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Virginia Craddock

2 years ago

Very caring and attentive to our baby.

Meghan Murkin

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. I picked up my joyful and playful dog, who had no energy and was not even excited to see her family. She was skittish and scared. She probably lost 5 lbs in the 5 days of being there. Her elbows are bloody and she refuses to leave our side. Also the man at the front desk is incredibly rude. Do better for you dogs and find a place that will love and respect then.

Linda Stout

2 years ago

Only place that I board my dog. Great staff, facility is clean and doggie is always well-cared for!

S Clark

2 years ago

Had a family emergency and needed to board our new German Shepherd. Walked in to Barkingham with no reservation. They immediately verified with our vet our dog’s shots, vaccinations and welcomed her. When we picked her up we learned about the training program. We decided to take her back for the 6 week course. When we picked her up from training she was well trained, knew commands and was disciplined. Chuck uses a very positive training technique. We drive 120 miles each way to board her at Barkingham. We just returned from a 3 week trip and when we picked her up, as always, she was clean, happy and healthy. We would never take our precious dog anywhere else.

Jay Koger

2 years ago

I would not recommend Barkingham Palace. The process started out very well. We were moving to Marble Falls, and in preparation we began to email. The owner was very communicative and responsive. Upon setting an appointment, we showed up and the check in was thorough, and everyone was very nice. Additionally, they offered a tour, and everything looked great. Fast forward to our pickup, 9 days later. We were asked to pick up after 2 o’clock since we had requested a bath. My wife showed up at 230 to pick up the dogs. It was chaotic with other guests, and after paying my wife went outside. At that point, she recognized our smaller dog’s eye was almost swollen shut. Additionally, both dogs were dirty. She went back inside to determine what had happened. They were unaware of ever seeing it, said it if was a trauma it was from our other dog, and to them it looked like allergies. However, once again, they had zero clue when the problem began, never noticed it, and suggested we find a vet. Additionally, the owner became very animated yelling for the staff to get a camera to document the dog’s eye. After discussing the eye, it was mentioned the dogs were dirty. We were told that was not possible. When pressed, the groomer was called in and indicated they were told to bath the day before. Additionally, the owner went outside to our car to truly make sure the dogs were dirty. She agreed and reluctantly offered to refund the bath. Our late afternoon involved calling veterinarians in the area to get our dog in. We were able to find a vet an hour and a half away, and made the journey, barely making closing. Upon examination, no trauma was found to the eye. Through taking a slide and evaluation under a microscope it was found the eye was swollen due a staph infection and would have been evident on the dog’s eye for more than a day. We are long time pet owners, and we know things happen. However, here are the things that are not acceptable. 1. The dogs were not adequately looked at daily. 2. The vet indicated the staff infection would be a result of inadequate cleaning. 3. When presented with the situation, zero empathy was demonstrated, and the owner wanted to fight about every point. 4. When a new client left, after paying a large bill, with a sick dog, crying you would expect a call. Zero follow up occurred from the kennel. Of course, we will not be back.

Martha Mills

2 years ago

Very caring, clean and good value. I would use this business again. Make sure you have a reservation.

Charlotte Pander

2 years ago

Fantastic care of my two fur babies

Kyle Collier

3 years ago

Good people. I have family that take their pets to Barkingham and so do I

lizz mullen

3 years ago

We love Barkingham!! Nothing but the best for my dogs and cats! Chuck and Marty are great people.

Leslie Williams

3 years ago

Caring, professional, clean and well organized!

Laura Brunson

3 years ago

Best place in the hill country to board your dogs !! The owners are amazing !! And I highly recommend the dog training program if you have unruly dog or a puppy who needs some manners look no further !!.

dianne pereira

3 years ago

Perfect vacation for our pup while we stayed in Marble falls. They even offer extra cuddle time and a bath for an extra but reasonable fee! Will use them again!

Denton Nerison

3 years ago

First time vacationing in Marble Falls and we wanted our dog nearby so we could take her with on boat rides, to the lake, etc. staff was super friendly and Bonnie went with them right away and she is usually more cautious, a good sign. Everyone at BP was awesome and I highly recommend, prices are reasonable and your dog will have a nice vacation from their owners as well.

Colby Clark

3 years ago

I have worked with some difficult dog breeds, successfully, over the years (German shepherds, etc) and just recently made the plunge to working with a Belgian Malinois. I was able to instill basic obedience (sit, stay, come), but it was sporadic, at best. I have young kids, and my wife and I work full time, so instilling the obedience this dog deserves was something I just couldn’t do. However, the type of training these dogs needs is very specific and has to be done the right way. I searched the internet for trainers that specialize in difficult and demanding breeds. Barkingham is the only one that truly fit the characteristics of that. I dropped my Malinois off for the full, in-board training. She was with Barkingham for 6 weeks. When I picked her up, the dog I got back was completely transformed. Her obedience was spot on. When I say sit, she sits. When I say stay, she stays. Down means down. Her recall is spectacular. Overall, she pays attention to me, and is in tune with what I want. In the first week back, we went on a walk and two different couples stopped us and commented on how well trained she was and how well she listened to me. Keep in mind this is a one year old Belgian Malinois (look up the breed if you want to see the definition of difficult). I was skeptical that someone could get a dog in line better than me. I had doubts that Barkingham would truly be able to get my dog into good obedience. I was wrong. I am thrilled with the training my dog received and Chuck’s desire to want to continue my dogs training to continue to polish her up. I will only board my dog with Barkingham, as I only trust her with them. Thanks Barkingham!

Christine Jones

3 years ago

Our dog spent 3 nights at Barkingham Palace. The employees are very personable. We have had many interactions with Dakota and in each one he has been personable and helpful. This was Harley's 1st time being boarded. She's a people dog and trotted right in, she didn't even stop to say bye to us. She immediately acclimated her self to the young lady (wish I knew her name) and Dakota. Chuck the owner was also very cordial while taking our information. Thanks all for making Harley feel comfortable.

Don Cannon

4 years ago

We have left our dogs at Barkingham for over 12 years now. We know they're well cared for while we are gone. Our dogs always trot right in like they own the place. Would not trust our dogs care to anyone else.

Eloise Hudson

4 years ago

Been taking my dog here for 8 years. Awesome facility and management. Great trainers too.

Rhonda Turner

4 years ago

Great place. My dog loves going there.

Sunny Hinson

4 years ago

Great information, clean & great staff. Bought a series of obedient classes!

Ty Sandison

4 years ago

Always very accommodating. Dogs seem to love staying here from time to time!

Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

4 years ago

This is a really hard review to write because, well, it's hard to make sense of what happened. So to begin, I'll recap: We have had lots of dogs over the years at our vet, Brocks Vetrinary Clinic in Lamesa, under a few different names. Little Brown (Jug) was mixed up with his sister Little Bit and the files got a little crossed. Before we left for Marble Falls, we spent time sorting this out so we would have Little Brown (Jugs) vaccination records for the kennel. Unfortunately, when we arrived Tuesday July 31, 2019, the paper sent from Brocks Vet was not the right one. So Barkinghampalalace called Brock's Vet and got all the vaccination records for Little Brown directly from Brock's Vet. All is well; they take our two dogs for boarding. 5 hours later I get a call from Barkinghame Palace that they had called Brocks Vet again to clarify who was given the whooping cough vaccination and siad and I quote:"Brocks Vet said Little Brown had NEVER been treated by them" and therefore they were going to quarantine Little Brown. I was so upset - in the middle of dealing with a very painful medical emergency in my family -- that I just said fine I'm coming to get the dogs now. I didn't call Brock's Vet because I was 6 hours away from home and didn't want my little dog quarantined. I just drove to Barkingham Palace to get our dogs. I was crying and upset and asked why they accepted the dogs in the morning after speaking directly to Brock's Vet and then 5 hours later saying they would quarantine Little Brown. Again, I was told that Brocks Vet told them in the afternoon (on the second call) that they had no records on Little Brown. I took our dogs (only after paying Barkingham $50 for 5 hours of "boarding) and drove, crying, until I found to a place to stop and call Brock's Vet. When I called them the woman who answered said yes, I know what you are talking about, they called again this afternoon and I personally gave them the entire vaccination record for Little Brown and that his next vaccinations were due in November. I told her what Barkingham Palace told me -- that Brocks Vet told him they had never treated him -- and she was just as shocked and confused as me. Not to mention Little Brown's tag on his collar from Brocks Vet. So to recap: I took two dogs into Barkingham Palace around 10:30 in the morning, one of them (Little Brown) didn't have all the necessary paperwork so Barkingham Palace called our vet to confirm vaccinations, all was confirmed, and Birmangham Palace took the dogs. 5 hours later the above happened. As a business owner myself, it's pretty hard to accept how this was handled. I won't say who was telling me the truth but even giving the benefit of the doubt, Barkingham Palace called our vet at 10:30 and accepted the dogs; if they later called the vet and decided something was wrong (big questions on this but just giving the benefit of the doubt), they had no business charging us for boarding. Very bad experience but honestly after the experience was relieved to get our dogs out of there.


5 years ago

Seems very nice, clean & organised


5 years ago

Best. Place. Ever!!! Chuck and Marty are the absolute best.

Christiana P

5 years ago

Bad place very rude ppl

Diane Frisbie

5 years ago

Great experience, we went for training Chuck is excellent... easy to follow, kind and very good. Highly recommend.

Dyanne Babin

5 years ago

Well I’ve already posted once it seems to have been taken down. DO NOT PAY FOR PLAYTIME ITS A LIE!! I worked there for a year and left voluntarily my only animosity is that they are stealing from their clients like you! YOUR PETS ARE IN THERE KENNEL 23+ hours a day. They only get 3 potty breaks a day maybe 5 mins. Not enough staff for playtime!! Sorry ???? Be Happy to take a polygraph!

Jason Coleman

5 years ago

Barkingham Palace is a very clean and professionally run kennel, and I highly recommend boarding your precious pets here. We have been very happy with their service to may family, which includes our pets!

Jifu Cray

5 years ago

Same response as the first review (you can review places twice apparently?) Actually, not only have I never been to your business I've never left you a review either, so I don't know why this was on here? Maybe I got hacked or a family member used my account for this or something I don't know. Changed it to a 5 star. Sorry for your trouble. Might help not to be rude in your responses though.

Judy Casten

5 years ago

I don't know how it got entered with one star as we have been taking our dogs here for MANY years and they have al ways been great with our dogs who sometimes have special needs. I would absolutely rate them as five star since I know my dogs are in a place with people care about my animals.

Launi Miller

5 years ago

Staff was very unprofessional and rude. Called me to tell me she couldn't board two of my pets because they didn't have all there vacciness within time. I completely understood and asked her to keep my reservation for my other dog who could stay. She said yes, then called me back later and told me "I would be happier keeping my dogs together and I should try a different place in town." I believe that would of been up to me. But then she refused to take my dog. Thanks for leaving me in a bind.

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