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Brad Webb

2 years ago

Martin and Shelly are amazing!! Our dog has been home all of 5 minutes and the difference is truly amazing. We would HIGHLY recommend them for dog training as well as kenneling. Our dog literally came home, sniffed around and then laid beside us. Truth be told, she is probably depressed!! What a great and well thought out facility.

Serena Morales

2 years ago

We would definitely recommend Shelmar Kennels to anyone who is looking to improve their relationship with their dog. We adopted a 3-month old shelter puppy with little to no socialization skills with other dogs, and we were struggling tremendously to control his biting, leash pulling, and overall lack of manners. Shelly thoroughly explained how she planned to combat the issues we spoke about, and we picked up a completely different puppy three weeks later. We have consistently reinforced the training techniques that Shelly taught us during our training session, and continue to be happy with our pup's progress.

John Montgomery

2 years ago

We sent our 7 month old German Shepherd for 3 weeks of training, and we are extremely happy with the results. Before training, he consistently pulled on the leash and could not be trusted in the house without constant supervision. He's been home for a little over a week now and he is a changed dog. He no longer pulls on the leash and his house manners have improved incredibly. Martin and Shelly clearly know what they are doing. This is some of the best money I've ever spent.

Brandon Rodenbaugh

2 years ago

They trained my dog well

Jaime Rochat

2 years ago

My golden retriever is better behaved, calmer, and mostly listens now. I wouldn’t say he’s service dog material but he’s much better than before the training. I also appreciate the affordable price and the land the dogs get to run around on are really clean and nice.

Dylan Rabalais

2 years ago

They helped a lot with our newly adopted 10 month old sheepadoodle. He's behaving much better around the house and listening to commands. They do a great job and really spend time coaching you when you go to pick your pup up. Definitely recommend, and very fairly priced.

Randy McDonald

3 years ago

We had our dog Tig trained by Shelmar in 2018. We chose Shelmar because, living close by, we knew they had been in business for decades. We had a comprehensive list of what we wanted to achieve with the training. When we picked him up we were very pleased with what Shelly had accomplished. We understand that any dog training is only as good as the owner’s comittment to reinforce it. When we travel, we board Tig at Shelmar, he loves going there and thinks he’s on vacation when he does. We and many of our friends think we have the most well behaved pet in the world! We referred some of our friends from Bellville to Shelmar and they are as happy with their results as we are! We recommend them and their services to anyone looking for the perfect pet.

John Keck

3 years ago

Super friendly team, nice clean place, plenty of space

G McCo77

3 years ago

I think the facility is nice and Shelley was very accomodating, I did the 4-week board and train for my pup who was 1 year old at the time. Here are my experiences: Status updates were not given unless expressly asked for, I made it a point to email Shelley for the updates, they were short and generally positive that my dog was responding well to training. At the end of the training session, Shelley did work with us for the proper way to walk the dog on the leash, but the results were mixed. Basic things were not met such as sit, or recall. Let me explain a little further on the recall off leash, while my dog did recall first, it was never immediate or at the pleasure of the dog. Shelley did demonstrate the recall command when we went to pick up my dog and I noticed on two occasions she had to resort to using the whistle to bring her back. At the time I didn't really think much of it but it became a bigger and bigger problem over the next couple of months. My dog didn't have basic commands mastered like sit or stay, I had to work on those on my own after the 4-weeks. I have since taken my dog to a second trainer and experienced significant improvement in behavior and command obedience with half the time invested. Shelley is a nice person, the facility was well kept, but i just think she didnt work with my dog as much as expected and I assume I just boarded her for 4-weeks with training as an afterthought. My experiences are my own and I do not assume this will be the same for everyone.

David Bixby

3 years ago

We love Shelmar. We have tried other board and train alternatives and this is our favorite. One benefit of using Shelmar is that the training is not "subcontracted" - the owners are the trainers. Also, the owners clearly LOVE dogs and our dogs love them. I highly recommend Shelmar.

Darby Brown

3 years ago

Emailed them last night for dog boarding in October. We picked this place because of the reviews and they do behavior training. We have a fear biter who fear bites new people. We were going to do training if they couldn't accommodate for boarding at that time. We also asked if they had recommendations for our situation if they couldn't help us out. The only response we got was a rude passive aggressive "we don't do boarding anymore. Thanks, Shelly" Apparently they're closed for business? Their website says otherwise

Carry Jurek

3 years ago

The best place in Katy to have your pet trained.

Cami Owen

3 years ago

Martin and Shelley were so helpful in their obedience training and tips for my 2 year old German Shepherd. She is the best dog at home and very loving around my family and other pups but socially she has had issues with listening, meeting new people, and her aggression. I was hesitant at first but Martin worked with my family for hours to help my dog and taught me just as much a long the way. I would recommend Shelmar Kennels to anyone looking for some extra help training their dog. It was not too late as she’s responding very well to the new rules and training. Thank you very much!!!

Brooke Lebowitz

3 years ago

Choosing shelmar kennels was the absolute best thing we could've done for our pup Apollo! Before we put him through their three week training program, I had reached my limit on trying to leash train him and my fiance was having trouble getting him to listen to commands without bribing him with a treat. After completing three weeks of training at shelmar, we went to pick him up and they gave us an incredible hands on lesson to show us how to continue his training and how to properly handle him! They were absolute incredible and Apollo has done a full 180! You can tell that both Shelly and mark really have a passion for what they do and they treat the dogs they train like members of the family! Our experience was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone trying to get a handle on training their pups!!

Chris Dorflinger

4 years ago

Martin is an excellent trainer. Very good with your pet.

shabbychic45 Michele Cobb

4 years ago

Great dog trainers! My pup is reformed!!

Shawn “Shenanigans.” Flanagan

4 years ago

My Dogs have never been better. The owner knows what she is doing, and she really help all of us understand what we have been doing wrong.

Bassam Alnasleh

5 years ago

Our 4 month old German Shepard Balto is a different dog and an absolute joy to be around! Prior to Shelmar Kennels he was constantly mouthing us and biting our feet. He would totally disregard my wife and treated her as if she was his chew toy. Since returning from training at Shelmar he is calm and obedient, best of all, no more biting. He enjoys walking now and stays at our side which allows us to practice is obedience training. We are so happy we decided to send Balto to Shelmar Kennels.

Jah Son

5 years ago

Very professional environment and great results..

Sherry Ash

5 years ago

Shelly turned are two terribly behaved labradoodles into dogs we love to be around. She had them for 4 weeks and worked wonders. While considering if this is for you, just know that we as the parents had to change the way we “parent” and realize that we are responsible for maintaining the changes that Shelly developed in our pups. Before giving your poorly behaved dog away, consider Shelmar..

Mark Oehmke

6 years ago

What a difference Martin made in our sheepdog. Well with the time and price.

Christi Pramudji

6 years ago

Really helped our little hyper dog learn to be calm. And taught us how to calm him. We have been to another school for puppy training which didn't work as well. Shelmar is old school with choke chains (I think they have a nicer name for it now!) and establishing who is the human and the alpha. Worked better for our dog than the positive treat reinforced training which led to lots of barking to demand treats. Shelley was great and really helped us a lot. The facility is great for dogs.

Jonathan Miller

6 years ago

Fantastic facility, program, and guidance!! Life changing for both the dog and I.

Alison Neeley

7 years ago

We had our puppy trained there in 2014 and it was the best decision we could have made. We believed in their training techniques and oh my gosh did it pay off. You can't put a price on an obedient well mannered dog. They not only trained our pup but they trained us! So important to remember. I always recommend them to anybody who asks. We now live in a different state and It's safe to say we will be sending our next pup to them when that day comes.

Junrich N

7 years ago

Martin Bell the owner of Shelmar Kennels is very knowledgeable and has a natural way with dogs. He loves what he does and it reflects with the care they provide for your dog.. I was amazed when i got my puppy back, she was crazy dog and now i say jump and she says how high. Great experience and great customer service! Shelmar Kennels is a best place to take your dog for a day of fun or a weekend get away.

glessy jhoy Labasano

7 years ago

Shelmar Kennels is EXCELLENT place where you can leave your dogs. Very clean and the staff is very responsible. When we travel again, it will be the best place where my dogs will be care. They are super professional and friendly. My dog looks and smells amazing! Thank you Martin and the rest of personal and keepers for everything.

Leslie Ordener

8 years ago

The Shelmar Kennels website is impressive, BUT – Don’t be fooled! Our consultation visit to Shelmar Kennels was a disaster. The owner is very …

Greg McNew

8 years ago

AMAZING! Our dog Sammy is not the dog we left there 3 weeks ago. Our German Shepard is 14 months old. Transformed in to "ROBO DOG" . My son and I are so pleased. Before Shelly started working with her she was uncontrollable. Today she is calm, minds her manners and moves on command. I hope we can keep her where Shelly was able to get her in a short time. Thank YOU!!!

Erin Roche

8 years ago

We have been bringing our dog to Shelmar for 5 years now, we live in Houston so it's a bit of a drive but it's completely worth it. We initially had our dog trained at Shelmar and have used them for boarding ever since when we go out of town. The training was fantastic, our 75-lb lab is very well behaved and the reinforced training when he goes for boarding is priceless. Shelmar is well priced and we LOVE all of the acreage our dog to play on when he stays there. He gets to run around the property, swim in the lake and play in a controlled environment with other dogs. He actually seems depressed when he has to come home! Shelly and Martin are fantastic and I strongly recommend them.

Amy Dangas

8 years ago

I chose Martin and Shelly to train our bloodhound puppy when he was 6 months old. We were having issues with him being stubborn and jumping up. We signed him up for the 4 week training session and the results were amazing. Martin and Shelly worked with us on multiple appointments after the initial training to help get us the dog owner accustomed to the commands and behavior that our dog responds to. My bloodhound is 100lbs and I can walk him on a leash without feeling like my arm will be pulled out. Thanks to Martin I walk him he doesn't walk me. Our dog is also very well behaved and obedient while being walked off leash, and for a bloodhound this is the most impressive behavior. We board him and our 12 yr old mix breed at Shelmar Kennels and every time I drop them off they are happy to be back visiting. When I pick them up they are happy and I can tell they have been cared for in a loving manor. Our dogs enjoy socializing with the other dogs while here and having play time on the open facilities. Additionally the ability to expose both dogs to some fine tuning on training during boarding is awesome as well! They are amazing with special diets and medication and keeping in touch while the dogs are boarded. I would recommend them 1000 times over for any dog that needs obedience training or even that special dog that has more severe behaviors to address. Shelmar is a great place for both you and your dog! We will continue to board our dogs with Martin and Shelly and any future canine additions will most definitely be trained by them as well!

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