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Andrea Gomez

2 years ago

Signature K9 has been a great experience for our household. Daniel has been training both of our dogs AND us! The education Daniel offers to pet parents is incredibly beneficial. Watching our dogs grow has been so special. We'll continue to train with Daniel and would definitely recommend. Wish we did it sooner!

Ana Gonzalez

2 years ago

Daniel and team are awesome, I had Ollie do a 3 week training program, however it wasn’t only him who got training, this included myself and my family who are around frequently so that everyone knows the plan and what to expect from it. Be aware that while the goal is to modify the dog’s behavior, it is also us who need changing, and Daniel will make it clear. The training will be only as good as you are willing to adapt and continue the behavior when you are on your own. Ollie is a different dog now, we continue working but the core base is there, and the knowledge I got from Daniel makes it easy. Communication was also easy, getting videos and updates on Ollie’s progress was definitely great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Signature K9 to anyone.

Jaime Cabrera

2 years ago

Signature K9 is the best gift for your puppy and your family. Summer was very reactive to other dogs always pulled when on a leash. I initially thought she was just excited and that all high energy dogs were like that. After realizing her “energy” was causing damage to our furniture and our walls, we decided to seek professional training. Daniel immediately recognized that Summer had separation anxiety and lacked self confidence. He never promised Summer would be able to do tricks or learn cute commands, instead he diagnosed the root of Summer’s problems. Summer stayed for a 3 week board and train, focusing on helping her improve her behavior and working in her obedience. Signature K9 is not just a place for your dog to learn tricks, it’s an academy that helps you improve your relationship with your dog. I would highly recommend this place for anyone willing to put in the work along with their dog and give them the structure and consistency all dogs need to live a happy life.

Kayla Meredith

2 years ago

Daniel has been a HUGE asset to mine and my dogs life! He’s stern but compassionate! You can tell he’s knowledgeable and loves what he does as it translates into his relationship with not only the dogs but the owners. 100% recommend him as a trainer, well worth the money!

Matthew DuBose

2 years ago

They did a fine job calming the dog down and giving the dog (and us) structure to operate in so that we could live in a more cooperative manner.

Myrlene Jack

2 years ago

Signature L9 Training Academy is all of the above. My first time experience in having my rescue dog trained by a professional dog trainer couldn't have been better. Daniel was excellent in this training knowledge.

Vicki Hicks

2 years ago

We rescued a dog and needed help with training her. Daniel was such a huge help! We couldnt have done it without him. He is very thoughtful and thorough! Thanks Daniel your the best!

Keri Clapper

2 years ago

I am so grateful to Daniel and his Team! The work that Signature K9 did with my dog, Rowan, will allow him to continue to be a part of our family. Together, we have learned so much in our effort to have a peaceful life. Rowan was so bothered by all of the noises and his insecurities that I didn’t trust him and he didn’t trust me. With the help of Signature K9 we, Rowan and I, have mutual respect and understanding of what is expected. I can, now, walk him around the block with confidence that I know how to control him. I wish I had had our other dog, that didn’t need the behavior modification, spend at least 2 weeks with Daniel. But with Daniel’s guidance I have learned enough to train her on simple obedience. Thank you, so much!

Patricia Finlen

2 years ago

Before we contacted Daniel we almost surrendered our dog Nova to the animal shelter because she was becoming too much to handle from chewing threw our front door, busting the glass from our back door and eating through her kennel, we felt defeated. We got in touch with Daniel and he pretty much save our dog (and our sanity) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Daniel Mowrer

2 years ago

Thanks to k9 signature in Elgin for the foundation and tools. Daniel at k9 recommended a 2 week board and train to help with konas over the top puppy behavior and the results have been worth the money. She responds to the basic obedience commands that she has been taught. Kona has been home for 2 weeks and continues to improve on her skills as we work with her everyday. I definitely would recommend k9 signature for all your dogs needs.

John Groom

2 years ago

Exceeded our expectations. Our energetic and rambunctious one year old 150 lb (Mastiff) puppy had gotten too big for my (much lighter) wife to control physically. We boarded him with Daniel and within 3 weeks he was a different dog. He still has his energy, but we get to be in charge, not him. Daniel also had to train us, which was harder because we wouldn't wear the prong collar....highly recommended (Daniel, not the collar).

Marchelle Surplus

2 years ago

Signature K9 Academy is incredible!! We’re life-long dog lovers, but first-time owners of a Siberian Husky, who joined our family at 10 weeks old. Even knowing the unique challenges of this breed, we weren’t prepared for the behavioral problems we faced, which included severe vocalization, separation anxiety, and underlying disobedience. The negative impact on our family was significant, and I’ll forever be grateful to Daniel for helping us. After months of failed attempts to improve things by working privately with a dog trainer, recommended by our vet’s office, and taking obedience classes at a local establishment, we researched reputable trainers who use balanced methods. Signature K9 stood out to us because of Daniel’s extensive background training dogs (including Huskies) with a wide range of behavioral issues. His military experience with K9’s also impressed us. Now that we’ve seen the results of his 2 Week Board & Train program, we highly recommend Signature K9 to others! Thanks to Daniel, our 7 month-old puppy came home a fundamentally calmer and more obedient dog. Moreover, Daniel patiently and professionally educated us on how to maintain and continue the training at home. As a mother, I loved that he included our child in the lessons. As a professor, I really appreciated how clearly he taught us to establish respect, clarity, & trust with our pet. If you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable and effective trainer, with an impressive boarding facility, look no further than Signature K9 Academy!

Trish Baer

2 years ago

We just got our two dogs back from board and training. One of our dogs suffered from severe anxiety for the past several years and resource guarded. The other one was exhibiting aggression as well as resource guarding. We are absolutely amazed at the difference a few weeks with Daniel made! We can now take our very anxious dog on walks without her barking and whining the whole time. She sleeps in a crate and stays on place. She is so much more confident now and we are enjoying her so much more. We tried other trainers but they never helped nor did they give us the tools Daniel did. Our aggressive puppy hasn’t exhibited any aggression since we’ve brought him home. Daniel helped us understand the issues and worked with him to get him past some barrier issues he had. While the dogs were with Daniel he gave constant updates, was very responsive and answered our many questions. He communicated very clearly what was needed for the training to be successful and our part in that. We could not be happier with the training our dogs (and us) received from Signature K9!

Courtney Flanagan

2 years ago

Daniel did amazing work with both our Australian shepherds. We could tell a change in their behavior and responsiveness as soon as we brought them home. We are just a little over a month out of training and we are going strong still. 10/10 recommend him!

Meghan Parker

2 years ago

Service Provided: 3-Week Behavior Modification Program Dog Breed: Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier (Mix) Daniel is an incredibly talented trainer. I really enjoyed working with him; Having the opportunity to learn from someone so intelligent was an absolute gift. He provided solutions for EVERY concern I brought to him during the consultation. I 100% recommend his services!

Sydney Huck

2 years ago

Absolutely LOVED signature K9 training. Went for a 3 week training program and saw a difference in my dog almost immediately. Daniel is amazing, extremely educated and is continuing to work with me and answer any questions I have had. This is a great program and definitely worth it.

Ben Bourgeois

2 years ago

We just got done with a consultation with Daniel and could not be more surprised by the result. We have a 3 year old schnauzer/German shepherd mix who has some pretty bad aggression/reactions on leash. We have tried other trainers and medicine to no avail. Our last trainer (who we paid life time support for) actually said Walden was a lost cause. However, within five minutes of walking with Daniel off leash dogs were able to walk up to him without a reaction. We honestly didn’t think it was possible. You can tell Daniel really has a passion for what he does and he truly wants individuals to build and maintain the best relationship they can have with their dogs. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling with their pets.

Kara P.

2 years ago

Daniel has been continuously generous with his time and energy. I initially sent my dog back in November for a board and train when I needed help with some of his [then] recent reactivity. Daniel helped me add tools and knowledge to my training toolbox that I didn’t have prior, and it has greatly helped me and my dogs’ relationship, along with the anxiety/reactivity issues we were experiencing. Post-training, Daniel was more than open to coming to me for follow-up sessions whenever needed, and we were able to practice in my own neighborhood/environment. Since November, I’ve sent my pup back to Daniel for boarding any and every time I’ve been out of town. It’s honestly the only place/people I’ve ever trusted with him and I’m so thankful to have boarding as an option now! I always know he’s in great hands, getting the consistency he needs even while I’m out of town. Signature/Daniel helped me and my dog when we were at our lowest point and I am continually grateful and appreciative. Highly recommend.

Samantha Leung

2 years ago

Signature K9 has been the best thing to happen to me and my dog. This is much more than just dog training. This was an eye-opening, life changing experience! After the 3 week training, Daniel laid the behavioral foundation with my dog (place, sit, heel, separation anxiety, etc), he taught me how to own and sustain the correct behavior moving forward, and he has become a true partner for all things dog related - more training, advice, and boarding. If YOU are ready to commit to a better quality of life for you and your dog, I could not recommend Signature K9 enough.

Alanna Poulis

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about Daniel he is an amazing dog trainer. My dog suffers from fear anxiety she thinks everything in the world is out to get her. Before we did the 4 week board and train she was awful on leash, would freak out when she saw another dog or person, wouldn’t let me groom her I was honestly terrified of my own dog. In 4 weeks I have a dog who is much better on leash, doesn’t freak out at other people and I can finally have friends over without having to worry about how my dog is going to act. He gave me a brand new dog. Going through a behavioral rehabilitation with a dog is a lot of work. You can no longer live the way you used to you need to change all the aspects of how you coexist with your dog but the hard work is worth it when in the end you get a dog that you’ve always wanted. Daniel does a great job at explaining everything he’s telling you and if you don’t fully understand he won’t stop until you do. He helps you learn from your mistakes and doesn’t expect you to be perfect on everything he tells you the main focus is to be consistent and if you are you’ll have a dog that is 100000x better than before you started training.

Morgan T

2 years ago

Signature K9 Training Academy, a "dog" trainer. Little did we know the training is also for people. We sent our 4 month old French Bulldog, Nate Dogg, to the two week board and train, and couldn't be happier with the progress and experience. Throughout the entire duration Daniel communicated regularly, sent pictures updates and gave us the opportunity to ask questions at any point. The private training sessions never started with us interacting with Nate, but instead with us reflecting on our reactions to certain situations we've had and guiding/teaching us to learn and understand what will make him a happier and more confident dog. This was then followed by observing the progress, and seeing how Daniel was working with him and where Nate was still struggling. Daniel walked us through what to expect the next time we returned. Nate Dogg left the session with, what I call doggy manners, as well as sit, heel and basic recall and place (not to mention the breaking of bad habits we unknowingly taught him). We left the session with a better understanding of dog behavior, how to read his body language more closely and how to create opportunity for him to be successful. We all left with a new companion in Daniel, and a stronger bond to lead to a happier future!

Torrey Reynolds

2 years ago

Bentley, my 9 month poochon pup, has made great strides with Daniel. He is patient and knowledgeable. Finding someone to trust your babies with is hard and Daniel does an amazing job of helping me "speak dog". In just a few weeks, Bentley is much more well mannered and I can't wait to continue the training at home. Five thumbs up!

Krista Everson

3 years ago

I had an amazing and positive experience with Signature Canine! I noticed a difference immediately in my black lab pup. As long as you are dedicated and listen to the training advice, you will have a pristine pup in no time at all. Daniel takes the time to truly invest in yours and your dogs training. Ask him anything and he will always go above and beyond to get you the answer or solution that works for you and your furry friend! Overall the only training program I would trust or recommend.


3 years ago

We were gifted a puppy we desired as a wedding gift. Said puppy is a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) which could grow to become +150 to 200 lbs as an adult. The concerns were real as to our puppies safety, ability to effectively manage + safe and responsible interactions of our puppy 'Nas' to other persons and dogs. Google reviews we already saw for Daniels program at Signature K-9 Training Academy are well warranted. Daniel takes a drill sergeant with a sense of humor approach. Correcting behavioral traits built into the breed and also owner habits that need to improve for controlled care of the dog and its surroundings. Our training package was 2 weeks boarding and included some in person sessions (with observations of safe parameters). Really grateful for the input and process in place that gave us additional confidence to really take care of such an intelligent, energetic and potentially large breed. Our leash management, food schedule, control of reactions and daily training routine is fine-tuned thanks to Signature K-9. Located in Elgin, TX at a sprawling gated and secured 14 acre facility with training bay, kennel hall, pool, exercise court, obstacle course and other dogs to interact with. House calls and in-person training 1:1 sessions were also available plus a good grooming service is on hand. Thankful for the training and would send our dog to Signature K-9 for continued training as he grows. Recommended!

Mitchell Bernstein

3 years ago

Signature K9 helped us in so many ways I can’t even describe. I finally have a solid relationship with my dog and neither of us feel as stressed as before. Thanks a ton! I highly recommend training your dogs with SK9! Zeus finally knows to sit, lay down, go to his bed, come when I call, walk WITH me as opposed to walking ME, and is finally calm. Super impressed for my 7 month old crazy Aussie to be trained for only a month and to have him return home a delight!

Shani S

3 years ago

Daniel and I met via a mutual friend, who told me what a great guy he was. I have 4 dogs and one can be quite a handful. I was at my wit’s end with him and decided to reach out to Daniel. …

Pati McCandless

3 years ago

Our 6 month old German Shepherd puppy recently stayed 3 weeks at Signature K-9 and the results were amazing! We picked up a confident, happier, easier to manage dog! Daniel did a great job teaching our puppy how to heel, sit, down, and stay in "place" on her red Signature K9 dog bed. We are very pleased and highly recommend Daniel and Signature K9 ATX.

Nicole Geraci

3 years ago

For the first eight months of my German shepherds life her health issues took over and her training was non existent. Daniel and his team worked wonders getting hampton to where she needed to be through their board and train program. I used …

Shelby Hollier

3 years ago

AMAZING! Signature K9 is the best there is! I can not recommend Daniel and Signature K9 enough! I have seen such an improvement in my dogs behavior during our training program with Signature K9! Daniel is fantastic and is great to work with! I will forever be thankful for what Signature K9 has done for me and my dog!

Luna Gaming

3 years ago

You guys, if your looking for a place for you to have better communication with your dog. This. Is. The. Place. Daniel and his team took our out of control husky (big b) that would frequently attack our senior dog and gave us back a well disciplined good boy with lots of structure. Along with big b getting help. Daniel and his team showed us how we were creating a toxic environment for our dog. Learning how we were enabling our dog to act out was a real eye opener. Big b was at one of Signature board and training programs. I am shocked in just 3 weeks, he’s like a totally different dog. I am so grateful Signature did give us well detailed rules and plans on how to keep the peace and ease big b back into the house. I am no longer anxious all the time worrying about another dog attack. Icing on the cake? Signature offers boarding for dogs that have completed their programs. I feel good to know he has somewhere to go and board and receive follow up training while we are away.

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