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Tommy Perkins

2 years ago

Went in to have my Frenchies nails trimmed very nice, quick, and very reasonably priced. Will definitely be back.

Kenneth Reger

2 years ago

I have a small Poodle mix that gets stressed when going to get groomed. I was told by both Mother & daughter that they way the worked was first dog dropped of at 7:00am would be the first dog out for pick up! Not True!! I had my dog there at 7:00 as they requested, but my dog was not ready to be picked up for six hours. When I questioned them about it all they said that there were other dogs that need a brush out or blow out ! Which translates to other dogs were put in front of me! If you don’t care how long your dog stays in the crate this is the place for you. If you’re concerned about your little dog I want to pick them up as soon as possible don’t go here! I have a small poodle mix that gets stressed we’re going to get groomed I was told by both mother and daughter that day but they work with the way they work was first dog dropped off at seven I’ll read that I can get opt off at seven, would be the first one out. But apparently that wasn’t how it worked! They put other dogs ahead of mine, so mine was there six hrs.! Too many good groomers out there & it not necessary to put up with this type of customer service!!! ????

James Moore

2 years ago

We took our dogs to Judy, having to wait about 2 weeks for an appointment. Most groomers can get you in sooner, but for one reason or another, many of them don't pay attention to what you ask for, so we were looking for someone to take care of our animals the way (you'd hope) they take care of their own. After my wife dropped them off, Judy called me (instead of my wife, for some reason? even though my wife's phone number was the main one on the form, which Judy apologized for) and told me that our one dog weighed more than 20lbs, so there would be an up-charge of $10. I asked, "well how much does she actually weigh?" She said, we don't have a scale here.. (!?) I said, OK, let me call my wife and see what she wants to do. I got approval from my wife for the up-charge, so when I called Judy back to tell her it was OK, she tells me "It's OK, she's under 20lbs" I'm like, OK?? Didn't you just tell me 5 minutes ago that you didn't have a scale?? Weird, to say the least. Later in the day, we pick the dogs up, and the lady's daughter says that our poodle mix bit her, and was sure that other groomers had had the same experience. Um, never. We've had our dogs about 10 years and never had an incident like this occur. Our dogs can be a little excitable, especially the poodle, so its possible she got groomed on the wrong day. Actually, its more like by the wrong person, because not only was the poodle shaved to her skin (way too short for that breed), but both dogs were licking their paws incessantly after the visit. Well, we discovered that both of their nails were cut WAY too short, almost to the quick. Another reviewer mentioned this as well, so not a coincidence. We think maybe the daughter is doing the nail trimming and just doesn't know what she's doing. Also, after bringing the dogs into the car, I could immediately smell that "wet dog" smell on (at least) one of them; probably the poodle. Her fur was also very oily, so we think that the dog never even got washed at all... but I paid for that service! But, obviously, our experiences coinciding with other negative reviews tells you all you need to know.

Aaron Sorrell

2 years ago

Very unprofessional, we brought our rescue dog here for grooming because we were told they were good with temperamental dogs. The owner was rude to us when she told us about the issues she had with our dog. We adopted this dog a month ago knowing she had been abused in the past and we have always treated her with tender loving care. The owner snapped at us about our dog biting at them when they clipped her nails and was very unprofessional. The rudeness was inexcusable and unnecessary. She knew the dog had been abused in the past and still acted shocked and unpleasant, screaming at my wife and being very rude to me on the phone. I don’t recommend ever taking your pets to this establishment, she obviously doesn’t take the loving care with temperamental animals and I believe she abused our dog and that’s why she snapped.

Nathan Wolf

2 years ago

Rude over the phone. Asked me questions that made me feel like a bad pet owner, when I know I'm not.. thank goodness this place wasn't my pests first experience.

Sue Mann

2 years ago

Great place, but they keep your dog too long. They did a great job.

Lara McCoy

3 years ago

Judy is the best!!! She has taken care of our fur babies for about 8 years!!

Nicole Clemente

3 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to Judy's for almost 5 years. She does such a great job and really loves the animals!

Lucy Medrano

3 years ago

The lady had no patience with my dog. I could hear her yelling at my dog all the way 5o the entrance. I would not recommend it!

Koby Sillito

3 years ago

Everyone is super nice and my pups always look fresh and smell good!

Kathy Nelson

3 years ago

My dog had some pretty bad cuts on both ears that I had to have the Vet take a look at him. After two weeks his ears are finally healing up. Uneven cut on other parts of his body as well. Poor baby I don't know what exactly he went through but I won't ever take him back.

Jenny Pav

3 years ago

Judy is great! The cut always is consistent and correct. She is also just a very knowledgeable and loves her clients. ????

Jamie Egloff

3 years ago

I actually didn't even go here...I called to check on price and availability for our Golden Doodle. While put on hold, I heard them groan "oh god" and sounded so irritated about his breed and just spouted off they didn't have time till next month. Not a good start to wanting to take my pup there...maybe use a little more professionalism and you would get new customers.

Brenda Williams

3 years ago

Judy really cares about your pets and she does a great job grooming them.

Gustavo Perez

4 years ago

Always superior results with Judy. Our pet loves going to Judy's and it shows!

Timothy McGinnis

4 years ago

Professional while caring deeply about my guys!

Shiny Gem

4 years ago

I hesitate to write this, because you’ll probably be the reason I’ll have to wait to get my dog in again. Judy’s Grooming is really unassuming when you walk in, but they were great to us. Our 15 y.o. puppy was spirited, but fragile. They were able to groom her back to her puppy condition and were very gentle with her. Unfortunately she has since passed, but our two other dogs will be coming in regularly. Thanks Judy! Keep up the great work.

Lindsey Fields

4 years ago

We took my 4.5 pound Morkie in to Judy about 5 weeks ago. Soon after dropping him off we were called and notified he was "covered" in fleas. He takes monthly medication and had shown absolutely no signs on fleas nor did we see them (he is very spoiled and is held most of the time, we would have noticed). We told the lady we would come back and get him, she said no it was fine. After picking up our dog he was completely different. He is usually extremely excite-able, hyper, and happy. He wouldn't let us hold him, he hid in the closet and wouldn't come out. He was like this for a couple of weeks. He also started hacking the day we picked him up and coughing non stop. To the point it sounded like he was not getting air flow. We took him to the vet and learned he has a partial collapsed trachea. There is nothing that can be done and he will have to take a steroid for the rest of his life. The lady was extremely rude the moment we dropped him off and considering the time line of events we can assume she handled him too roughly around the neck and damaged his trachea. DO NOT GO HERE We will be further pursuing this.

Kathy Mastropaolo

4 years ago

If you want perfection from your dog's groomer, Judy's is the place to go!

Jesse McDaniel

4 years ago

Recently switched from another local provider to Judys. Savannah was working when we dropped off and picked up and knew immediately breed specific styles and preferences. Great cut and attention to detail as well as genuine care for the animal.

Janice Y

4 years ago

The best place you could ever take your dogs. Professionism and excellent customer service. You have to try them I know you will love Judy's Grooming.

Heather Hanks

4 years ago

Super fast nail trim and my buddy doesn't make a peep!

Katrina LaTulip

5 years ago

Very rude and customer service no existent.

Bethany J

5 years ago

Let me just say that Judy and her daughter are the only 2 people my dogs will let do their nails. They do a great job and they are extremely affordable, even having 3 dogs.

Robin Kregel

7 years ago

Judy has been our groomer for over 25 years. Would not use anyone else...

Claudine Lang

7 years ago

This is the worst place ever !!!! I can't imagine how they stay in business !

Amy Bellsey

7 years ago

At appointment call I informed Savannah my dog was 140lbs Golden Retriever, she said it would be about $65 on the phone. I brought him in, handed him to Judy told her he had mats & I wanted a Puppy Cut. I called 3 times to check on him since I brought him in at 7:30 am. I was told each time he was a pleasure & doing well. I asked about cost on each time & was told they didn’t know yet. Finally at 6pm I got a call that he was done & it would be $92. I said well that’s a big difference wow, wish I was told that. Got there to pick him up & owner, Judy, walked out with an attitude, “Are you really pissed about the price?” is how she greeted me. I said I was shocked it was a big difference. She was bullying me & making me feel horrible for asking the difference. She kept telling me how much work it was & how difficult he was. But would not let me even see him. I said I can’t tell you how he looks I haven’t seen him. She would not let me see my dog until I paid her. She kept telling me how hard she worked. I apologize for my difficult dog. I told her I would never bring to her again since it was too much work. Holding in the tears I took my big but sweet, baby of a dog to my car. He was scared & limping like he never does. I am not sure what she did to him or how she treated him, but I do not think it was well!!! Besided shearing him like a naked sheep he is so scared. He will not leave my or my husband's side and that was Thursday. He is limping a little less but still more than normal. She was so rude and demeaning toward a client I would how she treats the animals. Since this happened I told a few friend & they all said she was rude to them & she is known for her attitude. Please do not go there!!!!

Shawn Wilson

9 years ago

Just the BEST!!! judy is the dog whisperer! And does an awesome job on the cuts. Again...The Best!

Jaime Castelan

10 years ago

The service is great Judy is super friendly and the dogs not only get a bath and a cut, they get love too. They are super good at following instructions, price is reasonable.

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