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Mark Cervantes

2 years ago

Brought my 5mo old Goldendoodle in for his first haircut (grooming) - the staff and groomer (Travis) were very personable and interacted well with my pup. Travis did a great job of cleaning up my Muppet. I'll be back!

Petunia Darling

2 years ago

My golden is so happy with his groom, I can literally see in his expression how happy he is he is a light weighted king now. His fur was LONG and some even dreaded in some spots when I left him and it was worth the 4 hrs they slaved over him. His fur the first day was a LITTLE choppy but it was no worry after like three days it looks just as fluffy and even as the rest of his fur, typical for haircuts. My golden retriever is a 100lbs and it was $70 before tip for a basic haircut and cleaning. I have a lot of dogs so money is always going to a problem for me but every time I groom any of the angels now, it’ll be here. It was very simple, worth the price. The staff helped me understand a lot.

Michael Jasso

2 years ago

Expensive and took ~3hrs with appointment.

Jake L

2 years ago

Grinded my dog's nails and used self service dog wash. Wash was great with everything you need for a good price. They require a vaccination record for nail trims.

Michael Earnhart

2 years ago

Staff was accommodating and did a great job!

Tracy Raymond

2 years ago

Oakley came back to the McKinney Mutt & Puddle today for her 2nd grooming with Travis and she looks MARVELOUS!

Sherrie Curry

2 years ago

We were very pleased will definitely return.

Rob Hene

2 years ago

Beware, this place may charge you for their own errors. We have taken our young Golden Retriever here a few times for full service and generally everything has gone well. However, on our last visit we were charged a junk "handling fee" of $15. The cashier did not offer any reasoning behind what had occurred, instead I had to ask a series of questions, and eventually learned that my dog was simply anxious with the blow dryer. He was not aggressive and has never shown even the smallest hint of being so. It was not until I got home that I realized the fee was an additional $15, which naturally seems like a lot for "blow dryer anxiety". I called back to inquire further and spoke with, whom I presume was the same cashier, and kindly asked to speak with a manager about the charge. In a snarky tone, she said "I am the Manager". I'm not sure what she manages, but it's certainly not customer concerns and complaints. When I further explained my issue, all she said was "I understand". If she had really understood, than I assume the fee would not have been charged at all, as it's common knowledge that most dogs don't like blow dryers. Finally the alleged Manager transferred me to the "bather", who was quick to clarify that she not a groomer. My assumption is that a groomer would require more training. She was more polite/personable over the phone and offered additional details about the "incident". It turns out that the "blow dryer" claim was either a hoax or a misunderstanding on the manger/cashier's part. This time I was told that my dog had pulled on the leash as he was being led back to the bathing area, causing the bather to loose a finger nail. Naturally I asked for more details and found that the nails were not exactly appropriate for the job, good on her for being honest. I can understand it being upsetting to break a nail, but with proper personal care and leash handling, this likely could have been avoided. Perhaps there is a training opportunity for their staff, maybe the $15 will go towards that. My guess is that they were being too forceful and impatient, and now that I look back, my dog does seem a bit traumatized after leaving this place. Of course, this part is just speculation, but it has been mentioned in other reviews. My dog is friendly, gentle, and well trained in every way. We typically have bathed him ourselves and have not experienced the same challenges, so perhaps the staff and our dog are not a good fit. That said, he is easily frightened and could benefit from additional leash training in stressful situations. Given that I don't want to place all the blame on Mutt Puddle, I have elected to grant 2 stars and my last $7 tip.

Gregory Hingle

2 years ago

I have brought my Golden Retriever here about three times. Evidently they don't have the grooming book that shows how different breeds are suppose to look after grooming. I even wrote a list such as trim paws, trim skirt, trim ears. Some things happen and some things don't. I don't know what else I can do. I could bring Poppy back to correct, but its traumatic for my pup in the first place, so having to bring her back is a deal breaker. Not happy!!!

Cathy Chaffin

2 years ago

They did an amazing job with Cloud! I was afraid he was going to have to get shaved but were able to comb/brush all the matted parts off. He also got a bath and nail trim. Thank you!

Betty Hester

2 years ago

I enjoyed taking my dog there to be groomed they're very soft-spoken and kind he's an older dog eager to please so I like the fact that they treat him very gently. They're always prompt when I arrive there are ready for him.

Under The Umbrella

2 years ago

Wonderful little self serve and full service dog wash, quiet and tucked away from the main road

Traci Watkins

2 years ago

PSA: DONT take your dog to the Mutt Puddle in McKinney. We took Pearl there & when I went to pick her up she was basically non responsive to me( didn’t get up when i went to get her, no tail wag) and had a limp. In 12 years i have NEVER seen her act like that! The rest of the day didn’t want to walk much & just seemed sad. We noticed blood on her nails. Yes, her nails were in need of cutting badly. Someone returned our call today, but not the owner who was also the one that groomed her (even tho she was there) We requested that she call us. She finally did and denied pearls nails even bleeding or having any issues and said maybe they bled after the fact. Ummm…no. We said we understood if they had bled but it needed to be conveyed so that we knew why she didn’t want to be up much- still denied. Pearl seems better today but if you can’t even be honest with people about nail trimming, what else are you going to hide? Pearl is like our child, heck she’s been around longer than Trey! Never again!! Oh and the owner will just keep messaging you on YELP saying she’s sorry you feel the way you do. ZERO accountability even for something as small as admitting that SHE should have returned your phone call when you left a msg saying you had issues and especially since she was also the one that groomed your dog. Don’t risk taking your dog here bc you won’t get any help if something goes wrong.

Nikki Fisher

2 years ago

The self service dog wash is awesome! No complaints at all, they were so nice. I love the fact you can use the professional hair blowers. Makes your dog look so fluffy!

Katie Adams

2 years ago

Love that I can bathe my dog and use a force drier to get all the hair blown off of her. It was easy to do and very reasonably priced.

Anthony Bird

2 years ago

Have a puppy we have to self service wash and live this location for it. Appointments suggested but not always required, Wonderful value and very friendly staff.

Cathleen Manning

2 years ago

Made a reservation, arrived with our 2 dogs only to be told that they couldn’t lift one dog bc the bather had a hurt knee. A phone call prior to my arrival would have been appropriate. I live 30 mins away yet I kept coming across town because my dogs were used to this location. My time is important and I felt like the staff didn’t understand why I would be upset about the circumstances. Looking for a new groomer.

Gage Caminiti

3 years ago

Water was ice cold. When they "fixed it" it lasted 45 seconds. So the water was ice cold the whole time I bathed my dog. Also all the shampoos ect was extremely watered down to the point its felt pointless to even use it . Owner is clearly cheap.

Jessica Mauerhan

3 years ago

Always love the Mutt Puddle, they do such a great job with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

Brett Jurick

3 years ago

We stopped in on short notice after adopting a great new dog. They treated him so well and cleaned him up. They event trimmed his nails. They were so nice and so great. Travis and Lindsay were AWESOME!

Marilyn Wish

3 years ago

Yesterday I took both of my dogs to be fully groomed and told groomers how I basically wanted their faces to be cut. Most groomers cut/shave their faces too short and it makes their noses too long looking. The groomers visited with me and said they understood. When I picked them up, WOW, perfect. They looked so cute. Couldn’t be happier. Cute shop and clean. Very polite and professional. Yes, I will continue going there.

mastervisionz123 (mastervisionz123)

3 years ago

Lindsey was very professional & kind with helping my daughter & I with the self serve. My puppy even had a little accident while leaving & she was very understanding & insisted on cleaning the mess up (I offered). Thank you fir the compassion you showed our new fur fam. I highly recommend mutt puddle.

Meghann McClellan

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about our experiences here! I have a large great pyrenees that can get cranky during nail trimmings. They always do such a great job with him and he's happy to see the staff every time we go for an appointment. Thanks for taking care of Samson :)

Nicole Bedwell

3 years ago

Just moved to the area and took my 3 year old pup here for his first time being groomed! Protocols right now because of COVID, but dropped my pup off and got a call 1.5 hours later that he was ready to be picked up! He smells great, fur looks so much better and his shedding went down a ton! (he’s a German Shepard husky mix so shedding is a beast.) Customer service was great! The woman who helped us (I didn’t get her name.) informed me on how to hells other his shedding at home! & they gave him a cute bandana! We will be back and will update this review as appropriate :-)

Robin Nash

3 years ago

We come here to self wash our dog. I called the day before to ask when was the latest we could come for self serve. They said we needed to arrive by 4pm. Next day I rush the kiddos out the door and we arrive at 3:50pm. Lady at counter doesn't help us right away even though she was doing nothing. Then proceeds to huff and puff when I want to self wash. I say I called yesterday and was told we needed to arrive by 4pm. I ask well what time did we need to be here? She say by 4pm. It wasn't even 4 when she said that. I left. Go to Allen. They are always nicer.

Stonebriar Moving Services

3 years ago

We love taking our dogs here. They are responsive and polite!! Recommend

Tricia Roegner

3 years ago

Very pleasant personnel and great haircut for my little guy.

Victor Donahue

3 years ago

Very responsive, nice people. Sometimes price is higher than quoted, but they usually correct...just a little frustrating. Otherwise no complaints.

Yvonne Fender

4 years ago

Love taking little Puffers for his bath or haircuts.

Jack Tam

4 years ago

Been going here for years.

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