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Jodie Orr

a year ago

I highly recommend anyone who views their dog as their own child to consider BLDHTX for any of their services, especially daycare which is what I use the most. I never worry about my dog while she is under their care and supervision and I …

Sheena Stegent

2 years ago

Literally, THE Best Little Dog House in TX, an

Anthony Trainor

2 years ago

We cannot say enough good things about our experience with the team at BLDHTX! From the very start, they were extremely friendly, attentive and made us feel incredibly comfortable. We had recently lost our older dog and wanted our youngest Lumi to attend daycare for some social interaction throughout the day. Lumi seemed to really enjoy his time there so we opted to try the training services they offered. Lumi is is tad stubborn and tends to do what he wants on his own time but after attending BLDTX’s training program, we saw an immediate difference. Lumi was able to respond to and act upon all the basic commands and he even seemed open to learning more while training at home. The team at BLDTX surely had the magic touch. Side Note: They send daily updates when your pup is onsite and they even have themed parties to celebrate birthdays, etc for the dogs attending daycare and/or training. It’s these little personal touches and attention to detail that makes their team top notch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking them out!

Roxana Fatemizadeh

2 years ago

We boarded our dog there for the first time this past weekend. They seemed pretty rushed and said we could drop him for a temperament eval and then he could stay to board if he passed that (but they wouldn't take a boarding reservation). So I took him for the temp eval, and then I called them back after 5 hours since I hadn't heard from them and they said he had passed the temperament eval, so I asked if he could stay to board for the next three days. They said "sure" and didn't ask anything else.... We got one photo per day of our dog, but no actual communication of how he was doing (for his first time there, I would have thought they would call or write a note about whether he was playing or not). Then when we went to pick up, it was so busy with a long line that we didn't get to hear how everything went either. But our 17 pound dog had visibly lost weight, and he has been upset and not himself the past few days. I think there are a lot of good reviews, but it's probably not the right place for every dog. Our dog is more beta, and I wonder if he even got to eat while he was there if they don't separate the dogs (or maybe they didn't feed him enough since they didn't ask us how much he is fed?). Also would be nice to have more communication about how your dog is doing than just one photo (or maybe a report card at the end?). Maybe we should have asked, but when the place is so busy, you feel like you're bothering them to ask even a 1 minute question. He might have lost weight just because he was running around with the other dogs all day, but I just don't know so I won't be taking him back.

Sheryl Rucker

2 years ago

A very safe and loving place for your dog.

Lexy White

2 years ago

Called as a new customer for information on grooming and the lady that answered the phone was extremely short/rude on the phone. She spoke to me in a rushed and harsh manner, spitting directions at me about how “there’s a whole process if you’ve never been in before, you can’t just call and make an appointment you have to go through our website and complete a profile, etc., etc. First of all is your dog even under 35 pounds?!” Yes, she is and I am more than happy to do that, but as a new customer, I didn’t know the process, hence me calling for information. She could have nicely informed me of this and I would’ve gladly complied. However, after the way she treated me on the phone I most definitely will be taking my pup and business elsewhere. I can only imagine how she treats the dogs if this is how she’s treating humans. It’s a shame because this is such a wonderful and cute idea for daycare/boarding small dogs (which I would’ve used in the future as well). Hopefully that lady was just having an off day and for that, I’m sorry - but if your job consists of any interactions with people for business, it’s extremely important to always put your best foot forward. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I don’t think it’s that hard to just be nice…

Leslie Guyton

2 years ago

My Teddy Bear always loved being at BLDHTX. Sadly, we moved to Washington and we found there is no place that can fill BLDHTX’s shoes. I miss the fabulous communication with the photo updates while I was away on vacation, along with the hilarious Instagram stories (which I still follow). I had never seen staff that loved their jobs so much. They all always looked so happy to be there and I never doubted the quality of Teddy’s care. The one time I did have an issue in the beginning, it was promptly resolved with the most respectful communication - the service level is really what sets BLDHTX apart! Love and miss you guys!

Mary du Plessis

2 years ago

Finding BLDHTX has made such a positive impact in our dog’s development (and ours as puppy parents). Tillie is thriving and we’ve learned so much about how to keep her entertained and challenged (and tired). She’s completed Level 1 and 2 training and we are so pleased with her progress. From daycare to boarding to grooming and training, Best Little Doghouse is a wonderful experience for our dog.

Sim Davis

2 years ago

These people never disappoint. They handle my dogs like their own. They keep the premises clean and free of odors. And, all their guests seem happy. I highly recommend their grooming services, too.

lauren swiedom

2 years ago

THEY ARE NOT CAGE FREE. They claim to be a “cage-free” doggie daycare and even go as far as to write in all-caps “always cage free” on their website. However, my one-year old Jack Russell Terrier, who has been going there for quite sometime with zero issues, was crated “multiple times” throughout one visit for and undefinable length of time. When I asked why this happened, the owner herself simply told me it was due to “uncharacteristic demand barking” that she suspected was due to a new dog being present who displayed a barking issue. So my dog was not only punished for another dog’s behavior, she was caged multiple times. I was not contacted once throughout the day and was only notified of this upon pick-up. I specifically chose this doggie daycare because of the cage-free claim and the expectation that appropriate direction would be provided to the dogs while under their care. I absolutely do not recommend you take your pup here. Disciplining a dog by crating them while under stress is inhumane and completely unacceptable.

Gabrielle Degelia

2 years ago

I took my dog to BLDH about once a week for a year. She used to be totally fine, and run inside to play without a care in the world. Then one day, like a switch, we arrived at BLDH and she started trembling and refused to walk in the door. I thought it was weird, but once we got inside, she walked on her own through the main door to the play area. I asked the staff to keep an eye on her and they reported no issues at the end of the day. This same thing happened a few more times and we kept asking the staff if anything was wrong. Finally, about the fourth time, a staff member told my spouse that our dog was “timid” and hiding under the couches all day instead of playing. We were concerned because this is not at all her personality. I’m wondering if she had an incident or got into a fight one day and we weren’t told about it. The most frustrating thing is that we were reassured numerous times that nothing was wrong, even though it was. We had no issues with BLDH until this point and thought the holiday pictures were adorable. But the lack of cameras forces us to rely on the word of the staff that the dogs are not trembling under a couch all day.

Erin Ballance

2 years ago

Just stellar - friendly, family, safe, fun & interactive, hilarious social media, a puppy’s favorite sleep over/play date!!

Justin Carter

2 years ago

Been taking our little terrier mix, Teddy, here for a while. Best Little Dog House always does an amazing job grooming him and charges very reasonable prices. Make sure to book far in advance because they're busy (for good reason). They're definitely our first choice of groomers within the 610 loop.

Selina Rodriguez

3 years ago

Took my little Maltipoo, Buffy for her first grooming. She had the Bath and Tidy and they did an amazing job. They did not take a long time and she seemed to be relaxed on the way home.

Sarah Lai

3 years ago

Loved Christina! She communicated with us, discussed our options, addressed our concerns and took such great care of our pup during his first full groom. It was our first time here and certainly won’t be our last!

sarah huppman

3 years ago

We LOVE BLDHTX! We rescued our pup Riley about a year ago and have been been using BLDHTX for daycare and boarding every since. Riley is super social so we couldn't imagine leaving her in a kennel by herself for 8+ hours at a typical boarding facility. BLDHTX is a cage-free facility and someone stays with the dogs all night. I love getting random, funny Instagram photos and videos of Riley throughout my work day ????. When we take Riley to the dog park, she often gets "bullied" by the big dogs because she tries to act just as big as them. One of the reasons we love BLDHTX is because all the dogs are her size (35 lbs and under). Every time Riley comes home from daycare she is completely exhausted! She rarely makes it all the way to her bed before passing out. They have a few indoor spaces (with couches and even a tv) and a large backyard. When it's nice outside, they break out the hoses and baby pools! I highly suggest following them on Instagram if you want to see what they are all about.

Randy Silver

3 years ago

Convenient location. Clean facility. The day I was there the common room had 25+ dogs and two people. It was a relatively small room and about 5 dogs were barking nonstop. Their success of many customers seemed to exceed their capacity. They have outside facilities and other rooms. Not sure why all the dogs were in one room but it made for a crowded place. Their rates are competitive and they specialize in small dogs. Friendly staff.

Michelle Stokely

3 years ago

TBLDHTX was recommended to us by a dog trainer we were working with to try to overcome anxiety or as we like to call it "stranger danger." Joon has made huge progress over the last year, everyone has truly helped give her space to feel comfortable and promoted her confidence. We go for Daycare at least 2 times a week and it makes a huge difference, Joon will now run over to an employee when she sees us asking to be picked up! The facility is very clean and provides structure with different cage free dog areas and the hours are very reasonable for pick up and drop off!!

Liz Ramirez

3 years ago

Ok so this review has been a long time coming (mostly because I rarely leave reviews)!! But it has to be said and I should be holding up a boom box outside of ppls windows blasting how AMAZING this doggy daycare is! My Teddy has been coming for both boarding and daycare for the past 2 years now and it is so fun to watch how excited he gets every time I mention the word daycare to him. My Teddy is not much of a social butterfly and is timid around strangers so at the very beginning I was very anxious and worried for his stays. Thankfully the staff is made up of very loving and genuinely caring people. They really get to know each fur baby because they want the most special care for them just as much as the dog parents would. They are always active on social media and send you daily pictures of your fur baby when they stay for boarding. I have truly enjoyed watching how my Teddy has warmed up and opened up more to other doggies because of this experience and I can’t thank this staff enough. This IS the BEST Little Dog House of Texas and you’ll have serious “FOMO” if you don’t have your fur baby join in on the fun!

Kristy Gray

3 years ago

Super clean and extremely friendly staff! All the pups are very well taken care of and happy. Love this place!

Jeanine Salinas

3 years ago

Excellent dog daycare for dogs under 35 lbs. My dog has a blast at daycare as seen in the many videos and pictures they take of him. Grooming is also great, my Westie looks so handsome and Instagram ready thanks to their services. All the staff here are super sweet and friendly and you can tell they love what they do. If you have a small social dog, this is the place to be.

Jacqueline Tran

3 years ago

Absolutely love BLDHTX! The entire staff is great! Everyone from the front desk to the groomers. I bring both of my pups here for the full grooming and they come home looking(and smelling) so fresh!! Highly recommend BLDHTX!

Ericka Contreras

3 years ago

We have been taking our pups to the best little dog house for a few years now and they never disappoint! Our pups typically see Debbie, but have had other groomers and they have all done a great job! They know our pups and give report cards of their grooming session! Getting groomed is a stressful time for our pups but the staff at the best little dog house are very warm and make it easy to trust them with our babies.

Edith Gonzalez

3 years ago

Caring staff members. Great job

Cheshta Sharma

3 years ago

We signed up for our dog, Massimo, to start coming here, mainly because of their social media profile and the detailed info of their staff on their website. We were really impressed with how happy the dogs were in the facility through their Instagram profile and that their team would put every potential dog through a temperament test, prior to joining, which gave us a good piece of mind that our dog will be safe and looked after at all times. Massimo had passed his temperament test and had attended the day care for 3 days before we received a phonecall stating that he’s too high energy for the smaller dogs and doesn’t know how to properly do the playbow to engage them the rice it was best he goes somewhere else or gets proof of socialisation training and gets re-evaluated and then they’ll decide if he should stay or be banned. (he’s a rescue and despite the lack of socialisation due to covid, has never shown any tendencies or signs where he‘ll put other dogs in danger). My main reason for a 2 star review is how quickly they drop a client. Despite going through their test, and having spent 2 issue free days, I did feel like they gave up on him pretty quickly. So my advice would be to not get too comfortable even if your pup passes their test. Give it a few days or even a few weeks before signing up to any of their long term packages.

Annabella Brocato

3 years ago

I always felt anxious when leaving my dogs at a pet hotel but BLDHTX has been godsend . The staff is very efficient , always makes sure that their vaccines are current, great communication with pictures/videos of the pups on a daily basis while I’m away, follow all the rules during COVID , pay attention to the dogs personality and behavior. I highly recommend BLDHTX for your dog under 35 lbs.

Anna Grove

3 years ago

Picked up Milo and Teddy from a week long boarding at BLDHTX. Milo, my Maltipoo has major anxiety so i was very nervous leaving him for a whole week, especially since i knew that internet was not readily available in Cuba. I left detailed instructions on him before i left. During their boarding i received daily reports including photos and videos which made me feel more relaxed. My dog's anxiety subsided after a few days thanks to the staff's efforts. Thank you Kerry, Eric, John, and the rest of the staff for taking such great care of my dogs. I don't know what i would do without them when I travel. This daycare/boarding facility is conveniently located in the Montrose area and is cage-free! Have I mentioned they also have full-service grooming? Why not give them a try?

Andrea Shannon

3 years ago

Before the coronavirus hit, we took our pup to BLDH daily for daycare services, and we also used their grooming and boarding services on occasion. We love all of the staff and caretakers at BLDH. They are so nice, and you can tell they love the dogs! It was such a relief to know our dog, who suffers from separation anxiety, was getting playtime and human interaction when we were working long hours at the office. These days, we're mostly working from home, but we recently took our dog in for grooming and were reminded of how much we love this place.

lauryn sanford

4 years ago

My dog has been attending BLDHTX for over two years and loves it. Their team is amazing and take such good care of the pups. My dog has epilepsy and anytime she has had a seizure, I take her to daycare the next day while I am at work and they happily monitor her and provide updates on how she’s doing. They post enough insta stories and photos throughout the day that it won’t be a big deal that they don’t have cameras. John is the King of grooming in Houston and makes the most fun bows! She always leaves looking perfect. Highly recommend all around!


4 years ago

My dog always comes home happy and tired! Highly recommend

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