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Marybelle Hall

2 years ago

Just tried to make an appointment for my cat. We take our dog here and usually have a good experience. Whomever answered the phone was abrasive and argumentative. I made an appointment elsewhere. 3 stars because the vet has been good with our dog. Disappointing reception.

Paige Trotta

2 years ago

I was in a dilemma and needing a last minute vaccination for our pup so he could be registered, the women who I spoke to on the phone so was friendly and informative considering I’m a first time dog mom. She was also able to squeeze him in, day of! I was so grateful! The children, our pup and I head over extremely excited just to be greeted so rudely, aggressively and unprofessional. My children felt extremely uncomfortable with the way she yanked our pups leash because he was too afraid to move so he just laid still. (About 4lb shih tzu). She seen how uncomfortable we became and she picked him up, brought him inside and slammed the door in our faces. I thought maybe she was overwhelmed for a minute but she was so unpleasant the entire experience. I could tell this wasn’t the lady I was speaking to on the phone. It honestly made me sad because I was truly hoping that we would be able to have a long term vet and place for our family to bring our pup but after the experience we endured I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I had to cash out over the phone In the parking lot because my children weren’t allowed inside since I have more than 1. Thank god the women on the phone and doctor were so nice because I probably would’ve ended up in tears by the time the 30 min visit was over.

Joe Magri

3 years ago

WARNING!! do not bring your pets here. This is the most backwoods unprofessional place I have ever been. They literally boarded my bulldog for one week and handed him back half dead. We rushed him to IVG in Natick but he passed three days later. Totally could have been avoided if they had taken the proper steps for my poor animal. I should have sued them but was to much in a state of shock. Please go anywhere but here!!

Naidelyn S

3 years ago

Do not bring your animal here if you expect empathetic staff. My mother brought my dog here for a emergency visit for a Hematoma on her ear, They said “The good news is, she has a Hematoma! The bad news is she possibly has Cancer” The way they spoke to my mother was completely heartless and unsympathetic telling us to not waste our money on chemo or holistic approaches to just “let her go”.They also would not answer our calls when we would try to follow up on a pathology test. Told us results would be in on Saturday and they did not call us till Tuesday. We asked about her prognosis and what kind of Lymphoma she has and they straight up responded by saying “ i don’t know “ ?!? What do you mean you don’t know?! Paperwork shows that the results were in Monday- why wait a day? We requested my dogs medical records so we can move forward with oncology, and they said the only thing on the record were notes about her visit and gave us a hard time on wanting copies of the notes. Overall lack of compassion, lack of professionalism, and just overall bad vibes.

Mayra Santiago

3 years ago

I brought my dog in for what we thought was an ear infection. Doctor calls me to tell me" good news she has a small hematoma" which can be cured. She then proceeded with coldness in her heart that she might have Lymphoma and that we needed to do cytology to see what kind. I asked all the questions about prognosis and she was just had a no care attitude. Here I am in my vehicle crying from the devastating diagnosis and she was rude and cold. I had to wait a week for the results which in turn I needed to rush my dog to Tufts due to the fact that her Lymph node was extremely swollen and the ER attending told me it could have been where they had taken the aspiration from. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT take your animal to be seen here! By the way front desk can be rude and unprofessional.

Jess B

3 years ago

This place is AMAZING!! I love them! They’re the best Doctor’s, they are pros they listen and don’t push unnecessary tests. Highly recommend this place my whole family have been bringing their pets here for many, many years. I love them!

jenna pytka

3 years ago

This vet tries to use scare tactics to get you to do expensive tests. They are not up to date on medical information either.

Jason Ladieu

3 years ago

After 7 years of bringing our dog here they were as cold as could be at the end of his life. Don't look for a warm shoulder here. More of 'will that be credit or cash' type of relationship. The main Dr is a mean old witch. She has no heart. She should be euthanized. **5 months after my dog died I got a sympathy card. They knew a week after my dog past away. Guess they were busy.

Cara Dunbar

3 years ago

Continuously have had bad experiences with this vet. They are rude, unprofessional and are terrible at communicating. Promised me calls back over and over. When I finally showed I was upset for not getting calls back I was given a LOT of attitude. Do NOT go here.

Alyssa Himmelman

4 years ago

Horrible service. I am not sure the 'Doctor' there knows how to treat animals and or people. Hopefully she won't be able to work with animals much longer, I am blown away by this lady completely. !!Do the right thing and don't give this 'Doctor' the chance to come near your pets!!


4 years ago

Terrible staff. Handled my cat very roughly and scared her so much she ran off the table and ran under my chair twice. Told me straight up I had a "bad cat". Funny, because I brought her somewhere else and she did just fine. Do yourself and your pet a favor and don't go here.

Jill Franklyn

4 years ago

Nasty dirty awful and .I went there when i could see a diff dr.. I made the mistake of seeing the only vet still working there. No one suffered more than my poor cat and myself.. She is terrible .. Never ever go there.. My last moments w my cat was watching her put the needle in both of his front paws w her assistant twisting his head towards me while he looked at me at his last breath.. She is a cold hearted old rag should never be allowed to be a vet at all. Probably the worst thing i ever saw.. I will never forgive this woman....

Hayley Kelly

4 years ago

Awesome dr's, very caring a d professional. I've been coming with my mom for over 16 yrs here. Now I'll be bringing our new addition here myself.

Marlene Smith

6 years ago

I am so disappointed and angry and hurt! Today is November 13th and I received a phone call telling me that my cat Lucy was overdue for her vaccines. I was at Bellingham Animal Hospital on September 9th and had to have Lucy put down! Lucy …

John Gosselin

6 years ago

Wr have three dogs; BAH has been our choice for veternaerian care for 13 years; they have always been really good with our dogs..

Jeff Collette

6 years ago

Not rude, they are honest. Dr. Sandler is the most upfront and honest vet I've ever dealt with. She is great with my dog and cat as well. We have had health issues with both in the past and they always put the animal first.

Christopher Wilkins

6 years ago

I have been bringing my pets here for almost a decade. I had a cat that was diagnosed with kidney issues and the vets helped find a way that she lived for years after her diagnosis. My cat was in no pain and very happy and I believe because of the great care she received there. Years before that she was attacked outside by another animal. After Tufts misdiagnosed and missed the 2 other wounds on my cat. I took my cat to Bellingham and they found the other wounds and got her back to,good health. When she had to stay overnight for a few days I was allowed to visit my cat in a separate room. My cat was so happy that I visited for over an hour each night it really helped with her recovery. They told me I could visit as long as I wanted. The staff is always so caring and helpful. Answered any questions as many that I would ask. When my cat passed they were so wonderful and gave me as much time as I needed to say goodbye. I am grateful to them. You don't forget that kind of compassion and understanding. I still bring all my other pets there, my dog and cats.

brian mailloux

7 years ago

Took my cat there. They diagnosed her wrong and gave her wrong meds took her to 2 other vets and got the same diagnosis from them that she had a brain tumor and that she didn't have much more time. Unfortunately we had her put to sleep so she wouldn't suffer.

Kim Daniels

7 years ago

I have a stubborn pug. And honestly they have been so wonderful! , he fell in a pool this winter, they were fantastic in emergency as well!!!, best vet I've been to, cost is great, first vet who doesn't recommend on kickbacks #

Taran Skinner

8 years ago

EXTREMELY rude receptionist. More concerned with making our very sick dog wait outside in the rain rather than tending to him immediately. Then assumed we didn't have the $87 emergency visit fee (probably because we're young.) Also said we …

Cathy B

10 years ago

I would like to thank Dr Sandler for the 16 wonderful years I have received bringing my pets to her. I lost my babies on 10/2 and have to say I could not have gotten through the process of having to put them down @ 16 and 13 without the loving care and concern she showed during what was the hardest time of my life. In the 16 years I have been bringing my cats and dogs to her she has been a wonderful Dr to my kids (pets). I know Samantha and Bailey loved her because they loved going to the vets. I look forward to the next chapter and will definitely have Dr Sandler as my vet. Thank You to all of the staff at Bellingham Animal you all have been wonderful throughout the many years I have been bringing my babies (pets) there.

Jennifer Burnham

11 years ago

Unless is it a life or death situation, DO NOT take your animal to this clinic. I cannot believe its been 1 year, 11 months, 20 days since #A876779 (aka Dutch) came into my life.He was a dog on Death Row. He has endured horrors at the hands …

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