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Tomas Garcia

2 years ago

Very nice place I enjoyed it.

Adam Bluma

2 years ago

Have been calling about an aggressive dog in our apartment complex, it has been a month and they refuse to do anything. Stating they are busy and will send someone to check it out. 1 month later and multiple complaints from multiple residents and this dog is still out chasing everyone and making it difficult for those of us with dogs. Come do your job and help these animals, all month of December and part of January it’s been outside. When they said they can’t locate it ever I told them to call me and I’ll take them to the exact place this dog is at 24/7 and still nothing is done. I told them I will get it and bring it to them and they said no I’d need an appointment and I may have to have the dog for up to a month. Wish you people actually cared for the welfare of these animals. I will be taking this up to higher powers and will let them know how uncaring and unprofessional you are.

Lisa Guerra

2 years ago

I dont like any animal shelters due to euthanize

Cliff Nichols

2 years ago

Extremely terrible phone service, lack of website information on lost and found.

Evelyn Lemer

2 years ago

The young man at the counter that assisted me was so polite & friendly. He was fast in getting my dog microchiped & we we're probably there 5 minutes. Super fast & friendly service. Thanks!!????

Grace Morales

2 years ago

It's no longer a kill shelter.

Leon Calhoun

2 years ago

My wife and I were looking for a docile adult Tom cat. When we found one we liked, all staff personal and volunteers were very friendly and helpful in informing us about the adoption process. We ended up taking a beautiful adult tuxedo home. The entire kennel was also as clean as can be expected, especially since we arrived about an hour before closing time. I also like that they are open until 7pm through the week to accommodate those who work during the day.

Paola Delarosa

2 years ago

The staff was very helpful....I was able to adopt a beautiful baby and my family couldn't be happier❤️

Veronica Burbank

2 years ago

Me and my son went to see if they have any kittens and yes they did we got one my son love his kitten he picked out .thank you

Vicky Palmer

2 years ago

It's a challenge to see so many precious animals without homes, but the people who work in the shelter are kind and want the best for each of the animals there.

JoAnn Huffman

2 years ago

They care about the animals and try to save them all.

Kameryn Stanaland

2 years ago

Called 3 times in 2 weeks about a sweet, obviously starving dog on my property, no one cared (one receptionist scolded me on the phone for feeding him. What?) We started trying to find him a home ourselves. The day after we spoke to a potential adopter, a kid fed the dog from her hand and it 'bit' her (He was so desperate for food). LAS picked him up THEN and took him to their facility for rabies quarantine. While the dog was in their system, the potential adopter FILLED OUT adoption paperwork and paid necessary fees, then they turned on their word, declared the dog dangerous, and now he's likely to be euthanized. LAS could have made this right and given this dog a home, and they denied his chance every single time. HIS HOME WAS READY. Dog wasn't remotely dangerous... he desperately needed food and help. We were told 30 different things by different people, I've never seen a place so unorganized. These people, officers Greene and Bryant especially, are NOT concerned about animals' welfare or lives in the slightest. The one officer who cared and knew the dog wasn't aggressive is (conveniently) no longer employed there. If you're thinking of adopting, PLEASE go to South Plains SPCA or find a local rescue that cares. Hopefully I'll see these guys again in court because this place is a nightmare for animals and it needs to be fixed, I just wish I'd done more to save this sweet guy from this prison. He hasn't even touched grass in a MONTH! Secure your yards because if your pet ends up here, it could easily be a death sentence.

Leandra Cruz

2 years ago

My husband, son and I went to adopt a kitten, only to find out there was a waiting list of 6 applicants for 1 animal. This was frustrating, why is it not a first come, first serve basis? Why not allow someone, who's there and ready, to take home the animal? Afterwards, we were looking at another kitten. We were told there were no applications for said kitten, that it wasn't even in the system yet because it was new. We even asked several times, had it looked up at LEAST twice. We were told that we could put in an application and pick up said kitten Wednesday after it had been sprayed. Only to find out the lady at the front desk, 'didn't pay attention' and this kitten already had several applications as well. Needless to say the whole process was extremely frustrating and we will go elsewhere to adopt our fur babies in the future.

Teri Fontenot

2 years ago

I had a family like welcoming and felt the love the staff have for all the pets here..thank u.

Nicki Flores

2 years ago

Worst costumer service ever!!!! No one ever answers the phone and when they do they trasfer me to someone else who never awnsers I was on hold for hours My Neighbor got mauled almost to death by a dog in my Neighborhood and they still let them keep that dog i still see it walking the streets im scared to throw my own trash If i could give no stars i would Also they give us Citations for stray dogs that walk onto our property ive tried asking for their help but nothing The city should shut this place down and fix it up we need better animal control A

Carol Carrasco Tello

2 years ago

Lost my dog went looking for him at the shelter ,friendly workers

Serenity Sherrill

2 years ago

They would rather leave cats in their ‘natural setting’ than to take preventative actions in the cat population by Trapping and releasing the cats back to their community AFTER they are spayed/neutered. Which is highly concerning because the cat species is an invasive species. And cats are HIGHLY over populated and they don’t seem to care

Louis Parraz

2 years ago

We love baby dallas love yall guys

Lleanita Rosemary

2 years ago

someone who knows someone who loves a domestic duck. I have a domestic duck but I can't take care of it anymore and I don't know where to take it or who to give it to????

George Herrera

2 years ago

LAS thank you for our new kitchen

Eric Peters

2 years ago

We got the love of our life from here. Lil lady is our child and we love her so much.

Mechelle Holland

2 years ago

Adopt if at all possible

kk k

2 years ago

Terrible staff, terrible attitude about animals. I fostered 5 4-week old kittens I the summer. The kittens had diarrhea and blood, I talked to the supervisor to see if they could see the vet. she told me to water the milk down, or it could be caused by stress. So I waited for another 4 days. But things got worse. I called again and said they are dying, finally they got the chance to see the vet. The shelter is having a PANLUCA right now which is deadly for cats. Ridiculous organization here. The staff are also just the worst I have ever seen. If you don’t like the job then QUIT. I WILL NEVER FOSTER kittens from here anymore. It is just heart breaking for fosters to hear kittens have to suffer all of these.

Nilsa Smith

2 years ago

Adopted a sweet dog from here over the weekend. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Have met some great caring people here.


2 years ago

Whatever these people do for these dogs pays off! The most well-behaved and loving group I've ever seen. Thanks for all you do

Raymond Smead

2 years ago

One time they tried to test for a chip on my dog, (he had a chip) and they said he didn't have one. I probed. Turns out their batteries were dead. Plus their supervisors can be quite rude.

nessa g

2 years ago

I like going to see the pets here they have. I actually got a kitten from here had her for about a week now her name was pumba changed it to twilight she is so sweet and lovable. I just want to get more baby kitties lol from them. I posted a pic when I first got her now she's bigger and just growing and growing. ????????????

Oliver Parlin

2 years ago

You are no help. All you do is transfer and say you can't help me. When someone does show up in a truck they just drive by slowly, don't stop, don't try to see where these dogs are, don't try to talk to anybody in our MULTIPLE OPEN BUSINESSES WITH BIG OPEN SHOP DOORS!!!!!!! Ohh and I have to make an appointment to drop off stray animals in an industrial area...... But hey at least yall answer the phone, or at least because you have too.

Dan Borkenhagen

2 years ago

Great shelter with well cared for animals and great staff.

Stephanie Ontiveros

2 years ago

This place upset me because they didn't believe that my pit was mine even with all the pictures that I have of him & the other dogs looked like they were soaked in ALOT of pee

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