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Yuri Wrightson

2 years ago

Decided to try MPS in Ballantyne since the big chain stores couldn’t squeeze in a grooming. The staff was very friendly and professional. They did a great job with my pup Oreo! I will definitely be going to MPS going forward.

Julie Bateman

2 years ago

Have used MPS for grooming and boarding. They are amazing and take good care of our fur baby.

Angela Richard

2 years ago

Always do a phenomenal job on Maverick. And he always comes home happy!

Anna Fenno

2 years ago

Nicole was awesome with our pups! They come out happy, smelling good, looking great! Thank you, Danielle and your team for all you do for our furry family members! :)

Carin Cox Miller

2 years ago

Let me start by saying that before I wrote this review I called the salon, left a message about what happened, and asked that a manager to call me back. No one ever returned by call. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. A few days after my dogs first visit to modern pet spa he stared to get a crusty rash down his back. I called the vet and scheduled an appointment. The vet said that is was because of the grooming and likely contaminated shampoo. He had a skin infection and had to be put on antibiotics. His fur also began falling out where the rash is. My dog has been to a groomer many times and never had anything like this.

AV Painting

2 years ago

We are always happy with the services our ???? Koki receives, highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Courtney Peterson

2 years ago

We take our dog here for boarding and we love it/she loves it! What I like most is I can watch her on my phone during playtime! Literally the only place we take our puppy for boarding!

Kathleen Ballard

2 years ago

We waited several months to book our grooming appointment because they had no availability. But we were willing to wait because we’ve had such good experiences there before. Although we were a bit disappointed that our former groomer was no longer there, I can say that we were very, very pleased with Megan’s care for our dog, Ubu today!! He got a terrific cut and groom and she was very caring when I explained that Ubu is now blind and very nervous around other dogs. We will definitely keep returning to Modern Pet Salon Ballantyne and will definitely request Megan again.

Mrs. Smith

2 years ago

I just started going here because of my groomer Alexis which is awesome I must say. This is a vey nice and clean establishment and I would refer my friends and family with fur babies to go here. The young ladies at the front desk are super friendly as well .

Pam Powell

2 years ago

We loved watching Beau during the live camera play times! He looked happy and well taken care of!

Robert Forrest

2 years ago

Alexis and the staff are amazing! I won't go anywhere else for my pet grooming!!!

Shanna Mago

2 years ago

Book early because they get busy but that is just because they do such a great job!!!

Jerome K.

2 years ago

Outstanding staff and facilities! Thank you for all that you do for pets and pet owners!


2 years ago

Alexis is THE BEST! My pups love her so much! Modern Pet Salon is the best at taking cate of furry babies with lots of TLC by far! Thank you!

abigail kaylor

2 years ago

Amazing!! They had a groomer out with the rona but they were still able to squeeze Aspen in! They do amazing with her (she is a 1 1/2 year old golden retriever) she always looks and smells amazing after a day at modern pet!! Thank y’all so much!!

Shontelle MacQueen

2 years ago

This place is wonderful! They are reliable, reasonably priced for grooming, and they do a better job with my dogs than anyone they’ve ever been to. They should take before and after pics. ????

Mandy Kulju

2 years ago

**HORRIBLE---HORRID** When I arrived, the girl at the front desk emptied my bag that I brought with me and wrote down everything that was inside of it, counted my food bags, wrote descriptions for the toys and his blanket, etc. Went to pick him up and came home with THREE bags of food full that were not eaten. THREE. My dog missed THREE meals while he was in their care. THREE. So I obviously call to discuss this and other things. Can’t even get through to them when you call/Gets busy signal for minutes on end Finally LAURA (Manager) gets on the phone. Says that they sometimes cut cheese in with the dogs food when they don’t eat -----so I said you aren’t concerned if the dog might have allergies or aversion to dairy? Nor call the owner to ask if that is ok? Or call the owner to talk to them about how their dog isn’t eating and may be missing a meal? ? I said my dog is allergic to dairy. Said oh….well sometimes they’re picky eaters and they just won’t eat. I said oh ok, so you dumped the food in the Ziploc bag into a bowl for him………..he didn’t eat………….and then you poured it right back in that same bag like good as new? And that happened for all THREE different missed meals? I came there to pick him up and nobody told me anything about any issues of his eating at all? Come on now you can do better than that I said. No toys were given to my dog the whole time he was gone. One was never even taken out of its Ziploc bag and was exactly as I had given it. The other was also not given to him as it had not one piece of hair on it and my dog sheds a LOT and there would have been a bunch of hairs or at least more than one if he had been given his favorite toys as instructed. Laura said oh they clean the toys. No…………that toy was not cleaned……or well it absolutely was but BY ME before dropping him off. Asked for the go home bath --but did not cut his nails as requested. Another fail. The best part is that I’m having this whole conversation with the Manager of Modern Pet Salon, LAURA, and she finally says what’s your dogs name? And I said you’ve been talking to me this long and telling me all these reasons and excuses and theories and you didn’t know what my DOGS NAME IS and who we were even talking about? You’re just speculating a dog? And giving answers you think I’m just going to believe and accept? To which she says……well I mean we had one dog that wasn’t eating so I thought it was them. I said you’re kidding me right now. Then she goes to the computer and looks my account up and says oh yeah………..hmmmm………….I’m not seeing anything noted here about any problems with eating. I said oh….shocker. I said you guys run a joke of a business here……….I want a refund as this was a horrible experience for my pet and if I wanted to take him to a place that treated him without meals and toys------It sure as heck wouldn’t have cost this much and probably would not have the humane society being a fan. What a waste-----LAURA, Manager, told me that I would hear back from her or the owner, DANIELLE, today, Monday, 07.21 and it is now Monday evening and I have heard from neither of them so that should tell you how much they value their customers and business. I am waiting to hear back from you Laura and Danielle @ Modern Pet Salon Ballantyne.

Macy Oquendo

2 years ago

I would not recommend you to bring your dog to get groomed here especially if they are a little nervous. We took our dog here today for the first time. When we booked the appointment we explained to them that he is very nervous and that they would need to give him a little bit of time to warm up to them before they just start grabbing him. They assured us that they would be totally fine with that and that they would take their time and be gentle with him. We walk in and they didn’t even try to make him comfortable. They just asked us to put a leash around his neck and took him away. We were even trying to make conversation with them and the employees there wanted nothing to do with a conversation. Not even 10 minutes after we left they called us back and said that they would not be able to groom him because he was being “very” aggressive. He has gotten his haircut multiple times before and the groomer always gets to know first. Imagine a stranger grabbing you for the first time without getting to know you…I would be aggressive to. Oh and they charged us for a “bath” for what? A squirt of shampoo and a cup of water? We can’t even tell that he had a bath. We will not be returning and telling everyone we know to steer clear. If you are going to work with dogs you need to learn to actually care for them.

Katie Goode

2 years ago

My dog comes out looking beautiful every time… no matter who the groomer is I am always confident she will come out looking good. I want to shout out Alexis for talking through the groom with me to get my dog looking exactly right. Thank you MPS :)

Samson Lee

2 years ago

After having the same groomer for 6+ years back in MD, I was definitely nervous to have someone new groom my two pups. But after meeting Alexis, all expectations were exceeded and I’d go as far to say she’s the best groomer we’ve ever had! My shih tzu had a reputation of being stubborn and difficult but thanks to Alexis’ patience and expertise, not only did my shih tzu come out looking great- but he is now described as a lovable pup! I am extremely grateful for Modern Pet Salon and Alexis and look forward to many more visits!

Becky Carter

2 years ago

My dog Jamie, a maltese was groomed there and they followed my instructions and the cost was reasonable.

Christy Johnson

3 years ago

We’ve sent our border collie pup here for daycare, boarding, and grooming. Would definitely recommend and we’ve had no complaints, but post covid we haven’t had as great of an experience with the staff as we did before.

Steven Zimmerman

3 years ago

First visit for Bailey and it went well. Tammy groomed him to perfection. We are now regular customers!

Peter Lancaster

3 years ago

I've taken my very difficult dog to Modern Pet Salon for a while now. They are so kind and patient. They have gone out of their way to keep us as customers and make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible for my dog.

Morgan Forte

3 years ago

I’ve taken my senior golden, Zach to MPS Ballantyne twice now, and have been so pleased each time! Zach doesn’t like to be groomed, but the MPS team always does a fantastic job with him. He always comes out so fluffy and looking happy, and the ladies that work there are very friendly. :) Their prices are also surprisingly low for the area and how fantastic a job they do!!

Mary Claire

3 years ago

Amazing love and care for our pup!

Lauren Reichard Shea

3 years ago

We took my 6 month old puppy to Modern Pet Salon for daycare. We took him home that night and noticed his leg was bothering him. The next day I called twice to talk to someone who was working the day prior. One person said he was fine and the next call, I didn't receive a call back. Took him to the vet and he had gotten a large scrape on him leg and the only place he could of gotten it was at daycare. Modern Pet Salon said they were not able to do anything about it (comp the $150 vet bill, or even just the money back for daycare) since "they didn't see it happen." I completely understand that accidents happen but this is very sad when you are expecting someone to take the best care of your pet. I would not recommend the Modern Pet Salon for daycare.

china z

3 years ago

I'm a new customer and I'm really satisfied! I will def come back!

Chad Jennings

3 years ago

Amazing experience! Everyone was so professional. Very nice, clean, and upscale facility. I would definitely recommend. I wouldn’t take my Lexi to anyone else!

Faith Bye

3 years ago

I brought my 5 dogs to this place for grooming and when I got them home I noticed a cut by my dog's eye, I called and they said they "forgot" or didn't think it was a big enough deal to mention it, the manager/owner acted like it was not a big deal, stating that it was my dogs fault and wasn't concerned that my dog was injured in their care and no one thought it was important to at least let me know. They did not groom the last 2 dogs because they didn't want to take ownership of their mistake, they would rather lose the customer. They couldn't even give me the refund, clearly its all about the dollar signs for this place. If your dogs are your family, don't take them to this place, they don't care.

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