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Robert Forcucci

2 years ago

Oh my Goodness, most awesome customer service ever. Friendly, professional, beautiful Dr's and nurses. They showed great love for my dogs. This is the best vet experience I've ever had.

Amy Hall

2 years ago

Everyone was so friendly and professional. They got me and my dog in the office on short notice. They were knowledgeable and i felt like this was the right place for my dog. Most importantly my doggie was happy and comfortable.

Judy Hynes

2 years ago

Very professional, thorough, caring and knowledgeable! And both The Vet and her tech have a good sense of humor! I was treated very expertly, and so was Marty, my girl cat too! They even put up with my loquaciousness, which I am sure was not not easy!

Sara Rafferty

2 years ago

CityVet was great, they are gentle with my senior cat and provide excellent service.

Karen Chenier

2 years ago

Very friendly staff that got me in quickly when we were in a pinch. I highly recommend :)

Karen Bailey

2 years ago

Girls up front are always friendly and Megan our groomer is awesome!!

Francisco Campos

2 years ago

This place has really gone downhill, in the past If I’ve had a urgent matter normally they can squeeze me in their schedule. In the past few months that’s not the case. Today I call for an emergency and instead of offering to help they want me to come the next day. If this wasn’t an emergency and my dog wasn’t in pain I would totally accept next day appointments. Being a loyal customer of theirs for 5 years clearly doesn’t get you anywhere with them anymore. Clearly their in for the profits not rather than the care they were known for. Goodbye City Vet.

Betsye Hamilton

2 years ago

They care about your fur babies and will do their best to Accommodate your needs when necessary! I trust them with my mini doxie!

Christina Stylianou

2 years ago

Such a sweet Vet at this location that was so helpful with a lot of behavioral issues we have been going through with our cat. She took so much time to explain things to me and set up a good plan. So appreciate of her and her kind staff.

Dee N

2 years ago

They always take care for our babies.

Heather Caton Uselton

2 years ago

Great experience as always! I have been bringing my fur babies here for almost 5 years! All of the doctors are great as well as the techs!

Leslie Dukes

2 years ago

Regular customers for over a year primarily due to unwillingness to take the time to find somewhere else. Not anymore! The Vet that called me with the update was pleasant but I can’t say the same for the folks who call, answer the phones or sit at the front desk. Additionally, services seem to increase or change at each visit, they are extremely rude over the phone and in person and this time my dogs were not groomed correctly or to our liking. For the price, the services provided just do not match up. I’ll definitely be looking for somewhere else to spend my money!


2 years ago

A friend recommend this place, and we liked it in the beginning, but not sure what happened. After a couple of years went by, the care did not seem genuine by the vets. My dog was having dental issues (very red gums and probably some cavities) we decided to go ahead and to do some cleaning and extractions. $700 later everything seemed fine till the smell of infection and the redness never went away. I complained about it, they said that the vet that had performed the treatment was no longer there because of his unprofessionalism and that they would credit my account and treat her again, and of course while treating her dental issues they found a way to add other charges , so I ended up paying just about the same amount anyway. They did not give my dog a cone so she accidentally busted one of the sutures and had to go back AGAIN, and the charged me AGAIN. The never gave her antibiotics either. After a few weeks my dog continues to have really red gums and her breath started to smell again, and they said that she must have just inflammation, and prescribed her some anti inflammatories. Then they said that she must have an autoimmune disease and needs to be seen by a specialist, or we could do another cleaning ($400-600) and see if that works. I said, we are not doing another cleaning, I think she has an infection and I want you to prescribe her an antibiotic. They were reluctant to prescribing her the antibiotic for whatever reason and said that it probably would not work. I started the antibiotic and the problem was solved. It seems that the solution is always finding something wrong with your pet where they can profit the most. I will never bring another pet here. I am so sorry I trusted them. Most of the staff was nice, but not sure if the vets know what they are doing.

Stephanie Belcher

2 years ago

Brought my senior dog for a check up to look at his eyes. Love the mom and pop feel of CityVet Frisco. Techs were extremely courteous and more importantly prompt. Dr Deeke answered all of my questions and showed care and compassion to my nervous dog. Although this was a vet visit, I use their grooming and boarding services also. So far --all good!

Sydney Carpenter

2 years ago

This is the best vet clinic I have ever been to. This vet truly cares about your pet and will go the extra mile. I won't take my dog anywhere else. Thank you!

Florence Gwynn

2 years ago

Edit - reply to the response from the owner: Your numbers is incorrect. I have been paying $86 for (20-30 pounds) even in the first half year of 2020. I still have all the receipts on hand. It was $86 in 2019 and early 2020. It was $69 in 2017. We have been going to this clinic for 7 years. I told the vet yesterday she should be upfront about all the increased charges and additional charges for each single item. The original owner moved and all the vets are new. The price is inflated and annual plans were eliminated. We were here today to check on my pet's ear infection and take cytopoint (allergy vaccine). Can you believe the price of cytopoint is double?? I paid $120 for an allergy vaccine for my dog which was $86 (20-30 pounds) before the owner changed. Mine is just 20.5 pounds and forced to pay for 20-30 pounds charge. $120 for an allergy vaccine is more expensive than those for a human!!! I am not impressed with the doctor who is not friendly. She suggested to do a test on the discharge from my dog's ear to see what bacteria is affecting my dog without telling me there is extra charge and how much. I have dogs for years and never have a vet suggested for such test. They all prescribe ear drop for yeast anyway. We have been a customers for 7 years but don't think I will go back!! Do not recommend them to anyone

Joshua Maki

2 years ago

NEVER AGAIN… PHYSICAL INJURIES TO MY DOG!! Admittedly, I own a high anxiety dog (2yrs old), he can be challenging, and clearly they have no patience or training to handle anxious pups. I feel horrible that I brought him back here after last time he came home after being “untreatable” due to his nervousness with blood shot eyes. I was concerned but sadly brought him back (I should’ve taken pictures). This time I did! Brought him back & was called to pick him up for being “untreatable” due to nervousness (scared bites after being stuffed in a cage for an hour). The doctor said “he bit himself” when they attempted to use a rigid pole… he has cuts on the side of his jaw/chin (pictures attached). How could he possibly have done this to himself!?!? NEVER!!

Stacey N. Peters

2 years ago

Megan, our groomer, is very detailed and great with my girls! (My little one can be a handful, but I honestly think that Megan has helped with her socialization and “people skills” ????. ) I am fairly new to the area, so we have had a few different vets. All have been good. Recently, Dr. Michael and Dr. Deekey have really taken the time to talk with me about my dogs, and provide great care. Very grateful. All of us.


2 years ago

Pretty cool people and place, thought it was a whole city named vet though. I even broke out the new balance 623’s to see this city named vet, but was happily surprised to learn about the dangers of heart worms instead. Great trip to the city vet. Deeke 2024

Kyle Scott

2 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS PLACE! I took my 8 week old puppy here for general checkup and he was having diarrhea. The vet (Dr. Summers) diagnosed my puppy with parvo and giadria. Treatment options were $500-3000. I took my dog to my family's veterinarian and my dog does NOT have either parvo or giardia. This place is out for money only. They had me believing my puppy was at risk of dying when he really wasn't. Save your time, money, and emotional health. Go to an actual veterinarian clinic. Avoid this scam of a vet!

Daniel Choisnet

2 years ago

Excellent service. Was in quickly and out sufficiently. My Russle Terrier was so happy it made my day to see her that content with the staff. No hassle and super kind. Love moving to a new area and finding the right place to take my furry friend who is my ????. Thank you again CityVet in Frisco for a wonderful service and clean environment! See you next time.

Chris Berry

2 years ago

Mostly just disorganized. Over the years, I was never called or sent reminders for check ups. I always had to call. I also was paying for the 6 month plan. I actually missed one 6 month checkup because we forgot to call and when I asked if I could apply the previous 6 months worth as a credit, I was told no. My fault for not scheduling in time but shame on them for not accepting a credit for something I had already paid 100% for but didn't use. There were a few other issues over that time and they usually blamed their computer systems. Now, they no longer have those plans and it's a "discount". It's all very confusing honestly. I think I'll be moving to a closer vet with 100% 5 star reviews.

Brandon Banister

2 years ago

Extremely professional and very caring towards the animal and person. Have been going here for years with multiple animals and have always been very happy with the care.

Ahmad Moomand

2 years ago

This is a great vet with a very friendly staff. The only downside is I have sphynx cats and they are not very familiar with the breed but that is the case for most vets as sphynx cats aren't all that common. Outside of that I do highly recommend taking your furry friends here for great service.

Ryan Robinson

2 years ago

Very friendly vet tech staff and quick for our two cats! They made us feel very welcomed as first time clients and we are happy to find an official vet clinic for them! We had Dr. Himmelberg and she was very sweet and personable.

Mary Ellen Joseph

2 years ago

This vet was outstanding in every way! My dog is extremely timid and starts shaking the second we go anywhere unfamiliar. They got us into a room almost immediately and he was shaking and terrified. The rooms and facility are SO clean. The cleanest I have ever seen at a vet office. The vet, Dr. H., came in and immediately sat on the floor and let my dog approach her on his own. By the end of our visit, he was in her lap, wagging his tail, and happy. He has never gotten so comfortable at a vet before. It is usually a stressful ordeal. Highly recommend the vet and staff here. Everyone was so wonderful!!

Paras Khara

2 years ago

We take our puppy Jameson here for vet services and grooming. The groomer is very helpful and helped us train Jameson to be better at grooming over time. He no longer gnaws or nips at her while grooming and comes back looking fresh every time! Highly recommend CityVet!

Terry McGowan

2 years ago

Cat had an eye infection, the performed a full exam, no eye damage, antibiotic injection and follow-Up tablets. Cats now much better. THANKS!!

Emily Perez

2 years ago

I've had a great experience with the groomer here, Megan! My dog is a little shy but loves coming here for hair cuts. They got me in last minute and did a great job. My dog is so energetic and feels like a new pup after her trim! They even sent a follow up email with a photo from her grooming session which was so cute.

Sara Channel

2 years ago

I’ve been bringing my cat to this place for years to do her annual with grooming. I am always used to do them together same appointment just because it is hard to get my cat into her box. However they finally tell me they can’t put her asleep while grooming anymore!! And that I need to find a location that does because they don’t know which location provides this service. Now I have to wait for a month to schedule her an appointment in Addison location and drive 20 minutes there, On the top of that I will need to take another day off for her next appointment!!

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