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carlos garcia

2 years ago

prices are too high. nothing but a rip off... and they dont't take your right information.... don't go there go somewhere else. 'CHARGING ME $95 FOR TWO PILLS''

Robin Pollan

2 years ago

Very thorough exam of my sick baby girl. I feel like they left no stone unturned as far as diagnostic tests go and i appreciate it!

Schizophrenic Jolteon

2 years ago

The staff needs to be up to date on the pricing info. Several times I was told one price for a test and when I get there its a completely different price from what I was told. Its always higher too. The cost is way to much for their services. Bloodwork shouldn't be 175$ + the REGULAR office 64$ that's about 300$ for 2 services; one of which should be included. If you're gonna do blood work you're obviously gonna do the regular check up before. It shouldn't be charged separate from the blood work. They could be better if they communicated with their staff. Other than their ridiculous pricing, The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the service itself is good. Always ready to answer questions.

Abrahan A (Sandman)

2 years ago

The staff is professional, humorous, and gentle with our dog (small Maltese). The place is clean and disinfected with alcohol wipes. There's even little snacks and waters that you can take while waiting. Overall it's a painless experience and budget friendly. Shout out to Dr. Hutton and Kaylee(I'm probably spelling it wrong) for seeing us for a same day appointment.

Nina Mathewson

2 years ago

So compassionate and caring. All who I spoke with and communicated with were excellent. I was unfortunately there to euthanize my very sick dog. They were so kind to me and I'm grateful to them for that

Cassie Archey

2 years ago

Everyone was very nice and caring, loved our doctor took the time to call and check up the next day!

Curtis Caster

2 years ago

Great people, great service, great Vet's. Kind of pricey.

Zena Fitzgerald

2 years ago

Very sweet for my dying dog..

Christi Carter (ccarter)

2 years ago

The entire staff were wonderful as we had to lovingly put our cat of 15 years to sleep today. Even though the process was difficult for the humans, Bubba was so very well cared for and passed peacefully. Thank you All Creatures for your care and thoughtfulness.

Amber And Jax

2 years ago

We went in thinking my Pup Jax had a bladder infection. It was so much worse then we could have ever imagined. Dr.Bartels has done such an amazing job by helping use diagnose my pup. Unfortunately he has lymphoma. I feel this experience would have been much worse if We didn’t have an amazing doctor. She explained everything so well. She has helped keep him comfortable until we got into the oncologist. Thank to all the nurses that we so kind to us and my sweet baby. I highly recommend this clinic for you pups that are super awesome.

James Jones

3 years ago

Great service, knowledgeable and great location.

Cathy Headley

3 years ago

They take such great care of my cat Clayton when he boards at All Creatures. We both love this place Dr. Hutton and her staff deliver great care. Have used them for 6 1/2 years for illness, checkups and boarding. Never had any issues just great compassionate care

R Ferguson

3 years ago

Dr. Middendorf and the front office staff were incredibly helpful and responsive to all my questions. Even called the following day to check in on how my little guy was doing and continued to offer helpful advice. I choose All Creatures based on their reviews and what everyone says is certainly true, great staff and caring to all the animals that come in. Very pleased and will continue to come back as needed.

Nancy Pratt

3 years ago

This was my first Veterinary visit during Covid-19. I received complete instructions from All Creatures prior to the visit and, as instructed, called the clinic when I arrived. I talked to Vet Tech Molly, who asked preliminary questions about my cat Ginger: reason for visit, current food, medications, etc. Then Molly came to the car for Ginger, and I waited in the parking lot. Soon, Dr. Hutton called me with her report, and went through the checklist of my requests to make sure that everything was completed. She also took the time to visit with me, which I appreciated. Next she transferred the call to Jenny at the front desk, who went over the bill and took my payment information. She too took the time to visit with me. Soon, Molly was bringing Ginger to the car. Today I received a follow-up call from Gabby, telling me that all of the test results were normal. I am completely pleased with All Creatures Veterinary Center, and recommend them unhesitatingly. I have been taking my pets there for 10 years.

Madeline Cannon

3 years ago

We had a wonderful experience at All Creatures! They took great care of our dog for her teeth cleaning. I appreciated the updates throughout the day from the veterinarian and the follow up call the next day.

Kimberley Meadows

3 years ago

Had to put my sweet baby down today and they made everything very comfortable for us and explained everything every step of the way. Very glad I chose this clinic

Elizabeth Fulda

3 years ago

I love this vet - they saved my cats life when he got pneuma and always take good care of us

Tish Rogers

3 years ago

Doctor Hutton is my heroine! My cat had a huge lump on her tail and there was a possibility that she could lose her tail. Dr. Hutton did the surgery about nine months ago and my Princess still has her tail. We have been to see Dr. Hutton a few times since for other little problems. I am very pleased to have her as our veterinarian. She's the best! The staff is always cheerful, pleasant, and ready to help.

Darcy Bryan

3 years ago

They are nice BUT my visit went from 299 to 180 to almost 700!!! I Just left paying just short of 400 and what we initially brought her in for was not even done. Vaccines and test for coccidia. I am so disappointed because they saw a rescue puppy of ours and I Loved them. However the rescue handled the bill for our foster. I have had animals all my life and have never walked out of a vet feeling taken advantage of until today.

crystal soto

3 years ago

Loved this place. They Took care my dog when I couldn't find anybody else available. Price for appointment is very well priced. My dog has been going to the same vet for 6 years so I dont think I would switch her, but this place is definitely my 2nd option !!

Cameron Cooper

3 years ago

We just moved into the area, and our dog needed her annual check-up. We saw good reviews, and decided to give this place a try. Unfortunately, we won't be back. This place is dishonest with what it charges and does NOT warn you before adding more costs to your bill. They tell you that they will "send you home with" something, without letting you know the cost, making it seem like a free small sample bottle (which is what most places mean when they say "send you home with"). They told me a test would cost 35 dollars (which turned out to be unnecessary), but then I got my bill back and it was 50. While 15 dollars isn't that big of a deal, honesty is. Maybe it was a mistake, but you should always charge me what you quote. I am displeased with the dishonesty of this place. I've been to other vets before, and none have ever charged me without letting me know or run tests that are unnecessary. This place is thorough, but not because they care about your dog...but because they care about getting as much of your money as possible. To top it all off, I lost my job during coronavirus, so I have been delivering pizzas. The week after our check up, I delivered pizza to this business and let them know that I was a customer and thought it was cool that I was delivering to my vet. The person who took the pizza didn't care that I was a customer, was stand offish ,and the business didn't tip me at all. I am a customer of yours who just paid over 450 dollars to your business, and you couldn't give a cent back when I delivered your dinner. I make $4.85 an hour and depend on tips to afford to take care of my wife and dog to give your business money, and you cannot afford to give back? It is just unprofessional, dishonest, and greedy. I will not be back, and I will encourage others to find a better vet. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here I am a few months later. I have dropped it down from 2 stars to one because I have been trying to get my dog medication for 2 months. I ordered medication from an outside source separate from this vet, as I had a discount through their service. They reached out to this vet 5 times, and the vet never answered them. So I lost my discount from that other source. I then called in and asked how I go about buying prescription required medications from outside sources. They told me I need to get a paper Rx from the vet and mail it in to the other source or take it to wherever I'm buying the medication. They do not do electronic prescriptions or contact other providers over the phone. I said that is fine. She notified me that she was "currently filling one out and just needs the vet to sign it" and would call me back within a few hours to two days "but most likely a few hours because it never takes long." She did not apologize for the inconvenience. It had been 2 months after my initial appointment already, and they had no prescription for me. Two weeks have gone by since that phone call, and I still don't have my prescription. Why can they not just provide patients with the prescription at the initial appointment? The doctor is there seeing my dog, so why can't they just sign a prescription and put it in with my receipt? My guess is because they don't want you to order from outside sources, they want you to pay for the overpriced prescription medications they offer at their office. Again, they don't care about you or your dog, they care about your money.

Che Cantu

3 years ago

Front desk is rude and uncaring. Several times they left my wife on hold and transferred her back and forth for over 15 minutes. All we needed was a price and name of the medicine being prescribed. Took over two weeks to get test results back after we called them and they said "we will give you a call back". The front desk is rude! Will not be going back!

Jen L

4 years ago

They are a little on the expensive side. But the cliché saying "you get what you pay for" works in this scenario. My dog has been going to this office for 3-4 years. He receives TOP care and quality health services. They provide me with better insight on how to provide my dog with better care. The front office staff is wonderful with following up and making sure that you have a positive experience.

Delaney Brown

4 years ago

My dog loves coming here - even when it is for a bath. I like the staff, especially Jinny at the front desk. Oreo and I both like All Creatures, so that is 5 stars from both of us.

issac Aries

4 years ago

Very welcoming will be back!

Jamie Polizzi

4 years ago

They really care about our dog and his wellbeing, which really means a lot to us. He also loves it here, he gets really excited whenever we go!

Jason King

4 years ago

Dr. Vance is the best.

Joshua Kerr

4 years ago

Staff is always super nice and helpful. And they almost always make it possible to bring in my dog last minute.

Kevin Neubauer

4 years ago

I made an appointment online with this place for my puppy and adult dog two weeks before the date only to be told there was no appointment in their system for my request date, THE DAY BEFORE my appointment. They then informed me that I would have to wait an additional 3 weeks to have an appointment there. Good Luck!

keith kimme

4 years ago

They took amazing care of my kitty. Dr. Vance is the absolute best.

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