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Joanne Ostrow

2 years ago

Best care for both my dog and cat. With boarding and grooming available it's a all around best bet.

Lin Nichols

2 years ago

You have to make an appointment to have a very sick loved one down. An appointment? I called ON POINT animal hospital and they took us right in and made it as painless as possible.

Isabelle Valentina Rece

2 years ago

Anti-pits. Y'all better take your pits somewhere else if you don't want them beaten and mistreated just because of their breed.

Chester Parks

2 years ago

I took my dog in for a major surgery on his ears and they did a 100% wonderful job. They responded promptly and professionally every time I called with a question and even took him in immediately when he had a bandage issue the next day. They really treated my dog like it was their own and I thank them sincerely for everything they have done. If you have a pet that has any type of medical issue I would certainly recommend the pet doctor in Surfside. Just wonderful people and pet lovers. Every time I called with questions or even had to bring him in the next day due to a bandage issue they were super friendly super professional and very wonderful and friendly to me and excellent with my dog. I could not recommend a better place to take your pet either CatDog bird whatever if you need to.

Howlee Windsor

2 years ago

Terrible they were unorganized, unprofessional, Wasted so much of my time, they were late, I do not recommend this place at all. Save your time and money they let some of us wait inside but others were asked to wait in there car with no shade with their pets that is unhealthy I do not support this place at all.

Tina Crocker

2 years ago

I got a puppy and I helped me out with everything. Very friendly staff the very compassionate and understanding

Dawn Collea

2 years ago

First and foremost when you read the reviews the owner and company offers no apologies or says I am sorry you had a bad experience. Instead the replies are rude, antagonistic, lying and just plain mean. I am an online reputation manager and it is my job to respond to several different businesses when people leave reviews. I would never in my wildest dreams respond to reviews the way that this company has or shall I say the owner Stephanie who is very gruff has no friendly disposition and can come across as extremely rude. No bedside manner with either the patients or the cat. Don’t know how she’s even lasted this long. But the way she responds to negative reviews is a classic symbol of her character. If I were to respond to reviews like that my clients would fire me in a heartbeat. With that being said I was shocked by their high prices. They add all these extra fees they do not tell you about upfront. Also they charge a $25 deposit to hold your spot in case you cancel which seems understandable BUT if something comes up in life that you can’t control and you had to reschedule they keep your $25 and make you pay another $25 to reschedule your appointment. Shame on them. I had a very important work meeting that was thrown at me the day before my appointment. When I explained the situation they said it’s basically not their problem I signed off on them holding the $25 and that if they cancel the appointment I would not receive my deposit so I had to contact Work and basically got in trouble with work just so I wouldn’t be out the $25 and then pay yet another $25 I think that is so unbelievably cruel. It is my experience that they are over charging and possible unethical things. I was also charged for a procedure we have not even had yet so I just called to get clarification and I could here so called dr Stephanie yelling in the background. The woman on the phone said if you don’t like the way we do things we should just cut ties right now. Are you kidding me? Who runs a business like that? The front end staff is very Unknowledgeable and the girls rarely know answers to simple questions. One of the tech assistants was overly aggressive with my cat. She had her in a chokehold well the technician was trying to take her temperature she was not trying to get away he also had his hand on her back and that would’ve been enough to keep her from moving he kept her in that chokehold the entire time and I said three times I was not comfortable with you doing that would you please remove your hand and I was ignored by both the technician and the assistant it almost brought me to tears. Another very troubling thing is that they say that they will give you a $10 gift certificate if you leave a recommendation on Google yelp or yellow pages. Again knowing this is what I do for a living incentivizing reviews and recommendations is against the law. Read below. I can’t say they are breaking any other laws but where you see one rat there’s usually 50 others hiding. It is our fifth amendment right to be able to leave a review based on our experiences as long as there are no threats or fake reviews, like a former disgruntled employee. I highly recommend that you read the guidelines when it comes to reviews and businesses. I personally will never bring my cat here again and will look for an actual MD moving forward. I don’t know what happened to this place about 67 years ago they seem to be no problems but as of yesterday it was a very bad experience and I would not recommend it to anyone else who has a cat. Also be prepared to spend money for things that you will not be told with hidden fees normally wouldn’t even spend money on. They tell you nothing upfront. Just hand you a bill. Here is what Google says about paying people for reviews: Can I pay customers for reviews? No. Google and most other review sites state in their terms of service that paying for reviews is not allowed. Therefore As a Steward and Google Partner of the online review community it is my job to report this to Google.

Jean Hankins

2 years ago

I found the Pet Doctor staff pleasant and helpful. The facility was clean and spacious. They made sure we knew what each step was. The vet was helpful and explained what was going on with my two cats. I will recommend this practice.

Petra Wrenn

2 years ago

Love the doctor so nice

Brandy Lewis

2 years ago

They are very nice and good with my dogs just a little pricey.

Deidra Connor

2 years ago

We have been clients of The Pet Doctor for over 13 years, 3 dogs and 2 grand dogs. Dr. Stephanie and her staff have always been friendly, professional and attentive. The Pet Doctor provides a wonderful service to our family and this community! They love all breeds, both large and small, from Chihuahuas, to Labs, to Pits to Mastiffs. <3 <3 <3

Joseph Flora

2 years ago

Had to put my cat down..this place was so caring.and compassionit for our lose.thank you so much for all your help and caring

Patti Angulo

2 years ago

Clean.. Friendly and helpful staff.. Doctor was great

Brittani Lamberson

2 years ago

Anti-pitbull vet on staff. Abused a pitbull that was muzzled, restrained, and injured infront of the owner. Do Not Take Your Babies There!!!

Christina Ha

2 years ago

Do NOT go here!! They are NOT careful with your dogs, theh are very mean with them and pull them around. If your dog is claimed as an aggressive breed DEFINITELY don’t go!! They will harm your dog they do not pit bulls etc. take what I’m saying and find someone else please.

Colette Phillips

2 years ago

One of the doctors who shall remain nameless has zero skills in handling any dog larger than a Chihuahua. The Dr frustrated easily and in his anger threw an already injured and frightened dog onto the floor!! He was reported to several agencies but needs to have his license removed for animal abuse!'

Haley Price

2 years ago

For some reason every negative reviews is "exaggerated, a misunderstanding, a lie". They seem like unkind people and have a thing against pitbulls. Steer clear.

Kara Turner

2 years ago

Looked up the reviews because surely they can't be so bad like people are saying on facebook, the person responding to reviews with lengthy paragraphs is off putting. How on earth can you let a poor customer experience get to that point, exaggerated or not? I'll give three stars since they fired the guy that threw someone's dog on the floor.

Linda Chiolero

2 years ago

I had an extremely bad situation several years ago at Pet Doctor, however that Vet is no longer there. The Vet staff was equally as problematic. I FINALLY caught a beautiful black cat that I had been feeding for several months. It was unfortunately Memorial Day weekend, and my first two Vet options were not available to do the spaying or neutering, which was my goal, to spay , neuter and release. I ultimately got a phone call telling me this cat had Fiv and FelV , and that there were no options other than to put him to sleep. They did the spay / neuter first , and THEN did the tests, wrong order!!! I ended up with a dead cat and a $500 Vet bill. I was heartbroken and out $500. I wouldn't recommend this Vet facility to my worst enemy.

Tajhma Ford

2 years ago

Dr. Douglass Berry is very unprofessional and he’s against pit bulls. The way he treats pit bulls is very sad. ALL PIT BULLS ARE NOT MEAN, I have have two and they are the sweetest. Hell any dog can be mean. It all depends on how you raise them. DO NOT GO HERE !!!!!

Tori Humphries

2 years ago

If you love animals, don't choose this vet.

Deborah Brown

2 years ago

Polite, receptive and attentive. Prices were reasonable compared to others.

Bobby Warner

2 years ago

If You care for your pet – DO NOT take them here. We unfortunately have been customers/patients of The Pet Doctor for several years. They were not our first choice nor were they our favorite – but they did offer convenience and they accepted one way of payment that we already had. Being pit bull owners, we are always careful to explain any “quirks” that our boys have. One such “quirk” was that our oldest & largest pittie, Bane, tended to be male aggressive while on a leash. We mentioned it EVERY time we would make the appointment – and asked to have it entered his file. But none the less, every time we would take him for a visit – a male attendant/orderly/Tech would come into the room to assist or to lead him back to a procedure. Each time, Bane would be resistant & his scruff would rise and we would have to calm him down and once, we were scheduled with a male vet & bane was not happy – for him to be examined, I personally had to hold him and keep him calm – totally unnecessary wastes of time had they just paid attention to our advice. Recently, Bane passed at no fault of anyone, and we decided to adopt another pit mix. Enter Benny. He was a terrier/pit mix, 6 months old and in for a neutering. We were going to switch to a different vet but were under time restraints due to a contract we had with the adoption place, so we made the appointment with the Pet Doctor. When I dropped him off, he was jumping around, trying to say hi to everyone, running back and forth – just the picture of life and energy. That was at 8am – by 1:30pm, our beautiful boy was gone. According to the vet, he did well going under, he did well in surgery even though they had to go into his abdomen to find one of his testicles, but as they were bringing him out of anesthesia, he coded – they did CPR & such but to no avail. We arrived at the Pet Doctor to say our goodbyes & to make final arrangements – only to see our poor baby still in a cage, tongue hanging out – just looking like he was in serious distress as he passed. They had to search to find the leash we brought with him and nothing was mentioned for “after-life” services - much unlike the emergency vet we had to take Bane to, who offered us numerous “remains “options, paw print castings and other memorial services – Pet Doctor would not have even mentioned any of these had we not brought it up. As we go to make these arrangements, we are informed that we had to pay $560 for extra services that happened due to his “life saving measures”, after paying around $200 previously to cover the neutering. After questioning why the extra cost – and after a change in people I was speaking with, probably because it was obvious that I was getting more angry than sad, for what appeared to be only so they could say I was being a “ist” type of person – we were informed that there was nothing they could(i.e. would) – other than to show me the form they filled out (i.e. through quick, confusing questions asked) when I dropped Benny off. Now I am not trying to be petty, but being as I brought a healthy, lively animal into the Pet Doctor and left with a leash and collar – I felt that paying for the “life saving measures” and the micro-chipping should have been discounted or even not charged – but they refused any discounting – referring to the “paper I signed” – even though none of the questions were explained even though I stated I didn’t understand what they were asking me about. Now to be fair – the remains were placed into a genuinely nice container – very similar to the one we have for Bane, and his paw-print is nicely done and painted. Thank you very much to Good Shepherd Pet Services for such a wonderful job after such a traumatic event. Also, when we picked up the remains, we were taken care of very quickly and all the records we requested for our pets were given to us. So – to sum it up – instead of a neutered, bouncing, loving 6 month old Pit/terrier Mix – I now have a collar, leash and a box. PLEASE - DO NOT USE THE PET DOCTOR!!!!

Julius Strickland

3 years ago

Great people, who are super patient with my dog. Even got me in as a walk in when my pup had an accident. Will be our regular Vet from now on!

Thomas Gray

3 years ago

My dog and me love this place . Vet and staff are super .

Lori Moore

3 years ago

Super friendly and helpful but a little pricey.


3 years ago

Dont not take your pets here if your smart.They charge over $40 just to walk in even if youve been waiting 2 hours then the male Dr will give you a price then the lady Dr will turn around and give you a way higher price. There prescription are over priced. And if you ask them to write a prescription so you can get Walmart to fill it , they charge $8. Just to write it, Ridiculous! They are money hungry!!! They dnt care about your pets they think of anything to make money like your dogs needs teeth cleaned that will be $1700. What? The lady Dr is rude and trust this review, dnt listen to we dnt find you as a patient here,. Bc its in a different name duh! Find another vet plz!

kim McClain

3 years ago

I took my dog to this place to get his shots and get him groomed, my dog is unruly and can’t handle people well. He was supposed to be sedated to be groomed and to get his shots, we jumped through hoops to get the right medicine I pay for my shots and they only give him one. I come back in on my scheduled day and wait 45 minutes in my truck with my sleepy dog, then they tell me they can’t do it because the medicine isn’t sting enough so I have to pay more and take him in to another place, on my way there they tell me to go back home because I wasn’t there fast enough! I now have a dog that hasn’t got his shots, sedated with medicine for nothing, and drove three different places this is Ridiculous! Don’t take your dog there

Karma And Mimi

3 years ago

I love this place they're so good to karma and I appreciate them taking her in as a new patient.

James Glynn

3 years ago

This Vet is the worst Vet I have ever been to I had an appointment at 9:40 somebody else came in A walk in and got an appointment for 1015 and Vet left me sitting back there for 45 minutes and when I got out the lady that walked in they didn’t have an appointment was leaving and I had already seen the vet and I think I was overcharged she charged me 200 and some dollarsForeign here infection I recommend nobody go to this vet she takes a vantage of tours and is a terrible

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