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Alive In Him

2 years ago

I've brought several of our animals here over the past few years and Always paid my bill in full at the time of service. That being said, we had an emergency recently with our youngest cat, he'd been hit by a car out in front of our house but seemed to be fine. I just wanted the vet to check him over. We arrived at 5:15, they didnt close until 6:00 but the woman behind the desk told me that they were closing soon and wouldn't have time to look at our cat. She then handed me a flyer to an emergency clinic. I just couldn't believe that they wouldn't even look at our cat. We ended up taking him to Country Brook animal clinic and they were closing but the vet chose to look at our cat, who was fine by the way. He called our cat the miracle cat and we will be going to them from now on.

Dexter Moore

2 years ago

Picking up Smokey's ashes was so hard for me. I didn't think that I would become so immersed in my emotion!!!

Neal Jenkins

2 years ago

The staff is always friendly and very helpful.

Alex Cortes

2 years ago

I had called earlier today & asked the lady who answered the phone if they had availability for an emergency walk in. I tried to briefly explain the situation but she cut me off & told me that I could come on in at around 4:45pm, or even 5pm as 5pm was the cut off time for seeing pets. I told her that’d I’d be there before 5pm & she said okay we’ll see you then & that was that. I drove AN HR to pick up my friend’s dog to take him there (as they’re the ones that live near by) & the lady at the front told me that they didn’t have time to see the dog as they still had 2 ppl with appts waiting in the lobby. If they knew their schedule was full, then why even bother on telling me to come on in at so & so time?! Total waste of my time!! I would of understood if they had just told me, “No sorry we don’t have time for an emergency walk in today, you can come in another day”. Smh.

Chino Nguyen

2 years ago

They will ignore your calls, and will hang up in your face!

Linda Broeske

2 years ago

We made an appt for 4:30, arrived at 4:15, we suspected an ear infection. Sat in waiting room for 45 minutes, no one else was there except for a gentleman that arrived 10 minutes after us, they took him back right away, an emergency. We continued to wait, another lady came in 5 pm, they discussed some xrays, then she went back to discuss with vet about her cats x-rays, she paid and left, we still waited, no one bothered to tell us how much longer or anything. The vet techs continued to laugh and play and talk on the phone, while my dog scratched his ear so bad he started bleeding. Finally they took us to a room only to wait some more, the vet passed through our room looking for a chart, barely acknowledged us, said he was looking for a chart. I started to look for someone to help, found one of the young vet techs and asked him how much longer, he said they had an emergency and didn't know how much longer but I could come back next day, I had already overheard the lady on the phone say they were booked for appointments the next day, I said no thank you we will go somewhere else who actually cares if my dogs ears are bleeding, never again, use this place as a last resort, unless of course you know the vet techs, then they will get you in. Very unprofessional, I understand that emergencies happen but they could have communicated with us, not just let us waste an hour and a half.

Natasha Braun

2 years ago

Great staff, very efficient and compassionate towards the animals. Will definitely be coming back in the future

juan mora

2 years ago

I really like this place,they really care, thank you guys...

Jason Elmore

2 years ago

The best experience at a vet ever thank y'all for taking care of my fur buddy

Arely Ramirez

2 years ago

I hate it the fact that my pet needs rehydration and they put the solution too quick that it create it a big ball in his back and even leaks after they remove the needle ????????‍♀️ they have no love for animals as they should, missed treat them.

Antonio Ruiz

2 years ago

They Always take good care of my puppy

Teri Jenkins

2 years ago

They take time to explain procedures, give advice, and are always considerate.The staff are kind and caring towards my pets.

Mark Thompson

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here for a long time. Got a 1:15 appt for vaccination. Anita was on the phone the whole time and it didn’t sound like business, I was ignored until finally she said the doctor was at lunch and the appt was for 1:30, I stated it was fir 1:15 but she just went back to her phone conversation. Anita you need to be more receptive to customers and get off the damn phone. Couldn’t even ask any questions.

Emily Ulate

2 years ago

My pup has chronic ear infections due to allergies. She is the first dog we’ve had that has had ear infections. I decided to take her here because it was close and possibly more affordable than a corporate vet. Anita is very rude on the phone and her tone is unhelpful in every way possible. The Vet used Osurnia for my dogs ears and we got her allergy shots to help in the long run. They worked for a while but would always come back, which we knew we would have to get more steroid shots for the allergies because they wear off unfortunately. The vet used the Osurnia once and never told us to come back for the second dose a week later. The only reason we learned that we would have needed to come back is because we adopted another dog and took him to VCA because we had a voucher from the shelter for vet care and the vet at VCA told us that for Osurnia to work properly you need the two doses a week apart. No one every mentioned that we would need to return a week later. We spent WAY too much money on half of a treatment but we feel extremely cheated. VCA was way cheaper and offered us different treatments. We will not be returning and I would suggest that whoever does to ask questions because we decided to trust the clinic and we got cheated.

Doug Roberts

2 years ago

I am traveling for work and needed care for my beagle. They were most helpful, courteous and welcoming. I would definitely recommend them.

Kit Kat

2 years ago

Well I'm glad I took her in time. Because the person that gave me Kai said that she was a he but she really is a she. ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️. Thanks to the vet . She would of gotten pregnant by this 2 males outside. I would have ben furious... They did a great job. Very small cut. Now I just hope she will be calm now. Onesie it put on. But I have to get a cone collar for her .

Felicia Hargraves

2 years ago

I took my pet to them for the first time. Got my pet looked at and got her medicine and paid. The lady at the front desk charged my card and said there was an error and asked for my card again. Something told me to check my bank account while I was still there. I told her that the first payment had already came out of my account. She swiped my card again and I was charged twice. I sold her my account and all she could say was maybe it’ll be credited back to your account because it’s not showing up twice in our system. She went to her seat and turned her back to me like I wasn’t even there. I’ll never go back there again!!

Steve Stage

2 years ago

Great attention to details very friendly. Affordable to!

Rachel Stage

2 years ago

I absolutely love this vet everyone there is very loving towards my dogs. I would highly recommend them to you, my friends and my family.

Abby Lopez

2 years ago

If I could give them 0 stars I would. We took my dog to them Friday in hopes to getting answers to what was wrong with him. They did not do any type of diagnostic testing.. we ended up paying $265 to later see no improvement! We brought him back the next day because he was worsening and still no diagnostic testing! More fluids without knowing if that’s what he actually needed. And to only be told “testing is a waste of money” by the “OFFICE MANAGER” I wouldn’t come here for a sick visit. They don’t do testing on your pup, nor do they have an X-ray machine. Update: My dog had parvovirus. What they refused to test him for.

Carrie Bass

2 years ago

I have been visiting the clinic many, many times in the last year. We have a new pup that has had multiple issues. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They do such a good job with her and treat her so well. I have referred them to many a friend and family.

Dana Horton

2 years ago

Had a pleasant experience will definitely come back, hopefully only when needed. ????

Nancy Jones

2 years ago

Quickly took my cat in. Hoping she gets well.

Neeti Prasad

3 years ago

Forest Lane Animal Clinic is an amazing clinic. Dr. Mskimmins and his team are kind, helpful and truly care for animals. They are not trying to take an advantage of people like many of the vets around Dallas. Our dog had a tumor that wouldn’t heal. After going to several vets including Med Vet, our dog was not healing and we were being drained thousands of dollars. We thankfully found Forest Lane where we met with Dr. Dunn and Dr. Mskimmins. They helped us figure out what it was and were able to perform surgery on our dog for a much more resasonable price. They followed up for weeks to make sure my dog was healing well and helped us several times when our dog had different reactions to the meds. They are kind, easy to work with, affordable and truly have an amazing amount of knowledge about animals. We are very thankful for the entire team and we will only be coming to them in the future. We are thankful that they were able to save our corgi’s life.

Adriana Estrada

3 years ago

I brought my baby here a couple of times for check ups as I travel a lot with him. The doctor was always nice and seemed like he knew what he was doing he suggested me to get my baby neutered After thinking about it a few days and because the doctor recommended me to do so I went ahead and made an appointment. The day of surgery I get a phone call from a vet (not to mention it was a different Dr that I usually see) gave me the horrible news my baby passed away while in surgery. It’s been the worst day of my life had I known it was gonna be a different doctor I wouldn’t have left him.... I miss my baby everyday I would think twice about taking your baby here

Erszebeth Bathory

3 years ago

Just ok. The lady on the front desk was really short and seemed like she didn't like her job - she wasn't rude but her attitude wasn't nice nor kind neither. The dr didn't introduced himself, neither the nurses, they just walked inside the room; nurses first, dr did it couple of minutes later and got his job done. No one was rude but was definitely a lack of manners. Everyone was very "meh" on their attitude but one male nurse who was really kind and sweet to my daughter (dog). The basic shots were very affordable, the treatment for a infected ear not much. Spent over $300 on one vist - but still, got her vaccines, her allergies and infection treatment for 21 days.

Fabiana Cristina

3 years ago

I took my cats for shots and flee treatment. It was a good service. The doctor also diagnosed my cat with solar dermatitis. I moved to a house and he has access to my back yard thru a catio, and his nose was so bad. Well, i took care of it, and yep it is gone, i just need to be careful during summer time ☆

Carole Smothermon

3 years ago

They worked us in the day I called and we're very nice, which is hard when you have a 100 pound puppy with no manners.

Amanda Griffith

3 years ago

Amazing staff all the way around! The vet is awesome! Highly recommend!

Luna Valeria Esperanza

3 years ago

It was an okay experience. The lady at the front desk was very nice and welcoming. The vet on the other hand was abrupt and a bit abrasive at first, he didn't introduce himself just asked "What's going on?" I took my kitten in for excessive scratching and a bit of drooling. I wasn't really reassured my cat was healthy or anything, I was just given vague reasons what could be causing the problem. Mainly allergies which is what I already suspected but they couldn't give me a definite answer. Overall it was okay, the actual clinic could do with some remolding but the price was fair for the services I received.

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