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Beverly Thomas

2 years ago

Wonderful place!! They helped my parolette. Within an hour they knew what the problem was. They were very caring, and they have great Vet and staff. Covid 19 was observed. Drop off pick/ up only. Call ahead, irs the best place for exotic food as well. Love it. Thank you so much!!! The bird is a chirping!!

Edith Warren

2 years ago

*UPDATE* We took Batman, and Robin in for their neuter yesterday. Robin is bouncing back so quickly. Batman is a little more sleepy. Robin is eating well. Batman is a little more sleepy than normal, but still doing good. Vet called this morning, and checked on them. The Vets, and staff care so much. I definitely recommend them for all bunny care. Thank you for treating our boys like they are your own. We rescued a bunny on Saturday he was in bad shape. They answered my questions, and concerns throughout the weekend. Squeezed us in today. Robin now has a fighting chance to live a full and happy life. Thank you to everyone that helped deal with Robin today.

Tatum Wise

2 years ago

This is a question, do u care for hamsters??

Becky Allen

2 years ago

I had to bring my bunny in back in June because he got very sick. He got him on some antibiotics and I had to force feed him for awhile. He seemed to recover nicely until he developed an abscess. So I took him back and they took good care of him. They explained that they found a mass on his liver and showed me all the estimates for each thing. His prognosis was not good even if we spent all that money. So we chose to euthanize. It was a very hard decision. But they were very supportive and we were able to say goodbye and they packed him up for us . Thank you for being there for us as we went through this process. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Thanks you guys for making sure my bunny didn’t suffer.

Deb Dudek

2 years ago

As many bunny rabbit owners here have stated, if you want the best care for your sweet bun, this is the place. An Exotic Vet clinic is necessary for bunnies. Dr. B. and his compassionate, friendly team know best how to care for our very fragile babies. I recently lost my almost 12-year-old Bonny. I credit Dr. B., as an outside member of the Bonny family, for giving her the long, healthy life she lived. The grief has been enormous and the patience of Dr. B. afterwards has also been enormous (truly). He promptly replied to all of my questions/concerns. Bottom line: You can "trust" this team.

M Smith

2 years ago

Dr. Duval was great counseling me about my injured turtle. It's clear she cares and knows her stuff. I'm very happy!

Caitlyn Pike

2 years ago

I cannot say enough Exotic Vet Care. One of my rabbits stopped eating and no vet hospital would see him on a saturday because he was an exotic. I called them the moment they opened and they told me to bring him in and they’d see him as an emergency visit. Dr. Duvall took amazing care of my boy and kept me updated throughout his visit. I’m so thankful to have a qualified vet to care for my buns if ever needed.

Halle Nicole Taylor

2 years ago

Thank you for all the work you’ve done for my animals????

Jason Stament

2 years ago

Very highly recommend Exotic Vet Care! Everything about our visit was excellent. Chungus our guinea needed a doc appointment and the entire staff was amazing. We couldn't be anymore satisfied with our visit and we will 100% continue to travel from Saint Stephen's for all of our guineas/pets needs. It was our 1st visit but afterwards it felt like Abigail Duvall, DVM, Dabvp has been our vet for years. Was such an easy person to speak to that asking question after question felt a lot easier on us. lol We felt like the the staff cared about our baby just as much as we do so it's easy to feel comfortable with the care and diagnosis. Not that you ever want to have to go to the vet but it is nice having one we feel very confident going to.

Kathleen Wilson

2 years ago

Once adopting, usually rescuing a pet, I am a firm believer in giving that animal the best and longest life possible. Exotic Vet Care has provided that for my rabbits over many years. I can rely on very deep knowledge and understanding of my pets and be it good news or bad news, they are 100% honest with the outcome. I really appreciate that. I have been a client since the very very early days of the practice and watched it grow and thrive so I think my loyalty speaks for itself. I won’t be changing vets and will continue a relationship with a practice who takes such good care of my rabbits while empowering me as the client. A huge thanks to Exotic Vet Care for many years of quality care.

M Caminiti

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about Exotic Vet Care! From the moment you call for an appointment, to walking in their door. Everyone there have always been exemplary. I bring my 3 feathered children to see Dr. B and Dr. Rainwater and could not have asked for a more kind, caring and knowledgeable place to bring them. They have always been on top of my birds care and helped me to help my birds. I highly recommend anyone with exotic critters to go and see anyone at this practice. You will definitely not be disappointed and will always know they have your critters care as a priority.

Melissa Hersey

2 years ago

They always took care of my ferrets and answered any and all questions or concerns I had.

Zach A

2 years ago

When our pet axolotl got sick we took it to Exotic Vet Care. He wasnt eating and was on the verge of death and they absolutely saved his life. They were very nice and had great instructions and follow up communication. The staff all seem to have a real passion for animals and I will absolutely bring him there again if I have to. I highly recommend to.any exotic pet owners!

sarah conyers

3 years ago

Went here from across state to get my rabbit spayed as I couldn’t find a closer place that made me feel safe and confident in their expertise in rabbits. This vet center is well worth the extra cost!!! Bun was hopping around again in 2 days and binkying again in 5, I had to calm her down because I didn’t want her to injure herself! Really great experience they make sure you understand the whole process and take really good care of their animal patients. I highly suggest taking your buns here

Shay Frankenfield

3 years ago

Exotic Vet Care is super far from me (columbia, sc) but they were the only ones who could take my ferret in after hours when I had an emergency. They were kind, patient, and very good at explaining every option, outcome and cost to go along with it. Because of them, my baby is fine and home again. Don't know if that would be the case without them or not, but I am so glad they were there when I needed a vet.

Emily Ezerins

3 years ago

Dr Rainwater went above and beyond for me and my GCC. I cannot thank her enough for her time and personal attention. She worked through the complicated diagnosis and treatment of my GCCs lead and zinc poisoning. Even working outside of her office hours and with vets closer to my area to provide the best care.

Tara Brooks

3 years ago

Can't really rate this.... I never made an appointment, however when I called to have our bunny be seen, the receptionist gave me 2 options the owner dr who she says is expensive, but he is the owner and the other vet... The way she worded everything was not to savy, it felt very snooty. Gonna find another vet, I honestly could care less about how much it costs to see a vet, as long as our pets gets good care.


3 years ago

If you are a chicken owner in the Charleston area, PLEASE AVOID THIS VET!!!! Sadly they are the only listed vet for chickens. My hen had been acting lethargic, was not eating, and had a droopy comb...and she had not laid any eggs in a week or so. Being new to raising hens, I called Exotic Vet and explained the symptoms, to which they replied I needed to get her in ASAP. I went that same day, and they took her in..due to COVID restrictions I waited in my car for the doc to call after examining her. When he called, he said they recommended doing blood work and taking X-Rays, and said the receptionist would call me and as soon as I agreed to the work he would get started - $555 was the estimate!!! He stated that they needed to make sure she hadn't ingested any metal or other foreign substances, etc. He said she was thin and dehydrated - This was the first time he had seen her, so I don't know why he would say she was thin as he had no previous visit to compare to. I advised them to just do the bloodwork...He called back once that was completed and said she was slightly anemic, dehydrated, and could possibly have some kind of infection. Again he said we should do X-Rays (simply wanted more $$). I said no, so he suggested that I give her an antibiotic which they would prescribe, and also that I tube-feed her since she wasn't eating on her own. I paid the $218 bill - yes, that much! and took her home. I managed to feed her twice the next day and kept her in a carrier inside my home so I could watch her....She wasn't getting better, would keep her eyes closed for long periods, wasn't moving much. I called a friend of mine who raises chickens, explained everything to her including the fact that the vet wanted to charge $555 and do extensive tests (she agreed that was outrageous.) She suggested she may be egg-bound and asked if the vet had checked for that....Not ONCE had the vet mentioned that to me as a possibility, and NOT ONCE did he say he checked. I called the office and asked the tech to find out, and she replied that she thought he had, but without X-Rays there was no way of knowing for sure...They must REALLY like giving X-rays and charging tons of $$$. My friend told me what I should do with my hen, including giving her a child's laxative to see if it would help push the egg out...I did everything she said, and also did what someone at Tractor Supply had suggested, and the next morning I looked and she had passed the egg! She is doing great now, back to normal, eating her mealworms!! The vet's office called to check how she was doing...When I told the lady what I had done and how I felt the office was just trying to get as much $$$ as possible from a naive patient and how unethical I felt they were acting, she once AGAIN brought up the X-Rays! If Doc had maybe considered she was egg-bound, or bothered to CHECK, It would have made things much easier! They are all about the $$$ and not so much about the patients. And to add, the Tractor Supply employee that I spoke with said the SAME thing happened to her - and her daughter is a vet tech, provided Exotic Vet with X-Rays and other labs, and they STILL said they had to do their own, charging her $350!!! PLEASE FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO TAKE YOUR ANIMALS TO, and if you want the phone number to my friend I will gladly provide it just to help you avoid being taken advantage of!

Mary Martin

3 years ago

I brought my bunny in because he was sneezing/coughing and turns out he has a respiratory infection/ear infection. They gave me some ear flush, antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicine. They got me in 4 hours after I called and the total cost was less than $200. I was thinking I’d be paying $500 at least. I’ll be back in two weeks for a check up. Great vet!

Sierra Zardus

3 years ago

Dr. Munyon is excellent! I've taken my rabbit in several times for a variety of issues and she is my favorite rabbit vet. She is knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, and does a great job explaining what's going on and discussing options with empathy and clarity. She is also considerate of budget constraints without compromising on quality of care.

Samantha MacDougal

3 years ago

I truly can not say enough great things about this practice and everyone that works there. To say they saved my animals life is an understatement. They went above and beyond to find out what was happening and make sure my animal was safe, healthy and not stressed. If you have an exotic this is the ONLY place to trust with you baby. Thank you for saving my Toad and my sanity.

Rob Bd

3 years ago

We took our little green cheek conure to exotic vet today and received excellent care. Dr. Duvall and her medical team spent much time with our little bird and gave us many great recommendations on diet, behavior and other needs for our little pet. They obviously are very knowledgeable and experienced in taking care of birds and we can’t express how pleased we are with the great service and care that our little pet received. She even sent extra material on bird behavior, diet and other needs to make us aware. They are very helpful, courteous and we will definitely be taking our bird back there for ongoing care. Thank you

Rachel Jewett

3 years ago

I called to make an appointment for my bunny having sores under her eyes and digestive issues. They told me that there were no appointments for 4 weeks but that it was urgent for me to bring her into the emergency care with a $400 deposit. Claiming at the end they would give back any of the deposit they didn’t use. When I picked her up, they wanted to charge me another $20. They let me know if she stopped or slowed eating at all, that is was urgent and to call immediately. After she got home from the vet, she is completely lethargic, her eyes look much worse, she has no appetite at all and spits out her critical care if I try to give it to her. I called at 9:30am, they told me a vet tech would call me back. The vet tech called me back at closing time leaving me a message saying they wouldn’t be available until tomorrow and that her eyes looked completely normal at the appointment. With no additional advice on how to get her to eat. When I called this morning to discuss these issues, the receptionist laughed. This place is so unprofessional and doesn’t care at all about the health of your animal, they just want to see you again in 2 weeks for another $420.

Melissa Hughes

3 years ago

Absolutely would not consider taking our parrots anywhere else! Dr. B is fantastic with the birds, treating the cockatiel and budgie with the same care as the 'big birds'. He's also extremely knowledgeable - most vets simply don't have the specialized expertise to care for birds. We're lucky to have him locally.

Haley Cox

3 years ago

I live in Columbia, but chose to drive to Mount Pleasant to see them for my hedgehog because I wanted vets more specialized than what I have in my area. My hedgehog has been itching and losing quills and as a new client and patient, they managed to get me in within two days of calling. Dr. Munyon was very kind with my hedgie and took great care of him. She, of course, had to sedate him to do more thorough lab work so I ended up dropping him off, but she even texted me pictures and videos of the mites she found on him, which was awesome. I never felt like she was trying to get me to do unnecessary things like a lot of vets do for extra money. For exotic care, the pricing is reasonable. I enjoyed my experience with Exotic Vet Care and plan to continue taking my hedgie here. It is definitely worth the drive for me and I recommend to anyone wanting a good experience for their exotic babies.

Brittany Chasse

3 years ago

This review is based on Guinea Pigs. Side note this is an updated review because after I did leave my 2 star review they did e mail me the information I requested. I have brought 4 Guinea Pigs to this vet and not one of them has gotten better or improved after I have brought them. Here I have what they sent me with my commentary of my experience at the end. (Due to the word count limit I cannot include every Pig.) "Case 2: Abigail 2017" (6 to 7 year old Female Guinea Pig) "Reason for visiting: not drinking any water/not eating - O noticed 2 days ago. Has been trying to feed her critical care but won't eat on her own. 5 yrs old or older. Physical exam findings - Had overgrown teeth = from either not eating enough due to ear disease (which can cause pain in the jaws joint and decreased appetite), acquired dental disease, other illness, or inappropriate diet Hazy eyes = most likely from age Advanced Bilateral middle ear disease = very chronic disease process that affects many guinea pigs and can sometimes spread infection to other organs Severe arthritis on both back legs= shows age and state of being uncomfortable Staggering and tilting to the side = from the severity of her ear disease Urine staining in her underside= from not feeling well and being unable to stand up properly to urinate and /or not cleaning herself "Xrays showed a lot of gas in stomach/bloat, degeneration of spine and advanced ear disease/bone infection "We tapped some air from her stomach because she was so bloated, unfortunately when a guinea pig gets to this point with multiple problems, they are suffering and extremely sick, and many do not make it. Any guinea pig at this age with numerous disease processes carries a very poor prognosis. We apologize if this was not conveyed clearly to you at the time. Many of these processes can be helped if caught early. (With this Guinea Pig they did recommend I put her to sleep. Now they did not tell me everything of what was wrong her at the time. This vet visit cost me around $600.00. I am glad they put her at peace because I did not want to see her suffer. But with this visit I wished they would have shared this information with me.) "Case 4: Sophie 2020" (6.5 Year Old Female Guinea Pig) "Reason for visiting: guinea pig lost weight and is losing hair = Chronic underlying disease of months if not longer duration. 6 yrs old = Geriatric, at the high end of the normal life expectancy for the species (4-6 years) Physical exam findings - Had edema or fluid build up under her skin indicative of organ failure Diagnostics: Ultrasound showed she had fluid in her abdomen and around her heart and several ovarian cysts = this indicates she was likely at the end-stage of the disease process she was in, meaning she was going to pass away soon no matter what we did. The doctor told you she had a very poor prognosis, as noted in our medical records." (Now for this pig it makes me upset the most. Most of this information here they did not share with me. They gave me hopes that if I took her home she would last longer. They sent me home with pain meds and antibiotics. Her condition went down hill fast after I brought her home. She suffered terribly and died less than 2 days later. If this vet would have explained this to me I would have rather had her put to sleep so that way she could have died peacefully. I did e mail them for a diagnosis to see why she died so fast but because I couldn't afford the CT scan which was $2000.00, they said they could not properly diagnose her. This vet visit cost me around $500.00. And it was what made me lose my trust in them completely. I finally got her diagnosis after I left them a 2 star review.) I would recommend this vet if you have thousands of dollars to spend on your visit, this is a great vet and everyone here is nice. If you do not have thousands of dollars just know only the bare minimum of care will most likely be applied to your pet. At least that was my experience. Would I ever return to this vet? No.

Chad simpson

3 years ago

Money driven vet 100% truth do believe all the bad reviews Called at 0930 on a Saturday morning to get my sick bird looked at during normal business hours. That said they were closed due to virus and wanted to charge me $400-$600 for emergency care price gouging at its finest since they know there are only a couple of bird vets in the tri-county area


3 years ago

My precious sweet cockatiel, Charlie, absolutely adored going to Exotic Vet Care. I had to drive 2 hours to get him there and 2 hours to get home, but their knowledge, expertise, care, and compassion kept us coming back for over 10 years. Dr. Biascoechea and Dr. Rainwater provided him with outstanding care. The Practice Manager, Kerry Bateman, does a superb job at calming even the most overprotective pet parent. And all the vet techs from office to boarding are excellent. Charlie was a regular boarder and he always felt right at home and loved being there as much as he loved being home. If you are considering where to take your exotic pet, this is the place to go!

Tim Calderwood

3 years ago

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I brought two of my sick red eyed tree frogs in. Because of the curb side rules, I waiting in my car while they were treated. The vet said he would send me an invoice of the price of service before we agreed on anything. When I read the invoice, he tried charging me $600-- I kid you not. I then told him that was unreasonable for two frogs I only bought for $20, and he tried guilting me by saying these were my "kids".... what!? I eventually got the price down to $300. I didn't want to pay that but he already gave my frogs antibiotic shots BEFORE I COULD AGREE TO THE INVOICE HE SENT ME so I was obligated to pay. This was on top of a $75 consultation charge for each frog (think about that). The worst part.... one of the frogs died two hours after the shot (he was moving fine before I Brought him in). The other frog is currently in critical condition after the shot. This whole place is sketchy and I recommend avoiding it at all costs. They will scam you out of your money.

Kelli McElveen

3 years ago

They are AMAZING! They are caring and SO knowledgeable about exotics. I will not take my bunnies anywhere else, even though it is a 2 hour ride. Do not let the higher prices scare you off, their care for your babies is worth every penny. They care for you and your pets better than any other vet ever will. 100/10.

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