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Regi Louthan

2 years ago

I had found an injured Cane Corso puppy when I was looking for a mechanic and he had been hurt possibly in a dog fight. He had a bad gash in his foot and his eye was cut and he had multiple cuts and I googled a cheap veterinarian and was referred to Guardian pet hospital. The online reviews stated it was a 35.00 visit and that included pain meds. I was told 175.00-200.00 plus any meds and I told them I can't afford that to please help me to help this dog and I was told repeatedly to surrender the dog to the Denton animal shelter. I asked if it was a no kill shelter and she did not know not did she care. Her lack of compassion and concern was irritating. I highly do not recommend this place!

Tad Serrano

2 years ago

Delivered my cats meds when I had COVID. wonderful service

taylor opitz

2 years ago

My puppy has been a patient since he came home with me at 8 weeks old (he is now 8 months). I have done all of his shots there, and it is where i get his heartworm preventative every month. I have had a few bumpy experiences there, but overlooked due to the trickiness of navigating COVID. Two days ago he started vomiting, stopped eating, and became very lethargic. I took him to be seen that same day at 2pm. I was called at 5:30pm and told my options were an anti nausea medication and a recommended X-ray. The vet was not the one that called me. I spoke with Erin. She was uncompassionate and not understanding to the fact that this was a financial burden I was not accounting for. I was not given any explanations for why my puppy would be feeling this way, and was told my only option was an x ray or to leave without any answers. They were not confident that an X ray would provide me with any answers. I felt rushed to make a decision with no explanation of what could be happening to my puppy. He sat in a crate for four hours to be sent home with anti nausea medication he later threw up. I later took him to an ER vet the next day (Saturday). It cost me more money, but having someone who was compassionate and not trying to rush me to a decision because it is the end of the day on a Friday.

Linda Brockett

2 years ago

My dog was limping badly they were gentle and caring. She is doing a lot better thanks to the vet and nurses there.

Richard Adams (Romeo Rick Class of 86)

2 years ago

Right now I'm too lost in words. So I'm letting my 5 star rating do the talking...

Tj Fontana

2 years ago

Honestly guardian angel animal hospital Should be the name for this vet ...About 6 days ago My German Shepherd puppy Started acting weird normally he Is very active which he should be because he is only four months old but about 5 days ago I noticed his activity level started to decline So I kept I kept a close eye on him and on day 3 was when he stopped eating but he was still drinking water then that afternoon i noticed he had diarrhea which is always a bad sign especially if they're not eating and not active the night of day 4 noticed blood in his stool and that was it i went in to panic mode and started calling animal ER's knowing what his diagnosis was already because i myself was a vet tech for 2 years i called the closest ER to me and telling them the symptoms i was told that it wasn't necessarily parvo it could just be worms since he was still drinking water that i should just wait till in the morning and go to his normal vets office to get a parvo test so i watched him all night and took him at 8am for the test which was of course positive for parvo which i already knew it would be but that particular vet turned me away saying that they dont deal with that type of stuff so i started frantically calling every single vet listed on google within a 50 mile radius of me and guardian happend to be the 4th place on the list thank god for them the lady on the phone was so sweet and understanding i explained to her i only had so much money as i am a single mother of 6 working 2 jobs and my puppy was purchased to be my service dog because i have panic disorder and anxiety so losing him would be like losing one of my children she told me she completely understands but they were already dealing with some parvo cases and wasn't sure they even had the space but she would call the vet and explain my situation and see if there was anything they could do but to keep calling around just in case they couldn't help so i did and every vet i called either couldn't work with the amount of money i had or didnt deal with parvo so 30 minutes later the lady from guardian called me back and asked if i found a place i told her no and she said good she spoke with the vet and the vet said to bring him right away the amount of relief i felt at that moment is unexplainable so he was taken and they got him on fluids and the meds right away they also treated him for worms kept him for 2 days sent a care package with more meds for worms diarrhea and nausea food that wont be harsh on his tummy and even a probiotic to make sure he doesn't lose any of the good bacteria from the diarrhea and did all that while staying 200 under what i actually had so i want to tell everyone that if i could give this place 100 stars i would because 5 stars certainly doesn't say how good this vets office really is thank you guys so much for working so hard and saving my baby this will be the only place i bring my animals you all earned a customer for life

Holly Berry

2 years ago

They were very sold on Royal Canon dental dog food. Found the same type of food on Amazon MUCH cheaper

Alana Presley Taylor

2 years ago

I've been trying to find a vet in Denton for a long time. I finally found one that I trust. The staff are compassionate, they helped my family through the difficult time of losing our beloved pet and joined in celebration when we got a new one.

Elie Lu

2 years ago

I had a 4 week old kitten I was fostering. They gave him a deworming medicine, and when I was there to pick up, they put him in his box carrier. I don't know if they didn't notice or what but I opened the box and he's laying in his own vomit and wouldn't move. I'm very upset about how he was returned to me, I know that effects happen from medicine, but when I called the only response I received was "oh no." And cleaned him up. They said to monitor him but he wasn't moving. I had to bring him back, and sat in my car for a hour before I had to call AGAIN just to check up on the kitten. I was not told anything before, and had to call multiple times just to receive information. I'm extremely upset. The kitten (Sky) didn't make it through the night. I know these things happen, but they should have been more communicative and more understanding. If you have a serious medical issue with your pet, do NOT go here. I feel like more could have been done. I feel like he wasn't monitored properly.

Evan De La Garza

2 years ago

The vets here are excellent. I recently got a new kitten that had been having issues with recurring eye infections and nothing had worked to cure it. They accurately identified his issue as entropion and talked us through our options. They were very kind and fair on prices.

Kayla Cape

2 years ago

My munchkin kitten was spayed today. When my husband and I went to pick her up she was in a crate covered in her own feces. It’s obvious she has been sitting in it for awhile given that some of it is very solid and matted in her coat. I do not recommend this clinic. It is not professional or sanitary. Her surgical site can very easily get infected because of this. Update: The vet that took care of our cat was very kind over the phone. We took her back to get cleaned up. Still I’m upset and saddened over the situation given all the good reviews. This doesn’t seem to be the norm for this clinic. I may give it the benefit of the doubt, I’m still not certain I would take her back.

Kyla Welch

2 years ago

They great care of my aging dog.

Jake Payne (DoktorPayne)

3 years ago

Great experience here! I have a dog with pretty bad anxiety and Dr. Paben was incredibly patient and understanding with helping my dog feel as comfortable as possible. One of the vet techs, Erin, was also very courteous and helpful in assisting me with helping my dog feel safe. Thank you!

Shawna Smyth

3 years ago

Great staff! Their Covid safety precautions really helped ease my anxiety, and the fact that they didn't push anything extra on me (upselling) was greatly appreciated. Overall, a wonderful experience during an anxious time.

Kayla B

3 years ago

I love Guardian Vet Hospital. I’ve taken my pets there on and off (sometimes we were pet free) for the past 15 years. They are friendly and flexible. They take very good care of our fur babies.

Weaving Rainbow

3 years ago

Covid makes a "proper" vet visit difficult, but they make it work! They come out to your car to get your pet, and come back and forth to discuss diagnosis and treatment.

Cassandra Kennedy

3 years ago

I love taking my dogs to this vet. They take care of my babies and are always so nice and caring ❤

Sheri Nelson

3 years ago

The office personnel are nice and friendly but not sure if their system has issues or needs to be upgraded. I've been going to this clinic for a couple of years. About 3 months ago, I was working with the front desk to acquire some meds. The woman at the front desk seemed new and didn't have a clue. I'm understanding of that but every time we spoke, she gave me a different answer about our on-going conversation. After a couple of days, I got frustrated and moved to a vet in Colleyville. My furbaby is a diabetic as well. I live in Lewisville and am in Denton often so its easier for me to pick up insulin for my pup there. I called today to order the insulin. Again, the lady at the front desk was very nice but they couldn't find my dog in the system or anything under my name... at all! I have two dogs. One was spayed a couple of years ago, had her teeth cleaned, shots, etc. The other has been in multiple times and even stayed the night! If they can find you in their system, they are good for minor things like shots but for more serious needs, I would select another vet.


3 years ago

They took us as a walk in after leaving another vet office that had feces all over out front and several people without masks...our pup got what she needed for her severe hot spots and the staff was friendly and thoughtful. They didn't stress her out by forcing more shaving and ended up staying past closing time to get her treated. ????

Nicol Fuller

3 years ago

Our dog had a chronic ear infection that we had spent lots of money treating at another vet clinic with no results. We then took him to Guardian and they helped get my dog relief and they genuinely show concern and care for your pet. This will be my vet from now on.

Morgan Hamric

3 years ago

Staff are very sweet and care about your pet!

Misty Meyer

3 years ago

I got a puppy a couple of days ago and was worried about her. They helped me find a time that would work. When I arrived I had a puppy in one hand and a one year old who was upset. They were just amazing with both! Everyone was so kind and the lady at the front even helped me to the car! Luna (the puppy) got carried around and loved on, it was one of the best vet offices I have been to.

Lucinda Breeding-Gonzales

3 years ago

Dr. Paben takes great care of our dogs.

Alexander Connors

3 years ago

Was there for only 34 minutes! Curbside service. My dawg had ear yeast infection. Doc sampled and called me with options while I waited on my ride. Very pleasant and she answered all of my questions.

Amelia Morris

3 years ago

Have taken my dog there multiple times with no issue. I got both her heart worm preventive and flea medication from there but they did not keep accurate records of the doses I picked up and when. Because of this they suddenly were unable to provide me with my dogs medication and told me that I would that I would need to pay to get her retested despite her begin tested in December and consistently on the medication.

Brenda McDade

3 years ago

Love them! They take the best care of my fur babies and their prices are reasonable

Haley Klimaszewski

3 years ago

Everyone was so nice but my cat came home from getting spayed with fleas... so now both my cats have them and we’re having to spend a bunch of money on treatments ????????????????

Emily Escobar

3 years ago

Had a really great experience here. Was able to get a same-day appointment squeezed in for my injured cat. Staff was friendly from the phone call to set the appointment to the moment we left. Gave us great options to fit our budget and worked with us more than necessary to get our pet the care he needed.

Hale Sparkman

3 years ago

I LOVE Guardian! They take the best care of our pets and are always caring. The prices are fair and the treatment is always great.

Dylan Sartain

3 years ago

Excellent customer service. They have never let us down, and they are the most reasonably priced vet in the area. We were quoted 1800$ for a surgery for our dog from another vet and guardian charged 250 for the same operation.

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