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Helen Venice

a year ago

I was referred by my friend b/c he always took his dog here. I have been coming to this vet 2 times. The things will make me stop coming from now on are first the young technician there. She's sweet to my pet, but she just never seems happy with me. I'm not sure how she is with other clients, but I just never saw a smile on her face. Second, I was on a call with a receptionist there. She kept cutting me off when I talked, and she didn't give me chance to jump in the conversation. So it's to the point that I had to ask her to give me a chance to talk. And suddenly, there was another receptionist jumped in and talked to me. To be professional and respectful, shouldn't the 1st receptionist notice me that the call is transferred to a diff person ? I hope other Bingle Vet locations are not treating their clients like this. I felt really disrespected with this location !

Sean Schmitt

a year ago

I honestly don’t have words to express how grateful we are to Linda. She called I don’t know how many places to help us find a doctor to come out to our home in Brookshire to help us with our family dog that we couldn’t transport to a vet. Linda went above and beyond the call of duty and we are very grateful to her and her kindness. She is a truly caring person that didn’t have to help us. We haven’t even taken our animals to this vet and they spent hours helping us. They truly care about the animals they see and the ones they don’t. Linda was a life saver and I hope everyone knows how wonderful of a human she is.

Adella Ramirez

2 years ago

They require a $25 deposit via your credit card for weekend appts.

Stephanie Reid

2 years ago

I used to love this place for my dogs, but when I recently took my older dog, the doctor (Dr Ellender) hardly looked at him and diagnosed him with arthritis. I took him to another vet who thoroughly looked at him , checking out his knees and had me walk him around, he was diagnosed with a torn ACL. The doctor talked more about herself and her knees/arthritis rather than my dog. Plus I paid them $150 for them to “look” at my dog and medicine vs the new place where I paid $60 for an exam & medicine. Other than that one veterinarian, the staff is great. I’m giving one star because she was absolutely no help & wasted my time & money when I could’ve been getting an orthopedic consult for my dog for the same price of $150.

Patti Michaels

2 years ago

Wonderful staff and awesome care was given to my 15 year old chihuahua Baby Cakes. I highly recommend this clinic, best by far !

Andrea A

2 years ago

I have been going to Bingle vet for about 9 years, but they don't seem to care about your pet. My small mix 14lb dog has a slip disk and I kept telling them that and they were aggressive with him for nail trim and nasal injection. Makes me wonder if they are the ones that hurt his neck in the first place. My dog is not aggressive at all, in fact he loves people and is very friendly. On top of that, they never used to charge for nail trims and this time they charged me 20$. They asked me the sign the paper after the nail trim was completed. The office should notify their clients when things have changed, like charging for a nail trim! The vet(Lauren Ellender) didn't even touch my dog and I was charged 65$ for exam and evaluation. Oh wait, she did touch him but only to draw blood...which took 2 mins tops! I never saw the vet listen to my dogs heart, or check his ears like i asked to be done! Overall, I'm very disappointed in how my dog was taken care of. I will NOT be returning to them and after 9 years with them, i will be looking for another vet because my dog will no longer be seen by them again! 2 hours later after my Yelp post and emailing the office manager, I received this letter. So sad how I get this letter and not even an apology. They don’t care.

Kathey Cotton

2 years ago

Just having time to place this review.. does not deserve even one ⭐️ …very disappointed with Bingle Vet. We have an English Bulldog which we bought him in April 2021 (8 weeks old) took him to Bingle Vet the first day we got him they said he was fine and if we had any problems to bring him back, the following Sunday Bear was having severe diarrhea and not eating or drinking( we knew something was wrong with him) Monday morning I immediately called them to get him seen the lady at the front desk told me they had no appointments until the following day knowing the symptoms he had and she wouldn’t accept him. So I called 4 Paws in Fulshear being a new puppy they said to bring him in ,our little guy had the parvovirus they had given us 2 options and we brought him home and provided medication for a week and our baby beat the virus, Thanks to 4 Paws. Unfortunately I will never recommend Bingle Vet again. Our baby would of been dead if we would of waited as she wanted us to do. Bingle Vet needs a couple of emergency appointments open to people. Very disappointed with Bingle Vet. Please think twice before using this facility

Laura Huerta

2 years ago

They squeezed in my dog (not a reg patient) on the sameday for a sick visit. Reasonably priced, nice staff and quick visit.

Nathan Aucoin

2 years ago

Has teeth... Will bite. That's what my girlfriend told me when I decided to feed my 5-year-old border collie next to my 4-month-old Belgian malinois. I did it anyway and the puppy got bit! You can imagine I was a little upset when I rushed the puppy to Bengal vet. Everyone in the office was calm like they had seen this kind of thing before The vet techs told me everything would be okay and even asked if I wanted to hold the puppy while the doctor put staples in his dog face. No way could I do that so I went to get something to eat and by the time I was back with a sandwich it was already done and everybody was loving on my puppy. I didn't get the doctor's name because she was so busy but I would like to thank all the vet techs especially Rachel and Tamika.

Llewelyn V (llewelyn_v)

2 years ago

Highly recommend this Vet. We had to make a very very difficult decision recently (euthanasia for our beloved puppy), and I just have to say a big thank-you to Dr Vaughan and team for the professionalism and compassion with which they handled everything. God bless you guys!

Madeleine O Carroll

2 years ago

My fiance and I just got a new puppy (this is the 3rd puppy we've raised together), and we took her to Bingle Vet for her 1st puppy check up. This was our first visit to Bingle Vet, and we were not impressed. The process of making the appointment via phone was fine. The woman who answered the phone was polite and prompt. However, upon arrival for our appointment the following day proved otherwise. The woman (wearing WAY too much blue eye shadow) at the front desk was in a bad mood and treated us as though our presence was a HUGE inconvenience. And the vet was not very thorough. Our puppy had been suffering from diarrhea since before we picked her up from the breeder, and that was the only thing the vet addressed (and not very well, I might add). She had the vet tech take a stool sample from our puppy, but then they didn't run any tests on it. She didn't actually examine the puppy. There was no checking of the eyes, the teeth, the joints, the heart, lungs, etc. She was solely concerned with the diarrhea. We had to make the vet check our puppy's hips and tail, as that was a concern for us as well. Her attitude was very wait and see. The services provided were very affordable, just not very thorough, so we will not be back. UPDATE: In response to the clinic's reply below, I called the clinic at 1pm on Friday, Jul 9 to ask if they ran a fecal and to share the results. They were supposed to call me back with the information. Today is Jul 14, and they never called me back with the results. I had to hear the results of my puppy’s test in a response to a Google review... They were more concerned about saving face here on a low-star review than actually calling me to improve my customer experience.

Carol Lawrence

2 years ago

Great front desk receptionist and vet tech. Veterinarian is very caring.

Julie Kemp

2 years ago

Love Bingle vet and they love my baby.

Kim Jackson

2 years ago

Horrible. I had to have my mom bring my dog in for a RX refill. They didn't tell me they didn't accept online pet medicine refills. I spoke to 3 different people including the vet. No one said anything. After about a week of the the online medicine clinic trying to contact them I was told I needed a physical RX. The vet I spoke was unimaginably rude. Told me it was my fault bc my mom had to bring her in. Completely unprofessional to blame their mess up on the customer. Oh they also charged me for a $30 bottle of medicated shampoo that I specifically told the I DID NOT want. They are crooks and completely rude. Wont ever go back.

marielly mora

2 years ago

It was great. They were able to take a walk in today. My dog was first time that didnt bark or cry. They even did the nails and my dog didnt try to beat them. It was excellent service

Jessica Hanley

2 years ago

Love bingle vet. Patient and concerned for your pets well being and very communicative.

Jeffrey Kronk

2 years ago

Simply the best place to take your pets. They don't overcharge and are awesome with the animals. Fair prices, great employees.

Bart Benton

3 years ago

Great place, outstanding service. Glad google recommended i leave a review because I’ve been here a few times and forgot. These people love pets and are super professional yet warm at the same time.

Survivor OfMany

3 years ago

I highly recommend Bingle over any other vet clinic in the area. Medication prices low, no vet appointment for flea meds once established, can walk in and pick up one dose if needed. The front office staff go above and beyond to make you feel safe during Covid-19. All staff follows strict CDC guidelines. Enter at time of appointment, curb side drop off if your uncomfortable & 6ft distancing measures are in place. I used to take Charlie to Brixton & would walk out after spending $300 for the same services. No comparison. Thanks ladies for today! Y’all made my day

sandi cunningham

3 years ago

I feel horrible for sending my family here. I have been coming to you guys for quite a while for my dogs. First, I would not even give you guys one star at all. My mama's puppy somehow got a hold Sago Palm seed in a panic my mama called you guys because you are her veterinary clinic as well. The front desk said sorry you couldn't take an emergency, and you guys were heading out to lunch. We took her to Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital. They not only took her in but fought for her for five days. She died Friday afternoon. Then your front desk calls my mama this morning to say hey we have an opening for her this afternoon. Seriously. I also requested last week for my vet records to be emailed to me, and your receptionist did not bother to ask why I was leaving your Veterinary Clinic at all or ask any questions. With cheery voice said ok, have a great afternoon as she did with my mama last week and this morning. I will be taking my dogs to Cinco Ranch Veterinary Hospital, where they care more about your animals and the owner. Please don't contact us again.

Roxy Halphen

3 years ago

We adopted our sweet Belle from a rescue place and part of the adoption requirements was we were required to have her Spayed at the Vet. When we dropped her off we asked when she would be ready and we were told in a cold and hateful responds that because Belle was a rescue dog she wouldn’t be given first priority and she’ll be ready sometime later today. We are just sick to our stomach worried about her and hoping that they’ll do the procedure correctly. Rescue or not she is a part of our family and she is very loved. We will never return to this Vet.

Richie Ramos

3 years ago

Friendly staff. My dogs love to come here.

Lorena Jean Photography

3 years ago

Great service, friendly, accommodating staff

juan martinez

3 years ago

I write this review with a broken hearts as my friend of 13 years "Miny" passed away Feb 22. I first took Miny to Bingle Vet around 8 year ago and trust them with Mini's health ever since. More than once Bingle Vet, both the Bingle and Katy locations went the extra mile for Miny. Today i received a Sympathy card from the Katy branch with a message from the staff. Im glad Miny's last moments spent surrounded by people that cared about her. Cant recommended them enough.

Julianne Salinas

3 years ago

Absolutely love everything about this clinic!

Katrina Erickson

3 years ago

Loved the staff and Vet at Bingle-Katy. It was my first time taking my dog to the vet and they made it feel very easy. They handled my dog with love and compassion and answered my questions completely. We will be back.

Maria Jenisch

3 years ago

Can’t say enough nice things! Amazing vets (:

N. V.

3 years ago

I used to have an older, chronically ill dog who saw many vets who told us they couldn't help her, but after just one visit with Dr. Vaughan greatly improved her skin and bladder issues. Now I have a puppy and again after seeing other doctors, and being related to a vet tech who has worked in many Katy vet offices, I really trust that Bingle is the best vet office in Katy based on their doctors, quality of care, and friendly staff.

Jenifer Montiel

3 years ago

I'm so disappointed in this place. We visited the Katy office with our 10 month old cane corso/italian mastiff PUPPY (105 lbs) for the first time since before COVID. He nervously tinkled when we arrived in the lobby, which was a clear indication that he wasn't comfortable. The lady at the front desk was really friendly and hospitable and escorted us to our room. The doctor arrived 15 minutes later and my puppy was barking quite a bit as he's not used to masks, but it wasn't an aggressive bark. We tried to explain to the doctor and nurse/tech that he's really sweet, just doesn't like masks. The doctor "examined" and "diagnosed" him within 2 minutes from 3 feet away. He didn't touch or spend any real time with him before asking me to take him out of the room due to the barking. I was annoyed, but understood that it was difficult to have a discussion over his deep I left while he and my husband chatted. We called Bingle again recently as our puppy was under the weather. The doctor that we spoke with over the phone was friendly, but informed us that the note in our file said that our puppy is "very aggressive". Excuse me?! He's a PUPPY with ZERO people or dog aggression. Dogs bark; nervous/scared dogs bark...especially when strangers approach them with masks. He didn't snarl, growl, bite, or show any signs of aggression. My dog is my "child" and I don't appreciate you labeling him as aggressive just because he was barking. If you're afraid of this breed or inexperienced...own that and don't foolishly label my dog as "very aggressive". He really is the sweetest thing and you all would know that if you spent more than 2 minutes with him. *shrug* Ah well, time to find a new vet.

Mari McCain

3 years ago

Simply the best. Dr Vaughn Nd Dr Tesh are wonderful. Thank you. Mari

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