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2 years ago

The staff is caring and professional. The wait is not terrible if your a walk in, and it’s affordable!

Silver LALA

2 years ago

I have mixed feelings about this place I first brought one of my dogs here for gum swelling and clearly needed extractions and cleaning. Antibiotics given and had to return few days later for cleaning. Her teeth look amazing she was able to save many teeth and no more bad breath. Amazing experience that day. Another day My oldest pup who was 12 almost 13 and being seen for her heart condition by another vet was brought here as an emergency I live 40 mins away and clearly my baby was not doing well. I had to wait for doctor to arrive (10a) I was there at 8am…maybe I should have left but was scared. She was severely dehydrated and they didn’t even give her fluids even tho I asked. She was literally dying on my lap in lobby were they told me to wait for blood work to come back…The blood work came back as severe sepsis and multiple organ failure and decided to put her down. It was a very traumatizing experience and thinking back maybe she would of had a little life in her with antibiotics and fluids. I dunno what to think. At the end of the day I guess I can only blame myself for not bringing her sooner (sick for 12hrs while at work) Or maybe regardless of what I did the outcome would have been the same?? Not sure either way this was my experience. I did bring the rest of my pets here for teeth cleaning and as always and the experience was excellent. Vet was nice, the staff are always very nice…

nicole santiago

2 years ago

Very quick and my puppy feels so much better will continue to stop by

Marvin Luna

2 years ago

I have take both of my English bulldogs there and they are really good with my pups, they did good work with them and their staffs are really friendly employees

Lui 143

2 years ago

A reputable clinic! They have treated my pets with respect and took care of their illnesses They also take emergency visits which is good to see in a pet clinic Would definitely take my pets here again for future visits

Julio Ayala

2 years ago

Brought Booker to see the Doc, ladies at the front are very nice, staff is great and Was recommended by many friends. Dr. Is very friendly and very good.

Ivan Duran

2 years ago

A nice clean small animal clinic. They were able to see my dog as a walk in basis. Great value!! Dr. Lupita was friendly and knowledgeable. Staff was professional. Glad a small eye infection was treated quickly to prevent any major issues.

Ann Arrington

2 years ago

My dog had an ear infection. The clinic takes walk ins. Little bit of a wait-not too bad!, But so thankful that I could simply bring my dog without an appointment. The Doctor was thorough and amazing. Will be back!

irene reeneey

2 years ago

To be honest the only thing I didn't like is the parking situation. There aren't many up front and while they do have some in the back a lot of those if it's rained enough it's a muddy mess out there. I didn't have the proper vehicle to dare venture into that, but thankfully we found a spot where I didn't have to. Otherwise the visit with my dog was a positive experience. I filled out a very simple form as a new client. The cost is only $20 for the visit as the website states for non-emergency visits. Between that and the biopsy my dog had done it was a bit under $200. Granted, money is money, but for a biopsy I expected much higher. The biopsy wasn't seen as necessary, but if I wanted to I could get it done. I went ahead for my own peace of mind. If I'd wanted the bump/lump removed it was quoted to be $300ish dollars. I forget the exact number. I imagine the cost may ultimately depend on the size of the lump/bump, but that was what we were quoted that day. { Edit in: I've since found out the bump/lump is a mass cell tumor and needs to be removed. } The place smelled of cleaning product and looked clean. It had for the size of the place, which is smallish, quite a few seats. Even so, with enough people those seats got filled up at one point. The plus side is that they had vaccinations done outside because otherwise I can only imagine how it would have been like inside. Staff was friendly on phone and in person. I had anxiety because my worry over my dog, but everyone there made me feel okay. Especially those I interacted with the most, which were the vet and a vet tech. They made me feel welcome and at ease. I felt like I could ask questions, express my thoughts, and they explained things in a way that I could understand.

Belthane Belthane

2 years ago

Parking is bad. Vet is great, ladies front desk are nice and kind , prices better than many other local vet clinis

Angeles Lopez

2 years ago

I have always been taking my fur baby Lucy-Lou to Gulfgate Animal Hospital. They have the best customer service ever. They do charge a bit more. Giving that I am on a budget I thought about Amigos Pet Clinic upon a referral from others, I tried it. I loved the Veterinarian there. She was very sweet and the visit and treatment for her ear infection was very reasonable. Today upon them opening up I called and tried to make an appointment due to the great service I recieved on my last visit, the person answering the phone was very rude and unprofessional. She kept putting me on hold. I waited 10 mins at a time. I would hang up and call again. After the 5th time waiting 10 mins at a time I stop holding and would call repeatedly trying to get an appointment for my fur baby. The person answering the phone would answer and not say anything and would hang up. This went on for another 10 mins in which I gave up and decided to never try again. I made an appointment with our previous Vet with Gulfgate Animal Hospital and made a quick appointment for tomorrow morning. The price you pay for customer service is literally that.

Anthony Rodriguez

2 years ago

Nice friendly service, quick and affordable

Caren Perez

2 years ago

They are very friendly and professional the clinic is clean and very affordable.

Cass Coutts

2 years ago

My cat lost so much weight and very sick. i came in fast! I was so scared along with my cat being scared. Not only did they make him feel safe but they also took him in fast and did all the test on him.. This is my 2nd cat i brought in. I knew they did a good job with the first cat i know my 2nd cat is in good hands!

Diana Villa

2 years ago

The last couple of times I went unfortunately the lady at the front was very rude. She was talking down on me for no reason and seemed annoyed at my questions. So much for customer service

Sandra Cisneros

2 years ago

I have brought my dogs to the office. One of them couldn’t make it due to the parvo. Glad they could help me. Prices are reasonable and what I like is that appointments are quick and detail. This review is based on my personal experience.

TheoAkochs Telziuqst

2 years ago

I've noticed a trend with these standalone clinics. Doesn't matter if it's for ppl or animals, whatever the establishment is named you can bet it will be the opposite. Neighbors ain't very neighborly and amigos aint ya buddy or ya best friend or man's best friend. None of that. Js

Cecilia Barbosa

2 years ago

Very friendly personal ⭐️make me comfortable to bring my 2 puppies here ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Timothy “Arian Paigo Lokki” McDonough

2 years ago

We had our 65lb GSD spayed here. They took real good care of her and got her out fast so she could recover at home. 3 days later the incision looks really clean.

Stephanie Rivera

2 years ago

First time taking my puppy Kloe and I Loved how they cared for her. They helped our first visit experience be the best and they gave her Excellent treatment. They made sure to answer all our questions to help are fur baby feel better. Amazing Customer service, great Nurses and Doctor.

Nidya Baldwin

2 years ago

We love Amigos animal clinic. They are the best care, value animal clinic around here. Thanks ????

Jose Garza

2 years ago

Made an appointment in advanced for vaccines and nail trim. I requested them an appointment in a private room because my 100 pound Pitt had a high prey drive for smaller dogs. They said to call 30 mins before I arrive and they would accommodate. I called 30 mins. In advance, explained again why I wanted a private room with. I contact with other dogs. They said ok& asked me to park in the back and call when I got there. Arrived and I called them. They said ok, once the room is empty they would call me back. 20 mins after my appointment time, They called and wanted me to do the vaccines at the desk outside in front, where they do walk up vaccines, and asked me to put on a muzzle. Had no muzzles big enough for him. Would not help me put them on. Other dogs were walking up, young labs that immediately caught my dogs attention. At that point I said, we would just go somewhere else that could accommodate my needs. Then they offered me a private room. Rushed the vaccines and dismissed my 3 requests for nail trims. Also, even with proper documentation and requests, my dog got a 1 year rabies vaccine instead for the 3 year. If you have a small dog, or a non-responsive dog, it's ok to go to this vet. They are fast paced, not personal. All they cared about was getting more pets thru so they make more money. Costs for vaccines are the same as Fairmont animal hospital and the vets their actually listen.

Joan Sebastian

2 years ago

Best Clinic in Houston Tx!!!

Guadalupe H Pena

2 years ago

I've enjoyed coming to Amigos pet clinic with my new puppies Charlie brown & Rocky. We've been coming with iur other dig Bear . the clinic is very accurate.

Helen Soliz

2 years ago

Appt made online secures a time slot. Staff is friendly and addresses your concerns with compassion. Very good pricing.


2 years ago

Fair priced, not the nicest building in town, but they make up for it in service.

Ericka Johnson Love Jesus

2 years ago

Love this place, great service and very affordable prices. Vet and staff are very nice and helpfull. Thanks for the nice experience


2 years ago

The lady at the front has an attitude for no reason. She is demeaning and belittling when talking to you. The doctor is nice as well as her assistant. Just ruins its for me.

Blade P

2 years ago

I loved it here! The service was efficient and quality!!

Charlene Davis

2 years ago

Great prices, friendly staff, knowledgeable doctor, even meds are cheap! They don't push products you don't need. I'm definitely switching Dr's. My regular vet's prices are almost triple the price! I have 5 large dogs & Dr. Krupa is a life saver! Small waiting room, so if you have aggressive dogs, be prepared with muzzles or wait in your car. It's worth it!

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