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Elyssea Johnson

a year ago

Anytime I come here or try to make an appointment they are not available.

Gabriela Lavoy

a year ago

I like the vet Dr Tsai he is very responsive and takes great care of my dog . I had an appointment for Saturday for 8:15 am . I had explained to the lady booking my appointment that I work in a Clinic and had to be there for 8 am . I asked if I could bring my pet earlier . She agreed to a drop off for 7:30 am . When I got to the clinic a very unpleasant employee was getting an attitude and almost denying treatment for my pet . I told her that I had discussed the early drop off with someone else and she continued to give me attitude . I point blank asked her if she was going to let my dog stay or not . I explained to her that I also had patients to see ( human kind) and needed to leave . She took my dog . Still rude and with attitude . In the afternoon I picked up my pet today and he seemed not to be feeling well he looked scared and vomited twice after bringing him home . I just hope that this person did not take her poor attitude on my pet and given him something or abused him in retaliation . He is not acting right . The pets are under their care and completely helpless . I was hesitant to leave him this morning after her very rude rant . Everyone else has been nothing but pleasant and helpful except this lady . I will be monitoring my pet all day. Be careful with this employee.

Leo Pardo-Rojo

a year ago

Paying a plan makes no difference, they always come out with something that’s not included and turns to be quite expensive. We were not given a single written report of what they supposedly did; not even proof of vaccination which was the reason of the visit. In the end it was over $300 dollars (after canceling some of the tests they tried to push, cutting the price by half). We will not be coming back.

Travel Like A Local

a year ago

Great place to know I always trust them with my fur babies

Mrs. Blocker

a year ago

Do not even bother. Overbooked, someone called me in the morning and pushed me to reschedule my appointment. Then said they couldn’t take me after I got there 10 minutes late for their so called rescheduled appointment, and was twenty minutes early for the appointment I had scheduled in the first place and then played dumb.

Rusty Hollis

2 years ago

Put on a mask or get out. After 10 years of service this is how they talk to there customers.

Kayla Corpus

2 years ago


April D

2 years ago

They offer customers a range of pet supplies most of the products are over priced such as bathing products; ie dog shampoo that is medicated costs 20.00 same type of shampoo for dogs is 8.98 per bottle at PetSmart. Buy your pets dog food at Hollywood Feed Store which is located in same strip mall located across from Sprouts Grocery Store. They are opening up a Chase bank location coming soon, btw ♥️ Back to Banfield hospital..they have very nice and prompt customer service and the veterinarians that are employed there are awesome really take time with your animals it's just their products that they sell for dogs and cats are a little overpriced

Justice Adkins

2 years ago

My first visit, staff was really great. And my baby is better.

Shetoria Matthews

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff, great interaction with pets and owners.

Vanessa Garza

2 years ago

Several times I schedule appointments on the BANFIELD app. They email to confirm. The email appointment is correct. They call 48 hours to confirm and the appointment time has changed from Saturday to Sunday and I can’t make it. I explain that they received that time from the booked appointment. I have called BANFIELD and they chose to refuse to give me an email to send in my confirmed appointment time. Usually I set a groomer appointment first, then the hospital will pick him us from the groomers (same building) and treat him and call me when he’s done. My final situation with BANFIELD is today they refused to pick him up from the groomers and treat him. I would have to pick him up from groomers and walk him right next to it and drop him off. This means 8 miles to drive there and move him over and drive home and drive back to pick him up when he’s ready. I will never return to BANFIELD and have canceled my Wellness Plan for my baby boy. They are truly the worst and unprofessional and not consumer friendly nor convenient. I now have pet insurance they my renters and auto ins… paying half of what I paid with BANFIELD. Do not waist your time and money…

Matthew Whittington

3 years ago

Good pets for a check-up

Gaby V

3 years ago

Dr. Chew is an excellent doctor. I trust my pets in her hands

Elizabeth Hartman

3 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would. I understand things with COVID are different but I had an appointment at 10am for a tumor assessment just to get a quote for surgery- I already had biopsy results from before I moved to Dallas. Not only was my quote nearly three times what it was elsewhere, they kept my large dog in a crate waiting for this brief assessment for FIVE HOURS. I am livid with this service and will never return- and I was about to sign up for a health wellness plan.

Dien Truong

3 years ago

Staff is always so nice and welcoming, despite the high demand from clients. This location gets pretty busy; I scheduled my cat an appointment to get neutered and the appointment is 3 weeks outs. Otherwise, great location with great staff

Esmeralda Saldivar

3 years ago

They are the best... i love how efficient they are and so caring towards the pets

Jay T

3 years ago

Didn't check my cat’s teeth, now he has a big dental problem. Don't go there!

Kay Baggett

3 years ago

Their hours of operation are very convienent being open 7 days a week. They also are happy to assist with any questions you need help with about your pet. Staff is very friendly and assistive. Vets are available anytime via email for matters that may arise, and they refer to a 24 emergency hospital for after hours assistance if needed.

Mario Dias

3 years ago

I have three dogs, the older is 14 and the youngest is 7. They all have the Banfield Wellness Plan since they were puppies and I never regretted it.Everybody there is very committed, one can see that they love their profession.

Marley Schiesz

3 years ago

Have had two dogs go here now, our first dog was very nervous and I think they did their best managing him. He only got more nervous and aggressive each time we took him in but I don't think that's the vets fault. Eventually we asked what to do about his nervous aggregation and the male doctor told us there isn't much to do, that he's just a nervous dog. Eventually they forgot to muzzle him when taking his fecal sample so he bit them. When we came to pick him up they were pretty rude and explained how he attacked one of the staff. They give us anxiety meds and told us he needs to take these before he comes in from now on. So instead of looking at his notes and making sure they take the proper precautions, they put the blame on us and essentially asked us to sedate our dog before coming in. Just seemed lazy and refused to acknowledge their mistake with not reading his chart and muzzling him. Now recently we got an 8 week old puppy who was a little late on her first round of shots. When bringing this up to the staff here since she should NOT get her round two of shots too early, they tried to tell us that most breeders buy their vaccines from feeders and essentially need to be redone. After bringing proof of our puppies shot records, they try and give her first round of shots anyway. I call and have to explain she does not need that and if she's missing something that she should have then I'm fine with that. Finally we sort things out and agree on what the puppy needs and I'm told I'll get a call when she's ready to be picked up. 3 hours go by (I was told it would take an hour) and I haven't heard anything back from them, I start to get a little concerned as I know a puppy this young should be getting in and out as fast as possible. I call in, get put on hold, ask for the status of my pup, get put on hold, and then said that she's been ready. It's overall been pretty rough at this place and we definitely regret getting the membership. Will be switching in a couple of months once that memberships is over.

Mary Young

3 years ago

Was inquiring about services but waited 15 mins before anyone came out to help me. Vet service without surgery part.

Mr. Goundie

3 years ago

They treated my dog great!

Daniel Goree

3 years ago

Helpful and kind staff. Gave great advice to help our cat feel better!

Andrew Holmes

3 years ago

The staff and vets on staff have always been perfectly professional and very helpful.

Raeleen flower

3 years ago

Great place to take your animal they take good care of your dog and cats my dog vet is excellent I love her to death of my dog just loves her I recommend this veterinarian to everybody this pet hospital and pet veterinarian to everybody in the world go to PetSmart

Ruth Bowles

3 years ago

Wrong DX, shared PII, upsold to overcharge. My dog had sores on hindquarters where he was scratching so much he caused bald spots. I thought "mites" but let me take him to vet to be certain. The "Dr" came out and told me he had skin Lupus, wanted blood work to make sure he was healthy and prescribe Prednisone. $396 later, I walk out... Dutifully give Prednisone, watch him NOT get any better, obtain a second opinion who advises "mites" with skin irritation. Meanwhile, they were supposed to email me receipt, lab work, and current vaccine report. Instead they emailed some one else's, so I have their address, phone, name, and all of their dog's information. I replied to PetSmart, advised them of their mistake, asked for my dog's info and have not heard back. I sent this request twice. So, in addition to adding almost $400 to my credit card unnecessarily, NOT getting my dog treated, receiving personal information belonging to someone else, I also wonder if my personal information was shared elsewhere as well. Meanwhile, a few scrub downs with antifungal shampoo and my baby is getting better. I'm still ordering a cone-of-shame from Amazon so he will leave the area alone. Never going back to PetSmart and recommend everyone avoid it if possible.

Ryan Schweitzer

3 years ago

These people always take great care of my dog. I love having insurance through them because I get my shots /dental cleaning for free and discounts on any major surgeries etc by having it. Simba is never scared when he goes here because they really do love your pets as if it was their own.

teddy serrano

3 years ago

Very helpful over the phone

Tim Johnson

3 years ago

Why when I call on two separate occasions, my messages to a doctor never get relayed nor do I get a call back when urgently requested.

David Anthony (Demonetize)

3 years ago

Very nice people. Its a very nice petsmart. They helped me with a food prescription my dog needed. They are very helpful. The parking in front is miserable just park in the side

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