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Emily Rowan

2 years ago

Got our puppy here in 2020 and have nothing negative at all to say about the experience. He truly is the perfect puppy ❤️

April Harris

2 years ago

Best decision that I ever made. This is my first GSD. I got him in 2019 and never looked back. The place was clean, the puppies all looked happy, and the staff was super helpful. He is a gentle giant (literally, he's much bigger than I had read he would be :) plays with my grandkids and my kitten! Just not a fan of my UPS man, lol!

Boss Pies-on

2 years ago

Just got our new baby doggie .... Cutest little poodle very expressive but ultimately worth it.. We have looked at a lot of breeders near and far.... Perfect thanks for the one....

plum rose

2 years ago

I dealt with Alex and he is an exceptional young man! We took home a beautiful King Charles Cavalier, he was so well behaved and sweet! We were a little afraid that he may have had kennel cough (which is not the end of the world or uncommon) and Alex warmly took him back and said they would have him looked at by a vet and that they would call me to let me know how the puppy is.Exceptional service and beautiful dogs!

Rachel Gay

2 years ago

A friend called me today a guy who normally never says anything negative. However he had just gone into The Perfect Puppy and was appalled at one crate after another of puppies. I didn't know you could still sell puppies in a pet store. This is so sad.

James Kosinski

2 years ago

Review edited to include owners feedback that they are a pet shop and not an adoption organization. I very rarely give one star reviews but for a variety of reasons that's what I've chosen to do here. Here's why: Per the business owner, this is a pet shop selling puppies. 1)There are only puppies 2) They have all the Instagram popular breeds 3) The fees are higher than most other places I looked, and 4) There are several reviews suggesting that they're really just a legal "storefront" for puppy mills. I honestly did not spend too much time trying to prove anything wrong was happening here, it's absolutely possible that the entire business is 100% great, but the general vibe I got was enough for me not to want to work with them. Perhaps others don't feel the same way and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. These were just mine and this business just wasn't for me. Not trolling as the business owner stated in their response, only sharing my opinions and experience which is what I feel reviews are for. Please do your own research and form your own opinions.

Tony Rizzolli

2 years ago

5000$ for a dog. Wild.

Ashley Paone

2 years ago

I got 2 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies from the perfect puppy. One from Warwick and one from Scituate. We got them two years apart. One is 3 years old and one is 5 years old. They have so much energy, they are healthy and are so loving. They need you to be petting or snuggling them at all times. Such a great addition to our family.

Lisa Lopes

2 years ago

The name speaks for itself... The Perfect Puppy. Thank you Alex Lapointe and the owners of Perfect Puppy for making me the proud new mom of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, "Phillip". We love him so much and couldn't be happier with our new fur baby.

Marie F. Liwanag

2 years ago

We got our toy poodle from this store and it was indeed the perfect puppy. Very healthy and a happy dog which brings joy to our family.

Victor Cirino

2 years ago

Alex and the rest of the perfect puppy staff was awesome ???????? all the puppies available were well taken care of. I personally bought a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Not only was the puppy fairly priced but they took care of everything he needed as far as the shots microchip, and a 30 lbs bag of some really good puppy food. I also opted in and paid the extra 130 dollars which was a bundle deal that came with the crate a toy dog treats harness and leash and pee wee pads. They really took care of my wife and I as customers and the process of obtaining credit to finance the puppy was easy and fast. I would recommend everybody I know to buy a puppy from the you won't be disappointed and if there's nothing here you don't want then they have 2 other locations you can go to. All in all the experience was unforgettable and when I purchase another puppy inwill go thru the perfect puppy again. Thank you Alex and the perfect puppy crew for my fur baby and all the memories my family and I will have with our new addition.

Linda Adaams

2 years ago

In December of 2019, I found a little female Shichon at the PP in Scituate, after trying to adopt for over a year. Despite all the nasty comments I read on line, I visited both stores and found them to be very clean. The pups were being fed good amounts and good quality food....although, some of the pups dumped the food and water all over the place, making for a lot of work on the staff. The vet came in every Monday and all pups received their shots as required. They were groomed and kept very clean and you were allowed to play with the one of your interest. Not knowing what I was really looking for, I visited both sites for a few weeks, until I found the pup that won my heart. She is the best little girl we ever had. She is smart, healthy and very happy and playful. She did get her free checkup from Titan, at which time she was dewormed again, as a precaution and received all shots and boosters as required. She already had her puppy shots and rabies, up to that point, as she was six months old at that time we got her. I have nothing bad to say about PP or Titan Vets. It is my opinion that if you are looking for a special breed of pup, there is no reason you should hesitate to go to PP.

Eric Papa

3 years ago

I know the convenience and capability to buy a puppy on the spot makes sense. However, after buying two puppies from this store it is without a doubt I can say this store does not care about the puppies safety or well being. The medical records they have for the puppies are done through Titan veterinary who is in collusion with this company. Perfect puppy will offer you a free checkup with your puppy at Titan and if anything is wrong they bill perfect puppy directly. If this isn’t collusion then I don’t know the meaning of the word. My puppy had a clean bill of health according to the records and yet had giardia and a round worm within two days and spread it to my other dog. I know it’s convenient and I know it’s worth it but truly the pain of seeing your puppy suffering is worth doing the research and buying from another place or farm with confidence.

Gamer Girl

3 years ago

Just bought my puppy on New Years Eve. Best way to bring in the New Year. The staff and the owner were extremely nice. The owner even showed me where she comes from. Excellent experience. Highly recommended. We all just love her to pieces.

Dartha VGCP

3 years ago

Saddest place on earth. So happy with our puppy. Indeed he was a rescue from this place . Fully expect snotty response from owner. I don’t care. He knows what a piece of garbage he is and what he’s doing.

Elizabeth Plante

3 years ago

the workers are extremely unprofessional

Martin Garcia

3 years ago

So happy with our new family member.

Kristie R

3 years ago

Was so sad that you could not touch any puppy. How are you supposed to find if you connect to the dog if you can't touch it.

Samantha F

3 years ago

REALLY cute puppies, but sad because they're in small cages, and people are not allowed to touch them.

Rosey Jane

3 years ago

I bought my little Eskipom from the Warwick branch. His name is Bandit. When I made my appointment with Perfect Puppy, the people that worked there were super nice and welcoming. All the puppies were very happy and healthy. I'd probably buy another pup from Perfect Puppy. (pics are in order from when I got him to now♡)

mike Hansen

3 years ago

I was looking for a dog to become a service animal the puppies are very healthy and very cute I'm saving cash and I'm going there for me dog the owner is very cool and the workers helped me out my daughter love this place AND DONT BELIEVE THE ONE STAR PEOPLE


3 years ago

Come from puppy mills and or bad breeders they dont show akc pappers. Dont show parrents. Dont show breeders info. We need more good breeders not bad breeders. I got my 11 year old german shepherd from a responsibe breeder with akc papers and hips,elbows,nees,heart, tested. My dog has no hip problems or any other issues I suggest going to a good breeder like von hena c kennel.

Lorelei DeFazio

3 years ago

on 11-25-20 my husband and I bought a Westie puppy from the Perfect Puppy and we couldn't be happier! Buddy is healthy, playful and very sociable which helps us believe he was well treated before we brought him home. Every staff member there that we interacted with seemed to have a genuine love for the puppies as if they were their own. We were worried about where to buy our new puppy because there are horror stories of all kinds out there, and this year in particular, Westies were hard to find. After doing a little homework about this pet store, we decided to ignore the mixed reviews and use our own common sense. Any store willing to stand behind our purchase the way they do are not in the business of ripping people off! Their process was organized and they made it a pleasure doing business with them. We absolutely love Buddy, our new Westie and we are grateful for The Perfect Puppy!

emma gardiner

3 years ago

Never again. I bought my Siberian husky here a year and a half ago. She was honestly the best dog with such a great personality with a MAJOR health problem....grand maul seizures. My baby girl has struggled with them since a month after bringing her home. (When we first noticed them). They got worse and more frequent over time. Needless to say, my gorgeous dog who had such a wonderful personality was turning into a zombie due to the aftermath of her seizures. She passed away at just 2 years old on Halloween night this year. I will NEVER spend my money here again and I am warning everyone to stay far away unless you don’t mind the love of your life dying in your arms at the young age of 2. Replying to your post: edit made 11/8; Regarding my previous review but unsure of how to reply directly to the owners response. We didn’t bother mentioning it because your warranty states that anything that is a known genetic issue is not covered. Huskies are known for seizures so we did not with to get you involved. (We are usually not those kind of people). They started out as mini seizures that would last maybe 5 seconds to full blown cluster seizures that ended up killing her (over the two year period) and we did everything we could do. You might find her under Donald Appleby’s name. She was from a litter in August of 2018. You guys were so kind and helpful and your staff was wonderful as far as options for payment, making sure she was the right pup for us, allowing us to spend ample time with her in our own private pen prior to purchasing to make sure she liked us and the same for us liking her. I’m sorry, my original rating was very unfair of me. When I posted that, it had only been 3 days after her passing and I was VERY upset. No reason to bash you guys online. Not sure if there’s any reconciliation we can do with you guys now. I couldn’t find out paperwork giving an exact date we purchased her but I found the paperwork where we put the deposit down on my beloved pup. You guys honestly raise dogs with such great temperament towards people, families, kids and strangers and I know this because we met a sibling on Kaiya one day at the dog park in Warwick and he was a fantastic dog as well. I believe we purchased Kaiya in November of 2018 under Donald Appleby’s name. If there’s anything you guys might be able to do for us, I would be so happy. Thank you for your initial reply and again, I’m sorry. I will take that post down completely if there is anything you might be able to offer to us.

Jamie Sullivan

3 years ago

I stopped at this store on the way home from a birthday weekend away in December 2018. I peeked in the window (the young man that was working that day was a few minutes late to open, no big deal) and saw this tiny little baby across the room, and she actually raised one paw and waved! Once the store was open, we went in and respectfully browsed. Everything was very clean, which surprised me a little since they had just opened (makes it very clear that the pups are meticulously cared for), and other than just a general smell of dog (even that was less intense than expected, considering that there were at least twenty pups in total), there were no smells in the air and no messes to be seen. I made sure to check out all the pups (without touching-- it's so hard not to touch all of them, but it keeps them safe!) before I came back to the lone chihuahua puppy that waved. The employee was very nice and helpful, and let me play with her in a little pen they have set up, and I was in love. It was my first time purchasing a pet instead of rescuing, but she was worth every single penny! She'll be 2 years old this October, and is the happiest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog I have ever known! They even provided papers for her to show proof of her lineage, and I don't have one negative thing to say about this place. I'm SO happy I stopped that day and found my Daisy-- she is my world! She's never had a single health issue, behavioral issue, or overall concern the entire time I've had her, so I'm happy to share this review so people know that the puppies are happy and healthy, and come from reputable breeders! And thank you for this wonderful animal; she has made my life so much better!

Haley Fedelia

3 years ago

Puppy mills. Find a *reputable* breeder - the puppies will be healthy and in better conditions. Trust me. These guys are quacks who just care about making a quick buck. Edit to respond to the owner: If they’re all BYB in RI then where do you get your puppies ???? And yikes, the way you respond definitely makes it seem like you have something to hide. Even if you don’t, the way you’re responding is gross.

Gabriella DiCecco

3 years ago

They are well feed and are clean and from the pictures they have a lot of care!

Keri Wujcik-Paquette

3 years ago

We couldn’t be happier with Charlie Especially with buying Charlie during this time. They did everything right and you could tell they loved all their puppies. Even as busy as they were knowing they would be closing they did what they could do !!!

Kiley Kozloski

3 years ago

I brought my sister here this past summer to buy her own puppy. With covid they only take appointments so we met my parents there where she fell in love with her puppy and I fell in love with mine. The price was steep but we got the best dogs and are so blessed that we found them. We were treated so well by all employees and I joked several times about wanting to work there because those animals were SO well cared for. They clearly loved their jobs and it was good to see. I was nervous about buying instead of rescuing but they made me feel so comfortable with my decision. We named my dog Fig and he is the perfect dog for me. He has been following me around since I got him! Loves long walks but sometimes sleeps later than I do. Highly recommend here and if you’re worried about buying I promise it’s worth it when it comes to these beautiful pups!

Jay F

3 years ago

rude staff. spent time out of my day to come to this store and be treated poorly by a bunch of teenagers sitting behind a folding table making no effort for any customer service

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