telling her our cat gets out but she is an indoor cat, but as cats are courteous she has ran out but we get her back in or she comes back. This lady was rude and said she was worried what I do do prevent this from happing and how will I handle this if they both get out! First off the vet told me this was normal and cats are courteous. I felt offended that I’m here trying to give a loving home to an animal and to feel like here this person who is acting like I don’t take care of my cat! Plus these animals need homes and your charging WHAT?!? 250.00 CRAZY!

Maura Jackson

4 years ago

I love this shelter. There animals come from the euthanasia lists from other shelters. They take cats and dogs at risk due to health issues, age, or simply because they don't "show well". They restore their health and love them, then find the home that's the best fit for animal and person. I not only volunteered, but adopted my dear kitty, Tink.

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