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Chandni Patel

2 years ago

As the founder of a rescue, we had a sweet male cat who had an issue with his eye. His third eyelid was covering half of his eye. We were worried it was bothering him, but it wasn't. We wanted to make sure he was healthy and adoptable. Our vet asked us to reach out to Dr. Rainbow. They did a surgery on him, and his eye looks amazing. Look at the before and after pics. First 2 are the before, next 2 are the after. Thank you so much!!!

April Sears

2 years ago

It did not seem as though they required dogs to be either in a carrier or on a leash.

Kathryn Miller

2 years ago

Dr Rainbow and his team always take expert care of our furbabies!

Vinh Trinh

2 years ago

This dr. doesn’t know how to diagnose my dog eye condition.. all he does is to milking moneys out of my dog eye.. 2 times visits did not show any improvement and he suggests to do unnecessary procedures cost $5k … luckily I went to Gulf Cost Animal Eyes hospital and the doctor knew right away what caused my dogs swelled up… it is just ingrown eye lashed caused the eyes infection and swelling. She did a laser treatment and now my dog is perfect and back to normal as he was before … please visit other doctor to get 2nd opinion…. Beware of this doctor !

Ryan Ward

2 years ago

Although the reason for visiting was upsetting, the staff and Dr. Rainbow we very friendly, helpful and were able to put our minds at ease and take care of our little pup.

Curtis Brown

2 years ago

Do not go here. I won’t go into details because its lengthy. My vet told me why did you let Dr Rainbow destroy her eye? My dog has no eyes now and over $6,000 spent. Don’t waste your money and do your pet a favor and go elsewhere.


2 years ago

Very knowledgeable doctor. My cats eye ruptured and Dr. Rainbow’s office was the only office willing to work my cat’s surgery in his schedule so she didn’t lose her eye. She will make a full recovery. I’m so so grateful to him and his team for being so accessible, helpful, and sweet. Thank you for getting my cat out of pain! Update almost a year later: I had a follow up with our regular vet and he said Dr. Rainbows work was impeccable! He said it was truly miracle he was able to save his eye.

Shirley Clarke

2 years ago

I'm extremely disappointed/ANGRY at the lack of explaination of what was going on with my dog's eye problem at the initial visit. Dr. Rainbow told me the ulcer on my dog's eye was so bad he was surprised it hadn't erupted. (I had been going to my regular vet for over 8 months trying to get it healed). Of course I was freaked out when told this! Dr. Rainbow said he could do surgery that same day and we did bc I freaked thinking it would erupt. After the fact, however, I was sent home with 4 medications to put in my dog's eye, one of which, was for tear production. Long story made short, the ulcers that were continuing to come up were caused by lack of tear production which I NEVER KNEW! This was never mentioned until after the surgery, (which was over $2,000). I should have been made aware of everything that I've been through already and what might or might not work BEFORE THE SURGERY!!! Then, going back and forth (180 miles round trip) for the next 6 months with a different eye medication each time. Appx $4,000 and 6 months later, now my dog's eye has to be removed????? Or, pay another $3,000 to redirect the tear duct, to which he said numerous times "I hate doing this surgery but will do it" and not even sure that would work. I'm having a different vet do the eye removal and do not recommend this facility bc of my bad experience. I'm not saying that he wasn't trying to help my dog's eye but, I should have known all the facts UP FRONT before putting my tiny 5 lb. Yorkie through all of this as well as, breaking the bank!!!

Victoria Nettles

2 years ago

I am so pleased with the care my dog received with AEMSVSS. My dog developed a large tumor on his eyelid that was growing quickly, and no veterinary ophthalmologists in the Austin area could see us for an initial consultation for over a month. Dr Rainbow’s office was able to schedule us within a week. Dr Rainbow was very kind and knowledgeable. He was able to operate on my dog the SAME DAY to save us driving back from Austin an additional trip. His staff were warm and helpful. Cannot recommend this clinic enough.

Lexi Zager

2 years ago

Saved my dogs eye! Dr. Rainbow worked miracles!

Shawn Kemp

2 years ago

I am very impressed with the service and care here. They are very informative and treat your pet like one of their own. I was referred here by Banfield Hospital, so happy with the referral. Thank you for taking care of my baby girl.

Sergio SM

2 years ago

Expensive out of pocket, but top quality care. My dog did great after surgery and they had excellent bedside manners in person and over the phone with nervous questions. 100% recommended if your pup needs cataract surgery. ♥️

Paulette Green Manson

2 years ago

Very efficient and they care about your pet and your wallet.

Monique Gough

2 years ago

Took my chihuahua Gizmo in for an urgent visit Dr. replied to my email last night within minutes and just as they promised called me at 8am and we were in by 11am he looked at my dog and knew exactly what was wrong with him. So thankful for them getting me in right away and for the great service provided.

J. Bustillo

2 years ago

Dr. Rainbow is a miracle worker. This man saved my dog’s sight. My shih tzu Willy badly scratched his eye. I spent $500 and many hou at a top-notch ER vet to get a referral on a Friday night to see Dr Rainbow. He and his team were waiting for us at his Katy office at 9 pm to see Willy. They were beyond kind and patient given the late hour. Dr. Rainbow gently and carefully examined Willy. He thoroughly explained the options, which included patching the tear with part of his inner eye lid. He performed the surgery in under an hour. It wasn’t cheap, but included the four medications and follow up appointments. His office gave me detailed instructions at each visit. His Katy office was clean and well run. No waiting around. He also has an office in Spring. Today was our third visit and I received the fantastic news that Willy can see out of his his left eye again. If your precious pet ever has a vision issue do yourself a favor and take it directly to Dr. Rainbow ???? ????????

Leslie Rubio

3 years ago

The service was amazing and my sweet pupper wasn't scared like she always is when she goes to the doctor.

Dana Cyril

3 years ago

My dog is suffering from inflammation and cataracts and after a month of what the doctor calls "aggressive medical therapy," her condition has not improved. In fact, according to him, it got worse. I'm a vet tech myself, so I am super particular about following doctor's orders for any treatment. So I'm going to get a second opinion. And medical issues aside, no, I don't recommend this doctor as for every visit, he lacked in compassion and just decent care. His patients seem like they're just clock work to him. He kept telling me my dog was in pain from her eye but she's active and happy and not showing immediate signs of pain, so either my dog can't feel pain or he's just jumping to the last resort of eye removal surgery. I may not be a vet but I honestly feel like more can be done before I resort to such a decision. Definitely getting another opinion. Highly disappointed. Feeling bad I wasted financial resources and my poor baby isn't getting any better.

ana rodriguez

3 years ago

Everyone is so helpful. The doc speaks very, very fast. Don't be afraid to ask him to repeat what he said.

David Delgado

3 years ago

I highly recommend Dr Rainbow and his staff to care for your baby!!!!! The staff are very professional an friendly!!!!! Dr Rainbow took great care of my baby Cani!!!!!

Susie Moreno

3 years ago

What a great place to go for all your dogs needs for their eyes , great doc great nurses just an all around fantastic place to go !!!!

Stacy Stracener

3 years ago

Dr Marc Rainbow is THE Top Veterinarian Ophthalmologist in Houston and surrounding areas. He saved my dog from going blind, can anyone who loves their pet ask for more?! Exceptional surgeon, I highly recommend this doctor. It’s been one month and my Max can see again!

Simon Peters

3 years ago

Fantastic experience. The staff were professional and caring. The doctor was thorough and explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend them for your pets eye problems

Siamack Bazargani

3 years ago

I was referred here by our vet. One of our dogs required an eye tissue graft to prevent rupture and eye removal. Scheduled a consultation/visit and same day my dog was home and healing after the tissue graft surgery. Staff was professional and responsive. Streamlined experience. Would recommend.

ryan B

3 years ago

My dog had to have her eye removed. The Doctor did an awesome job and I am really happy I decided to get the procedure done. She's almost all healed up.

Linda Blench

3 years ago

Highly recommend this doggie eye doctor! When our dog had eye pain the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, this was THE ONLY place within 35 miles that would fit her in. All the other doggie eye doctors wanted us to wait until Monday, while our dog suffered. Despite their aggressive efforts, our dog did eventually lose her eye. I was very upset while in the office and they were kind and understanding. They performed all the procedures the day we were there so our dog would be relieved of her pain. Dr. Rainbow and his staff are very professional and focused on the care of your pet, as they should be.


3 years ago

12.4.20 I was recently recommended to see Dr. Rainbow for my dog's severe dry eye ailment. I came with concerns about the pain and discomfort previous medication had caused my dog, and how preservative-free eyedrops had helped to soothe general pain- to which Dr. Rainbow scoffed and told me she was "actually in pain" despite my best efforts to help my dog's eye issue. Not only was he condescending, he did not listen to me, in any capacity that would constitute a 'consultation' regarding my dog's eye health. He gave my dog's eyes a quick check with a light and scope, and quickly prattled off his diagnoses. When I had questions, he was quick to speak over me and seemed uninterested in answering those questions. I was blown off after he stated he would return with sample medication to see my dog's reaction to it; a nurse appeared instead to test it and he did not return for the remainder of my visit. The nurse seemed surprised that I had questions, and while she answered them to the best of her ability, it was not her place to have done so. Dr. Rainbow completely disregarded me and my pet after dismissing me and my questions during his very brief 5-minute 'consultation'. I paid $160 (not including the near $150 in medications, 2 of which he never talked to me about) to be condescended to. He did not return to finish our appointment, he did not return to answer my questions, he did not return to ensure my dog's reaction to the medication was satisfactory. When I asked the nurse if he was done with me, she awkwardly laughed and said, "I guess so." That is absolutely inappropriate for a doctor to disregard and leave a patient mid-appointment with no explanation or without finishing that appointment. The nurse did her best to cover my questions, and though she had to leave to ask him for answers, he never returned to answer those questions himself, or see that I was in a place of understanding of the intended treatment. Not only this, but when following the instructions later, my dog's third eyelid in both eyes became swollen and inflamed (a concern I had expressed at the beginning of our appointment,) I called the clinic to find out what I should do. I was directed to the urgent after-hours call line, and assured they would call me "within 5 minutes," but to call after that time if they had not. They did not, and when I reached out at 5:06PM, no one answered the phone. I left a message, and waited. At 8PM, when it was time to give the last treatment of the day, her eyes were still tightly shut and third eyelids swollen and inflamed, so I called again and was hung up on with no means of leaving another message. So I called the clinic and left a message, asking to be called first thing in the morning. No one called me, despite opening at 9AM. I ended up calling after 10AM and spoke with a nurse, who answered further questions that no one answered the night before, informing me my dog was "expected to be uncomfortable, the medication does cause burning," a warning I would have needed prior to accepting the medication from the clinic. I had spoken to three separate nurses after my initial appointment to get this matter taken care of, especially in regards to my pet's overall comfort and care. I never received a return call from urgent care, nor return calls for the numerous messages I had left their office. I will not be returning, and my primary doctor will also be hearing about the treatment Dr. Rainbow gave me after being recommended to him so that she knows not to recommend him for his poor behavior and lack of communication. This was my first visit to an eye specialist, my dog had been dealing with this issue for several months, and while I felt I entered the appointment with all my ducks in a row, I left more frazzled than I entered, spending more money than I knew I would, having had a man give me his bare minimum in time and consideration. EDIT: 12.17.20 I have yet to hear back from this clinic, in either regards to my dog's reaction to the medications or my issue with their lack of communication. Appalling.

katrina p

3 years ago

The staff at the office was wonderful. They were extremely sweet, knowledgeable, and professional. However, Dr. Rainbow was very rude from the moment he walked into the exam room. He snapped at me for getting emotional after hearing my pet's prognosis...which was too early in the healing process to confirm, in my opinion. He has no bedside manner and was very condescending. My pet was in pain and at risk of losing her eye! (Of course any dog mother would get emotional!) I am not sure if this doctor has the heart for people or pets. I will find another specialist for future visits. He will not get my hard-earned money.

Derek Bean

3 years ago

I was referred here because of an eye injury to my best friend! I was probably more nervous than Chops was. They were amazing. They fit me into their schedule immediately. After looking at Chops it was obvious he either needed surgery or have his eye would get much worse. So I asked when they could fit the surgery in? He said he could do it right now as I was the last appointment. I was thrilled. Chops surgery went great and is recovering at home. He's still under the anesthesia so he's tired. But thanks to these guys he is comfortable and on the road to recovery! I'm much more at ease as well. Thank you so much for help us out.

Denise Daugherty

3 years ago

They all were so nice and enjoyable when my Chewy had a cataract. They took care of him right away.

Burke Abercrombie

3 years ago

This place is incredible. They treated my dog with such care. Made sure she was well taken care of at all times. Helped us fill medication not at their facility so it was an easier drive for me. Answered the phone promptly and very professionally. I haven't had to have double cataract surgery on an animal before but from what I can tell Dr. Rainbow was at least half as expensive. He came highly recommended from my primary vet no matter If i had a million dollars or none. Dr. Rainbow was super easy to talk to and explained the procedure and everything so that anyone can understand. She went from a Radar Dish to a very happy non cataract afflicted dog in a month! Brenda always answered the phone and was pleasant to talk to.

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