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An Cohen

2 years ago

Amazing communication. We boarded our dogs with them over the holiday. I would totally recommend them to my friends and family.

Deb Kohl

2 years ago

Bob has been taking care of Dexter and Goose for the last few years when we travel. They seem to be well cared for and happy to go there. The only thing I would mention is that we were not asked for the dog's shot records this last visit in Oct/2021. If we aren't asked for them, it could be that others weren't asked for them which could lead to a problem. We make sure the dogs are up to date on all shots and hope others do as well. This may have been an oversight but I want to ensure the safety of my "kids" when leaving them in your care. Thanks Bob! We do appreciate all you do! Your communication is timely and it's easy to pick up and drop off. You are our "go-to" kennel.

Tim Mackling

2 years ago

This place is amazing. Love that the owner is text friendly. Plus, my dog loves him and she is always excited when we pull into the driveway. Highly recommend!!!

Craig Davidson

2 years ago

Great service, very friendly owner who I have no doubt took care of our old girl. Drop off and pick up was very simple and easy. Good communication. Would certainly recommend and use again. Prices are also the best in the area by far.

Shannon Wright

2 years ago

Great place to board pets. Took great care of my dog

Izzy C

2 years ago

Im sorry about the couple with the injured dog. but i think its because they put multiple dogs in one kennel, and when multiple dogs are in the same kennel, you leave the possibility of that happening, cause dogs get on each other's nerves, and well, they have teeth..... they seem to have thoughts of the owner sitting in a circle of all the dogs in boarding, and reading them a bedtime story, tucking them in bed, and playing ball with them all day ? that is unrealistic, i have multiple dogs, and its a "great" deal of work just to keep them fed, and clean, not to mention personal other things, but to keep a big place like that going with cleaning every day, feeding them all twice a day, answering calls, making calls ect.... its a BIG job. when i picked this kennel for my dogs, its because it had a set up where the dogs can go inside or outside anytime they want, they are able to see all other dogs, but are in their own safe place, i had my dogs next to each other, they could lay together, go out together, but there is a chain link fence between them, just incase they get on eachothers nerves, they cant get their teeth in eachother. and i like the fact that the way its set up, staff does not need to handle them at all, cause my dogs are not used to strangers, and i dont want to worry about them being handled. but they have eachother's company, almost like home, cause they are together. I appreciate this kennel, I think they do a great job, it was clean, it was very well laid out. most of the things the couple was complaining about were meaningless things, and the injury was probably done by their other dog, thats just my guess. I PLAN TO RECOMMEND THIS KENNEL TO OTHERS, and I plan to use this kennel again.

George Fike

2 years ago

Hat's off to Bob who took great care of our little chihuahua Pablo!! Our daughter got married at Sparrow Ranch in Argyle, Texas and we needed a place to board our granddaughters' dog. Canine Country Inn is only 15 minutes from the ranch. We received pictures of Pablo out on his doggie patio. Bob also responded quickly when we enquired about Pablo during stormy weather with a reassuring text message: "Doing fine, obviously we keep them in during the better part of the rainy times. However, it's been mostly at night at which time they are closed in anyway. Pablo's getting adjusted, and doing fine, and eating well." We are so pleased with the care Pablo received at CCI. We had a six hour drive home with a happy and healthy dog. Thank you Bob and Canine Country Inn!! Great job!!!! We will be back!!!

Lonestar Java

3 years ago

I will sum up my thoughts in one word, "Trust". My family has entrusted CCI with the care of our dogs over 20 years. We have never had a bad experience. When we leave on vacation we don't have to worry. We are fortunate to have CCI to rely on when we can't take our pup with us.

Stefan Tijerina

3 years ago

Bob is so great with our dogs, they love him.


3 years ago

I would definitely not recommend this place if you care for your pet. Our dog had a cut in both sides of her lip, and is acting very different since we’ve got her back from this place. Not a pleasant vibe around that place or the owner either. Pay a little more, and bring your pet to a good shelter.

Kyle Fuller

3 years ago

Bob Kneip and family run a first class kennel! Very professional, and work well with dogs and are very knowledgeable. I won’t take my dogs anywhere else! A+++

Kenny W

3 years ago

I love this place. Our pups are always taken great care of. They always get excited when I put their bed in tje car, 'cause they know where they are going.

Dan Cobb

3 years ago

Have used CCI for a dozen years, first with my bulldog, now with my Mastiff. Won't go any other place. Really know the dogs and provide a great environment.

Avery Hutcheson

4 years ago

Kept our dogs here over the holidays and have no complaints! The pricing is fair and and we were notified immediately our dogs got in a tiff and needed to be separated. Dogs were happy and very tired when they came home. Would definitely use this facility again.

brian mcdonald

4 years ago

We’ve been boarding our dogs here since 2012 at least 3-4 times a year. The experience has been wonderful. We often leave for 10-14 days at a time and three dogs can add up. Value is a consideration but frankly we’ve always enjoyed the owner and the care he’s provided our pups. We’ve lived and boarded at places with swimming pools and private kennels with queen size beds and a guarantee a TV would be on for your pooches entire stay (?????). This isn’t that place and I thrilled with the service and care our pups get. As long as we live in the area, we’ll enjoy our vacations knowing the pooches are being well taken care of...

Katie Masterson

4 years ago

I love this place. The owner is super personable and knows my pup! He’s really easy to work with and it’s THE BEST boarders for a reasonable price. Indoor/outdoor runs. My dog had to stay 45 days a couple of years ago (I was moving) and he was so accommodating.

Rev. Luke Thigpen

4 years ago

Didn't feel like ownership really cared for my pup. He took no real time to greet my dog in anyway which tells me relationship with the animals is not important. We simply walked to the kennels put the dog in and he literally slammed the door to the kennel like it was a prison cell and walked out. And the kennels were hot and uncomfortable to say the least. When we picked up our dog (who was there for 5 days) they didn't even know his name and Chael (our Husky) literally drug my wife to the car; couldnt wait to leave. Felt more like a dog pound than a "country inn." I gave 2 stars simply because it was reasonably priced, but it's not what we expect from those we leave our pup with.

Mardie Avery

5 years ago

Bob Kneip is wonderful!!! My family and I have been boarding our dogs here for over 15 years.

Matt Zimmerman

5 years ago

So glad we found this place. Our dogs enjoy staying here, I've never had an issue getting my dogs in within a couple weeks notice, and the pricing is reasonable!

Michael Bredenkamp

5 years ago

No-frills yet competent boarding for dogs in rural setting.

Dan B

6 years ago

The dogs love this place

brown lamp

6 years ago

Bob is the best. He really understands dogs.

Trey Kinnaird

6 years ago

Very nice man and very clean facilities.

Elizabeth Briscoe

7 years ago

Goose and April have stayed several times and they are always well taken care of at Canine Country Inn.

Chris Osborne

8 years ago

We took our two dogs there for a weekend stay and were very pleased. The kennels were clean and our dogs were happy! We will use them again in the future!

Josh Janoe

8 years ago

When we got to the kennel the owner came out from his home, which is on the property. The two times we were there, no one was anywhere to be seen around the kennels. He came up to my car and asked to see our dogs medical records; he quickly looked over the papers in the binder and that was it - never made copies of the records, wrote anything down, or took down contact information for us in case he needed to contact someone while we were gone. While gone, we did try to call multiple times, but the phone is rarely answered and calls are even more rarely returned. The kennel reeked of urine and was less than clean. Never once did he speak to the animals, open the cages, or anything. He put our dogs into one of these "runs" and opened up the door between the inside and outside of their run with a draw string outside of their cage and told them to go outside. When we were about ready to leave he motioned for me to leave the building - I was trying to say goodbye to my dogs and he acted like this was going to slow him down from something more pressing. When we were walking back to the car I told him that my one dog had been in a shelter twice and had been a stray before that, so she may have some anxiety being in a cage like that and he did nothing more than essentially brush off what I was saying - no empathy, completely emotionless. Fast forward a week to when we came to pick up our dogs: again, when we showed up the person that was "helping us" came out from the house. At this point I was seriously starting to wonder if they ever spend any actual time with the animals they are supposedly caring for. When she walked out, she said lets pay first and then we will get the dogs. We walked into their makeshift office and I paid her 200$ cash up front. Then we walked next door to the other building that my dogs were still in. The girl opened the door on my dog's cage; we got the leashes on our dogs and that is when I noticed that my one dog had a large, raised scratch on her hip. I was trying to get out of the building quickly and tried to check her outside in the grass, but she was pulling so hard I decided to wait to check her at our car. Both dogs jumped in our car and when I finally got a good look at my dog's leg I could see that there was a large gaping hole in her leg. It was roughly 2-3" wide and was deep enough that I could have fit at least a finger or two inside of it. By this point the girl that was helping us had already gone back into the house. I instantly became emotional and started to panic. My husband had to go up to their house and bang on the door to get someone to come back out. By this point I was hysterical. I was sobbing and screaming at this girl that we were taking my mom's dogs immediately as well, were going straight to the vet and wanted our money back. Her response: she had no idea about the injury whatsoever or how it happened, and then said she was going to call her dad (the owner, who was nowhere on site) While on the phone with her dad, she insisted on taking pictures of the dog (fine) and that her dad wanted to speak with me about this wound. When I took the phone, his response to me was, "This doesn't happen at my kennel" - well, clearly it did. And thank God I checked my dog BEFORE we drove off. We got our dog's in the car, my husband got my mom's dogs, the girl went and got our money, and then put us in contact with an emergency on-call vet in Argyle. The vet determined that this was "not a new wound" and thought it had been there since at least the day prior to us picking up. He took our dog into the back and after he finished up with her told us that he had to stitch her up in MULTIPLE LAYERS because the wound was so deep. How could this kennel not have known about an injury like this? The kennel told the vet to bill them directly and that they would cover the cost of our dog's procedure. Not once did they ask about how our dog was, if she was okay, nor did they apologize.

John Blaskovich

8 years ago

Almost a decade ago, we had a family vacation planned over Xmas, and the nearby kennel with whom I'd made a reservation, failed to honor it. On the day we were supposed to leave town, we frantically called every kennel in Denton County. They were all booked, of course, but Bob, owner of Canine Country Inn said to come on, and that he'd make it work. Bob and his family own the kennel, live on the property, have incredibly reasonable rates, and treat the dogs with care. Almost a decade later, I don't take my dogs anywhere else.

Elizabeth Good

8 years ago

Our rescue dog stayed with Bob for awhile before we adopted him (the dog, not Bob). We have a nervous, dominant dog who has some trouble meeting new people. When we needed to go out of town, the rescue suggested we call Canine Country Inn because Bowser had been there before, and had gotten along well with Bob. The girls at the rescue said Bowser used to play and "wrestle" with Bob. When we drove up, Bowser, very excited and distracted by the other dogs, immediately ran up to Bob, wagging his tail. (This is rare for Bowser, except when it comes to his family) Bowser panicked a bit while we were gone, and tried to push his way through the fencing, scraping up his face a bit. He does this in his kennel sometimes, so it didn't come as a surprise. Bob took care of him, made sure to put some antibacterial ointment on his face, and showed it to me when I picked him up. Canine Country Inn takes great care of your dogs. There isn't much interaction between the dogs, but for us, that's okay. He gets plenty of that at home. When we have to leave town, we know he is safe and well cared for, and Bowser is starting to figure out that when we pick him up, we'll always go for a run or a rollerblade afterwards.

diana diedrich

8 years ago

We have been using Canine Country Inn for several years now. Bob & his family do an incredible job operating their kennel. My dogs are always excited when they get there and very tired when they leave. Bob is knowledgeable with different dog breeds & knows how to manage their personalities. Our boxer can be a bit of a handful at times. When we started using this kennel we made Bob aware of our concerns. We know if there is ever a problem, Bob would contact us. The kennel is clean and has indoor/outdoor runs which my dogs love. We have never had a problem getting a reservation even last minute. I would recommend this kennel.

Bailey M

9 years ago

Always takes great care of our dog. The owner seems very patient and interacts with the dogs. He keeps the kennels very clean.

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