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Paige Gonzalez

a year ago

Overall great experience! Can’t get much better than having a groomer come straight to your home and especially at this price point. They groomed both my dog AND cat (who knew)! Both the animals and their humans are very happy with their fresh cuts :) Will be a long time returning customer!

Becky Hooley

2 years ago

The ladies were very nice & good. Both dogs looked great and no Bloody nicks. Already recommended to a friend with shihtzus. Will use them again when needed.

Happily Ever Alamoudi

2 years ago

Pricey but worth the expense

Jason Lee

2 years ago

This company has to be one of the worst grooming companies with which I've ever had to deal. It's obvious that they don't care anything about the dogs. They just want to do as quick of a groom as possible to move on to the next client. It's a chop shop! The awful service began last October. After waiting easily over a month for the appointment for my dogs, I received a call the day of the appointment from the groomer stating that the appointment would need to be canceled because they can't get in touch with the groomer. They tried to reschedule my appointment for another several weeks out. I find it ironic that if you don't cancel on them 24 hours in advance they charge you a trip charge or cancelation fee. I eventually argued with them and they found someone to send out hours late. The next appointment was an even worse situation. I scheduled another appointment with them after another groomer that I used went out of business due to COVID. The dogs were matted more than usual because they were off the usual grooming routine because of the situation that everyone is going through. At the time the appointment was made, months in advance because the Gentle Touch was booked that far out, the dogs were only slightly matted if at all at that time. Regardless, the groomer ended up having to shave the dogs because of that, and I was completely understanding. This is where things went really off the rails. Karen, the owner is the RUDEST person I've ever had to deal with in a groomer. After the groom, she literally told me that if my dogs were matted again, she would NOT GROOM THEM. What kind of groomer refuses to work with dogs if they're matted? Again, she SHAVED my dogs and was STILL complaining about having to groom them. In March 2021, I booked an appointment for June 12, 2021 for my dogs to get groomed again. Karen, the owner called me April 9th at 12:31pm (over two months ahead of my next appointment!) on a workday that she interrupted mostly to just COMPLAIN AGAIN about my dogs being matted. It was becoming clear that she was just wanting to fire us as customers and that she didn't want to groom our dogs anymore. She said something no groomer has EVER said to me. "Your dogs have the worst matting I've ever seen in 25 years!" Then proceeded to try to arbitrarily raise the price on my dogs for the next groom. I even agreed to the higher price. I find it deeply offensive that she implied we don't take care of our dogs. We treat them very well. The nail is the coffin was today, June 9th. I got a call again today from then company to ask if my dogs are matted. We told her "no" because they aren't. They're never usually matted. They were just off schedule last time because of Covid. Then, she made it impossible for us to agree to this next groom. She stated that if she had to brush the dogs out AT ALL then she would just shave them; which, I was not going agree with her that when it's not necessary. So, basically if she has to do her BASIC grooming job of brushing the dogs when they're not matted she is going to shave them! We got on a conference call to try to figure something out and it basically ended with her hanging up on us, which is really unprofessional. I don't recommended this company and it's obvious that they're cheaper for a reason.

Leann Waltz

2 years ago

When submitting my application in hopes to get a position here, I was immediately greeted with judgment. The very first response I received was, and I quote “Why do you people apply for pet groomer job when you know nothing about pet grooming?“. I already have a position at another Pet Grooming facility. I’m experienced in grooming cats, rabbits, occasional Guinea pigs as well as dogs.???? If she had a civil mannered conversation with me like any other hiring manager would, she’d find out that I have 9-10 months worth of experience. In my opinion, that’s a lot more than nothing. The woman that responded with that ill-mannered response was Karen (no surprise there) McRorey. For anyone looking for a pet grooming position, I warn you to look elsewhere.

Rachel McGee

2 years ago

This groomer was HORRIFIC. Completely UNPROFESSIONAL. We waited for an appointment for my elderly dog and when the groomer arrived she refused to groom my dog. Haley used to come groom with this company and she did great with my dog. Karen came today and she was confrontational with my husband and repeatedly told me my dog was about to die. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE GROOM YOUR DOG.

terry murdock

2 years ago

Left message to contact me two weeks ago,never heard from them. Guess they don't need the business.

Kiawatha French

2 years ago

I have to take the time out to thank A Gentle Touch Pet Grooming for doing a wonderful job with our Gracee. I found them online last year right after the start of the covid shut down. I was looking for a service that would come to us. I have to say, this is one of the best grooming services I've had for Gracee. Very professional, friendly, but like family. They treat Gracee like she is family to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a job well done. She looks and smells WONDERFUL!!!! See you again soon!

Sanae Michelle

2 years ago

I called this company to inquire about scheduling weekly grooming services for my English Bulldogs. After leaving a message my call was returned by a lady (name I can’t recall but sounded somewhat older). She asked what she could do for me (this was odd as I left a very detailed message regarding the services I was seeking). I inquired if they serviced my area she confirmed they did. I advised The Lady that I was seeking weekly grooming to include a bath, nail grinding and polish. Her initial reply should have been my sign to simply end the call after she enlightened me on how my address (the same one she indicated she serviced and that's literally less than 5 miles from the city she advertises her location) was out of the way and a weekly mileage charge would be assessed due to the distance. She went on to say there would need to be other customers in the area to make it worth their while. I asked if it would be possible to use my dogs personal shampoo as well as grind the toe nails vs cut. The Lady went into great detail to explain nail grinding was more expensive and time consuming vs no extra cost to clip the nail. I politely explained that I preferred the grinding method she then returned to get lecture the cost and how they have a procedure to stop bleeding whenever nails are cut down too far. She suggested their earliest available appointment was 6/21/21. I advised The Lady that I did need something earlier but agreed to book that day and assured her if I found an earlier accommodation I would phone her back to advise. The Lady indicated she would need a credit card to book the appointment. I refused to provide this outlandishly curt and unprofessional individual with any financial security via phone and politely informed her that I didn't feel comfortable with giving my credit card information over the phone. She immediately hung up. Hmmmm, I'm thinking The Lady clearly isn't aware that google hosts a plethora of mobile dog grooming companies and I'm sure most of which have far better 1st impressions. Regardless of how long you've been in business (The Lady made sure to inform me that they've been in business for several years) customer service should never be subtracted from your companies driving force.

Kristi Holland

2 years ago

They must no longer be in business. I hope they are ok but no answer on any lines or website ????

Breanne Shannon

2 years ago

Horrible experience. Business owner verbally abusive on the phone, speaks over you and very condescending. Business owner claimed her driver doesn’t talk and drive at the same time however I have a photo proving different. UPDATE: the owner, Elaine I found to lie and is not a kind human and doesn’t like to be wrong. Also, the vehicle was moving when mobile groomer was driving. Hopefully customers find a different, BETTER, more friendly grooming salon and avoid crossing paths with this outdated business. If this review enlightens one customer and they go elsewhere, I’d be happy.

Justin Tortorice

2 years ago

I called to book an appointment for my dog a few weeks ago. The day of, they never showed so I called back to find out what was going on and they claimed that I never replied to the confirmation call or text. However, I never received any call or text. I tried explaining this and got zero sympathy or understanding from the owner. I asked what number she was calling and she never gave me a response. She blamed me for everything and even charged me $25 for cancelling. I asked for a refund since I never cancelled but she said it was policy. It was horrendous customer service. Do not use this company, there is no concern for the client. The owner said, "Well, this ain't my fault." I know I didn't say my phone number incorrectly, so she must have recorded it incorrectly. Shifting the blame to the customer is one way to destroy a business. Buyer beware. I also have records on my phone that show that I never received a call or text from you to confirm the appointment. However, when you charge me $25 for "cancelling" (something I did not do), you are placing blame. I asked when another appointment was available and you told me it would be another few weeks. I just want a refund and I think it is deserving. By the looks of the other reviews you have received, I am far from the only person you have treated this way.

Jennah Thull

3 years ago

I found out about this company through a good friend and decided to call them to set a appointment for my teacup yorkie, her hair gets kinda crazy since she’s a yorkie but she hates car trips so I thought this would be perfect. They were quick at fitting us in their schedule and came out the next day! Haylie was our groomer and let me just tell you she made the entire experience so wonderful. I didn’t know my little fur ball could ever look that good! Seriously, she has been groomed by “professionals” before and never has she looked this good! My puppy came back inside prancing around like she was the champion at the dog show... and she looked it too! I will never take my little ball of fur to anyone besides Haylie ever again, she’s wonderful!

Jasmine Espinoza

3 years ago

Well, worst experience. My mini poodle got a bad razor burn, and now we are here at the vet because he has an infection. When he got back from being groomed, his whole body was HOT! He was very hot for 2 days, I noticed he was really red all around his private area. Its been 4 days and it hasn't got any better, has shivers, discharge from his private. Never had this issue with any other vet! Will not be a return customer and I will make sure to warn my friends and family about this mobile grooming. On top of all this, the lady who answers the phone ( I'm guessing she is the owner) was very rude to me and very unprofessional. Terrible just terrible experience. (UPDATE) In response to "Gentle" touch Mobile Pet Grooming, First of all. When we first adopted our miniature poodle he was way more matted than this time around. And yet we have NEVER I repeat NEVER had any issues with any grooming services. The only reason we decide mobile grooming is because it was convenient for us at the time. And we regret it! We ended up paying more out of our pockets. Not to mention our dog is in terrible condition. Now I understand why he did not like the lady who did his grooming when she first approached him. He definitely sense something about her i couldn't. He has NEVER EVER tried to nip at anyone nor growls at anyone. He is a sweetheart and this is the first time he felt very uncomfortable with a person. And neglected? Really? We will NEVER NEGLECT OUR dog! We been through so much during this covid19, which has prevented us from taking him to the grooming salon sooner, I dont need to be accused of neglecting my dog. Because if that was the case I would have never spent $200 to take him to the vet nor would I have spent $100 for grooming just for him to get hot razor burn in his private area. This is just the way you reply to my review, so you can make It seem like its our fault? Thats very sad. I'm just here to warn others to be very careful so they're babies don't go through what my dog is going through at this very moment. I pray he gets better. And please, we always tip because its the right thing to do to appreciate their time and service. I didn't realize he was red from his private until later when I noticed he kept licking himself due to discomfort. And what I mean about them being rude was because when I called to ask if they would arrive 12:30 to 2pm on the day we have scheduled an appointment, the lady right away got very offensive and started yelling at me saying she NEVER said that time (which she did) and said she can never pinpoint the time they could arrive. Which I'm okay with, but there is no need to be rude about it. She could of simply said it without yelling and being all upset. As soon as i asked she wouldn't even let me talk and right off the back i could clearly hear her very upset. Its not my fault they changed the appointment to 2pm- 4pm. I was just asking so we don't miss time from work sense they changed the appointment time literally the day before the appointment. I could careless about the timing I was just double checking sense my husband had already ask to take the afternoon off from work to be here for the grooming appointment. But sense they changed the appointment to late afternoon, we decided not take time off work. And, the lady that groomed him didn't explain anything to me. I dont understand why you would say she explained to me? She literally only said, he is so fluffy and when I said I want him all shaved sense he is matted pretty much to start over. She just said ok. My review, is to simply warn others and tell my experience. Simple. Terrible customer service. Terrible grooming service. And I hope nobody goes through what we are now going through. I hope and pray he gets better soon

Everett Warner

3 years ago

The groomer was on time and very kind and gentle with my Poodles. Very satisfied and will certainly use you'll again.

Connie Basham

3 years ago

Karen has been grooming Abbey since she was a baby-8 wks. I really like the way that Karen talks and treats Abbey. Abbey feels safe with Karen and loves her. Abbey doesn't care to have her nails trimmed or the hair under her paws trimmed. She gets kinda aggravated at times, but someway Karen comes through with her talking and caring hands and at the end of the grooming, Abbey is wanting to jump into her neck area and give Karen many kisses.

Clea Johnson

3 years ago

The fur babies absolutely love their service tech!

Bonnie Downing

3 years ago

We’re thrilled with our experience with A Gentle Touch - our pup is fairly elderly and blind, and has had some bad experiences with grooming and being treated roughly. I’ve been trying to do it myself for a while now, but I’m terrible at it. We decided to try mobile grooming, hoping that he’d be more comfortable so close to home. Our groomer (I need to call and get her name again! I forgot and she was fantastic) met us on the porch, masked, and took several minutes to get to know him and discuss how to make him comfortable. By the time she took him to the truck he was in love, and he came back to us beautifully groomed. She had even mixed a special combination of shampoos to help with his itchy summer/allergy skin, and I was so glad to see him come in even happier in his fresh haircut than he’d left. We’ll absolutely be continuing to use A Gentle Touch on a regular basis!

Juan Orellana

3 years ago

They will be the only grooming service I will use going forward for my Goldendoodle. I’ve never had good luck getting his haircut without them butchering it but I’m glad I found an amazing place with amazing service! Hayley was awesome and did a perfect job!! Highly recommended!

Kopenna Gill

3 years ago

It was my first time ever using a any type of groomer and with the pandemic happening I wasn't comfortable going to a shop. I called a Gentle Touch and the level of professionalism and understanding of me being a first timer was awesome. Haley (I hope I spelled her name right) came right between the hour's expected she did an amazing job with Butta Bean Bean especially it being his first time as well. I would highly recommend A Gentle Touch to anyone looking for a mobile groomer because they now have Butta Bean and I as returning customers.

Lauren El-Dabaghi

3 years ago

Thought it would be a cool and convenient experience but didn’t appreciate the rudeness at all. Will not be a returning customer

Roger Knapp

3 years ago

Worse haircut ever on our dog. Tufts of hair all over and grooves down his back.


3 years ago

I like this place i love they personality

Sarabian Knight

3 years ago

I only did business with them for the 5 stars reviews. They did not disappoint. I have 2 Chorkies that needed their claws cut and ground down. One of my babies is a go with the flow kind of pup, the other will put up a fight. The lady that showed up, I didn't get her name, was able to flawlessly pick up my baby that fights and simply soothed him in her arms and he didn't howl bloody murder like he usually does...that in itself was impressive and worthy of repeat business. Hurry up and use them...its a win, win.

Wendy Byrum

3 years ago

I have tried several different places with my boy, and I will forever use this place. Willie looked so good, didn’t have to be put in a cage. He didn’t even have bad anxiety when he was done. Love y’all!

Weston Wakefield

3 years ago

Absolutely great folks. They did an amazing job with our new toy poodle. Definitely going to be our only groomer!

Mary Campbell

4 years ago

I have used many mobile dog groomers before but this is the best I have found my little Shih Tzu was very happy with his cut and the way he was treated

Adam Flores

4 years ago

The words can not describe the Amazing work that Karen done for our Shitzu Gizmo! You are Amazing and full of compassion. We were amazed of the adorable work. We have had many bad experience and we finally found our groomer for life! Thank you Karen for your Great work!

Christina Recio

4 years ago

Karen is great with pets and has been doing this for years. Definitely recommend.


4 years ago

Karen did a great job with my bulldog! I highly recommend A Gentle Touch! Thank y’all very much!

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