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Gwendolyn Hilbert

a year ago

I recently boarded my 10 month old doberman, Coco Chanel, for a few weeks. I absolutely love this place. They frequently provide updates as well as photos of her. This makes me feel very comfortable with her care. I highly recommend this location. Friendly staff.

Chuck Self

a year ago

Wonderful facility...they love my dog

Vickie smith

a year ago

There nice and very helpful

Chrissy Taylor

2 years ago

They are very sweet and treat you and your fur babies with respect, they also do an amazing job. I will be taking my babies back there for sure.

Laura Meyer

2 years ago

Visited for the first time today, hoping to find a nice place to occasionally board our American Bully. The facility and the staff were amazing, patient, and fell in love with our little man right away! Although I can't be sure of how he'll do without us for the first time but I feel like he'll be in good hands!

Troy Jackson

2 years ago

Always there when we need them. Very perfectional an caring. This is the only place I take my dog.

Dustin Boyd

2 years ago

I’ve been dropping my Aussie off for daycare in the afternoons while I’m at work so he can burn off some energy and he comes home happy and exhausted! And $10 for the entire afternoon is amazing!

Leslie Perkins

2 years ago

Barkwood always takes great care of my dogs. The pups enjoy when they get to go on vacation too. I like that you can get baths and grooming added to thier stay as well.

Giovanny T

2 years ago

They currently have had a rash of Kennel Cough which is highly contagious and failed to call any of the owners. When I called to inform them of the situation the lady simply said “yes we have had several cases.” They should be informing pet owners and taking care of the infection.

Jessica Sanchez

2 years ago

Very friendly employees and they showed us around the facility to make us feel comfortable about leaving Levi there. It was a very clean.

AM1350*US Internet Radio

2 years ago

Wonderful Dog grooming. Best in Beaumont thus far. 1 out of 4 places that does exactly what our dog needs and what we like. THANK YOU BARKWOOD!


2 years ago

Very welcoming and professional. Every person I’ve met at Barkwood is courteous and respectful. Even when my dog was an @** . I’ll never bring her anywhere else!

Victoria Martin

3 years ago

Because they now how to make people feel welcome

Shannon Markle

3 years ago

Appeared to be clean and well taken care of. Dog seemed happy and tired when we picked her up. Wife was happy with the service.

mike r

3 years ago

We have used thier grooming services for our Shih Tzu named Odee. He loves going back with the ladies to get groomed. They do a great job with his cut considering his coat is alot like trying to cut a dust mop.

Billy Pier Sr

4 years ago

Kind spirit to our pet.

Claire Campbell

4 years ago

Great place to have my two dogs groomed!

Guy Gatewood

4 years ago

This is the one place that i don't worry about our pooch. 1st class operation. Not crated.

Kathy Smidt

4 years ago

My dogs love this place. Always clean and friendly staff. It’s hard to contain my dogs when they get out of the car running towards the door which eases my mind about leaving them. It was nice to have them groomed before I picked them up.

Katie Motte

4 years ago

They are the best with my baby. I give them his eating instructions and snack times and any other info and they follow it to a T. You can even schedule one on one play times or play times with other dogs, and if you have multiple dogs (like my in-laws) they get to stay in the same together if you so choose and there is a discount for that also (their babies love it also when they stay). They even give you a daily little report card on how they do throughout each day. My boy will never stay anywhere else.

Mrs. Critser

4 years ago

Took great care of our buddy.

Russell Barnes -Gibson

4 years ago

They are fantastic our dogs love to go get groomed

Joshua Ackley

5 years ago

Never have any issues, have been using them for years.

Cathy Thayer

5 years ago

My dog loves her weekly doggie daycare and monthly grooming visits. OK, maybe she doesn’t love getting a bath, but I do! Very friendly staff too.

Dr. Gregory C. Nelson

5 years ago

Arriving in town on Friday. I have the vaccination records and the money to pay for boarding but, because we are not arriving on Thursday for their “Required Evaluation”, we can’t board with this “Business”. Wow! I have never seen a policy such as this. I offered to wait for the evaluation on Friday, pay my vet to complete it and send it to them, anything. They were not willing to budge. “Call Planet Canine or Camp Paws” they advised me. I advise the same! Call planet Canine or Camp Paws!

Glen Weir

5 years ago

They have always taken good care of our dogs

Tree Top

5 years ago

Excellent groomers and the only place in town that was willing to accommodate my schedule.

Melena Hampton

5 years ago

I was not pleased with my dog (Daisey) last visit over at Barkwood. Unfortunately they have new staff and they lack professionalism. Apparently I was told by the receptionist that Daisey was uncomfortable and afraid of the tech whom handled her for the weekend. When questioning him he showed no concern and insisted that "maybe" it was a different dog as he walked off leaving me in awe with questions unanswered which left me only to assume the worse. Well if my Golden Retriever sense harm/danger and whatever else that may have her in fear, I'd rather send her where she is comfortable, safe, and loved. Hopefully they change up some things around there so that way they can keep happy customers but me and Daisey are in the process of looking for a new daycare.

Jennifer Sheffield

5 years ago

I scheduled an appointment (almost a month before a vacation) to get my german shepherd temperament tested so she can be boarded. When I asked in for the appointment the staff and manager treated me coldly and accused me of not even scheduling an appointment because they didn't have my information on file despite the fact that I followed the directions given to me from the very same receptionist regarding the time, date, and papers I need to bring for the appointment. Eventually the manager got so rude with me that I walked out with my dog and ended up crying in the car for a while. Later, I tried to schedule another temperament test since they refused my previous (scheduled) appointment. After the man on the phone talked down to me regarding how I should "get the appointment right this time" I was very hesitant to still like this place. Still, I came in to do the test at the only other time available (the day before my trip). The manager said that my dog failed the test because she was anxious and pacing in her kennel. I was livid. I had no other options for getting my dog boarded. So later in the day, I called back hoping to beg if there was an opening. When I got the receptionist, she said that my dog failed because she was barking (I was there and I know for sure she wasn't). I asked to speak with a handler and they told me that she was a sweet dog. Then suddenly the manager got on the phone and gruffly said that my dog failed because she was put in the back and dug under the fence to get out. So I don't know about you but I'm confused. How can four different things happen according to three different people about a single dog that 1) never barked while we were there (I was a witness) 2) doesn't dig at all to begin with even though she spends her time outside and inside regularly 3) is trained as a therapy dog so that there is no possible reason for her to exhibit anxious behavior? I am simply dumbfounded at the horrible service I and my dog have received. 1. refusing an appointment they made 2. talking rudely and shaming a handler for a communication mistake of their end 3. waiting almost an entire month for another temperament test 4. refusing to accept a dog because of a miscommunication from a previous appointment 5. lying and skirting around reasons why my dog failed the temperament test despite her being trained. All of the above are reasons why Barkwood is a horrible place to board a pet. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Yeah the place is clean and looks nice, but the manager is a rude man, the receptionist can't communicate, and the whole debacle has made me never want to go back despite my being nice to them no matter what attitude they throw in my face.

Mary Natiw

6 years ago

Boarded my lab mix here who is about 100lbs, everyone went on about how much they loved him and how sweet he was :) he seemed pretty happy when I picked him up. They did a great job and he looked so shiny and smelled great from his bath. I’ll definitely board him again!!!

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