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2 years ago

Really expensive but they do good work , yeah their really high on their prices.

Cheyne Brown

2 years ago

The staff has always been friendly, they are concerned and very patient. My experience from the person who answers the phone, to the person coming to the vehicle to get my dog to the doctor has always been a pleasant experience. Detailed information has been provided each time regardless of who I speak with. All of the staff members are helpful and have recommended solutions until I was able to make an appointment. This place is a hidden gem. I will always be grateful for the service that has been consistently provided. to me and my dog. I can't imagine going to another place.

US Search and Recovery

2 years ago

There are other animal hospitals and veterinary clinics between our Residential Field Office (RFO) and the Manvel Animal Clinic. Still, we choose to drive to MAC for all of our K-9 needs. We trust them and their staff.

K. Herrington

2 years ago

The way the country is now, no one has a great deal of money but we ,as pet owners ,do try to take care of our animals.Thats why I'm so upset that we spent 187.00 at this clinic and two weeks later my dogs ear is exactly the same.Not one bit of difference.It was money wasted and my dog is still miserable.

Mike Collings

2 years ago

I love this place and the people! I would not trust my fur family to just anyone and I am totally comfortable taking them here. I am so grateful I found this place!

Kimberley Johnson

2 years ago

I'd drive thr distance to see Dr Moore! Hr is very professional, thorough, and kind. Highly recommend

Armando Rodriguez

2 years ago

Not very good experience with the new management

Pattie Labeth

2 years ago

The doc always takes excellent care of my dogs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Rem Royal

2 years ago

It's hard to keep reviews of a veterinarian objective. It's an emotional situation generally if you are coming here to leave a poor review. People complaining about frustrating staff etc. I don't care how the staff is, I care about the vet. So I will try to provide an objective review of the vet we used and why I think you should go somewhere else. Additionally hopefully it will serve as a lesson from our mistakes around our cats and their health. We brought our 2 yr. old cat in. We explained he had hardly been eating and drinking. He had brown urine that he recently let on the floor. He had been very lethargic and appeared to be losing weight. We mentioned that approx. 1 month ago we had to do a sudden diet change because our other cat was having UT issues. The cat we were bringing into the vet that day(11/10/21) had continued to eat that food, albeit considerably less. This started 9/28/21 ; approx. 4 weeks. He was also overweight. Now pause for a second. Describe those symptoms to any vet(which we did we got a second opinion), or simply google them. You will find that it is most likely hepatic lipidosis A.K.A. fatty liver disease. Especially given the sudden diet change, less eating, and overweight factors. The vet at this location ran blood work and saw the elevated liver levels. At this time the vet told us she believe it was a toxin ingestion and then provided Denamarin. She briefly mentioned that there was "some type" of liver disease that maybe it could be. So here's where I have a big problem. The doctor didn't provide a full write up of what the liver disease could potentially be or provide options. It was Denamarin or euthanize. After researching and getting a second opinion we found that aggressive feeding through a tube was the most viable option. We also found that if you cat can take liquid feed via syringe you could possibly solve from home. These would have been valuable pieces of information by the vet, and I feel like it's their responsibility to provide me with all these options. I shouldn't have to go do my own research and call other providers. I want to trust this vet, not myself, and whoever else I can ask. Finally, here's where my mistakes were that I hope you can learn from. We noticed our cats lethargy and hiding approx. 4 days before we went to the vet. We went on a Wednesday we had noticed that on Friday the week before. Had we taken him to the vet immediately that day we would probably have had a better outlook. Liver failure goes quickly especially when they are malnutritional from the disease. We could have taken him home and immediately began force feeding liquid foods. It's a huge mistake that wears heavy on me. The other mistake we made was the abrupt diet change. We were not aware of liver disease and the vulnerability to our overweight cat. We just thought because they were eating, albeit less, that they would transition and be fine. It took a period of 4 weeks, and him slowly consuming his own body fat from the drop in his caloric intake to cause the disease. Don't make my mistakes, and also I'd recommend to be cautious of this vet clinic.

S. Hearn

2 years ago

I recently called about having a cat spayed and was informed that the cost of spaying was in the $400.00 range. Not too long ago, I was quoted a much much lower price. I don't know why the increase is so high. It's no wonder that the animal population is exploding. Who can afford such price increases?

Sherry Gibson

2 years ago

Dr. Moore is my favorite. Staff is friendly and service is prompt.

April Sides

2 years ago

The care that was taken when informing me that my pet did indeed have cancer was wonderful. However, it did take me awhile to process as it was a shock. I appreciate that the Dr I was in communication with seemed just as concerned as I was and was willing to do what it took to get answers for me. That is care I wish I had with our previous vet.

Kelly Sampson

2 years ago

They take good care of my dog Scotti

Nikki Talavera

2 years ago

I love the customer service here and my little Penny Pebbles is always taken care of in the best way! She says thank you!

aubrey williams

2 years ago

They helped take care of my sons dog and it was very reasonable.

Brenda G

2 years ago

Doctor and staff was wonderful Doctor very knowledgeable and very caring

Caroline Reyes

2 years ago

I would give this clinic 100 stars if I could! The amount of compassion from everyone who works here is 10/10. Even through the pandemic, these people don't get enough credit. Every single receptionist is polite and courteous and every tech is knowledgeable and helpful. I'm sure they get their fair share of "Karens", and even still they treat you like they've known you your whole life! Thank you for still being my favorite place to go and all your continued hard work! It has not gone unnoticed by those of us who are completely grateful. I'll never take my pets anywhere else!!!

Erika Findley

2 years ago

My mother and I have been going here for years with our fur babies. We love Dr. Moore he is absolutely amazing. The staff itself including the receptionist who answers the phone is not even close to being amazing. Very rude and loves to make synod remarks. Not personable and answers the phone like she hates her job. I myself work in the health industry and even on bad days don’t let anyone who comes in or calls know that I’m having one. She has not only been rude to me, but to my mother who is more then gracious. I am completely appalled that this is okay at this establishment and that the staff and the receptionist get away with the attitude. If Dr.Moore was to leave an togo to another clinic I would follow, but as of right now I don’t see him doing so. So today was my last straw with the very rude receptionist, we are taking our fur babies elsewhere. I understand that the clinic is busy, but when you answer the phone dont sound miserable or that it’s to much to ask if you have any appointments. Kindness goes a long way especially when the folks calling are scared for there fur baby.

Gwyn Washington

2 years ago

This is a No-Kill shelter. It was very clean. The animals had spacious living areas. It was not crowded. I dealt with 4 staff members who were above excellent-- caring, polite, and engaging. Very grateful for such a good place for the animals. I adopted this handsome fellow.

Kimetre Reece

2 years ago

Great staff! Love Dr. Moore!!

Stephen h

2 years ago

I would have given Manvel Animal Clinic 5 stars, because I like Dr. Moore. Manvel fell short one star, because of the ladies that answer the phone, who receive information. There is some disorganization and confusion about when your pet's vaccination is due. The documentation is available at the clinic, but I don't know why the ladies, who answer the phone don't have this information. You are also told a refill on a prescription is approved then it is not approved. Get it together ladies. Also a brush up course on phone etiquette in a place of business is also needed as well.

Adam Palmer

2 years ago

Dr. Varnes is the greatest vet I met. She loves her patients and she takes time with each pet and family. I would highly recommend her.

Julio Orta

2 years ago

My dog got all his vaccinations updated, good Veterinarian nice place to go.

kim drac

2 years ago

Dr. Moore is amazing. Our dog is 140lb American Bulldog, hates the vet office. Dr. Moore worked with us to get him sedated quickly and without any trauma to our dog. Did 98% of the exam right in our car. Would definitely recommend.

Mary Ann Madden-Green

2 years ago

I have been taking my animals to Manvel Animal Clinic for over 30 years. The doctors and staff are very professional, compassionate, and willing to go beyond expectations when your Animal is in their care!

Patty Allen

2 years ago

Your staff are very professional & caring. From the front desk to the doctors to the young man who brings your dog from the car to the doctor and back. My only concern is the price of things. I have been coming here for years & feel very comfortable. With 4 dogs and on a limited budget, I have to space out the visits. thank you.

Toby Brooks-Aguilar

2 years ago

The staff was very helpful and friendly. They made sure our questions and concerns were addressed, and the doctor was extremely helpful in explaining everything to us about our pets health. Above and beyond. It was great!

Felicia Prosser

2 years ago

We really thank you Doctor Moore for saving our beloved family pet snow. We are forever grateful. You have all our beloved fur babies business.

Brian Stueben

2 years ago

The Vet was helpful however staff was extremely rude, not the first time and actually a norm for this location......incorrect dosage of medication provided, questionable return of the incorrect doseage med, not familiar with clinic policy and as mentioned multiple staff rude......I was warned, had issues in the past and should have gone elsewhere much sooner!!

Rosetta Gibbs

2 years ago

Dr Moore is the BEST!

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