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Dianne McCune-Walls

2 years ago

The staffing is very friendly and helpful and the Vets are great. Prices for services are affordable. They were referred to me and I definitely have referred to others. This is our place for great pet care.

Donovan Bays

2 years ago

It wasn't God awful but there was a questionable ammount of assumed negligence for this facility. If you are going for basic care and in the area, sure go for it. But for anything complex I'm going to give this facility a definite "never again." Not only were the services rendered of concern but it was to the point where the animal had other issues once returning home due to their negligent care.

Victoria K

2 years ago

Always have a good experience here!

Marissa Axelson

2 years ago

I love this office! I have always been able to schedule an appointment quickly, the staff is so amazing and kind to my dog (and myself), and both vets are so knowledgeable and friendly. My dog was always afraid of my previous vet's office, but loves coming to Lake Forest Animal Hospital. I have not had a bad experience from a single person in the office. I hope everyone is getting recognized for their hard work! Thank you so much for being so good at what you do!

Jacqueline Day

2 years ago

On December 10, we walked into Lake Forest Animal Hospital as a last effort to save our 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier. A week prior she was diagnosed with a large mass tumor in her abdomen by our local vet in Aubrey. While our local vet gave her a few weeks to live, and a less than hopeful outcome of surgery, we searched for a second opinion. I located Dr. Singh via a Google Search. We made the first available appointment and met with Dr. Singh. He knew right away the problem and offered to remove the tumor immediately. Dr. Singh and his wonderful team removed a 3.5 pound tumor from our 19 pound dog and stitched her up that Friday night. We received a call from his team that she survived the surgery and she was stable the next morning. We picked her up on Sunday and she looked like a new dog! She looked bright and happy, minus the surgical scar. Fast forward 10 days, Dr. Singh informed us that the tumor was benign and she would live a normal life. I cannot say enough about the dedication of this veterinary practice and their team. Dr. Singh saved our dog's life. Thank you for this Christmas miracle and we highly recommend you!

Judith McNease

2 years ago

Best customer service and super knowledgeable staff.

BlessedNana Of 7

2 years ago

I can not say enough good about the people at Lake Forest Animal Hospital. On one of the hardest days of our lives they were so compassionate and understanding to us. Our sweet 13 year old fur baby had not been feeling well and after about a week of doing things at home to try and help him my husband decided to take him to the hospital. He had a very aggressive growing tumor in his stomach. After talking with the doctor we knew what we had to do. They treated our sweet Bo with such love and dignity. Thank you to the whole staff for being as kind as y’all were.

Clint Lewis

2 years ago

Great staff. Quick in and out. Prices were great.

Collete Dye

2 years ago

Best vet I've been to in a very long time. Staff is wonderful and very accommodating for last minute visits.

Dawn Wermuth

2 years ago

The ladies at the front desk are awesome. My puppy got sick in the car and they gave me everything to clean it up while they watched the puppy.

Jeff Joffe

2 years ago

Had an AMAZING experience at Lake Forest Animal Hospital today. All but emergency vets are closed on Sundays, except Lake Forest! We walked in at 9am, they saw us immediately, the prices were regular vet costs (not jacked up emergency prices). They were fast, polite, and I didn't get the upsell feel. Highly recommend!

kintei hayashi

2 years ago

Very good experience!! The staff are all so kind and friendly :)

Emily Roach

2 years ago

I kinda wish I could leave multiple reviews because I honestly feel that strongly about this vet. I’ve been coming to Lake Forest for my pets for just under a year. And what a year it’s been. I’ve been in countless times for things as small as vaccinations and for unfortunately multiple really big semi emergencies. (4 different dogs with 4-5 different emergency type things mind you) LFAH was recommended to me by a friend and my first visit was them managing to fit me in last second to sedate and stitch up a large hole that got torn in my dogs face. Not only did they end up staying a little later to get it done, but the stitching was so good there’s almost no scar. I have never had a vet go the extra mile like that for a brand new client. It’s probably not worth going over all the woes we’ve faced dog wise this year, but I can say without a doubt that I can’t see myself going to any other GP vet. Not only have the treatment plans and care always been excellent with this staff, the vets are incredibly knowledgeable and we have always ended up doing only what was needed for each dog without any unnecessary chance treatments. They listen to my ideas and concerns about my own animals, and the whole staff is honestly super great to see. They recognized me from my first visit on and are always friendly and compassionate. They’re also probably one of the only vets I can think of that will fit a walk in for a euthanasia which is it’s own kind of godsend when you have an animal that is suffering. Dr. Singh is my vet most of the times I come in (emergencies sometimes mean it’s up to chance though) but I’ve dealt with both of the vets here and really like both of them. I trust both with all of my dogs. I seriously cannot recommend or commend this vet and team enough. I included a before and after of the stitching on my girls face. Plus a couple of the other pups that I’ve had to have in. Like I said, super rough year, but I appreciate my vet team immensely for it all.

Jared Brown

2 years ago

Awesome staff and great doctors. Even my picky dog loved coming here. Gonna make this my normal vet.

Maegen Moher

2 years ago

Every time I've come the service has been great. Their hours are amazing, prices affordable, and they've always been able to get me in same day. Kasper and I say thank you!

Joy Johnson

2 years ago

Bad communication. And long waits. Had me waiting an hour before telling me another 20 min wait. They had a very sick dog in the back which I understand completely. So tell me before I come that there is an emergency and no guarantee my appt time will be met. There will probably be a lengthy wait ... So after an hour I left, just to come back the next day and wait another 30 min to be seen. I keep giving them chance after chance. I think it's time to move on...

Joanna Draper

2 years ago

I don't know where to start but do NOT bring your pet here if you want true care. My dog was having issues walking and sleeping at night. Our vet had no opening so we brought him here . They did XRAY and said it was arthritis. And the meds did not work and he got worse and worse no matter what we did we noticed a mass on his back HIP area and the Vet said it didn't show up on XRAY so it's fine .. well long story short my dog became paralyzed.. and said he may have had a stroke .. when we had to put him down there was ZERO respect. They never light a candle to show that a dog will be passing. People were walking by laughing and giggling as we had to put him down which was the worst day of our lives. The nurse was the only one who said he was sorry for our loss. When the vet put him down he said he is no more with ZERO sympathy. To him it was just another dog.. to us it was family .. DONT TAKE YOUR PET HERE

Dani Lowe

2 years ago

Excellent service, good staff, excellent vets.

Sarah Grubbs

2 years ago

Very kind staff, great hours, reasonable prices and a resident cat! I highly recommend this veterinarian

Dan C

2 years ago

Nice clean friendly vet, I enjoy that they can email you records and receipts.

Bec M

2 years ago

Affordable, quick, caring, and friendly. Sooooo happy with this vet. I just moved to the area and haven't had the best luck with other vets, with them being a little shady and overpriced and not really caring about my sweet boy. I saw Lake Forest on Google and how many amazing reviews it had so decided to try it out. As soon as I walk in, my dog and I are greeted warmly. Check in process was quick and they got us in our own room swiftly. I came in thinking my boy had mange, Dr. Singh thoroughly checked his skin and ran through all the different possible causes for his irritation. He recommended a skin scrape to test for mites as well as a heart worm test and let me know the prices before taking my dog back. Dr. Singh ran through different treatment options and explained each easily. I am very very pleased with this office, all of the staff was so kind to me and my dog and they let you know the prices of everything right then in there instead of handing you a bill afterwards!! Very happy with their service and will definitely be coming back.


2 years ago

Toby was soooo happy to be here! Everyone was fabulous and amazed that he was so excited. Reasonable rates and ALL staff were wonderful!

nikki w

2 years ago

I was really nervous about my fur baby, Jack, having to go under in order to have his teeth cleaned, but they were covered in an excessive amount of plaque and causing bad breath so it was necessary. The office manager was so helpful with walking me through every detail and patient with my numerous calls to check on Jack. Teeth came out looking beautiful with no problems reported. Wish I took a before pic but here is an after!

Jerrie PR

2 years ago

I love Dr. Singh. All of his office staff were so kind to me. I was falling apart, crumbling right in front of them because I had to put my dog down. It was horrible for me to have to do that to Spike. I was just a mess. I followed Dr. Singh and his staff from Parker Animal Bird and Pet Clinic because of all of the excellent care and compassion he has and not to mention that He has always been spot on with diagnosing any problems my pups have. Never had high prices on his services either!! They wouldn’t tell me where he went so I looked for him on the Internet and FOUND HIM!!! You feel like a part of their family. I’ve been going to him for at least 25 years. I can’t say enough about everyone there except if he is not your Vet and they aren’t your Vet Family - you’re missing the BEST/MOST CARING, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING VETERNARIAN AND STAFF EVER. His prices are extremely reasonable. You should give him a try. You will be just like me. A very loyal pet parent !!!

Mark Matlock

2 years ago

Excellent service! Staff didn't try to upsell me on expensive products and even recommended a product to help my pets skin & coat health on Amazon. They truly do have your pets best interest at heart.

d Ackley

2 years ago

Being new to Texas and not knowing where or who to go to; we did a search and found Lake Forest Animal Hospital. I was worried because I love my dog so much. We took our puppy (baby) in and Dr. Singh saw him. We knew we had found a great, loving doctor when our puppy nestled up in his neck when Dr. Singh picked him up and he wasn't at all afraid. We are very happy with the services and care we have received!

Nancy Lovitz

2 years ago

The vet has late office hours which was very appreciated. Excellent care for my grand-dog.


2 years ago

If your pet is in need of an immediate and accurate diagnosis DO NOT BRING THEM HERE. Our dog was unable to keep food down so we brought her in to get checked out. When we came in, we told the doctor that our dog has been unable to hold down food for a few days and looked as though she had lost weight. She was vomiting immediately after attempting to eat.. They suggested running some test and blood work, which we agreed to. We were called and told that her blood work come back fine and no other suggestion. I explained that something was wrong and what else could be done because she had lost 15 lbs. I was told that the weight loss was fine because she looked okay,, completely disregarding that no dog should loss that much weight without there being a problem. I was told that they could do x-rays to see if there was an obstruction. I agreed to the x-rays and reminded them that she throws up immediately after starting to eat and that it appears that she is choking. The vet stated that he felt her throat but didn't feel anything but they would do the x-rays. After the x-rays, the vet called and said there wS nothing showing in her lungs or stomach. When I asked about her throat, the vet stated that they didn't x-rays her throat because he didn't feel anything. I was giving the option to let her stay for overnight for observation. So I suggested they feed her some food and they would see what her reaction was. The vet agreed but when I received a call back, they said she ate fine. I asked if they gave her dry food, which is what we previously stated she ate and was told they gave her a wet sensitive stomach food. I was told, she should just eat that. Again, no interest in finding the cause of the issue. Obviously I just went and picked her up, after paying about $380 with no explanation or correct x-rays. I took her to another animal hospital, paid for more tests and x-rays of her throat and was told she has a mass/ cyst in her throat, which is pushing against her esophagus and that is the cause of her not being able to eat. The food builds up because of the lack of space allowing for it to pass. I called Lake Forest back to advise them of their lack of professionalism and inability to locate a problem in the specific area we reported a problem with. I spoke with the vet and was told he was going to review the visit and call me back. That was 4 days ago. Today, I called again and was told I would get another call in 30 minutes, that was more than 3 hours ago. Their inability to diagnose a problem that was choking our beloved pet, lack of concern toward her weight loss and "just feed her the wet food" instead of finding the cause is very disturbing. I will never return and will caution anyone from taking their loved pets there.

Rob Fryar

2 years ago

Quick & professional. I loved that they allowed me to go back with our dog.

Jones Reeder

2 years ago

Can't put in words how I feel about the staff here at Lake forest. They have treated my cats and dogs and have been wonderful and all prices are reasonable.

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