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Hunter Carlton

a year ago

They gave me a quote on a tail docking/neuter for $475, I explained to the woman on the phone that we just want the tail docking and she assured us that was no problem. Then when I showed up first thing the next morning the nurse told me that quote was only for the both procedures and that the tail docking alone would be more than $600 but she would need to send a new quote for the $600. Needless to say they were a total waste of my time and was late to work for no reason.

Mary Valot

a year ago

I brought my 12 year old Rottie that I have had for 10 years after making the difficult decision to euthanize him so he would not longer suffer with this difficulty walking. The doctor examined him, diagnosed a torn crucial ligament and arthritis. After the exam the doctor left the room and vet tech came back in with about $700 of blood work etc recommended I asked to just euthanize which is why I made appointment. Was told doctor was busy for the next hour in an meeting and no one was available to see me. I am very frustrated. Left having to get my aged dog back into the car on my own. He is home now and refusing to walk. Calling an in home euthanasia instead. Surprised by how this vet has changed.

J “Bubblz” Shannon

a year ago

The staff is sweet and I appreciate that, but I’ve had to take both my adult cat and now my kitten to the ER vet for upper respiratory infections after visiting this place and them receiving their booster shots. My dad also told me they had a dog get sick after going here also…

Patricia Hoyos

2 years ago

I have being in many places but this one is the best. They took care of my puppy like was theirs. Doctor speak with directly. You feel at home. Very professional. They really cares. I will recommend with my eyes close. If they have 10 star I will give it to this group. Awesome.

Barbara Solaiman

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to see Dr. Eduardo Jimenez,for almost14 years. Last visit was 10/6/21 yesterday. He is the best treated my little doxie for allergies. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to answer all questions. His staff is also nice and very professional. I give them 10 stars if I could

Gabrielle Luis

2 years ago

The staff is very helpful and kind, they are always attentive.

Rabeet Sajid

2 years ago

If I could give this place less then one star I would. I don’t even think they deserve one star. This place took my baby and said they would take car of him and they did not. My poor cat was in pain after, wouldn’t let us touch him, didn’t eat for a whole week! Come to figure that he had scratches/ cuts all over his left side. God knows how they treated him. Just to give him a simple grooming, they told me they had to put him under and I was iffy about it. But then I’m like okay. I know he gets scared, but they did not take care of him at all. I even called them and they said they can’t do anything. Definitely not professional! Like this is their fault. They won’t even see him again to see the cuts and scratches they did to him! Then they won’t even give him any ointment or anything to help him! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR BABIES HERE! I can’t believe they have 4+ rating. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. our babies our voiceless. They can’t tell us what’s wrong. We need to be more careful! Reading more into the reviews I read that so many peoples babies DIED. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BABIES!!!


2 years ago

Be careful about this site and these people, they told me literally: “your dog won't die of this desease ” and unfortunately our little dog passed away three days of this afirmación. I always said that they do what it should be do yo save my dog, but they never really had real dimensión of the gravity that my puppy had, just give him vitamins when he was really sick. Also when I called them to let them know what happened, they never called back. what more can I say, I don’t recommend anybody to live what we lived. “they gave us a really bad service and because of them our little puppy died ”

Victor Nava

2 years ago

Be aware that these people will rip you off if you let them! I regret not checking reviews from them, will never come back again!!! Lear from the rip off of others and stay away from these thefts. Got there with my pet, they examined her and told me it was going to be $307. When the charged hit my account it was $476!! They charged $80 for a solution that everybody else charges $20-25. I asked to sell me 1 single dose of Heartworm treatment, they charged for it but didn't provided it. I told them not to run Heartworm test as I had one already, and they charged for it. Charged for additional medicine I didn't get and vaccines and stuff I didn't requested and approved. Learn from others mistakes!!! They should be called “Best Thefts Animal Hospital”

Taz behind the Camera

2 years ago

Too expensive for simple help.

Yamilka Paulino

2 years ago

Dr. Jiménez is a wonderful doctor to both my pets. I have taken both my puppies in to see him and I can’t express how amazing the experience was for both my puppies and I. He is professional, knowledgeable and truly loves animals! Great place for your pets. Recommend 100 %

Patricia Conkright

2 years ago

I highly recommend this Vet and his staff. I can only say great things about the service my little girl, my husband and I have received here. From grooming to regular check-up to dental cleanings and surgeries.

Marilyn Thomas

2 years ago

So far so good....but not 7 months later. Looking for a new vet.

Julissa Buddell

2 years ago

I had 1 of my best experiences I have ever had at any vet. My dog just needed a quick check up. Usually vets try to sell you more products for your pet but Dr. Jimenez is a very honest and professional veterinarian. I will definitely come back. His staff also is top notched!!

Honor Martial Arts

2 years ago

The best place to take an animal in the Spring area for a great Veterinarian that cares about every part of your pets wellbeing. We have exclusively gone here for years and only trust Dr. Eduardo for our dog Texas' needs.

Cheryl Lysaker

2 years ago

I have a little heartburn with a doctor not being on site when your doors are open. Also, xrays that are sent to a specialist to read shouldn't take hours, especially when there is an emergency.

Adrian Marez

2 years ago

Great staff and love how they treat every new and old customer the same!!

Miranda Pierce

2 years ago

Sent my family pup home when not able to walk. Ran a ton of test and sent my husband home with her with no conclusion. This place is a joke. Told my husband after charging 926.00 that God works in mysterious ways.

Dawn Tobias

2 years ago

NEVER AGAIN!!!! They should have Heartless as a option on the reviews. Last week I had to make the sad decision to put my beloved dog Charlie of 15 years down. The ASPCA was not a option since I wanted to be with him to the end. I spoke with a female receptionist at Best care Animal clinic we discussed all options and quoted me the price of $200 . We discussed me being in room with him she told me she didn’t understand how clients could just leave their pets to die alone. I explained I was not one of them I wanted to be with him. I made a appointment for the next day . Fast forward the dreadful day A man who I presumed to be the doctor( since not one person there introduced themselves me ) called to the back to sign the papers. That’s when he informed me there was a added fee of about $100 to stay with Charlie till the end . He explained the reason for the extra fee was I might take to long to say good bye to my dog of 15 years. In the past I have had to take other animals to be put down and never experience . I left that day heartbroken feeling I had abandoned him . No condolences by any staff member just pay your fee and Goodbye.Never Again will I ever bring another animal here or would I suggest you bring yours

Arlinda Williams

2 years ago

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. brought my dog here for grooming (which requires sedation), was told that i had to put a deposit of $100 towards the visit. was called & told that an estimate was sent & my deposit would go toward the total. i would only pay $150. when i arrived to pick up my animal i was told my balance was $500. spoke with the owner & he admitted there was miscommunication on behalf of his staff but did not honor the office that was given to me. i did not consent to additional costs so i shouldn't be responsible for paying for them bc especially after i was told a price by your staff. 0/5 stars... & thats too much.

Shaina White

2 years ago

Definitely recommend. I’ve been here on 3 occasions now and each time have had a great experience. All of the staff are very friendly and polite and the vet does an amazing job of explaining everything in detail to you concerning your pets issues. It’s easy to get appointments, even on the same day, and the prices are so much more reasonable and fair compared to many other animal clinics. I will continue bringing my pets here!

Robin Davis

2 years ago

They were very caring and took the time to explain my dog's disorder much more thoroughly than the last place we tried. Thank you!

nicole marcozzi

2 years ago

I took my litter of puppies here to have their tails docked and dew claws removed. I have been here before with great service and no problems but this time was not the same. After wait 30 minutes in a very hot room( and having to turn on a small fan on the ground myself because my dog was so hot) a nurse came in and didn’t even bother weighing the puppies or taking any vitals. Which was done the previous time I had came. After leaving everything seemed to be fairly well until a couple days later when bandages came off. Where the dew claw gets removed is usually a small scab, but this time their was CHUNKS of hair and skin missing. At least half inch lacerations to their paws and considering their paws are maybe two inches long that is pretty substantial. I am sick and distraught over this and tried to call and was left on hold for over 10 minutes. Please do you and your fur baby a favor and stay away from this place!!

Laura Seay

2 years ago

At first, I was pleased. He listened to me and found out what was wrong. My last visit, he never showed up. Just his helper,asked me questions,wrote things down. Left and came back many times to ask the doctor to answer my questions. Never saw him. He did a urinalysis and said no crystals so put her on regular food but He told me before she would be on Prescription food rest of her life. I was there an hour. Another time 2 hours. Never showed up whole time

Diana Garrett

2 years ago

I came here to get my dogs ears cropped. They did a good job on her ears and that wasn’t the problem I encountered with them. I was scheduled on a Monday to bring her back a week after her ears where done and was told to come back on that Friday. During this appointment I asked that they repost her ears, because the post had completely came off. They told me they couldn’t repost her ears until her stitches healed to come back Friday and they would be completely healed. I drove an hour for her appointment to be there less than 10 minutes.... So we left and went home. I came back Friday as I was told for them to tell me they couldn’t see her until she got some shots. My dog was up to date with her vaccines. When we asked to talk to the Vet he refused to see us and told the tech to inform us that it was “policy”. She still had her stitches in. We told her that she was update with her vaccines and they still refused to see her. They also wouldn’t repost her ears. They just wanted more money out of us. On top of everything they did not remove her stitches. We payed for a service that they refused to finish. I ended leaving and taking her another vet that took her stitches out. I don’t not recommend this place.

Demetrius Sinegal

2 years ago

I can’t leave a review about the service because I didn’t get any. I sat in a hot room with my puppy for 30 minutes so I left. What’s the point of an appointment?

Mary Le

2 years ago

I brought my dog here and she died in 1 week with the wrong shot. How sad and how bad???

Rachel Griffin

2 years ago

I showed up as they were closing, but they still took us in. The Doctor and staff were very kind and understanding. They also charged us a reasonable price for the visit. I'm very grateful! Highly recommended!

Sabrina Hammond

2 years ago

I am seriously disappointed with the service I have received from this vet. I took my dog here for his 1 year check up and I wanted in the room for over an hour before I saw the vet. Not an ideal environment/timing with a puppy. They were nice and I was willing to look past this because I know things happen. The next thing that really gets to me is I needed to order monthly prescription for heartworm and I found a better price online. NOTE: THEY WILL NOT MATCH PRICES AND I HAVE NEVER HAD A VET DO THAT IN THE PAST. I made my order and they vet was contacted and they declined the request. I contacted them to figure out what happened and I was informed they didn't know and to resubmit and they would take care of it. After going back to the online company and having to have the order resubmitted it was declined yet again. Apparently they do not approve prescription unless you buy it from them or directly from another veterinarian. I guess that's a good way for them to get their higher price but they just lost my business and I will definitely find another vet for my dogs.

Claudia Iveth Granados

2 years ago

Awesome staff and great doctor. Everywhere else they want to do things the easy way but this dr goes out the 10 yards to help. If it wasn't for him my baby wouldn't have one leg. (German Shepherd jumped and broke back leg 86 pounds) (Spiral tibia fracture) He did an excellent surgery. Since then he has been our Dr. He also saved my sisters dogs life. He ate a sock and dr did the surgery (120 pound XXL Bully Pit) and hes a happy doggo now! Thank you!!!

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