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Billie E

2 years ago

The entire staff cares about your fur babies as much as you do. The price is inexpensive compared to other vet clinics. The staff is always willing to work with you. Dr. Samantha Gibbs is an angel. We recently had to, unexpectedly, put two of our fur babies down. I would not want anyone else in the room with me than Dr. Gibbs while my babies went to the rainbow bridge.She remembers all your animals and will ask about them, even when you bring in another pet.I highly recommend Emory Vet Clinic, if you want an an entire staff that treats your pets as their own.

Danny Rhoades

2 years ago

Good Morning and Good Day Everyone, Folks. I am going to vent a little today, There is something not right, We have a wonderful dog name Dolly that has been abused in the past, and we took her in, she had to go to a Vet back about 4 years ago do to an Eye injury and so I took her to Emory, Vet here in Texas, and it cost us close to $300 and at that time we are not made of money. and so they were willing to- work with us and I paid every cent owed, now they changed up and want cash up front to take care of a wonderful dog. She is in really bad pain in her back part. I think it is arthritis, but Emory clinic Wants $50 plus what ever the amount it comes to right up. Now this is not right and fair to animals. Why is it they worked with me in the past but refuse to work with us now. Money, that is all people think of. so I guess Dolly has to suffer like all animals and people due to people just want money, so guess it is no care.

gladys mayson

2 years ago

Back in April of this year we took our dog in for what seemed to be a severe eye infection. They took the dog in for treatment while I waited in the parking lot. Dr. Gibbs came out and told me she needed her eye removed due to glaucoma. They gave me an estimate for over 700.00 it included services not asked for but they said that is the cost. We decided to seek a second opinion and that doctor treated her for an eye infection. The infection cleared up and the eye is fine now. Due to her incompetance Dr. Gibbs almost cost my dog her eye! It is quite evident they care more about money than animals. Do yourself a favor go somewhere else for your pets healthcare. If I could give less than 0 stars I would. By the way I don't think they read these reviews because I see no response to any of them because they don't care!!!!

John Shiels

2 years ago

I just moved here from Fort Worth. We have 4 dogs and take them in for all problems. We were unpacking when our 15 year old dog started to have fluid fill up her lungs. We called the vet and she said that she could not see us until next week. I said we needed to euthanize our 15 year old dog and was told to go to another vet. Needless to say we had to watch our dog drown in her own fluids. Our vet Dr beam Alvarado vet clinic would never have done that.

Danielle Franklin

2 years ago

Emory Vet was there when we needed them. We moved from a bigger city toward DFW and we’re continuing to see our previous vet. However, when our dog got a nasty ear infection and the big town vet couldn’t get him in for two weeks, we called Emory vet and had an appointment that day. They handled our “scaredy-cat” dog with compassion and got him on the medication he need. Thank goodness because based on how bad they indicated his infection was, waiting 2 weeks would’ve been detrimental to his health. They answered every question we had and followed up with us on concerns we had during his healing. Couldn’t have asked for a better, friendlier staff!

Whitney Hunter

3 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. Took my friends older dog there after the dog became sick and the vet didn’t even touch the dog she just set up a day for my friend to come back and have her put down. The next day the dog was better and she called and asked them what to do and they just said they were an advocate for the dog and she needed to be out down. I understand this... but she didn’t even touch the dog or run any kind of test to determine if it was sick or anything else before coming to her conclusion he needed to be put down. It’s been a few days and the dog is up running around, eating and acting like normal. She almost cost him his life because she wasn’t thorough!

Tommy Potts

3 years ago

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. They do not stand by their work and only care about the money not the animal. Lesson learned!!

Gae Bergman

3 years ago

I highly recommend this clinic!! Everyone was super nice and took good care of my fur baby! I had had surgery so could not lift and they were super in helping me get Zeva in and out of car! Staff and doctors so friendly and compassionate and care about their patients and putting us fur parents at ease knowing they are in good hands! I recommend with no hesitations and will be using them from now on! Thanks again! Gae Bergman

Billie Callahan

3 years ago

They are all awesome! The staff really cares!


4 years ago

Absolutely incredible. Lovely staff and a great Dr. They quickly helped me and my puppy with all our needs. Great rates for amazing animal care. Thank yall again. You've earned my business for life.

James Barrington

4 years ago

Definitely not the cheapest vet around, and they will try to upsell you anything and everything, but their work is ok. The staff is friendly enough, but they seem to favor dogs. My biggest complaint is how long it takes to drop off a pet to get spayed or neutered. I had an appointment and the paperwork was already filled out. All I had to do was simply drop her off. I had to wait about 40 minutes before they took her in. While I was waiting, I saw several people with dogs who came in after me get right in. Overall I felt like I was put off because I have a cat. I'm still a responsible pet owner and a paying customer. I didn't feel like I was treated like one.

Jeremy Roden

4 years ago

I really like this vet clinic. Good location, nice staff and their knowledge on animal care is phenomenal. Alot better then the other one in Greenville i wont mention.

Mary Willis

4 years ago

Wonderful experience with the staff as well as the Dr .They were so loving with our Diamond . It made her first yearly visit at their clinic much easier.

R Eldridge

4 years ago

Knowledgeable vets. Able to handle my Pomeranian's eye infection diagnosis quickly and accurately. Only downside is they're real people and not open 24-7. 2018 upgraded review the five stars continuing to provide excellent service during the hours that they're open

Rhodora Fermin

4 years ago

Emory vet clinic will be our forever vet clinic for life not because they giving my baby gordi another life.. it is all about the people who work in this clinic they were all amazing people who dearly loved animals..and never cost me too much.. thank you!emory vet clinic

Jayne Vaughan

5 years ago

Love the staff. They really care about your animals.

Carma Murphy

6 years ago

Staff is amazing.. they really care about their animals.. Beau is the best!!!!

Ronny Shreves

6 years ago

My daughter took her Chihuahua there and they gave her an operation from the operation to the point of her death they done nothing to help the dog it took them approximately 6 months to find a parasite after numerous bloodwork x-rays and other tests the numerous medications nothing helped and after all they instructed her to do she did it just to watch her dog die

Cynetha Ross

6 years ago

That take care of your pet

Cyndi Cripps

6 years ago

Best people in the world are here....all are very nice, politeness, and very caring about welfare of the parents as well as the furbabies. I recommend this place for all your fur babies needs. They will give bathes, cut nails to major surgery. The doctors here are very well trained and compassionate towards all involved....a great big shoutgoes out to Emory Vet Clinic GOOD JOB GUYS.

Cody Swisher

6 years ago

Great place, I trust them with my pets

Cindy Pappas - Enault

7 years ago

Full service Vet in the country!

Darby Kyle

7 years ago

This place over charged me big time for the second time. First visit was an emergency so I thought that was the reason so went one more trip and got charged 180.00 for two bottle of pills for the dog and the vet says well if this don't work then come back and we will try something else. They know when you're from out of town and it doubles. All I can say is be sure and ask the cost up front. For they will say now for your loved one this is what it takes.

Tammy Holland

7 years ago

These people absolutely love animals. They are so kind and patient.

Chris Giles

7 years ago

I called on a emergency and they still haven't called back, don't trust these people I had to fix my cat up by myself

Jamie Heddin

8 years ago

They didnt seem to actually care about my dog. The overall attitude of the whole staff was snotty all it seems that they cared about was how much they could get me to pay. I will never go back.

Bradley Mathis

9 years ago

Emergency Care was Awesome. My mom's Pomeranian got into some pision and I couldn't have asked for better or more compassionate care than what we got today. They got the dog stabled and back home. I will definitely be using them again for all out Very needs.

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