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Baxter Harwell

2 years ago

Elderly owner should retire and learn a little about Southern etiquette and treating customers with more compassion and respect. Entrusted them with two well-mannered Boykin Spaniels until noticed they were charging me for baths because they forced to sleep on urine stained blankets and bedding if they provided any at all. On several occasions both of my dogs would vomit clear liquids and had diarrhea within minutes of picking them up. When I asked about getting my 14 yr old Boykins nails trimmed I was warned about not letting the owner cut them because she had a tendency to cut them too short. I should not have to.put my pets on antibiotics and wrap their paws in bandages after a nail trim... Over priced and over rated....Proudly displaying Customers Choice Awards is truly a farce and a joke. Stay away if you value the safety and health of your pets as much as we do.

Billy Mccall

2 years ago

Had my two large dogs boarded for a few days and everything was good. Felt like they took good care of them.

Anne Laird

2 years ago

I take my dog here for day care while vacationing in Pawleys. No issues. He seems to enjoy it.

John Dever

2 years ago

The total dachshund spa. Dog was wearing sunglasses when I picked her up-total diva.

Carly Hitchens

2 years ago

Long review ahead…I recommend you read it if you have a dog who gets anxious in the kennel. I have always left good reviews for Benji’s. My dogs have been coming here for years with no issues. They don’t “love” being boarded, but they had a really hard time this past week. My younger one is very anxious and is on medication. The kennel knows she’s a jumper and is anxious. I don’t board my dogs for fun, I board them for safety. I trust that they are safe when kenneled. When I got to Benji’s, they were not prepared for my dogs. Even though this information is in their file, we were not told until we got there that my dogs could not stay in the regular kennels and had to stay in a presidential suite room, (which costs $120 a night vs $85). The reason being because my younger dog can jump the kennel walls and into another dogs kennel, (keep in mind, my dog is only 50 pounds and less than 2 feet tall…I actually went into the back room and was shown the kennels which have very short walls made of cinderblock that are easy to grip and jump. This is a huge safety hazard in my opinion and there have probably been many dogs capable of jumping walls). Anyway, the presidential suite had been booked, so they had to rearrange some dogs and put mine into a room that wasn’t even a “suite”, just a room with multiple small dog kennels and a Dutch door to the hallway. The Dutch door had two small latches on it to keep dogs in. The owner still made me pay $120 a night for this “room” even though it didn’t have a couch or camera like the “suite”. I understood that it was all they had and I didn’t have a choice so I was fine with paying that. Flash forward to the middle of the week, I get a call from the owner to “come get my dog” because she is banging on the door having panic attacks and the owner was worried she’d break the lock off the door. I rushed over there from our beach house and told the lady at the desk why I was there and she was shocked, then proceeded to tell me my dogs have been calm and sleeping. She said she only had a meltdown when they got separated and then they calmed down again. It turned out the owner was working the next morning by herself and quite frankly I don’t think she is capable of walking my two dogs to the yard which is why she wanted me to come get them. At that point, I was frustrated and took my dogs out for the night. I had to sleep on our porch with them since our house isn’t pet friendly. I was told I wouldn’t have to pay for the night since I took them away for 24 hours. I spoke with my vet the next morning and got approval for a stronger sedative for my dog. After being out of the kennel for 24 hours, (I waited for them to have more staff before I brought the dogs back), I took them back. I called every morning and afternoon to see how the dogs were doing and was told they were much calmer and the new medication was working. Keep in mind at this point I have been so polite and trying to work with this kennel in every way I could to make sure their job was easier and that my babies were safe. When we went to pick the dogs up at the end of the week, the owner came out and was not very polite. We had planned to bring them back in the fall and I asked about booking the suite and she told me we aren’t welcome back. She absolutely has the right to turn away a dog that they can’t accommodate, however, I was extremely upset that they charged me for the night my dogs slept on the porch at our house, even though we didn’t have any service from them for 24 hours, and even though we were told we wouldn’t be charged. The owner was not polite about this. After all that, the kennel tech brought my dogs out and told us how great they did once we started the new medication. I don’t know who to believe but I do know that this is not the safest place to bring an anxious dog and the owner was not very nice about it. Based on this experience alone, I’d leave 1 star, but other dogs may do fine here and the staff in the kennel truly do care about the dogs. Also, my dogs have never had this problem in our kennel at home.

Callie Kay

2 years ago

We recently picked up our sweet fur baby from an over weekend stay. Upon arriving we found out that he had not been eating and was throwing up blood for TWO days. No one even considered trying to contact us or letting us know there was a problem, which may now be life threatening to my dog. I do not trust this business with the care of animals. If I could give it zero stars and a warning label, I would. I will certainly be letting other pet owners in the area know.

Steve Koenigshof

2 years ago

Great place to board dogs

Hannah Woods

2 years ago

A while back I took my 3 month old German Shepherd puppy to Benji’s to be boarded for the weekend. A blonde lady behind the counter gave me paperwork to fill out. She asked me what shots he had and I told her. I brought a copy of the records from the vet. As I was filling out paperwork, an older lady with dark brown hair came to the front desk and asked me what I needed. I told her I wanted to have my puppy boarded for the weekend. She asked me if he received the Bordetella vaccine and I told her that he didn’t get the vaccine and I didn’t know about it. She became very irate and asked me several times if I cared about my puppy and why he didn’t have all of his shots. I explained that his shots were up to date and I just didn’t know about the Bordetella vaccine. She said I should take better care of my puppy or I shouldn’t have him. She was very condescending and talking down to me as if I didn’t understand. I was so upset that I left and kept him at home for the weekend. I filed a complaint with the BBB and never received an apology from Benji’s. I highly recommend you DO NOT bring your pet to this place!

rurik bohn

3 years ago

Found out about this place from my father in law. He knew we were looking for a puppy dachshund. She had two left and we bought one. So far so good. Beautiful wheaten pup. Would recommend for everthing they have and do for dogs and more.

Roger Jones

3 years ago

They take good care of your pets

Matt Alexander

3 years ago

We boarded our German Shepard at Benji's in June for 3 nights. When we picked her up we were never informed of any foul play during her stay however she had a deep gash in the side of her lip we noticed hours later when arriving home. Since her stay at Benji's she has had paw issues, diarrhea issues, and we have spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and medicine to heal her cuts and get her back to normal. I will NEVER leave our pet here again and I highly advise you to re-consider. AWFUL EXPERIENCE.

Libby Baker

3 years ago

We took our fur baby for grooming and day care and were pleased. We decided to leave him overnight and to be groomed again. When we went to pick him up, we did not even recognize him. Our long hair baby had been completely shaved ( skin showing through the little bit of fur left)! We were horrified. Will NEVER use this place again. Stay away for the sake of your fur baby!

Kimberly Pierce

3 years ago

Charlotte and her expert staff are some of the best of what this world has to offer.

Kelli LeBlanc

3 years ago

I don't normally board my Furbaby Lucy but Benji's took away my angst. Great service, very accommadating to our schedule. She will be staying next year during our Pawley's Island visit. I also don't normally give a review but they were 100% awesome.

joel fritz

3 years ago

Treated our dogs with great love, even Tobin who can be a handful. We will use them whenever we are in the Pawley's island area.

betty williams

3 years ago

Great service. So professional.

Diddy Houston

4 years ago

If I could give this business zero Stars I would I've work with benjis for a month and yes dogs are taken care of but the place is more of a jail than a daycare that being said the owners dogs gets more yard time than any clients dog as …

Gary Griggs

4 years ago

The best breeders in the area. We have two of Charlotte's Dachshunds. Love them.

Sheila Joyner

4 years ago

Friendly staff. Very clean!

Chris Macovey

5 years ago

They were wonderful with my pet. And they were very helpful and kind.

Jaimie Douglas

5 years ago

I'm a former employee. I've read all of the reviews posted and say some are not quite accurate. The policy of charging the client credit card up front was not the owner's idea, nor is it something the front desk would choose to do if offered a choice. It was implimented because there were times where clients didn't pay when picking up their pet and a few have even abandoned the pet there. As far as the actual care of the pets, most of the staff (front desk and kennel) LOVE the pets they are entrusted with and make sure they are cared for properly. Unfortunately, there have been a few employees that were there just to collect a paycheck and as a result of this there have been some negative consequences. The cleaning is adequate. The pets are kept in a comfortable environment and let out to play on a regular basis. The medicine is given when prescribed by the vet. Overall, it's an okay place to keep your pet for a few days.

Roberta aka Birdie Woodward-Dick

5 years ago

Very upset! Charged for 3 nights prior and to give benadryl to keep calm. Only stayed 2 and picked up same time dropped off. I called every day sometimes 4 to 5 times a day. See I can't have children, so my two mini dachshunds are my children. When spoke to Management Friday she told me unable to give meds that they wouldn't allow. I told them previous in conversation and written instructions how to care for and gain their trust, and how to administer the 1/² pill into a spoonful of wet food. To give them a can of wet each in morning and a can of wet food at night. And to leave the dry out. Knowing my animals would probably not eat seeing they have never been in a situation like this nor a loud, wet , foul odor area. I laid down big thick brown blanket then their Orthopedic stuffed bed and then a towel over the bed and gave them their toys and a blanket to cover with, one of which Burrows under the covers no matter the Temp. I asked them to please place a fan and they said yes, bc I noticed and so did my spouse that the area they were being contained was not well ventilated and humid due to them just spraying the urine and fecal matter down the drain inside each kennel. See mine aren't socialized but with 2 other dogs and a cat. So I informed them to keep my female away from the other dogs bc she would attack. Speaking from experience. When I picked up. No fan, their food dry out but not fed but 4 cans of food when 8 should have been the correct number 2 dogs, 2 cans each, one at morn the other around 6 being only 3 oz cans. You do the math. I pretty sure I'm correct. Number being 8 if fed the two dachshunds their normal diet one in morn one for dinner at 4 cans a day for 2 days the number of can gone should have been 8. Only 4 were given. My dogs smelled like wet mildew when picked up. They slept so hard after groomed for almost 3 days due to being Physically drained. I will never allow my animals back at this facility. They are just now becoming more like their selves again. Not to mention the owner that's one evil witch for a lack of a better term. I didn't feel comfortable about leaving them. I left went got the rental car and returned to staff allowing me in back to see my babies to her stopping me before before I got to outside door, end their building and telling me no, I can't see them. I was emotionally distraught. I've never had to board my babies bit have that ever been in a place such as I speak of. Highly don't recommend this place. I'll get a pet sitter or take with me on my next procedure 75 and in my care sounds better than almost 300 and not taken care of the way they are accustom to. Shame on you Benji's!

The Charity

5 years ago

Friendly staff. Welcoming atmosphere. Lots of playtime for those looking for it. Relaxation for those seeking to relax. I highly recommend this lovely establishment to care for our four-legged family members/friends. Staff is attentative to …

Steven Gerard

5 years ago

Stella always comes back happy. A five star doggy holiday every time

Ms. Shawn McDonald-Vinson

6 years ago

A strongyloid worm outbreak and infestation among the permanently lodged dogs kept there for breeding is not/has not been relayed to the paying clients that board or use the place for doggie day care. Poor business practice.

Marina Alessandra

6 years ago

I wish this place could be given 0 stars. Absolutely horrible. The owner is very disrespectful beyond words. This place is crawling with infections, bugs and worms. I would never trust this place with my precious puppies again.

Ashley Anderson

6 years ago

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. OWNER IS DISRESPECTFUL AND RUDE. I worked here for a few months and I was super excited to be working at a dog kennel. I was recently fired by the owner herself in a rude and disrespectful manner. I always …

Ash Graham

6 years ago

After being hired by what I thought was a nice well put together doggie boarding facility with a family ran atmosphere, I was ecstatic to finally get my foot in the door to work in the field of animals I had looked for for so long. I found …

Ali Gray Tollison

6 years ago

I sent my dog there for 11 nights while I was on vacation. I assumed it would not be too expensive, seeing it is in Pawleys Island (I live in Charlotte). When I picked her up, they told me about "hot spots" which they suspected was due to …

Jean Webb

7 years ago

My two Scotties love staying here. The staff is outstanding.......friendly and kind. I feel my precious boys are happy and safe here!????????

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