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2 years ago

Forcing their staff to work with COVID-19 symptoms?! Not safe and not professional.

Ashleigh Lincoln

2 years ago

I think my kittens got the shots they need, not sure I wasn't there? I was not told upon scheduling my appointment that it was a drop off appointment. I was never called and notified once they were ready for pick up- almost 6 hours later- I had to call in to inquire. It's a weird business model to require drop off appointments, when typically that would take 20 minutes. The fee for 2 kittens for leukemia prevention was approximately $180, elsewhere it was $60... Additionally, one kittens paperwork said he weighed 0.1 pound, and was "ideal" weight. They are obviously just filling in the blanks, and not doing it well. Won't be back. Other places allow you to be present, and charge less. Not sure the allure.

Wendy I

2 years ago

Nice team of ladies, was fast and great service

Dakotah Garza

2 years ago

I love this place and the vet who takes care of my dog.

SavageDuck44 *

2 years ago

Been with Banfield for about 7 years. The hutto location is the only location I've had issues with. If you have to reschedule an appointment or miss a call in any way, good luck. Tried to reschedule an appointment for one of my boys and a week later, still trying to set it up. My worst experience was I took one in for his 6 month checkup and when I picked him up, they literally had no idea what had been done that day and I had to come in a week later where a lady asked me when I wanted to schedule my 6th month checkup. Did they not put it in the system I was just there? And the staff is ever changing and with each new face, no one knows what's going on. Theres no point in me continuing service if my pets are getting no value from it.

Teresa Mcferren

2 years ago

I have been taking my pet to this location since opening. They really never resolve my pet clinical issues and fail to explain in detail treatment and/ issues with pet. I contacted them on Sunday due to an emergency with my pet and was told the earliest they could see him was on a Tuesday. They s was an emergency and I decided they take my pet to another veterinarian. Worst location and service with staff and whatever veterinarian you may get.

Jane D

2 years ago

Manager is the reason more than half the staff has quit.

Kat Thompson

2 years ago

The greeter was very pleasant while I waited for my dog to be escorted in, mentioned my dog might be scared (My dog immediately went in and no issues). Dr. Thompson explained what she needed and it was done same day. Following, I needed to call because I did not have my access set up, and the staff helped me get in to the system and access all of Chanel's paper work. Very easy to work with.

Joyce Stech

3 years ago

Take our animals there on a regular basis. Enrolled in wellness plan. When we have a minor issue we can get in within a day or 2. But when I have a pet doing poorly that they have seen for years and I likely need to discuss end of life issues suddenly no appointments available for 2 weeks! They are there to take your money but NOT there for you or your pet when you need them the most

Donna Oestrick

3 years ago

Was a little irritated because they changed my appointment twice after set but ended up getting my pet in sooner that set. Covid cautious. Great customer service. Vet called to let me know all was done.

Jessi Cano

3 years ago

Dr. Thompson is wonderful and truly cares about your pet. The practice manager, Vanessa, on the other hand was miserable to work with on a billing issue and seems to intentionally avoid customers (we called 5x with no return call and went in person twice and never once interacted with her).


3 years ago

Had a horrible experience. Just awful. Had to drive to Heart of Texas instead as I had a dying puppy and they wouldn't even open the door to talk to me or tell me what to do. HEARTLESS PEOPLE.

Cassandra Gonzales

3 years ago

I took my dog there in an emergency situation on a Sunday. They took her in checked her out and came up with a treatment plan which went smoothly. My issue with them was the follow up. They on a steroid and the vet urged me not to stop it abruptly. I had to call THREE different times within a week to figure out what I was supposed to do with her after the steroid ran out that next weekend. They finally called me back the day of my last dose of medicine telling me to pick up more and there would be instructions on how to wean the steroid. I get there to pick up more medication and the tech that came up said the doctor wanted to keep her on it for 3 weeks even though she was back to her normal self. I asked to speak with the vet and never heard back from them. Absolutely terrible customer service.

Belinda Garza

3 years ago

Love the staff at the Hutto location. They take great care of my babies and love them like their own.

Karen Fitzgerald

3 years ago

They forgot to do some of the services I asked for for my dog

Leah Day

3 years ago

Took dog in for neutering and microchipping. Neutering went ok (as we know) but took 10 hours from drop off to pick up. Microchip began COMING OUT OF SKIN and wouldn’t reply and the vet techs wouldn’t return calls and ended up leaving work before calling us back. Just got scheduled for an appointment tomorrow but we have to drop him off again and I don’t know if I can trust their abilities.

Lisa Webb

3 years ago

My cat had a blockage and needed emergency surgery. The Banfield Hutto Team was extremely responsive, and helped find a surgeon to perform the surgery within hours. The care provided was above and beyond.

Melanie J.

3 years ago

The Banfield in Hutto is the worst. I've taken my dog there three times, each time hoping it would be better but it hasn't. I work in healthcare and understand that protocols are very different now because of COVID. I understand why they are doing a drop off only at their location. My issue is how they execute the drop off and pick-up process. Every time I have gone there, it has never been smooth. I have to call the phone number 2-3 times before someone picks up. Then it takes another 5-10 mins for them to do the intake process. The worst part is picking up your animal. It seems they call everyone at the same time, and it's a mad rush. My last visit I received a call at 5:15pm giving me the run down of the visit and letting me know that Tucker was ready to be picked up. I call when I arrive at 5:32pm. I talk to one representative who then puts me on hold to check on something. I wait for about 5 mins, then a different representative picks-up the phone. I then tell everything I told the previous rep, "I'm outside and ready to pick up my dog." I am then placed on hold for another 10 mins. I hear someone pick-up the phone and then it hangs up. So there goes 15 mins of me waiting on the phone to pick-up my dog. I finally have to flag down a tech who is delivering other pets and get her to bring my dog to me. This is absolutely ridiculous! I will never take my dog to this location again! Banfield needs to invest in an online intake, checkout, and payment process. You guys need to train your staff better, because the current service is extremely below par.

Steven Faust

3 years ago

Friendly, only complaint is if someone else needs to pickup your pet good luck. They are not great about answering the phone or listening to voice mail so if you don’t arrange it in advance at drop off the person doing the pickup is in trouble. Also not sure why hours very between locations.

Veronica Ebell

3 years ago

It’s the fast food service of veterinary care and your pet’s health will suffer at their hands. The vet assistant staff are right out of high school and incompetent and Veterinarian staff do not want to speak with the owners for more than 5 minutes. If your pet needs anything more than vaccines and teeth cleaning please go elsewhere for the sake of your pet’s health (Forest Creek Animal Hospital was amazing).

angelique herrera

4 years ago

Kelyn (spelled name wrong) and another gentleman was great! They had patience and compassion for my rescue dog that likes to bark. They took their time and it was a great experience!

Bianca Davenport

4 years ago

Everyone was so kind and compassionate towards us and our dog. We will definitely be back!!

Charlie Williams

4 years ago

Great service and friendly staff!!

Jason Melgar

4 years ago

Like this place a lot. My pet really enjoyed it

Jessica Mokrzecki

4 years ago

The staff at this location that I interacted with were all extremely nice and seemed very helpful. If your dog needs a nail trim or basic vaccinations this is a good place to go. If your dog is sick I beg you please do NOT take them here. My dog nearly died this week due to the lack of care she received. Luckily she was saved by Central Texas Veterinary Emergency Hospital. Here are the details: I took my dog in for what I suspected was a UTI. They noticed she was behind on her vaccinations and pushed for us to do them. After doing a urinalysis they confirmed a UTI. Also during an exam a bladder stone fell out. They recommended an x-ray to see if there were more stones. x-ray confirmed more stones and a huge bladder that was filled, there was what appeared to be another possible stone creating an obstruction by Dr. Thompson couldn't decide if the white spot to the left of her spine was bone or a bladder stone. Because my dog had a very full bladder and wasn't peeing she stuck a needle in her to empty it. Dr. Thompson said as long as she's leaking urine though it's not a full obstruction and should be fine. They also told me she had vomited twice while there but said nothing else and didn't seem concerned about it. They sent my dog home with antibiotics and a $62 bag of dog food to dissolve the stones. As soon as I got her home and gave her some water she started throwing up every 5-10 minutes. She had very labored breathing, drooling and could barely walk. I started to get very worried so I called the office. I asked if I should take her to the emergency hospital Dr. Thompson said only if she was like a wet rag. Told me to try a bland diet that night to see if her stomach would settle but didn't seem too concerned. My dog just kept getting worse and worse. I called back again and told them and asked what we should do. After waiting for 30 minutes for a call back I called again and was going to ask for pain medication at the very least but by the time they got back on the phone the office was closed so they sent me to a different location to get some. I ended up taking her to the emergency hospital and they had to rush her back immediately to sedate her because she was in so much pain and had a fever of 106. They gave her IV fluids, pain meds, anti nausea meds and emptied her bladder. Contrary to what Dr. Thompson said a partial blockage IS an emergency situation and everything is NOT ok as long as something is leaking. The emergency hospital wanted me to pass along the advice to this vet: 1. Do NOT give a sick dog vaccinations 2. Never just send a vomiting dog home with no care instructions 3. If a dog has a UTI they should be given pain medication 4. If a dog has a UTI and partial/full obstruction due to bladder stones make sure the pain medication given won't shut down their kidneys due to the fact that they can't urinate and filter those meds out. 5. A partial blockage from bladder stones is NEVER ok, just because a dog is still leaking urine(and blood) doesn't mean you have 60 hours until it becomes a life threatening situation. If there is a partial blockage it needs to be addressed asap. 60 hours would have been after my dog died. 6. You should go the the emergency vet way before your pet looks like a wet rag. If your dog is shaking, can barely walk, drooling, vomiting and in a lot of pain and you know they have bladder stones go immediately even if it can still hold it's head up. My dog had to have emergency surgery to save her life. Had we not taken her to the ER she would have died that very night. If I had been smarter and taken her to a better vet they would have recognized this earlier and we could have avoided an emergency situation and thousands of dollars for the ER. Please please please do not take your pet here if they are ill.

Mark Huff

4 years ago

Banfield Hutto is amazing. Excellent customer service and friendly professionals.

Monique Dumareille

4 years ago

The people I encountered such as doctors and staff were polite and friendly, my one stars come from the way they run their system and I would advise many to stray from buying their health plan unless they seek to fully use it. I bought a plan for my dog in hopes that they could evaluate his health and see what they could do. He was only about 5yrs old at the time. They ran the blood test and said he was positive for heartworm but I'd have to pay more money on top of my plan for another blood test to see what stage he was at, meanwhile they offered me thousands in medication to aid him for the time being which I couldn't afford as a minor. Move forward to maybe a 1-2 months later and my dog passed away. I bring him in to the vet as they do take care of cremation. I pay the fee to even get a clay paw print of my dog. They said it'd take about two weeks, I waited and nothing. Called nearly every week asking about it and still nothing, they said the manager would speak with me the next day, never got the call. It's been 5 months and I never got that clay paw print and I'm paying $25 a month for a health plan I can't even use due to my dog being gone and I can't even switch it on to my other dog. I regret interacting with this office and would recommend looking into other places.

raymond gileau

4 years ago

I call 1 1/2 before showing up. NO Return call!???? my wife and I called the phone number on the door to listen to a message stating (closed Sunday) Lol, so we walked in with our puppy to be told that (empty office) was booked solid all day. The receptionist was quite rude adult why we got no response from earlier 1 1/2 hours ago. When I stated the website should be checked, And hours in the window ,along with answering machine!!!! The receptionist said that’s corporate!!! please corporate ???????????? teach your receptionist how to return calls, and be polite when they don’t do their job!!!! Not to mention communication skills to potential future customers that have many friends with pets! I gave 1 star because I can’t go negative ???? stars!

Sophia L. F.

4 years ago

I used to work there. I believe in the OWP plans. However they do not let the dogs out to use the restroom regularly. If you plan on leaving your dog there all day, please know that.

Susan Funicelli

4 years ago

Brought my cat in for an ear infection and digestive issues. They ran many tests for the stomach problem and swabbed the ear. We gave him the medicine they prescribed and he had some relief. We are a little over a month later and his ear problem has come back with a vengeance. It stinks so bad. The stomach problem is also coming back.When I called to see what can be done I'm told there are no openings for two weeks, they can't call in a new script to get him some relief for his ear, and I don't get a call back from the vet. I realize it cost a little to keep your pets healthy and I am willing to pay it. I also expect good service and some understanding that my pet is uncomfortable and should be seen fairly quickly since he has already been treated for this once. Not impressed

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