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Dez Goyette

2 years ago

My dog left with multiple cuts on her Maybe clippers were to hot or maybe groomer knicked dog either way nothing was said I specifically ask for her head to stay long Dog did not have knots but was told that's why she was shaved low they also left my freshly groomed dog unattended outside in the fenced in area due to her barking they told me it was because she had to use the bathroom which is a lie she is spoiled and won't go unless it's on plush grass Very inconsistent with pricing I see people walk out with full poodle groom and pay 75 they charged me 150 for my 10 lb dog

Bonnie Gourley

2 years ago

My Mini sheepadoodle looks perfect every time she gets groomed but my soft coated wheaten terrier leaves with an uneven cut the last 2 out of three times.

Dilver Andasol

2 years ago

If you love your pets think twice before leaving them under these people's care. My Mother's dog went missing from this place, he was lost for almost 5 hours before we could find him. We're never taking our dog here again.

Reo Azulay

2 years ago

Best place you can tell they love animals. They referred to my dog as my baby that made me feal comfortable . I give them more then 5 stars

Rhea Howard

2 years ago

I took my 35 lb English Springer Spaniel, Sadie, here for a nail trim. I specifically looked at Diva Dog's website and saw that Springer Spaniels were listed as a medium breed. However, when I went to pay, they charged me for a "large breed nail trim" - it was $35 (which is quite high - nationally the average is $10-$25). After I had already paid, I looked at the receipt saw I was charged for a large nail. I then asked the office manager/ head of HR (I don't remember her name, but this is what was on her desk tag) if this was correct as on Diva Dog's website her breed is listed as a medium. She shooed me away and said that "due to her size" she was a large breed. That's ridiculous! My dog is actually small for her breed (they're usually 40-55lbs). This honestly just seemed like a way for them to way charge more. If this is how their head of HR acts.. yeesh. The nail trim itself was fine, but I'll never return here after being lied to and scammed.

W Felder

2 years ago

These people, are wonderful with my babies I been with them since 2018, when they open, and I get a little upset when I see people have so much to say about these people, I was one of the people in the shop on Thursday October 21st, andwhat you all are saying is such a lie, no one is going to speak up to defend this shop and staff, and they add more to what happened and leave alot of the truth out and as a white man looking in and seeing the truth, I think that some people come after this shop because they are African Americans, I watch on the Elmhurst Facebook group and see people tell lies about an experience, again no one pays attention to who is in the shop so they think that they can say what they want with backlash, and the staff there don't do anything but say thank you to these reviews. Just saying when you speak about something be truthful about it and tell the whole story. If I wasn't there to see the truth I probobly wouldn't of said anything. They do an amazing job with my babies, I have one baby that is aggressive and they work so wonderful with her, my 3 babies love going here.

Yoselin Andasol

2 years ago

If you love your dog or your pet, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! BE AWARE!! We let our dog this Thursday when we go back to pick him up , our dog was lost and this people doesn’t even have and idea where our dog was! Until some neighbors told them that our dog got out of the door !! How? That was possible? Aren’t they supposed to take care of them? We spent the rest of the day looking around for our dog posting on social media , and what this lady told us? “ we called you , when your dog was ready but you didn’t answer the phone? Are you for real? That is the most lame excuse to not take care of a dog while is there ? , long story short , if you love your animal please don’t take them to these trashy place . STAY AWAY FROM THESE Place, THERE IS BETTER PLACES THAN THIS , NEVER BRINGING OUR DOGS HERE!!!

Savonna crum

2 years ago

I took my dog here about 4 times 3 out of the 4 times he ended up with irritated balls due to them shaving over them. I left detailed instructions on to avoid this part on my dog due to it leaving him with raw nuts that scab over a whole two to 3 week ordeal of powdering him and using a cone. The last time I brought him I reached out serval time to address how unhappy and how miserable my poor hurt dog was and no one I mean no one retuned my calls or got back to me and I had been going there for a while. I’m upset about the way the situation was handle and the lack of cares for the damage they caused my dog

Camile Perrino

2 years ago

I take my dog for daycare and it's always been a pleasant experience! The staff 8s very friendly and Raider is always happy when I pick him up.

Bethany Phillips

2 years ago

I had a good experience here the first time. They were able to fit me in right away and I showed them a picture of how I wanted my dogs hair-they cut it exactly the way I wanted. I liked how they let my dog wander around instead of being stuck in a crate. They told me it’d take four hours and that’s exactly how long it took (but almost on the dot which led me to wonder if it actually takes exactly four hours because the same thing happened to my friend and then to me the second time I brought my dog there). They charged me for a golden retriever price (the more expensive side of him) because my dog is a 30-lb cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix, but he is mostly cocker spaniel. They gave me a free bow tie for him and said there would be a picture on Instagram later but I never saw it. The second time they also fit me in right away. When they asked me how I wanted it I said to do the same exact thing as last time since they told me they took notes. However when I went to pick him up-hardly any hair had been cut except on his paws. I noticed it but didn’t think it was enough to say anything. They had given him a new bandana. I didn’t get a very good look at him because I was also paying and didn’t notice till later how much they had not done. I forgot his leash like a horrible dog owner so they let me borrow theirs to get him to the car and then bring it back. They charged me for a cocker spaniel this time. I found a giant knot of hair under his ear later that was actually worse than when I brought him in. And the worst part, I didn’t discover it until a week or so later but they had cut his whiskers almost completely off.. I was so upset and disturbed when I discovered this. Dogs should never have their whiskers cut, and if they’re going to do this they should 100% ask the owner first. Sadly won’t be going back considering I need to bring him back somewhere else after only two weeks when he usually needs to go only every few months

Amy Santiago

2 years ago

Always helpful and willing to work with the proud pup parent to achieve pup's perfect look!

Julie Mellin

2 years ago

Thank you for making Chiky look so handsome! Great service, very professional, and Chiky was well cared-for.

Kyle Hewlett

2 years ago

So, I’m going to offer some constructive criticism based upon my visit. I was looking forward to supporting this business.. they had great reviews but after my visit I wasn’t impressed with their customer service. First off, when you walk in they look at you like you don’t belong there.. they talk to the dogs like they don’t want them there, or that they’re bothering them. You guys really need to do a deep clean in there because it wasn’t clean at all. I understand, you’re cleaning dogs but sstilll. You didn’t even acknowledge our dogs when we brought them in, overall it was subpar service and I’m not sure why people choose this place. I never write reviews either so please have someone come train you and your team on customer service and satisfaction. Good luck

Paul Aubin

2 years ago

Always professional and the only place that I trust with the Fonz.

Rhythm Blackheart

2 years ago

First of all we dropped our dog off at 9:30 for an appointment at 10am. We got curious as to how long the wait was to pick our dog up. We called and the lady gave us a attitude saying we told you not to call and check on the dog. Mind you this was 12pm and there were still 2 dogs in front of him apparently. Finally time passes and they closed. At first they refused to give us our dog back. We had to call the providence police. We brought the dog there to have a hair cut ect. They completely did nothing and we still had to pay. Our dog came out dehydrated, wining and had to go to the bathroom. Also where they keep the animals they have no ac! The owner and her grand son were extremely rude and swore at us. I do not recommend this place at all. Monday we will be contacting the BBB as to also they do animal cruelty here. How are you going to hold someone's animal till the next day and refuse to give him back. There is a law in Rhode island called dog napping. She could have got charged for this.

china walton

2 years ago

I brought my cat Jada in for a full car grooming and I was treated with the upmost respect and hospitality of any grooming shop I’ve been too so far. My cat came back in a timely manner and she smelled and looked amazing, I will definitely be back. #catgrooming #foundmynewfavs

Cam Synclair

2 years ago

I realized I never wrote a review during the time I was living in Rhode Island and took my dog Schuyler to Diva Dogg Grooming, but I've really been missing them! I tried Diva Dogg Grooming after my Petco groomer relocated, and I tried a new groomer at Petco, but I wasn't particularly happy with the service for how much they charged! DDG was right across the street from me, so I figured I'd give them a call, and they got me in the same day! They were so open to how shy Schuyler is and gave me a tour of the facilities, and I love that the dogs have a play area for when they're not being groomed instead of being in cages all day! My favorite part about them was the 6-week grooming plan--it gave discounts on her groom, a free groom after a certain number of appointments, and Schuy NEVER looked better. As someone with executive dysfunction who has a hard time remembering to schedule an appointment, getting a text every six weeks to remind me to bring Schuyler in was amazing! Her current groomer does well with her, but I definitely miss the soft, shiny coat she had going into DDG every six weeks. AND, they're the only black-owned grooming salon I've come across, which means so much to me as a black client! I highly recommend working with them!

Ashley Brogan

2 years ago

Had an appt at 9. They said 2-3 hours. At almost 12 (the 3 hour mark) they told me they'd be another 2-3 hours. They supposedly bring all the dogs in for 9 am then groom them in the order they come in. That's an awful set up for an anxious dog like mine. The place is gross and definitely doesn't seem clean what so ever. I definitely won't be back!


2 years ago

Awesome shop they are wonderful with my pet, when you walk in the places is amazing, clean, and you can see the how creative the groomers are working on the pets, you can smell how sanitize the place is and a gentleman was sweeping up as they were grooming, and they are so professional, they are now my permanent groomers I will be back.

Ben Roth

3 years ago

My dog got the best haircut of his life here. Would definitely recommend this place over Petco or any other big chains. The price difference is minimal, they can get you in weeks sooner, and the haircut takes half the time (my dog is tiny so that doesn’t hurt). The owner is very friendly and accommodating as well, plus they give him little accessories whenever he gets a cut! They also do cool colorings!

Isaac Vazquez

3 years ago

I was so lucky to find a grooming shop that was able to take me the same day i called. Not only was i able to take my dog but also my cat and they both came back looking their absolute best, thank you so much to the whole crew over at DivaDogg you guys are the best

John Belisle

3 years ago

That were very patient and seemed to really care about my boy Marty. If you bring your furry friend here, you will not be disappointed, as they will be in very capable hands.

Jane Pleskunas

3 years ago

Diva Dogg Grooming was amazing!!! They got our pup so clean, he smells great, and he was so happy when he got home. On top of all that success, they are kind, and got us in the day of! Great experience, and we will be back! Thank you so much Diva Dogg!

Rebecca Briggs

3 years ago

The staff are always very personable and polite. And price great for the service you receive. And most importantly, my dog is always sooo happy when pick her off and pick her up!

Maryanne D

3 years ago

Jamar and Roni are the best, Anne the office manager is pleasant and accommodating. Highly recommend this grommet.

Mitzy Milton

3 years ago

They treat your dog like a family ????????????

Nate Andre

3 years ago

My pup loves this place. Always comes home happy and clean

Tami Jarvis

3 years ago

Staff was very gentle extremely courteous with the care of my Gizmo I am a repeat customer because of that fact.

Vanessa Crum

3 years ago

Friendly people and excellent service,.


3 years ago

I brought my baby Kream in for grooming yesterday and it was a wonderful experience and he looks so good, they are now my forever groomers.

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