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David Kaylor

a year ago

Our whole family appreciates their compassion and patience. What an awesome place.

John Smith

a year ago

Very helpful and great value! Got my Golden Retriever on the mend!

Charlie LaGrange

2 years ago

They are very professional, courteous and very caring. We recently moved to Weimar and have encountered a colony of feral cats in our property. They are helping us and everyone who has feral cats neuter or spay them. We have never done anything like this and they very understanding and kept us well informed. I highly recommend Colorado Valley Veterinary Service. Give them a chance. You won’t regret it.

Natalie Keen

2 years ago

We cannot give enough accolades to Dr Ridlen and the staff of Colorado Valley Veterinary Services. I trust them explicitly with the continuity of care for my 10 year old Yorki. My family trusts them with the health and care of their livestock. We have lived in five different states with our dog and experienced many different veterinarians. This is by far the BEST quality of care, expertise, professionalism, compassion, and honesty we have ever encountered in a veterinary service. Thank you for being in Columbus!

Carolyn Baird

2 years ago

Gracie had a great first visit at Colorado Valley Vet Services! The girls were so friendly and sweet and Gracie loved them the minute we got there! Dr Ridlen was wonderful with her too! It's nice to have such a great Veterinarian and his staff in our our area!

Rebecca Brumfield

2 years ago

I can’t say enough amazing things about this clinic. I was in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with the anxiety of what could happen to my dog after a snake bite, which apparently is quite common in this part of Texas. I called Dr Ridlen and he was AMAZING and so accommodating to my emergency after hours. He was able to give my sweet pup antibiotics for the snake bite in case there was an infection, and also an update on his heart worm meds. I learned a LOT about different snake bites and the poison etc, he was very educational. Thank you for saving my adventure dog, Dr Ridlen! You are such a caring and wonderful vet, and you saved my trip and much anxiety!

Kara Murry

2 years ago

Dr. Ridin and his amazing team are wonderful! They truly care about your animals well being, and go above and beyond in their care.

Pamela Boyles

2 years ago

My experience with Colorado Valley Veterinary has exceeded all my expectations. Coming from a large city to a country area was new to me. But I have found the finest veterinary service. The personal is excellent kind and caring. The vet himself has pin pointed diagnostics for my dog. Once the diagnostic need a specialist he referred me a great vet. I am so grateful I chose Colorado Valley Veterinary for my pets needs and you will be too.

Doug S

3 years ago

Our furry 'children' have been patients for years and years. Having lived in Houston previously, we have frequented many different veterinary clinics and hospitals. Dr. Ridlen and his staff have provided us with the best care and experience without question. We have had several serious situations with our pets and Dr. Ridlen has provided knowledgeable and life-saving diagnoses and treatments. I believe that veterinary doctors are generally intelligent people; however, I would say that Dr. Ridlen has a gift, one that sets him apart from others. It is that gift that we've come to rely on and greatly appreciate. The staff and Dr. Ridlen always take the time to fully address our questions. We highly recommend Colorado Valley and are 'patients' for life.

Cissie McCree

3 years ago

We have 4 rescues ,all different types of dogs, and 1 cat plus 2 small parrots. We just moved down here from Dallas and I was afraid I would need to take my birds for healthcare in separate office but when I called Dr Ridlans office I found that he grew up with birds ( his mother had a bird aviary). Then one of my older dogs developed a tumor on her right hip. She is blind and almost deaf. The tumor was growing extremely fast. Dr R cut that thing off quickly and thoroughly. No signs of it returing!! She healed quickly and comfortablely. He's also seen the rest of the bunch for vaccinations, minor problems etc. Dr Ridlan and his staff are caring to animals of all kinds and their owners. We highly recommend him.

George King

3 years ago

Simply the best! Dr Ridlen and staff are caring, competent people. Bob the dog doesn't mind going to the clinic. In fact I think he kinda likes it!

glenda lambert

3 years ago

Caring staff. Dr. Ridlen is available after hours if needed. We've had to call on him several times outside of business hours and he was always there!! The times we've had to end the life of a beloved pet, he was there. And, his wife at times came with him to comfort us in our grief. Would not take my pets anywhere else. Five Star +

Katie Nippress

3 years ago

Excellent service. The staff are friendly and full of personality. They take excellent care of my Boxer. She has had two small surgeries here and I wouldn't trust anyone else. They went above and beyond to text me updates as she recovered from her surgery. I drive in from Sugar Land because I want only the best for my pup!

mary hackler

3 years ago

This will be the last Vet office that you take your pets to because after you take your pets there you will never go to any other Vet. They are the best. They also treat Ferrets which was a nice surprise. My son's Ferret was treated and healed quite nicely. When my male dog had to go to sleep money was donated in his name by Colorado Valley Veterinary Service to a local shelter

Megan Class

3 years ago

Dr. Ridlen and staff are always amazing every visit. Not only are they professional but they always ensure each visit is warm and welcoming. They’re great with our dogs and truly seem to enjoy what they do. If you’re looking for a new vet, I highly recommend them, you and your pets will be happy!

Michael cafferty

3 years ago

I tried to make a appointment for a poodle that could possibly be mine that was lost in a accident 18 months ago. I drove 1800 miles in order to come find out if this dog could be mine. Is or isn't she will be well cared for no matter what. She needs shots, x-ray, and a number of assorted other tests run. I needed an appointment. I didn't stipulated a day or time but would sure have loved one today or in the next couple of days. The poor thing is terrified and you can tell its been a rough time on her. I was told the first available appointment was next Monday. That is sad that in this type of a situation that a person can't be worked in somehow. Even if i had to sit all day long waiting for when they could see her. I had read the reviews for all the Vets in the area a total of 15 before I stopped. I had this one down as number one ultimately. So No Problem. Oh I called number 2 choice, for which it took me awhile to decide which one I should use in the first place. Well guess what Number 2 choice should have been number 1. They will see me No problem today at 130 Pm. You Wish to see what I rate them. Well as soon as I get back home to my motorhome (see I am not from this area or anywhere near it) . Well I will be writing a review of them as soon as I get back home. I will let you know if number 2 did as well as I am hoping. I won't put their name on the bad review I give here. But they are the next closest one to this one on the map I believe.. so by 5pm today. I'd go look to see if they are good. This comes from a impartial customer just trying to get a terrified dog treated. I don't like giving bad reviews but to this Vet and his receptionist. REALLY ITS A POOR LITTLE DOG THAT IS TERRIFIED, BEEN MISTREATED, HURT PROBABLY AND IF MY DOG NOT OR NOT THIS POOR THING YOU CAN LOOK AT AND HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK. GET A HEART, LISTEN TO THE PERSON CALLING. MY PERCEPTION IS YOU DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT A LITTLE SICKLY DOG THAT HAS BEEN THROUGH A VERY TOUGH LIFE. i GOT MORE THE PERCEPTION TO WERE TO BUSY AND DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU OUT OF TOWN PEOPLE AND THEIR SICK DOGS. THAT'S SAD TO SAY!!!!!!!!!!! My novel is done now.

Patricia Wright

3 years ago

Dr. Ridlen and his staff are excellent. Very knowledgeable and I also drive a distance but would not that my pets any where else.

Sharina Lynn

3 years ago

Great friendly service... You can tell that they truly Care about your fur babies!!!! ????

Timothy M

3 years ago

I’ve been going here with my dogs for years (and drive a distance to get there - worth it). The staff is wonderful and friendly. Dr. R. is super smart and trustworthy. I highly recommend!!!

Debra Felty

3 years ago

The staff and Dr. Ridlen are wonderful caring professionals. This is and always will be our go to vet. One of our dogs is deaf and takes a little extra to get her trust. After her first 2 visit they had it. 5yrs later and this once shy dog now jumps out and just walks in. The best judge of a vet and staff to me is my dogs. The fact that all of them just walk in and go to any of the techs is a beautiful testimony ❤

debbie lahman

3 years ago

I have taken all my animals to Colorado Valley Vet services and one was very sick they put heart and soul in to saving her but she was to sick and didn’t make it . My others have gotten greatest treatment every time they go, and would recommend to anyone

Dawn Smith

3 years ago

I wouldnt take my fur babies any where else for their shots or routine check ups. Everyone there is so friendly and very helpful. They take really good care of our babies.

David Vann

3 years ago

Doc. Ridlin and staff are VERY good with the animals and take their time with each one of their patients! They are FANTASTIC!!!!???????????

Carl Wimberley

3 years ago

Dr. Ridlen saved Riley’s life. We awoke at 5:30 to the sound of dry heaves. Riley, our happy, loving Golden, had emptied her digestive tract on all of the rugs in the house. Riley herself was listless, lethargic and disoriented. The clinic doesn’t open till 8. Rileys condition worsened. We could hardly get her to stand. All she wanted to do was lie down and die. We were terrified. Promptly at 8 we contacted the clinic and were told they would work her in. Shortly thereafter Riley vomited a large pool of blood. We called back in, told them of the extreme urgency, took a picture of the blood and rushed in. Riley was promptly put in an examining room and Dr. Ridley came in and drew blood. While waiting for the results, Riley had projectile diarrhea of blood. I feared the worst and sent out texts asking for prayers. Between the blood test and the picture Dr. Ridlen diagnosed the condition as Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. This condition causes the blood to thicken to the point that it can no longer flow through the veins, resulting in death. It must be treated promptly. He then started Riley on antibiotics and IV fluids. Riley stayed at the clinic on IV fluids for three days. She then spent a week convalescing at home on a special diet. Today she is completely well. Every morning and evening when I take Riley for her walks I think about how close we were to losing her. Thank you Dr. Riden for your expertise and the support of your clinic in saving Riley’s life.

Steve Fox

4 years ago

Dr Ridlin is the best bet I've ever used for my dogs and I've been taking pets to veterinarians for over 40 years. Found Dr Ridlin through a referral 5 years ago and have been taking my dogs there ever since.


5 years ago

I can't tell you how thankful we were to find Dr. Ridlen on 6/1 after our dog had been struck by a snake. Not only did he meet with us late at night to treat my pup, he offered us the information that would carry us through her continued treatment with genuine kindness! His fees are also very reasonable, especially for that level of service. Thank you again, Dr. Ridlen.

Leigh Green

6 years ago

Love this clinic! My pets love it too :)

Emily Jacobs

6 years ago

Dr. Mike Ridlen has been the most helpful veterinarian I've ever been to. He went above and beyond to explain what to expect with the snake bite my dog endured, as well as what to do if it happens again. Very thankful for his patience and explanations he provided, despite the late after-hours visit!

Tabatha Hance

7 years ago

I found a baby kitten on the side of the road it is only 3 to 4 weeks old. Her name is Reeses cuz she is colored like a Reese pieces. We only had her for a week and she has stolen our hearts. After 2 days of no poop I got worried. I took to a vet in sealy almost every day for an enigma and still only the vet could get her to poop just a little bit. She was super contipated and he told me if she didn't start pooping on her own she probably had a birth defect and would die. Desperate I called around to other vets and came apon this one because my best friend told me he was awesome. He was willing to meet me after hours because I got off work too late to meet him during normal business hours. He called me and gave me instructions to try and said it should work no doubt. If not we would get more aggressive with the poop situation. I went and got the things he told me to and did what he said and within 5 minutes she pooped!!!! Normally I would get very upset for her pooping on my kitchen floor but this instance I was overwhelmed with joy. He saved my baby kitten he is awesome. The best vet ever. Thank you Dr. Ritlin

Chris Koehn

7 years ago

Colorado Valley Veterinary Services is a wonderful clinic. The staff was friendly and very caring. I had to have my sweet cat put to sleep and he was given dignity in his death. You can't go wrong bringing your large or small animals to this clinic.

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