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Randy Johnson

a year ago

This is the most amazing place ever for your animals. Dr. Hendon and Dr. Gumfory are the greatest along with all the staff here. I just had to have my little boy Tooter put to sleep this past Saturday and it was gut-wrenching. Dr. Gumfory did a thorough exam on him and found out he was riddled with cancer. He assured me I was making the right decision and could not have been more assuring and caring through this unsettling process. My wife and I love them like family and highly recommend Westcreek for any and all of your fur babies needs. Thank you again, Dr. made the worst day of my life alot easier to deal with. God Bless you All !! Randy & Janet Johnson Wedgewood East Fort Worth, Texas

Barb Remley

2 years ago

Dr. Gumfory is amazing. He is compassionate, caring, and takes the time to listen. I did not feel like “just another account number”. The staff was friendly and efficient.


2 years ago

I feel like they over test just to get money off of you, which I don't believe is ethical. They may do their job well but having my pet required to get testing done a good amount of times a year, isn't right at all. I the previous VCA I went to was great and didn't do this and took great care of my pet. I will be looking for a new vet.

Brandon Rosales

2 years ago

My family and I have been coming herewith all our dogs for quite some time now, and some of the staff we know are genuinely helpful and caring, but recently it's been a mess. First of all, every time we call the first thing that happens is we get put on hold, ALWAYS. In fact there was a moment where we received a call from them and they asked us to hold immediately. We understand that it can be busy, but when we are put on hold for upwards to 10 minutes its a bit stressful. Second, the help seems inconsistent. One day we'll call with a question regarding our pet, and the people will be helpful and let a doctor know or a technician to give us a call and help anyway they can by giving their medical opinion, the other day we'll call and rather than give a message to a doctor they're first go to is we have to make an appointment and that that's the only way. We understand that a doctor can't truly know what is happening just by a phone call, but when we want an opinion and first guess as to what to do, it gets frustrating when immediately we are told the only way to get an opinion is through an appointment. We've had many times in the past where we've called and the doctor well tell us it's nothing they would greatly worry about, saving us quite a bit in any medical costs. When ever we've dropped off our pet, it take upwards to 20 minutes after the scheduled time for someone to come get our dog from the car, even when there aren't many car in the lot dropping their pets off to begin with, and when it's time to pick up, it take a while too. The funny thing is, when it comes time to pay any bills, they are quick to jump at it. "What's that card number" and "how about that billing zip code" are phrases you'll hear a lot quicker than genuine concern for your pet's well being. It also seems that often times that rather than send a question to someone capable of answering it, the person picking up the phone will try and figure it out themselves, often ending with them having to go ask someone who is capable of answering it, then going back and giving an answer when it would have been more convenient to connect us with someone who can actually help. We are not writing this review out of spite, we are writing it because it's been sad and we've felt let down by how service has declined over time. We hope this review will maybe motivate the greta team at Westcreek VCA to fix these issues.

leesa wallace

2 years ago

I had an appointment on 04/27/2021 with Ms.Jill and my dog was injured in her care in another room she ready didn’t say what happen she came back and said your dog hit her head so hard she mess on herself and you need to take your dog to Fort Worth animal er. My dog face was full of blood she didn’t even try to stop the bleeding. **********Dog eye has not heal since the accident now she has to get her eye removed. Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner's Inline image

Nicholas Fobbs

2 years ago

Can always rely on them to get me in and out

Terra Lorusso

2 years ago

Dr. Jill McNeal is so awesome. She takes the time to explain everything related to your Letang then some. I am so grateful for her.

Melanie Cast

2 years ago

So rude! I wasn't aware of the policy to stay in your car and call them to come out and get my dog. I walked in with him (there was a sign on the door, but I hadn't had my caffeine yet and was half asleep, didn't see it). So when I walked in, the girl at the front desk was on the phone. Instead of telling the person to hold and politely explaining the policy to me, she just looked at me like I was a walking disease and pointed at the door very rudely. I didn't know what she was trying to tell me, and she just kept pointing vigorously (like really she was freaking out the closer I came to the desk). Then another girl behind the desk yelled "Go outside!" So I went outside with my dog, she then stuck her head out the door and said "we are not allowing people in the building right now, I will come back out and get your dog in a few minutes" She then closes and locks the door. It was early in the morning, cold , and wind blowing a million miles an hour. I was standing there freezing for about 5 minutes, then I thought forget it and got in my car and left. First off, this whole thing could have been avoided if this policy was explained when we made the appointment. Second, yes it was my bad that I didn't see the sign on the door, but there was a much better way they could have handled this. Sorry, lost a customer.


2 years ago

Cynthia one of the Service Representatives is very rude. In person as well as through the phone, she sounds like she couldn't care less about my pet. I used to take my dog that passed away to this clinic and she acted just the same as now that I take my new dog. With every other Service Representative I've had good if not great experiences.

Brenda Adams

2 years ago

Vets and staff are the best. Always have treated pets professionally and knowledgeable. They do curbside service for you too.

Caitlin Gable

2 years ago

Called to setup an appointment with them and then never heard back from them after they said they would call back with pricing. I understand people get busy but you lose clients with that type of service.


2 years ago

They're great but the vet techs aren't as trained as they use to be! For an example, I asked one of the techs if the law recognized the rabbi shots after 1 year! Everyone knows that use to the law only recognized them for 1 year but this tech said she didn't know about the law on the only that the new shots are good for 3 yrs

Tiff Blake

2 years ago

First visit with Dr.McNeal at VCA Westcreek and she was very thorough with diagnosis and explaining various options. She answered all my questions and never made me feel rushed. We will be returning!

Jeffrey White

3 years ago

I think I've written a review in the past for them, but I want to write another. These guys are the best. They are all extremely patient, knowledgable, organized, and it's obvious that the techs and vets all love their jobs. This is one of the few businesses where I cannot recommend them enough. One thing that is unique about them is that they are able to see large dogs. I have two Great Danes, and it's not easy to find a vet that is capable of caring for them correctly.

Todd Moore

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff and great vets.

Airam Sosa

3 years ago

I heard good things about this vet, so I was really excited to try it out for my dog. However, both of my experiences with them have been awful. The first time, my dog got ran over and we went here trying to schedule the vet to see him to make sure he was okay. They said I would have to make an appointment for him to be seen, which makes sense, but it was an emergency so I was hoping they would care or at least make an effort. Instead, they just gave me an attitude and were just like “oh well” about my injured animal. When we asked if they knew anyone or anywhere else that could treat him they said “no”. The second time I tried to work with them my dog need vaccinations and medicine. I made an appointment, which took forever to schedule and multiple “could you hold” over the phone. Now, a day before the appointment, they said they can’t help me. Again, with an attitude. The receptionists here are god awful. They do not know anything about customer service. Avoid this place. Is a joke.

Artie Anderson

3 years ago

Staff makes quality pet care easy.

bobbie Gruebel

3 years ago

These people are very nice and caring. I found 6 abandoned kittens I've been bottle feeding and they have helped me alot. I only lost one who was the runt.

Colin Ferguson

3 years ago

I can't tell you how happy I am with this vet. So glad it was recommended to me.

Cyndi Gilstrap McDonnough

3 years ago

One of the things that I love the most about Dr Hendon at VCA is that he loves my dogs and they love him. He always presents all the options for treatment, not just the aggressive or money making ones then lets me decide which course to take. Even with a recent scare with my 15 year old Daisy that I thought would be life ending, there were options. He treated her conservatively and a few months later she is healthy and back to herself.

Douglas Pentecost

3 years ago

Great staff. Dr Mclane was so nice and compassionate as we had to say goodbye to my 15 year old cat. She was professional as well as compassionate. We have always brought our many animals here over the past 15 years. I would recommend this hospital and get practice to anyone.

Harley Harris

3 years ago

Great vet, always very informative and helpful.

Libby Slaughter

3 years ago

I love all the doctors and assistants here. They love your pet and are very thorough with their care. I can’t thank them enough for getting my pup through parvo. ????????

pappa red

3 years ago

Best care for your fur family members anywhere!!! My family has been going to them almost 40 years now.

Oscar Delgado

3 years ago

Very helpful and very educational. Thank u so much

Mike Hrabal

3 years ago

Excellent experience. Quick check in and exam. Doctor spent the time to answer all my questions. Staff was polite and even remembered my pooch!

Michael Barnhardt

3 years ago

Doc and staff are good, they listen. Bed side manor with both the VCA clinic I went to have been great

Marta Caballero

3 years ago

I've been with Westcreek for many years with both my cats and dogs. They love our furry babies as much as we do. Thank you Westcreek for all you do.

Marsha Green

3 years ago

Very good service with and for my dogs when I go over there.

Josiee Sandoval

3 years ago

This place saved my babies life !! When he was just a few months old he was diagnosed with PARVOVIRUS and I took him here and they explained the whole treatment to me step by step! Prices are affordable the from desk lady was super nice was on the phone when I walked in but still acknowledged me and got in quick didn’t wait that long ! I recommend to take your furry babies here ❤️ My baby just turned 1 in April and is always so happy and loves to play

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