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Gabriela Yescas

2 years ago

Made me paid $600 just for them to tell me that nothing is wrong with my dog when she was obviously in a lot of pain. It's been over a week and they haven't call to check up on her, all they care about is money.

Desiree Dalton

2 years ago

I don’t recommend this location. The doctor does not have a friendly bedside manner. She pushes many medications and will not agree with you if you decide to take a different route on how you’d like to treat your pet for preventative care. Feels like they only care about making you spend more money than actually treating your pet. We asked several months ago about a strange rash on our dog and it was brushed off as just a heat rash irritation. Turns out it was a fungal infection that has gotten much worse and it’s now in her ears too. All of this could of been prevented if just taken seriously months ago. Just go to the south location, Dr. Patel is a better communicator and will actually care for your pet and examine your pet in front of you instead of taking them away behind closed doors away from you. Every time we’ve gone to the north location, we never know what actually is happening when our dog is taken from the exam room. Is she actually examined?! We won’t be returning here and will only see Dr. Patel at the south location moving forward.

Holly Eller

2 years ago

I am blown away that this filthy place is still in business. I sadly came here after a got a rescue puppy. I would have went to the place I always went to but they had their building close down from the February freeze. So I came to this place and hopes that maybe they changed and were cleaner and nicer, they weren't. Every time I came in I was stuck in a tiny little room where they would leave me and take my puppy away to have things done to her. Today was the last straw, I took my paperwork for my puppy and left after arguing with the vet about how they had to take her into another room just to look at her gums. Thank goodness my dog is fine but who the heck knows what they did behind closed doors. The vet actually told me I would never find another place that would allow me to be with my dog while they check her. I told her I'm not worried about it and left as I prayed that God would open the right doors. I went by the place that I wanted to take her in the first place that was closed down from the freeze and they reopened, or very understanding to my situation and said that would never happen at their place. This all took place within 10 minutes, don't ever feel like you're trapped in a bad situation, if your heart says something's wrong then listen to it and get out. This place should be shut down.

Kate Loice

2 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS CLINIC - STAY AWAY Yesterday I had to put my 10 year old pup down and thanks to a couple recommendations from friends, I made an appointment with the North location. I called before the appointment to confirm how much the procedure and ashes would cost, and got an approx total. I was asked and I said on another occasion that I would need to be with my dog during the procedure - something most pet parents choose. When we got to the appointment I'm obviously already pretty emotionally upset but I'm holding myself together while I chat with other customers and wait to be called. The vet tech, Daniel I believe, was VERY nice and helped put me at ease...until he mentioned I'd be charged more than what I was quoted if I wanted to be with my pet. I assumed he must be mistaken since I had called ahead and waited for the Vet to come in and clear it up. Unfortunately, when Dr. Carpino (?) came in, she informed me I'd have to pay $85 more to be with my girl when she crosses the rainbow bridge "due to COVID." She insisted the gear she'd have to wear for me to be that close cost $85 yet could only name mask and face shield. To make matters worse, when I just slightly raised my voice in disbelief she warned me that I needed to calm down because I was distressing my already fragile dog. She offered to not charge me for the ashes until I came to pick them up if affording the charge was the issue, but I explained that if I can't trust them not to take advantage of pets and their owners in this final stage, how could I be confident they wouldn't misplace the ashes or some new charge would come up? I could afford the surprise extra $85 but it just felt way too icky and gross for this place and this vet be where I say goodbye to my pup. Because it was already 3:30PM and I needed to find another place to do the procedure that day, the only place I could find with availability upcharged the ashes I wanted, which I couldnt afford, so I now won't have any of my Jolene's ashes. This was an absolutely horrible and disgusting experience, and it added an enormous amount of extra stress and trauma on an already dark and sad day. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. They will take advantage of you in times of need and support. There are far better out there in Austin, spare yourself the time and trouble.

Kena's Adventures

2 years ago

I remember always bringing my 2 pups here but ever since they changed ladies in the front desk it makes me want to stay away. I loved when they had the older woman they were very friendly and would greet you these new woman sit on their phones and hardly look at you in the eyes when speaking because there texting is more Important then the costumers They are VERY rude if you show up 5mins late they tell you they can’t see you if you show up 15mins early they tell you your too early.

Danielle Villarreal

2 years ago

i do not think i will take my dog here again. i had a feeling of bait and switch. they charged me over $100 for medicine and exams i dis not ask for. and they didnt do what i made the appointment for. they did this 2 appointments in a row. i feel duped.

Life's a garden, can you dig it Michelle?

2 years ago

Good people. Don't forget your mask, Vax or not. ????

Trevor Evenson

2 years ago

They've always taken great care of my fur baby ????

Aubrey Daniels-Gómez

2 years ago

Warm friendly staff. Dr Basawhardi is wonderful!

Gigi Conde

2 years ago

I am very happy with Wells Branch Pet & Bird Clinic. My baby and I are always welcomed with a friendly hello and smile. I wouldn’t change anything about the way they provide service or health care for my baby. Thank you and keep up the great job you all are doing!

Honda Zeke

2 years ago

After arriving from an hour drive, we were told that this BIRD clinic is not seeing bird patients. While in their parking lot, we looked for another place to go. A few minutes later our precious 5yr old Lovebird then took her last breath & died in my hands. Just a horrible experience.

Manoj Jain

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Reasonably priced. Wish they won't push all extras like other vet clinics ????

Melissa Cantu

2 years ago

I scheduled an appointment to see if my dog was pregnant but when I showed up to the appointment I was told they wouldn’t be able to tell because they don’t have a ultrasound. Well that would have been nice to know before hand! So I paid $40 for them to tell me that. I also needed to get her paws checked and since they didn’t know if she was pregnant they just sold me a spray. I would have rather went to emancipate for free and paid less for the spray! Also very unprofessional and they have no knowledge of customer service. No type of communication skills with anyone I can in contact with.

Michael Garcia

2 years ago

Great care at a fair price. I love this place.

Nicholas Nierop

2 years ago

Been taking our pets here for 10 years. Best service and really great vet that is very in-tune with animals and gives fantastic common sense advice that is easily followed. Our dogs LOVE going and get really excited when we drive up. The dogs always want to say hello to all the staff - who let them!!

Norma Sotelo

2 years ago

Love this place for my dog my dog on the other place starts shaking as soon as we get to the parking spot


2 years ago

Yike this place looks like a back alley deal I would look at street views of this place before you go. I treat my pets like humans when it comes to medical care and um I don't want anything to do with this place

Yesse Elizabeth

3 years ago

Got my dog up to date with his vaccinations at this clinic and their staff is very pleasant, guided me through my dogs appointment for surgery and I couldn't be happier with their services. Definitely will be my place to go for all my pets needs :) Highly recommend!

Haley Plasman

3 years ago

This vet is great. Cared for our senior girl while we had her, always explained things well and never made us feel pressured, and when it was time to say goodbye, they helped us through the difficult farewell with compassion.

Ashton Grieco

3 years ago

The way the building is kept up is clearly the way the business is run and how the vets tend to the animals. Awful service. Bad attitude. The vet showed no warmth to the dog and gave me attitude. I came to pick up a foster dog and waited over an hour, the vet was MIA and they didn’t have an invoice. Don’t know why the vet has to be present for an invoice. Terrible way to run a business. Looks like the place hasn’t been cleaned since 1990 too. Avoid this place if you know what’s good for you and your dog!

tiffany Zabel

3 years ago

I’ve been to this vet for about 6 years and today will be my last day. I have a mini Aussie. A good vet would know that Australian Shepherds, should be tested for MDR1 mutation before being administered ivermectin. Their brain is unable to filter out certain drugs if they have this mutation and it could really harm the dog. My husband took our girl into the vet and came home with Heartguard which has the ivermectin drug, not knowing it was the drug that could potentially harm our dog. Luckily, I was able to intervene before the medicine was administered. Our dog had its first visit to this vet office when she was a puppy and in her file from the breeder, it said “ivermectin not recommended”. They put her on an alternative heart worm prevention. Why in the world they would let us walk out of the office with ivermectin months later, shows negligence and for that, I won’t be returning. Their excuse was “you saw a different vet when she was a puppy, this vet didn’t know” I’m sorry, if I went to a doctor and told them I had a penicillin allergy, it would be in my file for EVERY doctor that may EVER see me at ANY point in time. My dogs life isn’t worth your vet’s mistake.

Patrick Nehez

3 years ago

Great Vet ! Friendly staff. Work with you to get your pet in for emergencies. Pricing is very fair . I would highly recommend this clinic !! They take good care of my girls !!

Rachel Nguyen

3 years ago

I do not recommend this place. The employees lack communication with each other and no one seems to ever know the prices of things until they bill it! They will continue to add on services that they say your pet needs so they can take your money. I had dental cleaning done on my dog and they couldn’t even give me a price what certain procedures that needed to be done. Their “estimate” seemed reasonable that’s why I agreed to do it. They quoted me a starting price of $300-400 with possible extractions that cost $40-70 depending on tooth. Which is fine, my old dog does not have many teeth left. The day of they said he may need a different sedative as he is an old dog, they couldn’t name the price. They said the doctor will give me a call to discuss later on in the day. When the doctor called the estimated value now increases to $600-800. I was upset with this increase but had no choice, whatever. Then nothing else was said until I GOT THERE and the doctor shows me the invoice and it is now at $1000!!! No one even called me to warn me of this. I raised my concern for the price and they stated I can pay $800 now and when I come back for his follow up in two weeks and to remove sutures, I’ll pay the remaining $200. Please note that they did not inform me of any more additional fees for his follow up. I come in for his follow up after two weeks and was informed he needs sedatives to remove the sutures and that would be an additional fee. At this point I’ve had enough!! I demanded and got a discount on the additional fee. To summarize, do not go here as they do not even give you written quotes, everything is verbal, they never know the price when I ask them and always has to “check”, and they will add on services and procedures without speaking to you first! They are just here for your money! Take your fur baby elsewhere.

Richard Woolsey

3 years ago

I love the staff here and the office visit was only 40 bucks. I've used them for 15 years now

Samantha Nierop

3 years ago

We've used Wells Branch Pet & Bird Clinic for the past 10 years. All of our animals love Dr. Wadwhani and all the Vet Techs there. My Sunshine never wants to leave. I can't say enough about the care we receive. It's not the fancy, high end Vet office but they do care and give you excellent service. That's more important to me than anything. My pets are my babies. Thank you for all you do!

Samantha Smith

3 years ago

I am very grateful to the Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic, they listen, evaluate, and treat with kindness. From the kind front desk employees to the each vet, you can tell that this is a great clinic and business. Thank you for taking great care of the Smith family! 2020 5 excellent care. I absolutely recommend and do to friends for care of their animals. Dr. Wadhwani has been our families vet for 10 years and through the whole pet lifespan. She is kind, intelligent, and obviously passionate in her veterinary care. She also cares for her staff team, who I also love and has been there for the past 10yrs or longer, which says alot about an office to keep longterm team members. Thank you! Sincerely, Samantha Smith. Mom Leo, Bexley, Marty, and Avery. Briefly Reppy the reptile anole lizard ;)

Trisha Castillo

3 years ago

My pets and I have been coming here for quite a while (longer than 10 yrs). I've tried other vets but nothing compares to this place. Wells Branch Pet & Bird clinic are affordable (we currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats), and are attentive to the needs of our fur babies. They NEVER have pushed an unnecessary cost on our family. Dr. Wadhwani is upfront but is still caring. Her staff are the same. They care for our pets needs and it has been so appreciated.

Yvonne Johnson

3 years ago

Wonderful experience with cat care and staff

Viola Rivera

3 years ago

They were so kind and loving when we had to put our sweet dog Mia to sleep last year. They gave us all the time we needed before saying our goodbyes


3 years ago

Super friendly and quick and all hands down on covid-19 protocol!

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